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THE REBELS - Liam, Garrett & Jasper

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We have no apologies for being

Find us were the wild things are

Rebellion is the only thing that keeps us alive

We prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery


“Carlisle said he needs us in Forks as soon as possible. Looks like Y/N will be coming with us, no chance to sort anything else out at the moment.” 

“That could be dangerous Siobhan, but I agree love, no other option, just have to make sure the Volturi don’t get wind of her, that or we change her as soon as we land.” 

The covens mated pair shared a look as you shot up off the couch. “Wait land what?” You asked confused. 

“Forks is in America sweetie.” Siobhan smiled down at you in a motherly manner.

“So, it’ll be run to the airport, flight to Seattle roughly 9 and a half hours we should probably feed well and get contacts first, then a run to the Cullens…Y/N? Are you okay?” Liam trailed off obviously noticing the blood drain from your face as he spoke. 

“What? Me. Peachy.” 

“She’s ly-ing.” Maggie sang dancing into the living room. “Tickets are booked.” 

Siobhan and Liam turned to you with disappointed looks making you feel thoroughly scolded. 

“What I’m human okay? Travel sickness is a thing!” You admitted slightly hysterically throwing your hands up in the air, as they came flopping down the ‘running’ comment sunk in. “So is motion sickness for that matter!”


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Tiny feet pounded on the ground with each step farther away from the house. Your skin was littered with purple and blue blooms that looked so ugly in contrast with your pale color. You ran farther into the woods, thin soles of your shoes doing little to protect your feet from the hard and rocky ground. It didn’t bother you though; you had gone through far worse than achy feet.

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Maggie is like - Coming home from a fun day out at an amusement park. It’s late afternoon and you’re sitting in the passengers side of the car. The window is slightly down letting in a cool flow of air. The radio is on. No one in the car says a word. A small smile is plastered on your face. Your staring off in the distance just reminiscing your day. You hear the radio turn up and it’s one of your favourite songs. You look at the person who turned it up, they grin at you. You turn your attention back outside the car. The first words of the song start and you can’t help but softly sing along. You’re completely comfortable.


Siobhan - a woman of immense presence and whose huge body was both beautiful and mesmerizing as it moved in smooth undulations - was the leader, but she and her hard-faced mate, Liam, were long used to trusting the judgment of their newest coven member. Little Maggie, with her bouncy red curls, was not physically imposing like the other two, but she had a gift for knowing when she was being lied to, and her verdicts were never contested.” - Breaking Dawn

Imagine not being able to remember a whole week and Alec supports you.

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“I have lost a whole week of my life and I don’t know where I went or what I did. Surely, someone knows something, sure someone saw me.”
Carlisle shook his head. “I’m sorry, we didn’t see you. You disappeared for a week. We couldn’t find you and we have no idea where you went.”

Jasper took you to the covens in hope of some answers.
Perhaps they had seen you. It was a stretch but a good start because it didn’t seem likely that you were in America that week.

First was Alaska; the Denali’s. While they were sympathetic for you, they had not seen you.

Next were the Irish coven. They too hadn’t seen you.

The Egyptians saw you walk by but you were gone before they could approach you.

You and Jasper found it highly unlikely for you to have been in the Amazon.

The next was the Romanians.
“Wait, you do not remember your visit here?” Vladimir asked as Stefan tilted his head.
“I was here!?”
“For a few hours…” Vladimir said. “You were very …distant, I’d say. You didn’t seem entirely there. You were lost and very cold. Of course we recognised you from our time in America with our confrontation with the Volturi. So we took you inside and you had no complaint. We sat you by the fire and wrapped a blanket around you. You sat there for hours, staring at the fire. We eventually decided to ask you a few questions but got very vague and not entirely coherent answers.” “You were very still, it was concerning. We did not have any answers to go on yet we were sure that the Cullen’s were not aware of your leaving. We did not want to say anything to the Cullen’s incase it was against your wishes and interest. After all, it was none of our business.” Stefan added. Vladimir seemed in thought.
“We stepped out for only a moment…” Vladimir said.
“Yet that moment was enough for you.” Stefan finished. “You were gone without a trace when we returned and hadn’t heard from you since.”

The next brought you shivers and you decided that you’d face this one alone. Things were weird since you learned of being the mate of one of the witch twins; Alec. Now having to go to the Volturi to check that you did not disturb them made your stomach turn.

Alec looked very shaken up and at war with himself.
“You were with me…” He said quietly.
“I don’t know how you got here but you did. You were freezing, and weren’t making any sort of sense. Then you said all these things and…we kissed.”
“We what!? You knew something was wrong with me and you let me kiss you!?”
“Of course not! I pushed you away! I didn’t want to but I did because i’d much rather kiss you when you are entirely here with me!”
You put your face in your hands. “I’m sorry, I’m just freaked out. I am missing a whole week and I’ve ended up here, I was with the Romanians, the Cullens couldn’t get a hold of me at all.”
“(Y/N)…you weren’t here for a week… you were here for a night. You just got up and left telling the receptionist that you were going home. None of us even saw you leave, we didn’t you had left until we couldn’t find you anywhere.”
“…I’m going to be sick.”
“No, no, you’re not. We’re gonna get Carlisle to give you a full medical exam, scans, everything. Then we’ll give you a few check ups every few weeks and this will all be over. Lets just worry about if you’re okay, not the memory that you’ve lost. I’ll keep you safe I promise.”