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Dans shirt at the aquarium! Singapore just keeps blessing us!

i feel so happy! dan, inventor of fashion and cool patterns,

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Can you describe all of the members in 5 words or less

eunkwang: rap + visual god sliver light
minhyuk: typical sagittarius, flawless but furry
changsub: uncle fester with commitment issues 
hyunsik: the duality of man 
peniel: apple of btob’s eyes
ilhoon: he thinks he’s cool 
sungjae: dumb bubbly tsundere inventor

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Her, part 1

A series of vignettes detailing a certain Saniwa in a certain Citadel. Very self-indulgent, hence, the use of a specific pronoun.

Part 1 - on the matters of beginnings

She was young, younger than any of their former masters, when they first met her. Kashuu remembers being skeptical when he saw her, looking too inexperienced to have the fate of the world’s history resting on her shoulders. He was her first sword, and often, he’d be the subject of her mistakes, constantly apologizing for his wounds.

(“I thought… I thought the troops would come back after they… they… I’m really sorry Kashuu. If I had known before, I definitely would have made a new one for you.”)

Kashuu minds the wounds but learns to not let it bother him much, and eventually revels in it, because always, without fail, she’d personally attend to his repair when all the others would be in the care of the smiths.


She was very different, coming from a different time. She laughs loudly, and Kasen would quickly chastise her unelegant snort. He’d frown disapprovingly at the way she dresses, shabby, uncoordinated, and inappropriately tight.

(She laughed at his blushing face “They’re called pants! It’s very fashionable in my time.” “It can’t be fashionable, surely now Master! It’s very unelegant to show the shape of y-your… your…” She laughs harder. “I’m flattered you find my butt sexy.” “Master!”)

Still, Kasen finds her wild energy charming in its ways. It comes with eager hands taking his, her feet spinning to a tune she hums, sings, and she’d ask in her breathless voice, full of life and happiness, “Come, let us dance some more, my friend.”


Of course, she had her faults, plenty as human nature allows. She was prone to her emotions, weak against the opinions of others and the high pedestal she expects of herself. And instead of facing them head on, she keeps them, bottles it up until she could no longer contain it. She’d shut herself in her room and not even Ishikirimaru’s soft coaxing nor the tantou’s pleas would make her come out. They merely trust she’d come around. She always does, after all.

Everyone except, Yamanbagiri who would sneak into her quarters when everyone already left. He’d find her sitting on the floor and staring at nothing. He’d sit beside her, feel her body lean and rest against his. Then the quiet. Not complete silence, because his ears are sensitive enough to hear her uneven breathing. Sometimes, she’d cry (and he prefers that because she comes around faster when these pent up emotions were poured out through her tears). Sometimes, she’d tug at his cloak and he’d open his arms to let her inside. It made him uncomfortable, at first, for being so close to his Master (he knew his cloak was not the cleanest) when he could not offer any words of comfort. He was always bad when it comes to conversations. But in time he learns that she didn’t need the words, didn’t want it, and only needed his presence and silent empathy.


She was powerful. This was the reason why she was chosen, despite the lack of proper spiritual training. She called many in such a short amount of time. Day by the day, the Citadel turned less quiet, feet pattering constantly, excited chatters around every corner, and often, so often, families reunited.

The latter, she loves the most, as Hachisuka discovers when she made a great deal to find Urashima the moment Hachisuka mentioned his beloved baby brother. He remembers her squeal of delight, shouting his name to quick, quick, your brother is here! Hachisuka! She took his soiled hands (he was on fieldwork duty) and more or less dragged him to the smithing room. Hachisuka doesn’t remember much after that, too overcome with happy emotions as Urashima jumped to his arms, laughing in delight.

(And much later, she brought the fake home, and as much as Hachisuka resents the fake’s very existence, he could not resent his Master, knowing she did it for Urashima)


She likes talking about the future. Or in a sense, her “present,” the past that is the year 2005. It’s only a couple of hundred years and yet, Mutsunokami feels like she was talking about a different world.

There were too many unfamiliar words and new concepts. Often when he jokes around if such things exist, born out of his wildest imagination, she would smile and confirm yes, such things exist.

“You could be an inventor,” she said wistfully one evening.

The breeze was forgiving, cool despite the summer season. She was wearing a ‘sundress,’ one of the modern fashion Kasen vehemently disapproves off. Mutsunokami privately thinks its charming and fit for their Master. He smiles at her idea. “Maybe in another life. I’d like to see the world. Outside Japan, ‘ya know? I bet it’s big.”

