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Example reasons for why people get attracted to this kind of aesthetics?

- it makes people feel better about their bad health/medication
- there is medicine for all kinds of problems that could never exist in reality
- invisible illness can be made visible as internal wounds (anxiety, bad thoughts, etc) get reflected on the outside
- removing the stigma attached to “being sick”
- some simply like medical motifs

Call The Midwife: The origins of the hit British drama

At the BFI/Radio Times festival recently, Call the Midwife (which won the Best Period Drama category in the opening vote) was voted Best Drama of the 21st Century, beating The Night Manager (Contemporary), Merlin (Sci-fi), The Bridge (Foreign Language), The West Wing (US) and Happy Valley (Crime).

We found out the origins of this warm yet hard hitting slice of true-to-life storytelling at the panel discussion held earlier in the weekend, hosted by Radio 4’s Jane Garvey (left) with (l-r) executive producer Dame Pippa Harris, producer Ann Tricklebank, creator & writer Heidi Thomas and actor Stephen McGann (Dr.Turner).

How did they come up with the idea?

Sent the memoirs by author Jennifer Worth, Pippa, Ann and Heidi batted a few ideas about, eventually deciding against a film and heading for television, and the BBC. It took four years to get off the ground – not a long time in this world.

“Reading the book, I thought “I might be able to do something with this”. There was a heart and soul to the material.” – Heidi.

Heidi knew she could make something out of the original body of work

Covering the grubby, gruesome business end of childbirth, it’s an awful lot of gynaecology to present and the panel expressed surprised at the 8pm Sunday evening slot. But this important, sensitive content gets the biggest audience, with a wide demographic watching and talking about it.

“We’re all adults, we can cope with a lot more than the suits think we can.”

So where to begin?

Heidi’s research through archive and interviews is impeccable – and what she writes goes out on the telly; the Beeb doesn’t interfere. The team sought people with contemporary knowledge and then dug in the past for people alive at that time.

The team behind the hit show give us the low down

Many of the characters were Jennifer’s creations, but from series 3 they’re pretty much fictional, blended with elements of real people. Dr Turner is completely fictional. There’s a smidgen of the real Jenny in there – she was actually only in Poplar for 6 months.

“I knew that I would want to watch it. Watching Twitter being made to care about other people making other people’s lives better.” – Pippa.

Fusing fact into fiction:

The production team were aware it could become too saccharine, too cosy and trite. So there were no holds barred when it came to traumatic storylines that reflected the issues of the era – with some still resonating today.

“Every day I go to bed wiser but also sadder. The nuns were not liberal but they’were not judgmental. The place they were in determined how and why they treated people with respect.”- Heidi

The Thalidomide storyline made those involved in the show realise what they achieved. “We  made visible a generation of children who’d become invisible.” The family of Susan Mullacks with be on a journey for a long time as the series continues to follow her story.

The team embraced difficult issues to educate and inform

They all learned a great deal when dealing with FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).

“We take people behind doors that have not been open to them before … delicate balance between being informative whilst acknowledging that it’s normal in some cultures … Painting a richer picture, not making any judgements.”

A wonderful midwife called Terri advised during the forceps delivery – she was underneath the table, and grabbed the forceps, pulling “like Billy-ho” according to McGann. It’s an “incredible, feral, enlightening world, full of physicality” and he was given carte blanche to get his foot up against the table and give it everything he had to make it as realistic as possible.

Stephen McGann recalled the physicality of the forceps delilvery

Then we had the physical comedy of Nurse Barbara trying out her diaphragm.

Says Heidi: “We strive for a balance between light and shade and knew Barbara had a physicality that would work. We had to have a good and bad side to contraception. Women had children they didn’t want. We’re blessed to be born when we were – young people have no idea how much they take for granted.”

As in, when the pill was introduced in 1961, your GP couldn’t prescribe it unless you could prove you were getting married. It took until 1967 for the pill to be available to all and even then, GPs were slow to embrace it. So it fell to family planning clinics in 1974 to truly make it universally available to single women. And those dangerous back street abortions were finally no longer needed.

“Our job is to entertain and tell stories but we also want to support the people we tell stories about.”

And they do so through the eyes of characters we can all empathise with.

Are we near the end of the Call The Midwife journey?

Thankfully, that’s a big fat NO. There are three more series already commissioned and with the story moving on one year at a time, there’s lots of freedom for characters to leave and return – and having babies isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon, is it?

“You never become immune to stories about people you care about.”

