the iridescence

Never Goodbye (Phillip Hamilton x Shy!Reader)


The cold, icy stone in your stomach stayed there. You were extremely nervous, especially for the fact that you were to go to the banquet with your friend, Alexandria, Angelica Schuyler’s Daughter. You both were best friends, managing to survive boarding school, having each other’s backs.
“You will look AMAZING!” She smiled, chucking a choker at you.
“I don’t know…is there a dress…with sleeves?” You whimpered. Being modest was one thing, added with the fact that you were extremely shy.
“Awww come on!! You are wearing this one and you can’t say no. It’s super pretty! It even has iridescent fabric, like you wanted.” She taunted, flaunting the fern dress she had in her arms.
You groaned.

“(Y/N), you look amazing!” Angelica exclaimed. She was picking up you and Alexandria.
“Thanks!” You smiled as Angelica hugged her daughter.


The swish of dresses, lingering perfume still thick in the air. Your dress fit in all the right angles, the green dress accented with a ebony choker, silk, and flats.
You wanted to die among the gaze of the bachelors, while Alexandria basked in it.

“Here! You’ve never met my Uncle Alexander have you?” She asked, sweeping you away to a man with tawny eyes and brunette hair.
“No..who’s that with him?” You whispered, eyes latched to a young man, about your age, fifteen, in a dark suit, shiny, curly hair and a heavily freckled face.
“Oh! That’s my cousin, Phillip.” She smiled, and for once you were glad you weren’t related to Alexandria.

“You must be (Y/N) (Y/L/N), daughter of (your fathers name) (Y/L/N)?” Alexander asked you, taking your hand and pressing a small kiss to it in greeting. He caught your eye. He knew you were staring at Phillip.
“This is my son, Phillip Hamilton.” He greeted.
At hearing his name, Phillip stopped gawking at woman, only to have his jaw drop to the floor at the sight of you.
You giggled slightly, before dropping your gaze.

Dammit, shyness!!!

“I’m (y/n)..” you said, as he clasped your hand and placed a lingering kiss on it.

The rest of the night was him attempting to get you to dance.

“You really are a shy one!” He looked around. All the other woman seemed like nothing compared to the shimmering girl beside him.

“I..” you couldn’t even talk.

“Just one dance! Please!” He begged you, before smirking.

Placing an arm firmly on your waist, he drew you across to the dance floor.

“Phillip…” you said quietly. In your mind, you wanted to scream “hell yes!” But in real life, small squeaks came out of you.

He dipped you, his head coming close to your neck.

“Have you broken out of your shell, yet?” He whispered.

“Yes..” you giggled, to him, it was music.

“That’s good! Now, Can I formally ask for a dance?” He queried, as the violins changed.

“Absolutely..” you said, voice still high and small.

“May I have this dance?” He said, kneeling.
You curtsied, knowing very well where his eyes would be.
Smiling, he took your hand and danced with you until the music faded out.

Alexandria, dead tired, beckoned you over, the carriage about to leave. You attempted to pull away, before Phillip stopped you, holding you back.
“Please! Allow me to court you..” he sighed.
“Phillip?” You asked.
“Yes!!!” You smiled, kissing his cheek, before a rush of boldness struck through him, and he managed to kiss you on the mouth.

“Goodbye!!” You waved to him, arm in arm with Alexandria now.
“Never goodbye! Just, I’ll see you soon..” he smirked, glancing at his father, who was looking at you both knowingly.

You were grinning the rest of the night.

(A/N) - Story time! So when I was in Colonial Williamsburg in Washington DC, our tour guide showed us how to curtsy. So basically, keep your feet touching, spaced outward, before bending your knees. You must look down, and apparently inspect how big their (no..not that) calf muscle was! All the rich men had large calf muscles, due to the activities of being rich! Such as dancing, horseback riding etc. This apparently was how to curtsy properly in Hamiltime, which kinda makes me laugh. Like Jesus! They were so savage! If he didn’t have a big calf muscle, ditch the man. HEHEHEHEHEH

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I love your monster au!! So glad you continue to post in it! So could you draw and or find a picture of what lardo's full form looks like?? I'm really interested. Thanks!! :)

kỳ lân generall look something like this:

(except lardo would not wear a saddle lmao)

but her scales are an iridescent purple/green color and her ears are more like fins than horse ears. needless to say, kỳ lân have a very complicated design and i will probably never draw it in my life because it will beat my ass lol

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Any suggestions on a cheaper priced highlighter? You look amazing btw!

Thank you! 🙂 My favorite cheap highlighters are the ones from Colourpop which are $8 (you NEED Flexitarian) and the Maybelline Strobing Liquid in 100 Light/Iridescent is AMAZING (and a dupe for the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Celestial).

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