“Bigger than anything,” she replies smiling wider. “I would like to travel as well. We could do it after this. Yes, I think we can. It’s a promise.”

Maybe in another life, they would travel the world together. It’s hard not to believe in her, despite how offhandedly she promised it to him. Next to breathing life to him, Mutsunokami is sure his Master can do anything. She holds the future, after all.

Yes, the coolest.

Hey, hey, it’s Inventors’ Day, and we’re continuing our celebration with a crazy cool invention from the scientists at IBM Research - Zurich. They’ve invented a way to stack computer chips on top of each other, to pack more power into a smaller size. But the closer the chips are to each other, the hotter they get. So the team created microscopic channels to flow liquid through the individual layers to cool them down. But they didn’t stop there—they also figured out how to use the same liquid to power the chips, which can make computers more powerful, so computers can do cooler things. Cool right?

Happy Inventors’ Day everyone!

Explore more IBM inventions →

so I heard there’s an oc promothon shindig going down over at @charlesoberonn and honestly you all know I will throw myself headfirst into anything of the sort soooo yep 

Anyway some of you know this merry band of losers already, Penwright, Horrie and Grace, a ragtag gang of enby kids who are so bad with directions they accidentally catch a bus into another dimension instead of their local shopping mall. They wind up in a bizarre sci-fi otherworld where people’s wandering thoughts and daydreams directly alter reality - an ever-shifting mess of a universe where nothing makes sense, nothing is consistent, and stratocumulus clouds are particularly skilled at origami. Shenanigans ensue.

I’m gonna ramble about the characters more under the cut ‘cause I don’t want to get too long on your dashboards lmao

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  • Customer: I love that you don't wear makeup like all these other girls.
  • Me: *wearing primer, foundation, highlighter, powder, strip lashes, nude eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip stain, and did my brows*
  • Me: haha yeah all natural, baby. No makeup for me! Good ol girl next door
  • Customer: yeah and I can see you've never had work done. I love that! So rare!!
  • Me: *looks down at acrylic nails, can barely smile because I got botox and filler two days ago, silently appreciates my non surgical breast lift, thinks about how much more money I need to do another round of cool-sculpting, says prayer to kybella inventor*
  • Me: haha yeah just a natural beauty...over here being beautiful...naturally......

⛄🔮🌿WITCH TIP!!🕯🎄🍬

Ive been sicky lately, and im addicted to these things. ive loved them since i was little but never thought about their dual magickal purpose until now, and when i looked up the meanings of all the herbs I noticed a lot of similarities, i wonder if the inventors did that on purpose. How cool would that be if it was created by Swiss witches?!!

These are such wonderful herbs and are so tasty and cheap im going to start eatin em before/during rituals and meditation. They make me breathe so strong and clear!

Heres a few of the awesome uses! Thought i would share :)

PEPPERMINT- cleansing, renewal, rest, healing, release, purification, protection

ELDER- regeneration, protection, healing, banishment, treat pain and inflammation

THYME- health, rest, purification, divination, release, renewal, happiness

HOREHOUND- antiseptic, relaxes muscles, extreme healing vibrations, blessings, restoration, concentration, focus

HYSSOP- strong protection, purification

SAGE- rebuilds strength, courage, cleansing, healing, longetivity, domestic harmony, peace, purification, powerful protection

LINDEN- healing, enhancing beauty, peace, soothing, rest, induce vibrancy and youthfulness

LEMON BALM- revitalize and balance the body and emotions, “elixer of life”, antidepressant, healing, calm, longetivity, release

MALLOW- powerful healing, protection, healing

Tony Stark and Cisco Ramon and Extroverted Perceiving types

Let’s start here:

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This is Tony Stark from the MCU, also known as Iron Man. He’s an ESFP.

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This is Cisco Ramon from The Flash, also known as Vibe. He’s an ENTP.

I’ve seen both of these fab superhero boys mistyped as each other’s types multiple times. That’s pretty understandable, TBH. Extroverted Perceiving dominants (or, as a convenient shorthand I saw recently goes, Pe-doms) get mistaken for each other all the time. Which makes sense–both Se- and Ne-doms are often outwardly focused, enthusiastic, quick-minded, etc.

But here’s some ways you can tell the difference.

A question I’m training myself to ask to start differentiating high Ne vs. high Se characters: “Are they more excited by the physical or the intellectual?”

