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Craigievar Castle looks like something from a fairytale. Located in Alford, Scotland, the castle has a Great Hall which is connected to the high tower via a secret staircase. Supposedly, it served as partial inspiration for the Walt Disney castle motif seen at the beginning of every Disney film. 📸: Photo regrammed from intrepid explorer @_madickey_. Thanks for tagging #atlasobscura!


Another night wrapped up in the delightful vision of you,

Another night wrapped up in the callousness of you,

Sleepless, thinking of all the things we could be without the sum of our scars,

If I could touch you with reckless abandon,

If I could trust you with myself uncontained,

To dance and collect you, unbidden and without fear,

To laugh with reckless abandonment and see you smile at me, and see in your eyes that you hold the same dream of us.

Playing the songs on repeat just for the one lines that remind me of your intrepid heart and unseen soul.

This is futile, and ridiculous but I would prefer a thousand nights of fanasty then the harsh day of reality,

That the force of us is Cosmic but they like us are a catastrophic conundrum.

A cosmic collision hurtling towards the sun.

intrepid-fool  asked:

I'm new to Terry Pratchett and want to get into Discworld. Is there any order to read them in? I picked one of the shelf randomly and I'm really interested in stories with Tiffany Aching.

So, as a disclaimer, before I scare you away: it is part of Discworld fandom tradition to present newcomers with the Reading Flowchart

It is also part of Discworld fandom tradition to help the Fandom Newbie find an order of reading tailored Specifically For You, because, Newcomer, we’re your own personal reading assistant. 

As you probably know, the Discworld books are separated into series based on which sets of characters appear in them - so you have the Witches, the City Guards, Death & Co., Rincewind and Tiffany Aching, along with a bunch of standalones. 

The books can be read in any order - either by publishing order or series order, or just randomly choosing one with your eyes closed and going from there. I personally had no order in which I read them. After two kind of lukewarm experiences (Moving Pictures and Reaper Man) I decided to try again and just picked up the one that was the thickest and went from there. It was Jingo and then I read Thief of Time and Night Watch, then Feet of Clay and then Guards! Guards! and then Men at Arms. NO CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, WE GET CONFUSED LIKE MEN

If you like the Tiffany Aching books, you should definitely check out the rest of the Witches series (starting with Wyrd Sisters -> Witches Abroad -> Lords and Ladies -> Carpe Jugulum), because Granny and Nanny both make appearances in the TA books, and they help establish The Meaning of Witching. (The Tiffany Aching books technically take place after the last Witches book, Carpe Jugum, but I’ve always enjoyed Tiff on her own and reading the Witches books alongside that. )

From the witches, most people move onto Death & Co. or Rincewind. 

But. BUT

What next? What’s after that? The series sprawls 40-something books, that’s a lot of options, right?

The flowchart I linked to is kind of outdated though, and also doesn’t give you any idea about how jump from one series to another. 

So…I made a new one. 

(Full size

I know this looks overwhelming. Let me explain the legend of this thing. 

The dotted lines are non-essential connections, in that they’re short stories or tie-in books. I know I threw Colour of Magic and Light Fantastic under a bus there, but they are generally considered the weakest books - this was before any solid worldbuilding. 

The deep green arrows are pretty straightforward - sometimes one book links to another, even though they’re not in the same series. For example, Thief of Time has a Plot Event that kickstarts the story of Night Watch, even though they have two completely (almost) separate sets of characters. The Lords and the Ladies deal with elves, which we see more of in Wee Free Men.

The orange lines are Gateway books, meaning that from there you can easily jump from series to another because of connecting themes or characters. 

For example, if you start with Tiffany Aching and the Witches, you’ve been in the countryside of Lancre the whole time - until you get to Maskerade, which takes place in the city of Ankh-Morporkh. That’s a good way to get into the City Watch and Industrial Revolution-themed books, because it’s an introduction to big city life from the point view of one of its characters. So you can continue with the Witches series after Maskerade, or you can hop onto either the City Guards series or to The Truth and the Moist von Lipwig series. 

