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I mean Fox's next reboot about the FF will be about Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman's children, in a similar style to The Incredibles.

“Guys. Why are these F4 movies failing?”

“Bad use of budget?”
“Poor actor choices?”
“Crappy scripts?”
“Terrible directors?”
“Fundamentally misunderstanding the source material?”

“No. And you’re all fired. The reason is WE DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH KIDS IN THEM.”
Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso Teases the Fantastic… Two?
With plenty of speculation swirling about the future of the Fantastic Four, Axel Alonso fueled the fire with a new teaser image.

“It takes 2,” Alonso wrote, accompanying the image. Beyond a reference to the 1988 hit by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, does this mean that something akin to Fantastic Two is in the works? Or a new version of Marvel Two-in-One, which was a 1974–1983 team-up series starring The Thing joining forces with a different hero in each issue? The answers remains to be revealed, but there’s plenty of guesses to make in the meantime.

This teaser comes days after a report from Bleeding Cool that Marvel had promoted something titled “Fantastic Three” to retailers — and a subsequent report from the same outlet that “Fantastic Three” is in fact the title of a story starting in October’s Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #24. Marvel has not commented on “Fantastic Three.” Making the timing of this teaser even more interesting, this week Bleeding Cool also reported a rumor that 20th Century Fox has a “kid-centric” Fantastic Four film in development.

One of the things I felt early on is that I wanted to try to show the degrees upon which a love affair happens. Often people do not know they are falling in love. For me the story (of Nelly and Dickens) was about the evolution of intimacy. I don’t just mean sexual intimacy but also an emotional an intellectual proximity. How do you show that, given the restriction the society imposed? The delicacy of conversation under which people are opening up. I felt that in my life when you meet someone and you just…you drop your sense of self, of persona. you trust.
—  Ralph Fiennes on directing The Invisible Woman, MasterClass in Toronto