the intimacy of ideas

Being forced to share a bed au's

(OTP that’s not yet together/haven’t acknowledged their feelings for each other)

- building a wall of pillows between them
- they still wake up tangled in each other anyway
- person A calms person B down when they wake up gasping
- person A soothing them by stroking their hair and forehead till they fall asleep in their arms
- person A keeps snoring and person B kicks them every time
- person A hogs all the covers and person B’s solution is to spoon them
- the two of them smelling of each other when they wake up
- the pair acting like the intimacy they shared at night never happened the next day

unusual truths about the signs

aries: can actually be super fearful. mask emotions by being rash and reckless because they fear, more than anything, messing something they care about up. they feel that their emotions get in the way of making good decisions. 

taurus: not lazy; picky where they spend their energy. taurus’ can be very passionate, being ruled by venus, and when it’s something they care about taurus will go to the ends of the earth to achieve what they want. 

gemini: feels extremely deeply. always trying to dissect why they feel the way they do instead of embracing it. mask pain with wittiness and sarcasm. never honest with themselves though they can be so brutally blunt with others. 

cancer: probably has anger issues or anxiety. because cancer’s feel so deeply, they look for an outlet to release these emotions. anger is the one i’ve seen the most - cancer’s are volatile and find a way to hurt the person they take their anger out on - they go for the kill shot. 

leo: way more insecure than they front. many leo’s are physically confident, as we all know, but, like gemini’s, leo’s couldn’t be more emotionally insecure. they love the idea of love, but they’re terrified of emotional intimacy. 

virgo: their controlling organization comes from a lack of control over their heart. virgo’s - much like gemini - can have flitting attraction. their interest is temporary, as they enjoy a mystery, but only for so long. it’s a very fine line to keep the affections of a virgo, as they’re extremely picky with who they settle. 

libra: can be completely cold-hearted. scorpio’s and cancer’s get angry, but usually out of emotion, and it’s evident that no matter what they say they still care. libra’s however, have a switch that completely detaches them from all feelings when they’re pissed. will make you question if they ever even cared. 

scorpio: common perception of scorpio’s is that they’re kinky and sexual bastards, when really they are one of the few signs who views sex as an act of love rather than of physical feelings. scorpio’s only have sex with people they love - it’s more their heart than body. 

sagittarius: that wanderlust spirit is rooted deeply in fear. sagittarius fear attachment to one place or person for too long; it’s why they tend to travel. either physically or emotionally, locking down a sagittarius is very difficult, but not because they just want to see the world, but because they are very distrustful in nature. 

capricorn: like gemini, capricorn are very emotional. however, capricorn tend to ignore feelings instead of trying to understand them. known as driven, they tend to focus all their energy on a single thing, and think that emotion is a distraction from their goals.  

aquarius: super loyal. even though aquarius are very opportunistic and tend to take the route they think is the best for themselves, they also have a very compassionate side to those they sympathize with. aquarius’ hearts are difficult to capture, but once you do they’re also difficult to lose.

pisces: much more manipulative than perceived. pisces may feel deeply - as a water sign - but they use this to their advantage. pisces have a wicked accurate gut feeling due to how deeply in tune their are with their own emotions. if a pisces thinks that you can benefit them, they will use you.

  • Qrow: Hey, YOU.
  • Jaune: Me?
  • Qrow: Yeah, you. You're the person whose girlfriend just died, right?
  • Jaune: ...Yes...
  • Qrow: Don't worry, my heart's broken beyond repair, too. I'm here to show you the ropes.
  • Jaune: ...Uh-
  • Qrow: RULE NUMBER 1. Get drunk. The drunker you are the less the pain gets to you. Just make sure you don't get too drunk, otherwise it wraps back around to being painful again.
  • Jaune: I'm underage-
  • Qrow: Rule number 2: Don't be a bitch.
  • Jaune: Okay.
  • Qrow: Rule number 3: You will never heal. Ever. Accept the fact that all the sex you have from now on will be purely physical. Forget the idea of intimacy ever having meaning again.
  • Jaune: I'm a virgin.
  • Qrow: Great, you're already half way there.
  • Jaune: uh-
  • Qrow: TO THE BAR!
I want to pour myself into someone; to be so known to this other so well that I can walk quietly beside them, comforting one another with our silence. Yet. Yet.. the idea of this closeness, this intimacy is terrifying. Why would I want myself laid bare to another? Is loneliness not all we have?
—  peachlip

~ With soft smiles, Stiles and Derek gently gaze at their entwined hands ~

This art was meant for the Comfort theme from Sterek Bingo 2017! It’s inspired by the idea that they slowly expressed comfort and intimacy to each other by holding hands. Unfortunately, it took me weeks, instead of days, to complete.

breathe me in.

