the irish coven


THE REBELS - Liam, Garrett & Jasper

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We have no apologies for being

Find us were the wild things are

Rebellion is the only thing that keeps us alive

We prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery


“Carlisle said he needs us in Forks as soon as possible. Looks like Y/N will be coming with us, no chance to sort anything else out at the moment.” 

“That could be dangerous Siobhan, but I agree love, no other option, just have to make sure the Volturi don’t get wind of her, that or we change her as soon as we land.” 

The covens mated pair shared a look as you shot up off the couch. “Wait land what?” You asked confused. 

“Forks is in America sweetie.” Siobhan smiled down at you in a motherly manner.

“So, it’ll be run to the airport, flight to Seattle roughly 9 and a half hours we should probably feed well and get contacts first, then a run to the Cullens…Y/N? Are you okay?” Liam trailed off obviously noticing the blood drain from your face as he spoke. 

“What? Me. Peachy.” 

“She’s ly-ing.” Maggie sang dancing into the living room. “Tickets are booked.” 

Siobhan and Liam turned to you with disappointed looks making you feel thoroughly scolded. 

“What I’m human okay? Travel sickness is a thing!” You admitted slightly hysterically throwing your hands up in the air, as they came flopping down the ‘running’ comment sunk in. “So is motion sickness for that matter!”


Siobhan - a woman of immense presence and whose huge body was both beautiful and mesmerizing as it moved in smooth undulations - was the leader, but she and her hard-faced mate, Liam, were long used to trusting the judgment of their newest coven member. Little Maggie, with her bouncy red curls, was not physically imposing like the other two, but she had a gift for knowing when she was being lied to, and her verdicts were never contested.” - Breaking Dawn


(Requested by Anon)

Tiny feet pounded on the ground with each step farther away from the house. Your skin was littered with purple and blue blooms that looked so ugly in contrast with your pale color. You ran farther into the woods, thin soles of your shoes doing little to protect your feet from the hard and rocky ground. It didn’t bother you though; you had gone through far worse than achy feet.

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The Irish clan arrived first, and they were surprisingly easy to convince. Siobhan - a woman of immense presence and whose huge body was both beautiful and mesmerizing as it moved in smooth undulations - was the leader, but she and her hard-faced mate, Liam, were long used to trusting the judgment of their newest coven member. Little Maggie, with her bouncy red curls, was not physically imposing like the other two, but she had a gift for knowing when she was being lied to, and her verdicts were never contested. Maggie declared that Edward spoke the truth, and so Siobhan and Liam accepted our story absolutely before even touching Renesmeee.
—  Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn

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Description: The request describes the bulk of it! Sam x Reader implied but not acted on much, Dean x reader friendship.
Words: 2,452
Warnings: Nothing worse than an episode?
Author’s Note: Funny story, had a long car journey and only intended to write 1.5k or thereabouts but it just kept growing! I typed out 2 endings too but settled on this one, I could have been much, much crueler, but i decided to go fluffy. Be glad. ;)

Request: How about reader not being a hunter and she is clumsy and weak, like she can’t even open a jam jar without getting winded? And the boys ask her to help out on a case where she refuses to run when the monster is coming?


“Anything on Romans?” A woman said, approaching you from the side.

“Second ailse on the left, under the big sign that says ‘Romans’,” you replied with a sarcastic smile that luckily seemed to go unnoticed.

The daily comings and goings of a book shop were not always the most interesting, in fact, they could be outright dull. It wasn’t as if you weren’t thankful to have a job or the access to all the books, but the customers could be trying on anyone’s patience. You smirked as the woman trotted off in the direction of the history section and you carried on straining to get into a particularly stubborn plastic wrapper.

“You need to watch that sarcasm, Y/N, bad customer service,” a familiar voice said, wandering out from behind a book case.

“Oh, you’re one to talk,” you laughed back, “how are you, Sam? Not seen you round here in a few weeks!”

“I’m fine, been here and there, you know what it’s like,” he said, grinning sheepishly and giving you a quick hug.

