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"FEELINGS ABOUT TONY WEARING SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT AND INDOORS": *rests chin in hands* go on please????????????


i’ll use examples from the MCU because i haven’t found any discernible patterns in the comics

sunglasses at night/indoors, it’s just not a thing people usually do without reason????

and it’s not like the lenses of his sunglasses are tinted super dark or anything, in general you can see his eyes through them (though oh my god here i am just HOPING that one day he’ll wear mirrored aviator-type sunglasses but anyhow). it’s not as if they serve any practical purpose once he is inside or if it’s night time – unless he’s actively hiding something and like, if you have to hide something around the EYES (rings, or maybe he’s too tired/hungover to deal with bright night-time/indoor lighting, etc) then that on its own makes me emotional as hell and pls click me for a shitty edit i made about it once – but again, in a more general sense, his sunglasses are basically this extra, technically unnecessary level of mediation between his eyes and the environment and i have feelings about that because 1) THAT’S WHAT ARMORS ARE, and 2) ultimately the thing detracts attention from his eyes without hindering his ability to see, so it all kind of works like a microcosmic manifestation of tony’s constant play with genuine vs persona

and sure maybe you could say that about ANY article of clothing tony chooses to wear in public, BUT sunglasses are also interesting because of the body language that’s associated with them. and here i’ll give you an excerpt from my ultimate iron man prose bible, the iron man novelization by peter david. this is from the part where christine everhart is interviewing tony (best bits bolded for emphasis):

He had to smile at that. she was relentless. other reporters usually felt they had their story after his first couple of comments. The line about his father being a hero was usually a showstopper. This girl was making him dig deep. She was trying to get through the invisible armor that typically shielded him in such confrontations, and he wasn’t entirely sure she wasn’t succeeding.

Deciding that the best defense was a solid offense, he removed the sunglasses that he’d been wearing, and took a step toward her, and said, “Tell me: Do you plan to report on the millions we’ve saved by advancing medical technology? Or kept from starving with our inteli-crops? All were breakthroughs spawned from, that’s right, military funding.”

(p. 26-27)

basically, tony removes his sunglasses when he is about to Get Real

we see this again in iron man 3, when he removes his sunglasses while leaning toward rhodey to hear about the mandarin bombings, and then again when he’s threatening the mandarin in front of the reporters. and then, on the other hand, he slips the sunglasses ON during the senate hearing in iron man 2, just before fucking blowing kisses to senator stern. ultimately, if iron man movies were staged productions with limited props, i’m PRETTY SURE that any moves made with the sunglasses would symbolize the difference between tony’s performative behaviors and moments of emotional genuineness or resolve. and it’s NOT a clear cut divide either (ie, sunglasses = fake, no sunglasses = real), because as i mentioned up there, the shades may hide things as well, so maybe removing them is ANOTHER level of armoring (”the best defense was a solid offense”). it’s really layered and complicated and FANTASTIC and THAT’S WHY I LIKE TO THINK OF THE SUNGLASSES AS “EYE-ARMOR” because if you look at tony’s physical armor, IT’S A MANIFESTATION OF HIS MOST GENUINE DRIVES AND IT’S A GOD DAMN THING THAT SHIELDS HIS TRUE SELF FROM THE UNIVERSE, it’s all part of this amazing paradox where this is a character WHO DID NOT CREATE A SHIELD TO DEFEND HIMSELF, NOR A WEAPON TO ATTACK OTHERS, HE BASICALLY CREATED A WEAPONIZED SHIELD and “””THE BEST DEFENSE IS SOLID OFFENSE””” fuck if i can even COPE with so much high-level CHARACTER PORN and i don’t even know if any of this makes sense but i just think abut this EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE OH MY GOD

Iron sharpens iron, make sure you have friends that encourage and correct you in the ways of God. Friends that sharpen you in God’s word. Friends who look out for you. Make sure your alright. It’s important to have friendships that love God the same way you do…. And that way you feed off of each other’s vibes. It’s good to have friends that just have a good energy about them. Remember: iron sharpens iron.

Do not be carried away by varied and strange teachings; for it is good for the heart to be strengthened by grace, not by foods, through which those who were occupied were not benefited. (Hebrews 13:9)

Grow in The Changeless Christ :) Look into the Book of Hebrews 13.

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How canon is The World of Ice and Fire usually considered by fans?

on a scale of 1 to very canon, twoiaf is probably the bible. it’s ironed out a lot of details that were only briefly touched on in the books themselves though twoiaf, like the bible, is also a display of historiography internal to the logic and political climate of asoiaf. it has excerpts from “archmaesters” and “scholars” that may, at some point or another, have been biased. the exoticism of far eastern countries is present too, inversely proportional to the knowledge the maesters have of the location (like asshai, yi ti, etc). not to mention that twoiaf was written for house baratheon. there’s a dedication page at the start that indicates it’s been gifted to robert, then joffrey, then tommen, so it’s biased for Robert’s Rebellion and thus doesn’t call it the War of the Usurper. it’s flattering towards tywin and robert as well, probably to the point of glorification; in the same breath that it’s not at all flattering towards aerys ii. 

even as an encyclopedic text about asoiaf’s worlding, it’s not written with the objectivity of an omniscient writer. instead, it obeys the rules of hindsight, prescriptive bias, and even revisionist erasure.

so yes it’s… it’s the bible