Been wanting to write something about this since my good friend @sasusake and I flailed about how such a first time could have gone down during their travels. It was such an inspiring conversation, and the image I had in mind was just too good to pass up! And now many, many months later I finally got around to it.

Hope you enjoy! :)

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.

It was that look in her eyes that unraveled him: hesitant, determined—but so gentle, so shy as she tentatively held his dark gaze. Straddled along the span of his legs, her small hands rested at the opening of his slacks; questioning him, but never pushing, always only gingerly testing the limits of where he was willing to go.

Swallowing thickly, Sasuke only pushed his face into her neck, and nodded. Closing his eyes, he exhaled a slow breath as she timidly worked on the buttons, slim fingers shaking. His stomach tensed when he felt her reach for the band of his underwear, fumbling with it momentarily with nervous tugs—but when she finally pulled him out, he found himself holding back a gasp, his lone hand curling tightly against the back of her shirt.

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“Tell me what happens the first time you see a woman naked.”

“The first time you see a woman naked will not be like you imagined. There will be no love, no trust, no intimacy. You won’t even be in the same room as her.

You won’t get to smile as she undresses you and you undress her. You won’t get to calm her nerves with nerves of your own. You won’t get to kiss her, feeling her lips and the edge of her tongue. You won’t get to brush your fingers over the lace of her bra or count her ribs or feel her heartbeat.

The first time you see a woman naked you will be sitting in front of a computer screen watching someone play at intimacy and perform at sex. She will contort her body to please everyone in the room but her. You will watch this woman who is not a woman, pixelated and filtered and customized. She will come ready-made, like an order at a restaurant. The man on the screen will be bigger than you, rougher than you. He will teach you how to talk to her. He will teach you where to put your hands and he will teach you what you’re supposed to like. He will teach you to take what is yours.

You must unlearn this. You must unlearn this twisted sense of love. You must unlearn the definition of pleasure and intimacy you are being taught. Kill this idea of love, this idea of entitlement, this way of scarring one another.”

anonymous asked:

Hi Sera! I don't know if you have a tag about this but, what would you think would be the most intimate moments between these two lovely guys? like when you see them and you may want to turn around and say let's give 'em some time alone. And I'm talking 'bout the ones that we had a chance to see... sorry for this strange question... idk feel free to not answer it.

Hello, dear anon!

It’s not a strange question at all, but a very good one. One moment comes to mind before any other - the snot incident from Burbank con 2016. I just can’t get over the pure care and attention Jensen gave Jared at that moment and Jared’s implicit trust on his man. 

Just look at how embarrassed Jared is and how Jensen’s reaction is not laughter, but…

.. to give his man a hand. How, just HOW, are they like this? Most couples wouldn’t do this. I’ve asked around. 

Jared looks a bit like he’s baffled that they just did that in public. Jensen still doesn’t laugh, even though the audience finds it very funny. 

A little bit later Jensen picks up a tissue and hands it over to Jared, who actually looks like he’s expecting his nose wiped for him

It’s been closer to a year and looking at this moment still gets to me. I will never understand how two people can get that close to each other. Jensen didn’t laugh once while this was happening, but continued responding to the question once he was sure that Jared had been taken care of. This moment was 100% genuine and incredibly telling - just how much must you love a person to willingly take his less erotic bodily fluids on you? This was absolutely incomprehensible to me. 

Ahem. If your idea of intimacy isn’t snot on a shirt - or you’re just insatiable like me - you can always look at my tag romance. I haven’t remembered to use it in a while, but there are a few posts that fall under the category. I will try to do a better job in the future with adding to it. Thanks for the wonderful question, sweet anon! I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly.