You’d met Sam back in Stamford before you’d dropped out, you had been good friends for a while but fallen out of contact. It was only a few years ago when he’d happened upon the shop asking some rather odd questions. You’d started chattimg again in the process and within a month or so he’d had to tell you about his job.

It was a shock, but after you had finished telling him he was crazy you agreed to help him and Dean out with lore when possible. Half the time you still struggled to believe what you were telling them, but you kept it at arms length whenever possible and chalked it up to helping out an old friend.

“What can I do for you this time, then?” You said, raising an eyebrow.

“One of the interesting ones again,” he said, pulling a face. Dean wandered up behind him and you gave the older borther a quick wave.

“You guys only ever come see me when you need something, I get it,” you winked, “look, I have a lunch break in a half hour.”

“White coffee, no sugar, right?” Sam smiled, to which you gave him a nod.

“You might even get a biscuit off him too, with those puppy eyes,” Dean muttered, badly masking a smirk.

Rolling your eyes, you shooed them out and made yourself look busy again. The next half hour passed painfully slowly but after serving a couple of people and doing an inventory checks, the time came around.

“I’ll be back in a bit! Could be a few extra minutes but I’ll only be practically next door,” you said, waving off to you coworker, Gina.

“Have fun! If either of them need a date, tell them I’m free,” she joked back.

You poked your tongue out at her and left the shop. The little cafe you were meeting the Winchesters in was only a few doors down and it was a habit you had with them when they were in town. They’d found a booth in the far corner so you made your way over.

“What have you done this time, guys?” You smiled, taking the seat opposite Sam.

“You always assume we started it?” Dean said, faking shock.

“Well am I wrong?”

“Not entirely.”

“We’re having a few witch problems,” Sam said, throwing a look at Dean. “It seems we have an Irish coven, two witches and possibly a familiar too using some old hoodoo and such. It’s all symbols, herbs and lore, your favourite…”

You grimaced and took a sip from the coffee that had been waiting for you.

“Got anything for me then?” You nodded at Sam’s phone, knwoing they usually they took a few photos for you as a starting point.

“That’s the catch, this one is a bit different,” Dean said, flashing you a quick smile.

“Okay…” you said nervously.

“Fancy a road trip?” Sam offered with a weak shrug.

“A what? You mean go with you? Huh, I don’t think so, I’ve never shot a gun and I’m more likely to cut myself with a knife than anything else. Bad idea. Not going to happen.”

“I told you she’d say no,” Dean said quietly, taking a sip of his own coffee.

“It’s just this once, we’ll protect you, Y/N, it’s just we don’t have time to hang around on this one.”

“Wait. Not got time to hang around? Slow down, when are you thinking?”

“Well, we were thinking once you’ve finished your coffee?” Sam replied.

You went to make a hand motion, but your hand caught the coffee mug on the way. You muttered a few swear words and quickly tried to mop it up, which only seemed to make more of a mess than cleaning it. Dean seemed to be trying harder to stop himself laughing than actually helping.

“Seriously guys, you don’t need me out there,” you muttered, using yet another napkin to soak up the spillage.

“It’d make our lives easier, you know more of the lore on this bit than we do,” Sam said almost pleadingly.

You stayed quiet for a moment before letting out a huff.

“Fine. I’ll come, but I’m not running and I’m changing shoes first.” You said, nodding at the little heels you had on.

You noted the slightly smug look on Sam’s face but carried on as if you hadn’t seen it.

4 hours later

You sat silently in the back of the car watching the trees rush past. The summer heat was making the car near unbearable but Dean had blasted up some music which was at least keeping you distracted.

Truthfully, you were more than nervous, this was far from your comfort zone and the idea of seeing your childhood nightmares in person wasn’t helping. Sam had explained that your book knowledge was going to come in handy, but you were far from convinced. Suddenly Dean quietened the music down, bringing you out of your thoughts.

“Hey Y/N, we’re only a minute or so away now, you sure you’re ready?” Dean spoke over the music.

“Ready as I’ll ever be. Just keep me as far back on the side lines as possible, yeah?” You said with a tight lipped smile.

“Of course, we’ve got a blade you can borrow anyway though.”

“Oh trust me, I’m not getting close enough for that,” you muttered to yourself, before returning to looking out the window.