The red ones are thematically connected books. Small Gods deals with belief and religion on the Disc, and the creation of god, god-like and sacrilegious figures, which is a theme that crops up repeatedly - like in Hogfather, Wintersmith, I Shall Wear Midnight, Snuff, Going Postal. Pyramids deals with succession crisis, which becomes a recurring theme in Men at Arms, even though they’re set thousands of years apart. The same goes for Moving Pictures, The Truth and Going Postal - the first two are standalone books, but they deal with urban development of Ankh Morporkh, despite having different sets of characters. 

Again, I want to stress that you don’t have to follow this at all. You can easily pick up a random book from the Tiffany Aching series and go in whichever direction you want - this isn’t Star Wars, where you have to slog through 3 badly-directed movies to get the gist of the story. The books are brilliant in their own right - some of the earlier ones are hit-and-miss, but the later ones are generally considered to be quite enjoyable. 

It’s just that all books contain a call-back two to an earlier book - which can be easy to miss if you’re not reading in the right order. A lot also have interconnecting themes and cameos, which can be really delightful to find. 

So that is why we write several-paragraph-long essays.

And if you’re still here, and I haven’t scared you off yet….go forth and read. 

(Disclaimer: I have not read any of the Rincewind books, except for Interesting Times, which didn’t really impress me. I’m open to opinions on those books, however)

Markiplier Characters: The Ultimate Video Masterlist

So, yeah, this is a list of all the videos I could find featuring the listed characters of @markiplier . It took me more than an hour and MAN I’m tired! but I think it was worth it!

If there are any other characters or videos you guys think I missed, please let me know :3

HOWEVER. in the case of Darkiplier, when it comes to pre-Date w/ Markiplier videos, I only listed the videos that Mark has pretty much confirmed Darkiplier is featured in. Yes, there are plenty of videos of Mark being creepy, but unless Mark says otherwise, that does not necessarily make it a Darkiplier video. But in general, the videos on this list have to fall under the following criteria:

  1. The character featured has to be made by Mark (as in the case of Wilford Warfstache or Jim)
  2. If the character is not made by Mark, Mark needs to have made the character his own, typically by featuring the character in his own skits (as in the case of Ed Edgar or the Host, both of whom were created by Cyndago)

If you’re still wondering why certain videos or characters aren’t featured on this list, check out my other list, which has videos and characters that don’t quite fit this criteria.

So, without further ado…

Origins of Wilford Warfstache and Darkplier

Who Killed Markiplier? - Chapter 1 (Oct 10, 2017)
Who Killed Markiplier? - Chapter 2 (Oct 11, 2017)
Who Killed Markiplier? - Chapter 3 (Oct 12, 2017)
Who Killed Markiplier? - The Final Chapter (Oct 13, 2017)

Wilford Warfstache

The Fall of Slenderman - In his debut, Wilford Warfstache interviews the once feared Slenderman (Nov 9, 2012)
The Warfstache Affair - Caught in an affair with another man’s wife, Warfstache responds to the problem the only way he knows how (Jun 12, 2013)
Warfstache Plays: Slender - Just what it says on the tin (Oct 16, 2013)
The Ned Affair [feat. MARKIPLIER] - In this sequel to the Warfstache Affair, Wilford Warfstache must face justice for what he’s done (Aug 26, 2014)
Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Interview - Wilford Warfstache interviews everyone’s favourite disembodied voice, Phone Guy (Mar 7, 2015)
Warfstache Interviews Markiplier - Just what it says on the tin (Sep 13, 2015)
MORE? - In this choice from a Date With Markiplier, Wilford Warfstache gets you to ask the real question (Feb 14, 2017)
Markiplier TV - Warfstache acts as a gameshow host and poses a revolutionary idea to his colleagues (May 5, 2017)


Amnesia: Rain | Part 6 (Final) | ENDGAME - Mark wears a pink mustache and plays around with his Warfstache voice (Apr 3, 2013)
Markiplier Animated | WARFSTACHE - An animation of the above video (Dec 3, 2014)
WARFSTACHE RIDES AGAIN | Critical Annihilation - Mark plays with a Wilford Warfstache avatar and talks a bit about the character (Feb 26, 2016)