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Hi there! I love your blog, your explanations and pretty much everything. I was curious what are your favorite Shieth moments? Maybe with some details? I'd love to compare and contrast with my own. And I also want to share with some friends. I absolutely love reading your thoughts.

oh mannn,, ok uh,,, alright, here we go (it’s top 12 cause I couldn’t cut it down to 10 ok)

12) THIS GLORIOUS SCENE–It’s such a small thing, but we see Shiro and Keith really going through a lot in this first episode. Right from their first scene together, everything is tragic and heart-wrenching. So seeing them just…being themselves and being happy, just relaxing–probably one of the first times either of them really felt at peace since Kerberos–and that’s just really heartwarming to see 

11) KEITH SAVING SHIRO FROM THE DROID–we get this scene super early on and I love it because it immediately sets up this idea that Keith is really Shiro’s knight in shining armor, and that if anything happens to Shiro, you just know who it is that’ll be rushing in to save him. Keith also takes the time to recognize when Shiro is having an attack and immediately moves to defend him. It means so much to see that a character with mental illness is never portrayed as weaker or less capable, but still receives comfort and support from loved ones  

10) SHIRO REACTING TO KEITH SIGNING ON FOR A “SUICIDE MISSION”–Again, whenever Shiro or Keith are gravely in danger, we see this pattern where they’ll always be more concerned about each other than anyone else. And the animators and writers both make sure to put those reactions as the main focus. So when Keith volunteers for a “suicide mission” and says “No one’s commanding me. I’m doing it,” you can literally see the pain in Shiro’s eyes. He grits his teeth and says Keith’s name, then has to stop and compose himself before he–very resigned and unwillingly–agrees. 

The fact that Keith mentions no one can command him is interesting, because we see Shiro has already learned this lesson about the Black lion earlier–”No one commands the Black lion!” So he understands how much respecting Keith’s decisions means, and decides to put his trust in Keith’s instincts. Just like how he had to learn to let go and trust the Black lion. And of course, both of them ended up saving the day 

9) WHEN KEITH FINDS KURON–okay so this scene was framed as if it were romantic. First off, this isn’t Team Voltron rescuing Kuron. It’s Kuron being saved by Keith. The scene is this uninterrupted, private moment between just the two of them. If “Shiro” were really like a brother to Keith, and they wanted to stay with that idea of found family, there’s no reason to separate them from the rest of the team. 

The fact that everyone else was removed implies there’s an intimacy here beyond just this idea of found family, which would extend to the rest of the team. So it’s really just Keith and Kuron’s scene, complete with longing looks across the vast expense of the universe as they gradually float into each other’s orbit–which again, to me, that final shot of the episode just reads as distinctly romantic. This scene is very personal–both characters are extremely vulnerable, and it’s really just the two of them in empty space. The scene is quiet, heavy, intimate. There’s this weighty atmosphere to it you just don’t get with bros are casual friends. It’s also interesting that Keith was the first memory of Shiro’s that surfaced, implying that he was Shiro’s most important person 

8) FORMING BLAZING SWORD–listen, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t get much more magical anime true love destiny than you and your boyfriend combining bayards to make the Ultimate Cosmic Superweapon and overthrow an intergalactic dictator together,, that’s just common sense. 

Okay, but really–Shiro lights Keith’s fire, and that’s true in more than one sense. For a long time, Shiro has been Keith’s one and only support, and when he loses Shiro, you see just how much Keith kind of relied on him just to keep going. In an interview, Steven said that “Shiro always took him under his wing. Keith always hoped that he could reach a place where Shiro was and hopefully more. I think Shiro saw that in him and tried to stoke those flames and cultivate that within him.” (source) And honestly, I think this is like the physical manifestation of that–they are on equal ground, Keith does have that fire thanks to Shiro, and they both just fall into perfect sync. Together, they can create Voltron’s greatest strength 

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Destroy the idea that love and intimacy are restricted to what are society’s preconceived notions of what a “romantic” relationship should look like
Destroy the idea that romance = sex
Destroy the idea that intimacy is reserved for “"romantic”“ partners
Destroy the idea that you cannot love someone intimately unless you’re sleeping with them
Destroy the idea that intimacy is restricted to a relationship with one person
Platonic love is valid
Platonic love is valid

coming out to myself as asexual is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I feel like I’m rediscovering a part of myself that I forgot more than ten years ago

▶ 2. adoration [ m ]

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▶   Genre: Smut. (Werewolf!BTS)
▶   Description: It’s possibly the worst time to forget to lock the doors; Namjoon’s in heat.
▶   Word count: 7,099. 
▶   Author’s note: WHAT HAVE I JUST WRITTEN.