Indeed, the mystery of Christ runs the risk of being disbelieved precisely because it is so incredibly wonderful. For God was in humanity. He who was above all creation was in our human condition; the invisible one was made visible in the flesh; he who is from the heavens and from on high was in the likeness of earthly things; the immaterial one could be touched; he who is free in his own nature came in the form of a slave; he who blesses all creation became accursed; he who is all righteousness was numbered among the transgressors; life itself came in the appearance of death. All this followed because the body which tasted death belonged to no other but to him who is the Son by nature.
—  Cyril of Alexandria
To all of you

First, I want to apologize for my bad English, I’m still learning.

I want to share something with the entire spoonie community.

When the year began I was diagnosed with several chronic diseases: endometriosis, PCOS, scoliosis and IBS. In addition, I had to deal with other illnesses: an intestinal ulcer and a herniated disc. They were terribly hard months. Currently I have pain, some days quite, but with medication and treatments are more manageable.

The hardest part was seeing my mental health decay. Being all day in bed, alienated and breaking in pain is overwhelming.

But I found you. You, wonderful people, you don’t know how much you help me every day. Even passing it a thousand times worse than I, you still have the strength to give an encouraging word, to share your story or to publish a joke about chronic diseases that takes me out of the depressive pit in which I am.

You made me understand that the world is unjust and how disheartening it can be for visible and invisible diseases. And you also made me see that I’m not alone.

You taught me that I have the right to cry and shout and complain if I need it, that I should not ask anyone to forgive me for being sick. You taught me that being sick has nothing to do with being weak.

You are the bravest people I know. Thank you for teaching me to be brave in the darkest moment of my life.

so true! disabled people are the best actors, we deserve an Oscar!!! :D

Before creating us our Maker brought this whole universe into being from nothing for the sustenance of our bodily exist­ence.

But as for improving our conduct and guiding us toward virtue, what has the Lord in his love of goodness not done for us?

He has made the whole of this perceptible universe a kind of mirror of heaven, so that by spiritual contemplation of the world around us we may reach up to heavenly things as if by some wonderful ladder.

He has implanted in us the natural law, as an inflexible rule, an infallible judge and an unerring teacher: this is our conscience.

If we look deep within ourselves, then, we shall need no other teacher to show us what is good, and if we look outside ourselves we shall find the invisible God visible in the things he has made, as the Apostle says.

After providing a school of virtue in our own nature and in the created world, God gave us the angels to protect us, he raised up the Patriarchs and Prophets to guide us, he showed us signs and wonders to lead us to faith, and gave us the written Law as a supplement to the law of our rational soul and the teaching of the world around us.

Then at last, when we had scorned all this in our indolence – how different from his own continuing love and care for us! – he gave himself to us for our salvation.

He poured out the wealth of his divinity into our lowly condition; he took our nature and became a human being like us, and was with us as our teacher.

He teaches us the greatness of his love and proves it by word and deed, at the same time persuading those who obey him not to be hard-hearted, but to imitate his compassion.

Those who manage worldly affairs have a certain love for them, as do shepherds for their flocks and owners for their personal possessions, but this cannot be compared with the love of those who share the same flesh and blood, and especially the love of parents for their children.

Therefore, to make us realize how much he loves us, God called himself our Father; for our sake he became man, and then, through the grace of the Holy Spirit conferred in baptism, he caused us to be born anew.

Gregory Palamas (1296-1359): Homily 3 (PG 151:36); ; from the Monastic Office of Vigils for Wednesday of the 24th Week in Ordinary Time, Year 1.

Sometimes beauty comes from unexpected places. An osteopathic medical student, Earl Gerald Carlos,  tries to find the sweetness and subtlety in medicine and in life sent us this poem  — an elegy for the wanderer in us all.

I never wanted to be a vagabond;

An aimless wanderer out in an open, neverending, loopful abyss;

Becoming lost,

Only to find it worthwhile finding myself;

Asking for one thing,

Only to continue seeking for more.



There are days when I can’t face it,

I can’t face being a vagabond;

I’d place a mask on my face,

Adding a fake constancy to a life meant to be unseltted;

Drawing a line to a frown,

Creating a smile that can not evenly hold without the line.


And vagabonds are supposed to be strong

And yet, I am as flimsy as they come;

Bending to the blows of the breath of winds,

Even when it does not blow;

Allowing myself to drown,

With all knowledge of my ability to float.


But, I choose to choose my choice,

This decision to be a vagabond;

Hoping to live everyday,

By dying to the lives that were not worth living;

Creating a space to allow for perfection,

In a world that only seems to eternally fall short.

