the invisible war


This is the death of Count Dooku:

A starburst of clarity blossoms within Anakin Skywalker’s mind, when he says to himself Oh. I get it now, and discovers that the fear within his heart can be a weapon, too. It is that simple, and that complex. And it is final.

Dooku is dead already. The rest is mere detail.


The Deus Ex franchise celebrates its 15th anniversary with a unique animated trailer! Thank you all for your support, Deus Ex wouldn’t be here today without you!


Marvel recently registered several comic book titles including; Inhumans v X-men, Solo, Bullseye, Great Lake Avengers and other series that have recently been announced. However, included in the list of trademarks was Invisible Woman, leading many to believe she is getting a solo comic-book series!


Reylo + ’Colors’ by Halsey for the lovely @invisible-fangirl

you were RED
and you liked me
cause I was
but you touched me
and suddenly I was
then you decided
just wasn’t for you

face, pain-sketched

stephanie w.
darling, bring me to your gloam
whilst I explore your gaze
a soft-eyed rinse to bless
cremated of my body
sweetly, I drench this passing
haze - of distant, feral moon
alight with deep desire
tainted by then, His hand
allowing self to wander
his methods, I do fear
reflecting through your lonesome
face, I wish to call my own
bloodletting, grisly taste
warm breath upon my tongue
invisibly unbroken
heaven’s war filled of thy song
thrusts warbled, by a note
that He somehow relieves
reviving every solemn want
that I, alone, believe
grieving thee, prophet’s haste
powerfully far remov’d
craving coarse, fallen whispers
that dilate me, lush –
and you, my end
receiving glimpse,
as I’d arise again.

~ Invisible War

8th Sun of the First Umbral Moon

After the length of two moons or more of searching for hidden threats in plain sight. I started to wonder if these rumors were even true. Were there really Garleans that were stupid enough to masquerade in our city, waiting to strike us at any given moment? I broke from our patrol route, Esie and I as she continued the normal path we take together through the city to take a shortcut to get back to the Seat of the Sworn to give my report for the day. I passed through the Quicksand through the door to an adjoining route to reach Pearl Lane and noticed an Immortal Flame woman who’s eyes met my own, but soon broke away to evade being seen by hiding behind the citizens walking through the street. Suspicious, I thought this was, watching her walk away from someone in uniform. I decided to follow her unknowingly, keeping an eye on her Immortal Flame uniform as I tracked her movements about ten yalms away. While glancing at her position and movements as she walked down the street, she never bothered looking back. I decided to move closer and stop her. Nothing harmful comes with a greeting, right?“

"Soldier!” I yelled out once coming closer to her. She stopped and turned around. Spinning in an ‘about face’ motion. “Yes sir,” she answered with a normal salute. I didn’t think much of this for the moment, but Immortal Flames have a proper salute they go by. “Have identification papers?” I asked her.

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