the irish coven


THE REBELS - Liam, Garrett & Jasper

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We have no apologies for being

Find us were the wild things are

Rebellion is the only thing that keeps us alive

We prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery


“Carlisle said he needs us in Forks as soon as possible. Looks like Y/N will be coming with us, no chance to sort anything else out at the moment.” 

“That could be dangerous Siobhan, but I agree love, no other option, just have to make sure the Volturi don’t get wind of her, that or we change her as soon as we land.” 

The covens mated pair shared a look as you shot up off the couch. “Wait land what?” You asked confused. 

“Forks is in America sweetie.” Siobhan smiled down at you in a motherly manner.

“So, it’ll be run to the airport, flight to Seattle roughly 9 and a half hours we should probably feed well and get contacts first, then a run to the Cullens…Y/N? Are you okay?” Liam trailed off obviously noticing the blood drain from your face as he spoke. 

“What? Me. Peachy.” 

“She’s ly-ing.” Maggie sang dancing into the living room. “Tickets are booked.” 

Siobhan and Liam turned to you with disappointed looks making you feel thoroughly scolded. 

“What I’m human okay? Travel sickness is a thing!” You admitted slightly hysterically throwing your hands up in the air, as they came flopping down the ‘running’ comment sunk in. “So is motion sickness for that matter!”

Maggie is amazing. She’s this tiny character who’s never even had a line before, and she just goes and openly accuses the Volturi of lying right in front of a good chunk of the world’s vampire population.


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Tiny feet pounded on the ground with each step farther away from the house. Your skin was littered with purple and blue blooms that looked so ugly in contrast with your pale color. You ran farther into the woods, thin soles of your shoes doing little to protect your feet from the hard and rocky ground. It didn’t bother you though; you had gone through far worse than achy feet.

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anonymous asked:

where do you think all of the gifted vampires in breaking dawn (i.e. zafrina, kate, edward, alice, bella, maggie etc) would rank in the volturi? like what colour cloaks would they have?

Hey, anon :). This post is going to go under a cut because SM throws a lot of gifted vampires at us in Breaking Dawn! I’ll bold the cloak colors and put a short explanation under it for my reasoning.

As a disclaimer, I don’t think all of these vampires would be recruited into the Volturi. I think Aro has a tendency to overestimate the usefulness of gifted vampires.

As a quick aside, I don’t think canon describes well what colors each of the Guards’ cloaks are so I’m going to put a cute little chart here.

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Siobhan - a woman of immense presence and whose huge body was both beautiful and mesmerizing as it moved in smooth undulations - was the leader, but she and her hard-faced mate, Liam, were long used to trusting the judgment of their newest coven member. Little Maggie, with her bouncy red curls, was not physically imposing like the other two, but she had a gift for knowing when she was being lied to, and her verdicts were never contested.” - Breaking Dawn

a theory!!!

so after reading some stuff in the books and on the twilight wiki just to make sure i got my facts straight,, i wanted to solidify a theory i have for twilight about the involvement of magic and/or witches. 

to begin with, billy has said before that it is magic in the bloodline of the wolves that enables them to be what they are, so it’s a safe assumption to say that the Quileute tribe is derived from magic. on another note, the origin of vampires in the twilight saga is unknown!! there’s no solid explanation of how they came to be, and since they’re a supernatural being, it makes a LOT of sense to accredit it to some kind of magical force. even to look outside of the fandom at other vampire storylines in other forms of media, it usually always begins with a witches spell of immortality or whatnot. 

more specifically on the presence of witches, they are those that are able to perform and create magical things. so if magic exists, i would say, then so do witches. or at least, some kind of distributor of magic, someone or something that practices it. i think that maybe, if you zero in on the twilight universe, witches would be rare and pretty hard to find, and probably in hiding because of the the threats they’ve created (such as the volturi, whom i’m sure, if they knew that witches existed, would definitely be threatened by that power). 

SUB-THEORY: /// and most of you know about this because i’ve posted about it before, but i kind of relate it to this theory i have, so i’ma add it in for new followers too.   ///  

bella’s shield ability is the only ability to manifest itself while she’s human. and for some reason no one questions it!! no one questions that she’s immune to all psychic abilities, as a human. even whats-his-face from the irish coven (i think) said this about aro, to edward:  He probably wants your mate, too, regardless. He must have been intrigued by a talent that could defy him in its human incarnation.  so aro recognizes it as a power threat, and that could be a strong reason why the volturi gun so hard for bella to either die or become immortal. 

and there are other strange occurrences that bella experiences – like her weird dreams. how many of y’all remember the books and how many insane nightmares and whatever this girl has??? and most of them, dropping some kind of hint for the future? the most prominent examples of this is when she has a nightmare about edward and wolves (in new moon, and clicks it together that jacob is a werewolf), and when she has a nightmare about jasper and victoria, and is the first one to present the theory of victoria and riley orchestrating the newborn battle. 

and while that isn’t too much, think about this: the idea of reasoning that bella’s gift was so powerful she had while she was human, is to say that either everyone on the planet is somehow wired with a magical connection to vampires (as anyone random could have powers manifesting while human?), or that bella is somehow magically unique and that’s why she had abilities as a human. and to argue with the former idea,  it’s kind of crazy.  you’d have to then assume vampires are the base of all existence, and how would that work?? it just wouldn’t.  random people can’t just be randomly born with random abilities that are then only linked to vampires?  nahhh son. nah

and so with that, i think i make a pretty strong argument that bella has some kind of magic within her. i don’t know if i would go so far as to say she’s a witch, but i think it would be something she kind of.. could be? i think if someone who knew magic showed bella, she might be able to perform spells. but that knowledge doesn’t really ever come about.  what i would say is just that bella is a magical person. and it might be something that runs in the family,  through charlie’s side, since he seems to have half of the ability bella does.  and there are a lot of theories that can come from how or why bella is magical, as well, and that’s something i think about quite a bit lmao and i change it depending on verses sometimes cos its fun to just explore !!! but i think that it’s still very plausible, even in canon, that it’s true that bella is magical!! god knows how tho.