Don’t blink - dont turn around (Jun 19, 2012)
Don’t move -                             (Jul 4, 2012)
relax - Mark just wants to chill for his 14 million sub celebration, but someone has other ideas (Aug 13, 2016)
HORROR - In this choice from a Date With Markiplier, Darkiplier makes his official debut, and he’s missed you very much (Feb 14, 2017)
FREEDOM! - In this ‘choice’ from a Date With Markiplier, Darkiplier is prepared to provide you a worthy date (Feb 14, 2017)
LEFT - In this choice from a Date With Markiplier, you shot Darkiplier… Right? (Feb 14, 2017)
RIGHT - In this choice from a Date With Markiplier, you shot Darkiplier… Right? (Feb 14, 2017)
Don’t Play This Game - Watch as Mark submits to the madness of a nonsensical ‘game’ (Apr 16, 2017)
Markiplier TV - Darkiplier gives his thoughts on Wilford Warfstache’s revolutionary idea (May 5, 2017)
DARKIPLIER vs ANTISEPTICEYE - Who will win the ultimate evil YouTuber showdown? (Jul 28, 2017)


The Voice of Darkiplier | Markiplier ReMIX - Listen to Darkiplier’s dulcet voice in this Markiplier Recognized ™ remix by Day By Dave (Jun 29, 2017) THANK YOU TO @fandomfangirlworld FOR POINTING THIS ONE OUT TO ME


Google IN REAL LIFE | ft. Markiplier - Google is thwarted in this Matthias edition of Googleplier’s debut (Oct 31, 2014)
Google IRL - Google is defeated in this Markiplier edition of Googleplier’s debut (Oct 31, 2014)
360 VIDEO | Let’s Play Minecraft | Part 1 - Google restates his primary objective (Apr 1, 2017)
Markiplier TV - Google gives his thoughts on Wilford Warfstache’s revolutionary idea (May 5, 2017)
Google Gets An Upgrade - Google receives a visit from Bing while in the middle of an upgrade (May 20, 2017)

Dr. Iplier

Worst News Doctor - In his official debut, Dr. Iplier delivers a LOT of bad news to a young patient (Oct 27, 2013)
Markiplier TV - Dr. Iplier continues to deliver bad news and gives his thoughts on Wilford Warfstache’s revolutionary idea (May 5, 2017)


Surgeon Simulator 2013 - A playlist of Mark’s Surgeon Simulator playthroughs, from which come a lot of Dr. Iplier’s catch phrases
Markiplier Animated | Surgeon Simulator - An animation of one of the above playthroughs (Jun 13, 2013)
Markiplier Animated | SHUT UP NURSE!! - A continuation of the above animation (Jun 27, 2013)
Markiplier Animated | MEET THE MEDIPLIER - An animation of one of the above playthroughs TF2 ‘Meet the Medic’ kinda style (Apr 19, 2014)
Surgeon Simulator IN REAL LIFE - Mark applies Surgeon Simulator in the real world (May 10, 2016)

The Host

Danger in Fiction [feat. MARKIPLIER] - In his debut, the Host struggles with an uncooperative character as he attempts to narrate a story (Feb 6, 2013)
Danger In Fiction | Chapter II - In this sequel to Danger in Fiction, the Host tries to narrate a new story with a new, if equally uncooperative, character (Aug 20, 2013)
Danger in Fiction: The Host - An incredibly short preview of what was going to be a third installment of Danger in Fiction; features the Host in his blindfold and jacket for the first time, preparing to narrate something new (May 9, 2015) THANK YOU TO @fountain-of-muse FOR POINTING THIS ONE OUT TO ME
Markiplier TV - The Host narrates as Wilford Warfstache pitches his revolutionary idea (May 5, 2017)


Markiplier Makes: Fan Fiction (animated by Kayroos_) - Mark opens the video wearing his Host jacket and makes a few brief references to the character (Aug 5, 2017)