Sometimes this is a tough question to answer. With Tony, it definitely is. You might start by answering, “Intellectual, of course! He’s an inventor! He loves creating new technology! That’s how he spends 99% of his spare time, for crying out loud!”

But the thing about Tony is that that’s more of a job for him. Not that he doesn’t love inventing–would he be where he is otherwise? But why does he do it? Is it really because he’s excited by the ideas involved? Not really. He’s at his very best when he gets to do hands-on work with the tech he creates. Flying the Iron Man suit. Using what’s around him to make weapons (like in Iron Man 3.) Destroying his house quite a lot. He’s a super physical guy.

And a lot of it’s Fi/Te, too. He builds these things out of necessity or fear or internal motivation. He keeps on improving and testing his suit because he feels a need to protect people. He synthesizes a completely new element (as stupidly unscientific as that scene was) just so he can find a way to stop dying and get on with the important work. The whole Ultron debacle was all because Tony felt like he could protect the world, and that he would be somehow letting it down if he didn’t find a way. When he steers his Iron Man suit into development hell, it’s not because he’s constantly interested in it–it’s because he’s unhealthily obsessed with keeping him and Pepper safe.

He’s got the inferior Ni going on too: Find ONE quickest, simplest solution. He finds something he feels like he needs to do and he fixates endlessly. I gotta make the terrorists pay. Gotta sign the Accords to stop the damage. Don’t agree with me? Get ready to fight, man, and trust me, you do not wanna have to fight me.

Also, the rest of his spare time is spent driving fast, eating (he’s always eating something), sleeping around, having parties…you get the idea. ESFP, all the way.

Cisco is a completely different story.

Like Tony, he’s a genius inventor. But what excites him about the process? It’s cool, man. It’s awesome to come up with these ideas that nobody’s ever had before. He’ll calculate something totally weird like the number of bugs the Flash swallows in one day of running because…well, why not? He doesn’t see new things and immediately ask “How can we use this?”, he usually starts by just, well, geeking out. Even if it’s evil and needs to be stopped…wow, can’t we pause and admire how awesome it is?

New metahuman? You’re getting a cool name, dude.  Normal is just boring to Cisco. He looks at everything and sees the possibility of how cool it could be. While others might see these metahumans as just criminals who happen to have dangerous abilities, to Cisco they are supervillains. Before he actually meets his Earth-2 doppelgänger, he envisions him as rich and powerful and all-around cool, because high Ne automatically likes to blow up every possibility into extremes. (See this very accurate post from funkymbtifiction.) He imagines, he worries, he wonders what could happen. With him there’s always a “maybe”: maybe I’ll do this, maybe it’ll turn out that way, maybe someday this other thing will happen. Tony says he will, Cisco wonders if he could.

He loves his work but he doesn’t show anything like Tony’s Ni focus: He’s okay with changing his plans midway if something better comes along, dropping something if it’s not working, and hey, I wonder what’s happening on Earth-2 right now?

And while Tony is very “my way or the highway,” sometimes literally, Cisco actually cares about the group. He reaches out to people, notices what they like, wants to do stuff WITH THEM. Tony tends to repress his emotions (which is one reason he’s often typed as a thinker); Cisco usually shows what he’s feeling (likewise, that’s why people sometimes type him as a feeler.)

And to round out the comparison, Cisco’s hobbies aren’t nearly as physical as Tony’s. Random science, listening to music, TV marathons with friends. Oh, yeah, and movie references. Inferior Si loves its movie quotes.

This post was kinda long and rambling in the end and I don’t know if it clears anything up and Tony is a pretty unhealthy type while Cisco is quite healthy so this might be a pretty bad comparison, but I hope I’ve at least illuminated some of differences between these types (and adequately explained my personal stance on these two characters’ types!).

things that are canon or word-of-creator true about the overkills
  • herb took scarlet’s last name (this is the 60s)
  • herb gives scarlet love notes and then explains the love notes to her
  • she’s the face of their villainous operation while he’s the stay-at-home gadgeteer who makes her cool fashionable armor and weapons
  • she introduces him as “inventor, super genius, fox
  • they met while trying to steal the same painting
  • i love them
The Great Feminist Manga and Anime Review: Dennou Coil

Dennou Coil (Commonly translated as either Cyber Coil or Coil: A Circle of Childrencould probably be best described as a 26 episode sci-fi coming-of-age story focused around two sixth-grade girls and their mysterious connection. This alone would make it a good pick for this review, but it also boasts a nicely varied and interesting cast of ladies as the majority of the main characters, including an older woman, has some empowering themes that include women overcoming exploitation and that which is holding them back as well as dealing with mental illness and it has relatively few problematic/alienating elements.