“This looks like it.” Dean said, dimming the lights.

“Really? It just looks like a normal hut.” You leaned forwards to get a better look.

“They don’t tend to sit under neon signs,” Dean quipped. He pulled the impala to a stop, sheltered by some bushes before yanking the keys out of the ignition and getting out.

You quickly followed suit, looking around timidly. The house was pretty isolated and although it looked as if it hasn’t seen a paint pot in a decade or two, the garden looked immaculate.

Taking a deep breath, you walked around to the boot where Sam was already beginning to gather his gear.

“You alright?” He whispered.

“Just great… These witches like their herbs by the looks of it.” You laughed nervously, nodding at the rows of plants.

“They do tend to,” he said back with a smirk, “we’re here, don’t worry, just keep an eye out for anything odd.” He held out a sheathed knife which you took and instinctively tucked in your waistband.

Once you were kitted out, the three of you headed towards the house, keeping yourself stood between them for protection. Sam lock picked the front door and pushed the door open gently, gun facing into the room. Inside was dimly lit and dark, there were quite a few symbols on the walls, some of which were clearly recognisable as occult signs and sigils, but you were shocked at the stacks of old books. You’d be sure to nab a few for interest if you could on the way out.

You tiptoed further into the room, Dean split off to take the door to the right, but you followed on behind Sam. He headed past a old dresser, which you narrowly avoided bumping into, and walked through to the small kitchen. By all accounts, the kitchen look quite normal. There was a working fridge humming next to you and it was generally well kept, with clean pots sat around ready to go.

Stepping forward you opened the fridge, curious as to what a witch coven would keep. You physically gagged as you opened it. Inside was a number of hearts and other fleshy parts that you didn’t look too hard at.

“GROSS,” you yelped.

Sam span around, eyes wide. He made a hurried shushing motion and you mouthed a quick sorry back. He pursed his lips, listening for any sign of movement, but after a few seconds let out a steady breath.

“Try not to make too much noise,” he whispered, giving you an encouraging smile before turning back to what he was doing.

Suddenly, there was a crash from upstairs and what sounded like a few voices. Sam turned to you, eyes wild.

“Run.” He hissed at you.

“Really? It’s just a witch, they’re just like an old hag, right?”


“But they’re just-”

“Dangerous. GO!”

“Do I-”

“Stop talking, Y/N, seriously, go!”

You rolled your eyes and let out an indignant huff before you turned on your heels. It was strange, within a few steps you suddenly felt as if you couldn’t feel your feet moving. Looking around, confused, you quickly realised you weren’t. You tried to speak, but nothing would come out and it was safe to say you began to panic. Every muscle was immobilised and you sucked in a quick breath.

“Y/N, what the hell? Go!”

You could hear Sam’s stressed voice behind you, but you couldn’t turn to face him. Glancing up, you made eye contact with a petite red haired woman at the foot of the stairs, she looked young, only around her early twenties, but her eyes betrayed her. The overwhelming sense of dread washed over you as you met them, but you didn’t have long to process it before a pain seared through your body.

Everything seemed to happen slower for a moment, you saw Dean come up behind her, his blade meet her side and achingly slowly, you felt the release as you gained control of your body again. You watched her slump to the floor and you took a shuddering breath.

Swallowed hard trying to clear your head and glanced back over to Sam, who was now making his way over.

“That was a bit close,” you gulped,, looking at him with wide eyes.

“Are you alight?!”

“Fine, I’m fine.”

“Son of a-” you heard Dean gasp behind you.

“What?” You whipped around to face him, following his line of sight.

Looking down, you saw the patch of crimson beginning to grow on your shirt. You stared at it, fascinated at the colour and the speed of the spreading.


It was all you could mutter before you slumped down against a nearby wall. Everything felt slightly surreal as you looked down at it. You could hear a hurried exchange between the brothers before Sam’s face was in front of you, taking your attention away from the reddening shirt. He’d placed a balled up piece of cloth on it and was encouraging your hand to hold pressure on it.

“Hey! HEY. Y/N, stay with me, come on, focus on me!” he said, giving you a strained smile.

“Well that’s annoying,” you coughed out.