Jim News

Markiplier TV - In their debut, Jim and Jim cover various disaster reports and weather reports (May 5, 2017)
CORPSE ABDUCTION? - In the midst of the Who Killed Markiplier mystery, Jim and Jim enter the scene of the crime to get the main scoop (Oct 10 or Oct 14, 2017)
SUSPECT WITH A SHOOTY?! - Continuing their investigation, Jim and Jim tail the possible murderer (Oct 11 or 14, 2017)
DEMONS JIM, DEMONS!! - Continuing their investigation, Jim and Jim attempt to contact the demons contained within the murder house (Oct 12 or 14, 2017)
DUMMY JIM REENACTS GRISLY SCENE! - Jim and Jim conclude their investigation with the help of Dummy Jim (Oct 13 or 14, 2017)

Breaking News

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Pizzeria Simulator - Part 5 - 5:25 Jim News interrupts this playthrough to bring you breaking news: Markiplier is set to invade Europe! (Dec 6, 2017)
I KICKED ETHAN IN THE FACE - 1:53 Jim News interrupts these clips from Markiplier’s last tour to bring you breaking news: Markiplier is going on tour again! (Dec 9, 2017)

King of the Squirrels

King of the Squirrels - In his debut, the King smears peanut butter on his face in celebration of 80,000 subs (Jan 23, 2013)
King of the Squirrels Returns - The King is sick, but he is still the King! (Mar 26, 2015)
Markiplier TV - The King crashes the conference while Wilford Warfstache is receiving feedback on his revolutionary idea (May 5, 2017) 

Bim Trimmer

Hire My Ass [feat. Markiplier, Danny Sexbang, & Matthias] - Bim Trimmer acts as the host to the ever popular game show that gives you the chance to win your dream job (Dec 10, 2014)
Markiplier TV - Bim Trimmer gives his thoughts on Wilford Warfstache’s revolutionary idea (May 5, 2017)

The Silver Shepherd

Super Infidelity - The intrepid superhero Silver Shepherd finds out that his dame may be cheating on him, but with who? (Jun 3, 2014)
Markiplier TV - The Silver Shepherd takes a break from fighting crime to pursue a job in entertainment and gives his thoughts on Wilford Warfstache’s revolutionary idea (May 5, 2017)

Ed Edgar

Ed Edgar Adoptallott’s Baby Bulk Buy - Ed Edgar’s sellin’ babies and today he’s got a special offer! (Mar 24, 2015)
Markiplier TV - Ed Edgar gives his thoughts on Wilford Warfstache’s revolutionary idea and he still has a special offer (May 5, 2017)


A Gentlemen’s Dispute feat. CaptainSparklez - Dapperplier and Jordapper look to settle their differences in the most civilized way possible (Jul 21, 2014)
GENTLEMEN’S DISPUTE w/ Markiplier - See Jordapper’s version of the above video (Jul 21, 2014)
REMATCH OF THE CENTURY | Max Gentlemen w/ Captain Sparklez - Dapperplier and Jordapper have fallen low and look to regain their honor in the most civilized way possible (Feb 10, 2015)
MAXIMUM GENTLEMEN’S DISPUTE w/ Markiplier - See how Jordapper remembers the above events (Feb 10, 2015)


MAKING LOVE FOR SENPAI | Yandere Simulator #14 - Yandereplier-chan shows her true colours in this kawaii intro! (Nov 13, 2016)
Google Gets An Upgrade - With a ‘saaaahhh!’ and a visit to Googleplier’s, Bingiplier makes his obnoxious debut (May 20, 2017)

Solar System: 10 Things to Know This Week

Even the most ambitious plans start with a drawing. Visualizing a distant destination or an ambitious dream is the first step to getting there. For decades, artists working on NASA projects have produced beautiful images that stimulated the imaginations of the people working to make them a reality. 

Some of them offered visualizations of spacecraft that had not yet been built; others imagined what it might look like to stand on planets that had not yet been explored. This week, we look at 10 pieces of conceptual art for our missions before they were launched–along with actual photos taken when those missions arrived at their destinations.