Despite being presently in doubt,

As a vagabond, I receive presents in the present;

Granting this unsettled life with many keys and doors,

Plus a key shaper and a door-buster;

Writing my life’s story with invisible ink,

Only made visible when life is lived and the pages reread.

And I am assured as a vagabond,

To find truth by not agreeing with my lies;

Continuing to believe,

Even in the most impossible of beliefs;

Dreaming for the one day,

When I, a vagabond, will have no choice but to contradict myself.

Ok, so I have a story.

When I was younger, about 7 ish, me and my cousins used to dabble in witchcraft. My ma was wiccan so she used to help us with herbs and energy and stuff. We made snow storms happen, and made spells in pots, and had a lot of fun and it made us so happy.

One day, my cousin who was the same age as me, asked if I could make her an invisibly spell. She never wanted to be picked on in school, or get the teachers attention. So, I made something up, and put all of my energy into putting a bubble around her, to cloak her. She skipped away, and we both completely forgot.

Several, several years later, when we were both older, I was still practicing magic but my cousins didn’t. I believed in Wicca and witchcraft, and they moved it aside as they grew up.

My cousin, walked up to me, asking if she could do something for me. She looked so…. Teary and sad. She said that the spell I did, worked but in a different way. Ever since then, she wasn’t invisible, just not noticeable. People didn’t pay her much attention, her parents ignored her and her friends often forgot about her. She had just remembered the spell, and it made sense. She wasn’t cloaked, and not invisible, but not visible either.

It clicked with me that day, that magic isn’t about spells and rhymes, or potions or herbs…. But about intent and will power.

If you believe something will happen, it will.

Joint dislocations...
  • Doctor: and which joints is it that dislocate?
  • Me: Knees, hips, wrist, shoulders, ankle, elbow, jaw, ribs...
  • Doctor: would it be easier to ask which joints don't dislocate?!

If you haven’t watched The Invisible Made Visible, the movie made by This American Life, you are missing out. Go download it immediately. It’s easily the best $5 I’ve spent in a long time. 

Rainbow Direction FAQ


What is ‘Rainbow Direction’?

Rainbow Direction is a project launched by takemehomefromnarnia for One Direction’s Where We Are & On The Road Again tours. The project aims to raise visibility and support for all LGBTQ+ fans. We want to build a safe, welcoming and supportive community for One Direction’s LGBTQ+ fans across the world.

The homophobia in the One Direction fandom often makes LGBTQ+ fans feel unwelcome and invisible in the world. Through project ‘Rainbow Direction’ we aim to change that. We want to speak out, stand up proudly and make ourselves known. We want to show who we are and just how many of us there are, all around the globe and by doing so educate those who might not know about the project.

How can I be an active part of Rainbow Direction?

(link to masterpost - coming soon!)

What’s so important about “queer visibility”?

Queer visibility is important because it helps normalize LGTBQ+ identities and it shows other LGBTQ+ people that they are not alone. The feeling of not being alone is especially relevant and important to this project as the platform – the fandom – that we are reaching out to is often young people who may be questioning their orientation or identity or may be in an unsupportive environment.

The “closet” is built by heteronormativity in society. It is the place where all queers are locked up and made invisible. When there is little queer visibility the walls of the closet are thick and the process of breaking through them is going to be a big struggle - because the first visible queer person in a group of straight people is going to be a big shock. When there is lots of queer visibility, the closet becomes thinner. Queer visibility works to undo the systemic homophobia and heteronormativity - the injustice that is done to all of us from birth by assuming all people should be straight. Queer visibility makes that assumption impossible and THAT is how it undoes the closet – By making the closet walls thinner and thinner until they disappear.

I’m straight; can I still participate in Rainbow Direction?

Yes absolutely! ANYONE (and everyone!) who wants to build a safe, and visible community of support for LGBTQ+ fans is welcome to participate!  In fact straight allies are super important for making a safe community for LGBTQ+ fans.

What is a straight ally and why are they important for this movement?

A straight ally is a heterosexual and/or cisgender person who supports equal civil rights, gender equality, LGBTQ+ social movements, and challenges homophobia and transphobia.

Straight allies - fans in our case - are important for us for different reasons.

  1. They help lift the burden of fighting homophobia from LGBTQ+ people.
  2. People with homophobic or heteronormative beliefs are more likely to listen to straight allies.
  3. Straight allies provide an important example that LGBTQ+ rights are not just a “queer issue”, but also an issue of human rights that everyone should be fighting for.
  4. Because they have the privilege to speak out for those queer people who are too scared or in unsafe situations and cannot speak out for themselves
  5. To simply be more voices and more arms and hearts spreading a message of equality, love and acceptance.