“It’s just a scratch, you’re good,” he said, his chest heaving as he tried to keep your focus on him, “come on, just keep looking at me, I’m going to pick you up now, I’m sorry about this.”

With that, he slipped an arm under your back and carefully hoisted you up.


“Yeah, I’m right here, it’s  alright.”

“I’m glad… glad I changed shoes,” you said, straining your neck up to look at him, “Those… they were expensive.”

He let out a dry laugh as he ducked through the front door. You caught a flash of the red hair out of the corner of your eye and smirked, at least she wasn’t going anywhere fast.

“Sammy? What’s happening?” Dean yelled out from what you assumed to be near the impala.

“She’s losing blood, if we’re quick, she’ll make it.”

“Closest hospital is 10 minutes.”

“She’ll make it.” Sam snapped.

Dean muttered something inaudible back, opening the back door hurriedly. You felt Sam lower you down carefully, your shirt stuck a little to the leather seat below you but it was strangely comforting. Within a few seconds you heard the purr of the engine start up and Sam bundled into the back with you.

“I’m just going to… just gonna rest my eyes a few secs,” you whispered, swallowing hard, “wake me up at the other end, yeah? Thanks.”

2 hours later

The sound of the nurses bustling around was driving Sam insane. He fiddled with the empty coffee cup, turning it over and over in his hands but it didn’t seem to make time go any faster. It felt like an eternity before a nurse finally walked out, clipboard in hand.

“Are you the boys who brought her in? …She’s awake, it was nasty, but nothing internal was badly injured, just ķeep her off her feet and let her get some rest,” she said, giving him and Dean a smile each in turn before trotting off down the corridor.

Sam took a deep breath and walked quickly into the hospital room.

“Hi,” Sam breathed as he walked in.

“Hiya,” you smiled, propping yourself up a little.

“I’m so sorry. So so sorry. Are you alright?”

“Don’t apologise, seriously, I’m just great! That’s not a coffee you’ve got there for me, is it?” You smirked, nodding at the paper cup still in his hands.

“No,” he laughed, wandering over to your side. Before he could say more, Dean walked in, a couple of coffees in hand.

“Just as well someone remembered it then,” he said, holding one up to you.

“You’re a star!”

“Oh no, that would be Sammy, he pinned after you the whole time. It was pitiful,” he added, earning a glare from Sam.

“I didn’t-”

“Yeah you did, although, next time he tells you to run, Y/N, I’d suggest you to do.”

You let out a short laugh, “deal.”

paldinshiro  asked:

so i actually haven't read the books but i know that most vampires are in their 20s physically. if i'm wrong please correct me but why aren't there any "old" vampires around? i mean i get that "eternal youth" thingy but realistically..? are older people just not as appealling to bite as young ones are? or does the venom make them look younger?

In the books we have book!Caius ho was 47 (I think?) and Laurent who was described as in his 40s.  Liam of the Irish coven was 35 or 36. 

The oldest female vampire was Mary the nomad at the rape old age of … 28. 

There’s no really in-universe reason why there aren’t more older vampires. I think SM would say that vampires are like humans and attracted to young and beautiful people, and like, okay, I get that, but you’d think after a couple centuries ‘young’ is going to seem more like “childish” and ‘beautiful’ is kinda meaningless when all vampires become beautiful in the transformation, so you’d think interesting would become more important to vampires choosing companions. 

Do you want to spend forever with a high school student who will be frozen forever in that mindset?  Or maybe a former CIA agent who has traveled the world and has a ton of cool stories to tell? Or a professor who has become an expert in her field and will use immortality to study new things and share her enthusiasm with you? This is not a shot against teens–it’s normal they’re still figuring themselves and the world out at that age–but unless a vampire was changed as teen themselves, you’d think the humans who have lived a little bit longer would make for more compelling company.

Another theory is that because the transformation requires the heart to keep beating, older people may not survive if they don’t have young, strong, healthy hearts. I, um, don’t think that’s something SM really planned though, I think part of her fantasy was the forever young thing. 

Plus she’s spoken of how the teenage years seem to be heightened and intense, and that’s sort of the vampire experience, too.