1. Apollo at the Moon

In 1968, an artist with our contractor North American Rockwell illustrated a phase of the Apollo lunar missions, showing the Command and Service Modules over the surface of the Moon. In 1971, an astronaut aboard the Lunar Module during Apollo 15 captured a similar scene in person with a camera.

2. Ready for Landing

This artist’s concept depicts an Apollo Lunar Module firing its descent engine above the lunar surface. At right, a photo from Apollo 12 in 1969 showing the Lunar Module Intrepid, taken by Command Module Pilot Richard Gordon.

3. Man and Machine on the Moon

Carlos Lopez, an artist with Hughes Aircraft Company, created a preview of a Surveyor spacecraft landing for our Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the early 1960s. The robotic Surveyor missions soft landed on the Moon, collecting data and images of the surface in order to ensure a safe arrival for Apollo astronauts a few years later. In the image at right, Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean examines the Surveyor 3 spacecraft during his second excursion on the Moon in November 1969.

4. O Pioneer!

In missions that lived up to their names, we sent the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft to perform the first up-close exploration of the outer solar system. At left, an artist’s imagining of Pioneer passing Jupiter. At right, Pioneer 11’s real view of the king of planets taken in 1974.

5. The Grand Tour

An even more ambitious pair of robotic deep space adventurers followed the Pioneers. Voyager 1 and 2 both visited Jupiter and Saturn. Voyager 2 went on to Uranus and Neptune. Even the most visionary artists couldn’t imagine the exotic and beautiful vistas that the Voyager spacecraft witnessed. These images were taken between 1979 and 1989.

6. Journey to a Giant

Our Cassini spacecraft carried a passenger to the Saturn system: the European Space Agency’s Huygens probe. Huygens was designed to land on Saturn’s planet-sized moon Titan. At left is an artist’s view of Cassini sending the Huygens probe on its way toward Titan, and at right are some actual images of the giant moon from Cassini’s cameras.

7. Titan Unveiled

On Jan. 14, 2005, the Huygens probe descended through Titan’s thick haze and revealed what Titan’s surface looks like for the first time in history. Before the landing, an artist imagined the landscape (left). During the descent, Huygens’ imagers captured the actual view at four different altitudes (center)—look for the channels formed by rivers of liquid hyrdocarbons. Finally, the probe came to rest on a pebble-strewn plain (right).

8. Hazy Skies over Pluto

David Seal rendered this imaginary view from the surface of Pluto, and in the sky above, an early version of the spacecraft that came to be known as our New Horizons. At the time, Pluto was already suspected of having a thin atmosphere. That turned out be true, as seen in this dramatic backlit view of Pluto’s hazy, mountainous horizon captured by one of New Horizons’ cameras in 2015.

9. Dreams on Mars, Wheels on Mars

Long before it landed in Gale Crater, our Curiosity rover was the subject of several artistic imaginings during the years the mission was in development. Now that Curiosity is actually rolling through the Martian desert, it occasionally stops to take a self-portrait with the camera at the end of its robotic arm, which it uses like a selfie stick.

10. The World, Ceres

No one knew exactly what the dwarf planet Ceres, the largest body in the asteroid belt, looked like until our Dawn mission got there. Dawn saw a heavily cratered world—with a few surprises, such as the famous bright spots in Occator crater.

There’s more to come. Today we have carefully created artist impressions of several unexplored destinations in the solar system, including the asteroids Psyche and Bennu, and an object one billion miles past Pluto that’s now called 2014 MU69. 

You can help nickname this object (or objects—there may be two) by submitting your names by Dec. 1. Our New Horizons spacecraft will fly past MU69 on New Year’s Day 2019.

Soon, we’ll once again see how nature compares to our imaginations. It’s almost always stranger and more beautiful than we thought.

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Earth. Fire. Air. Water. And a whole lot of elements of awesomeness in this episode with The Legend of Korra cast! Janet Varney (Korra), Seychelle Gabriel (Asami), David Faustino (Mako) and P.J. Byrne (Bolin) join Hector on a deep dive into their auditions, favorite memories and what it was like to star in one of the most inspiring toons of all time.