Can I bring shipping or any member of One Direction into my creative idea for Rainbow Direction?

We are inclusive. Everyone is welcome whatever they ship. There is only one requirement: that you support LGBTQ+ people and their rights.

Nevertheless, we would like you to keep your shipping and your rainbows separate. Rainbow signs without a specific mention of a ship extends support to all LGBTQ+ fans and that is what this project is about.

We have a number of suggested banners that follow those rules - you can find them here. None of them suggest anything about any of the boys in particular.

Can I participate in Rainbow Direction and still ship on my personal blog?

Yes, of course. Shipping is nothing bad or harmful. It just doesn’t belong in the Rainbow Direction project, which focuses on spreading a welcoming, supportive, and loving message to all LGBTQ+ members of this fandom.

Are we hurting the boys by bringing rainbow signs?

Rainbows are not harmful. They are a symbol for equality, diversity, and support. Plus they’re just plain pretty!

Even if the boys did not show appreciation for the rainbow signs we would still not be harming them.

But in fact the boys have actually shown nothing but appreciation and support for the signs. We have had numerous fan reports that they have smiled, waved, blew kisses at and gave thumbs up to rainbow signs and rainbow attire. They may have even joined in – Louis wore a rainbow shirt to the first concert that we did not have a Rainbow Direction representative for.

So if you are not joining the Rainbow Direction project because you are worried that the boys may dislike or be harmed by the signs you should not be worried. Please feel free to join.

In addition the signs are primarily directed at fellow LGBTQ+ members of the 1D fandom, to make them feel safe and welcome. A way of sending the message: “You are supported and loved and you are not alone”.

Are we outing the boys by bringing supportive/rainbow signs?  

No. A rainbow is the symbol of a wide range of people, a very broad community and not in any way specifically speaking about a certain person. It doesn’t refer to a name, a character or a personality. It might strengthen the fans’ and onlookers’ decision to want to change something about the way they lead their life inside or outside of the closet - on their very own terms - but is not an appeal for people to out themselves. Rainbow posters don’t cause any harm to the boys or anyone, for that matter.

Have you considered asking Rainbow Direction participants to share their poster artwork and photos of themselves in rainbows with official 1D fan projects?

We had not considered it and we don’t think it’s worth the shot:

  1. The chances of success are highly unlikely
  2. Our participants would basically be granting Sony the full rights to their pictures which would make it impossible for us to use them for our video project.

We may as well be recommending people to throw them in the bin…

I am worried about my safety if I participate in Rainbow Direction, what do you recommend I should do?

First of all, let’s be honest. Safety is an important concern for ALL participants in Rainbow Direction - we can’t deny that everyone who participates runs a certain risk of getting homophobic remarks, or worse. And yes, in many of the countries where One Direction, and Rainbow Direction, are going next, the risks may be larger.


You have any more questions? Send us an ask

Indeed the mystery of Christ runs the risk of being disbelieved precisely because it is so wonderful. For God was man. He who was above all creation was in our human condition; the Invisible One was made visible in the flesh; He who is from the heavens and from on high was in the likeness of earthly things; the Immaterial One could be touched; He who is free in His own nature came in the form of a slave; He who blesses all creation became accursed; He who is all righteousness was numbered among transgressors; Life itself came in the appearance of death. - St. Cyril of Alexandria, That Christ is One

Today at my job there was a homeless man sleeping outside by the lake, on top of a rock. At lunch time he was still there but he had woken up. My co worker went over to him and give him some chips to eat, and when she came back she had tears in her eyes. We decided to give him our burgers we hadn’t eaten and gave him a couple bottles of cold water. We also went inside and got him a bag full of shampoo and soap (I work in a hotel) and told him where he could shower and wash up down at the spray park by the lake. He thanked us endlessly and apologized for making us cry. Then he thanked us, and with tears in his own eyes he said “you have shown me that there are still kind hearted people in such a cruel world. This morning at least 20 people walked by me and acted like I wasn’t there. Sometimes I start to feel invisible, but you made me remember that I am visible. I am here, and I have a life worth living, no matter how I live it.” We take so much for granted, but what we really need to do is to start being grateful. Not only for what we have, but who we have. Be kind to people, you never know what they’re going through.


March 26, 1987 marked the birth of an icon. The release of the original Air Max made the invisible visible like never before. 27 years later, the revolution continues. This March 26, celebrate Air Max Day with the world.

Wear your Air Maxes and submit your photos for a chance to be featured on Sweetsoles. For this day, I’ll queue up nothing but Air Max — new posts every hour!