In addition to this, it’s just an extremely high quality series overall. The animation is great, taking clear inspiration from Studio Ghibli in it’s style and generally being very fluid and interesting to watch. The soundtrack is simply beautiful, particularly the violin-centered piece that plays during tragic or tense moments, the world building is thorough and complex and just wow. Your mileage may vary on how deeply it resonates with you, but objectively, I can call this anime a masterpiece, just because of the incredible production values and clear amount of effort and thought put into everything.

If the show has any flaws, I’d say it’s that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the technical terms and that the first half of the story is somewhat slow. But stick around if you find that to be the case, because the second half really kicks into high gear, with constant twists and turns. Also, some of the revelations/explanations of character motivation and happenings come pretty late in the game sometimes in the form of exposition (once, egregiously, it was “as you know, Bob” exposition) but it’s true being confused does keep you hooked and watching to find out what the heck is going on. But these flaws are pretty minor compared to most shows, and they don’t detract much from this being an incredibly high quality and well done anime!

Sadly the series is not licensed except for an dramatically overpriced low quality ipad thing, but you can sure find it if you look.

The basic premise of Dennou Coil- It’s 2026, and cyber-glasses are incredibly popular among children. These glasses allow you to see a virtual world overlaid with the real world wherever you go (also you can email, call each other, and bring up music pretty instantly). The perks of this include virtual pets- the protagonist has a virtual dog- and other virtual objects, like currency. When you put on the virtual glasses, you also get a “cyberbody” overlaid with your real one. You can damage someone’s virtual body and they won’t be physically harmed, but the person has to pay to restore their virtual self. The main way to damage virtual objects and bodies is using a beam you shoot out of your forehead, or stuff similar to ofuda (paper talismans, they can also be used to track stuff). You can also conjure shields and things.

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Project MC2 (squared) Camryn Coyle

She is adorable! Fully articulated, with removable hands, rooted lashes, realistic inset eyes, moulded collar bones, and flat feet with removable shoes.

Feet are MH sized, but the flatness makes wearing MH shoes weird.

Her shorts and bandeau are separate pieces of clothing! Love that. Her bandana is also remove able with a Velcro closure.

She is gorgeous and comes with a motor and wheels you can assemble to make a cool skateboard. A wrench can be fitted to her wrist for on-the-go repairs!

I love that she is a tinker/inventor with a cool ride. More science/inventions for girls!!

I just keep imagining a few years, Phineas and Ferb’s first day at high school, and they come home and they’re just at dinner happily describing what it was like and all their teachers and Phineas like “And our science teacher, Dr. D seems really cool! He’s an inventor, and showed us a bunch of his inventions today, and he even has a robot son–”

And Perry is eating in his little corner and he almost chokes on his food, but luckily nobody notices and Phineas keeps talking just like describing the day and how much fun Doof’s class was and like “His inventions are really amazing, but for some reason, he always puts a self-destruct button on them. We asked him if he needed it and he acted like he’d never thought of that before! Then he leaned on the button and the machine blew up, but I really think we’re really gonna like that class, right Ferb? I mean–”

And Perry has been trying his best to keep his composure but Heinz blowing up his own inator is too much for him, and the whole family all stops talking for a minute because

“Is… is Perry laughing?

Random Fact #186

Leonardo da Vinci invented a helluva lot of stuff.

Some of it included (but was definitely not limited to):

  • The first scuba gear

  • The first armoured car

  • The parachute

(Here’s a slightly modernized reconstruction in action)

  • The bicycle

  • The hang glider

  • The aerial screw (which is used in helicopters)

  • The double hull for ships

  • The first “car” (the self-propelled cart)

  • A machine for testing the tensile strength of wire
  • A lens-grinding machine

  • The 33-barreled organ (aka a machine gun)

  • The mechanical clock

  • The revolving bridge

All of them, even if constructed as they would have been made with the materials of the time, would be functional.  

Oh, he also teamed up with Machiavelli once to steal a river (the Arno) from the neighbouring city-state (Pisa) which the city-state of Florence didn’t get along with (it was basically the first functional plan for changing a river’s path). It would have worked too, had the dudes digging the ditches dug them in deep enough.

The Arno, which in modern day Italy looks like this…

…can be seen in the background of the Mona Lisa.