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This is the last photograph ever taken by the Cassini spacecraft. It comes with great sadness that the Cassini mission will end in a few hours. Its epic Odyssean journey involved weaving between dozens of strange icy worlds, flying through plumes of water, landing a probe on the hazy surface of a mysterious world, and diving between the rings of Saturn. To our watchful eye, our humble observer, our intrepid and ever-enduring ambassador of the Ringed planet, we say goodbye. Among the Saturnian clouds may you rest in peace.


Title: Heat

Rating: Explicit/NSFW

Timeline: Season 6

A/N: For @storybycorey. Major kudos to my fic mentor, @piecesofscully for the lightning fast beta and incredible encouragement.


“Well I don’t know about you, Scully, but I for one feel like we are really being of service here.”  His sarcasm drips like venom as they make their way down the worn, wooden steps of the front porch. “I mean, we are patriots. Keeping America safe from yet another manure-purchasing farmer.” He winds up and kicks a rock across the desolate field for emphasis.


“No, Scully. I mean we’re clearly out here doing God’s work. They should hold parades for us.”

She smirks in response and walks beside him, heading to their dust covered rental car.

“Mulder, I know this seems pointless,”

“Seems?” he interrupts.

“Ok, it’s pointless,” she concedes. “But you know we just have to keep our heads down and power through this until we can figure out a way to get the X-Files back.”

He looks at her across the roof of their car. “With Kersh in charge, Scully, it’s never going to happen.”

She furrows her brow at him in concern. “Hey. Mulder, don’t do that.”

His only response is to dejectedly gaze at the dirty leather of his shoes.


He turns his back to her and leans against the car. She crosses to his side and leans back beside him. “Mulder, look at me.”

He hesitates a beat before turning his face to hers.

She searches his eyes.  “I’ve never known you to give up hope like this.”

“I’m just tired, Scully,” he says with a hefty sigh.

“I know,” she responds quietly.

“And it’s just so damn hot out here,” he continues.  “I mean, it’s one thing to have to put up with this crap at all, pun intended, but West Texas? In July? This is just cruel and unusual.”

Despite the gathering clouds, the temperature hovers near 105 degrees, the heat nearly visible as it emanates from the dirt and gravel.

Scully sighs and leans her head back. “It’s almost too hot to think.”

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Being old enough to have watched the L word in real time, I thought I had heard and seen it all in the world lezzie pop culture. I was wrong. So wrong. This absolute fucking treasure and glorious piece of art has been flying under my radar for years! I encourage you all to check it out. It is magnificent! True art I tell you!

Follow the vimeo link below and experience the hilarity of:

Lesbian National Parks and Services: A Force of Nature

by Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan, Canadian performance artists.

Lesbian National Parks and Services: A Force of Nature follows the intrepid Lesbian Rangers as they patrol, educate, and illustrate lesbian survival skills. This documentary about the Force archly parodies the so-called objectivity of educational films, while playfully recasting the wilds from a lesbian perspective, calling into question prevalent notions of nature and normalcy. Scenes from tours-of-duty in the Arctic, Banff, Australia and Manitoba are interwoven with interviews, in a style reminiscent of National Film Board documentaries of the 1960s. From Junior Ranger boot camp to the perils of a deep-sea rescue, this valiant team roves the world, asking, “What is natural?” while serving and servicing the lesbian wilds.

thanks @geologick for spreading the good word! 

I don’t know what they just stumbled into, actually. Going by Luke’s face, it’s either something mentally scarring, like Rathtar Yoga, or they interrupted some Imperial’s holo call with Darth Vader.

Both have humorous possibilities. The latter especially if it’s post ESB, and Vader has to interrupt his call like “Luke, for the love of– what are you doing?”

“Gah! Nothing!” (Promptly mind-tricks the poor Imperial and drags Wedge off at high speed. Wedge isn’t sure he wants to know.