Jin taps his foot impatiently, his eyes simultaneously jumping from the clock and then back down to his younger, Jungkook.

“Hyung,” Jungkook mumbles, reaching for Jin’s arm before pulling away in fear he might jump if he were to touch him. “I’m sure she’s fine.”

Jin responds with a deadly glare over in Jungkook’s direction, his fists balled up, just about ready to strike.

“She’s probably just working a little late or something,” Yoongi adds, really paying no attention to the elder besides him.

“I’ve never seen you get like this, hyung.” Taehyung chuckles, flipping over onto his back to relieve some of the discomfort brought on by laying on his front.

Jin scans the room again, noticing that the other two boys, Hoseok and Jimin, were indeed there but, to his surprise, Namjoon was nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s Namjoon?” Jin asks dangerously, anxiously popping up from his seat next to Jungkook and running over to the bathroom door. His hand almost magnetizes towards the handle, forcibly opening the door and scanning the dark and empty inside.

“He’s not here, hyung.” Hoseok grumbles with an intonation of annoyance in his voice, plopping down right onto Taehyung’s outstretched legs, a bowl of ice cream in hand. “Do you really not remember?”

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I find the idea that parents birth their lessons through their children interesting, the idea that someone who is scared of emotional intimacy or intensity may have water children. Or someone easily embarrassed may have someone of, for example, Aries or Leo dominant. I can’t see this in everyone I know, this theory taking place, but I can see it in some. 

Decans Series! Episode 10🗜🖨🖨🗜


* Capricorn moon( stage 1 Capricorn)- 🛡full blooded Capricorn moon natives are very easy to spot. There is a heaviness about them both in their energy and their more palpable emotional expression. They have a smugness about them as if life really is one unpredictable coin that they’ve had far to much experience with. They tend to be objective and see the world through a rational lens on an emotional level. They can struggle with expressing their more deep and vulnerable side to others and internalizes a lot of their sadness and even at times their happiness out of a fear of being “visible” to the public. They are very solid emotionally and are very consistent with how they’re feeling. They prefer true connections but take quite some time opening up to the idea of real intimacy. Romantically they’re strong enough for themselves and their partner but they desperately seek relief in their partnerships! Someone who can make them feel free and able to be sensitive and open with. The mother was at times harsh and not the most affectionate. The mother was solid and a very dedicated women in the child’s life themes of work and ambition were prominate in the home.

* Capricorn moon(stage 2 Taurus)- 🔨these natives are the more easy going of the decans and actually tend to be free spirits! They’re a tad more willing to open up then the rest and value the finer and more subtle pleasure of life! They allot themselves time to relax and adore peace and serenity! Many are music lovers and absolutely adore art and the “body” emotionally they are very affectionate and even strive to be emotionally comforting to those around them! They’re not the most sympathetic of souls though and at times can find it hard to relate to the struggles of others due to saturns nature here. At times there self worth fluctuates as well but above all else they’re stable. Romantically they’re devoted lovers! They love touch and crave intimacy that surpasses the use of words. The mother was both a homebody and a cooker! She loved a lavish home and often worked hard to accomplish the life she built!

* Capricorn moon(stage 3 Virgo)- 🖨now this version of Capricorn moon is harder to spot. They have a very quiet and seemingly disinterested vibe about them. In some cases they remain above the fray and never seek to intertwine with them. They’re diplomatic and often sacrifice much of their happiness in their lives for the sake of others or the work/hobby of their choice. They can be uptight from time to time and aren’t easy to get to know because of their standoffish nature. Emotionally they value intellect and work ethic and make it a point in their lives to be just that. They do have a soft side and are extremely sensitive beings but keep that side of themselves neatly tucked away. These cap moons cry in silence a lot more then the rest and are very hard on themselves. Romantically they’re very giving and sacrificing for those they love! They’re at the whim of their lovers desires. Mother was very intelligent and extremely alluring. Mother had a way of carrying herself that was both mystifying and aloof

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Capricorn moon v1 (vibe that they give off)

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Capricorn moon v2(the vibe that they give off)

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Capricorn moon v3 (the vibe that they give off)

Kat Edison & Intimacy

so i’ve seen several different posts/comments floating around about how kat and adena better get the same treatment with their sex scene(s) as the straights on the show. and i am Here For That™ in the context of television censorship of wlw sexuality. like i totally get the reaction of wanting equal representation since wlw kisses are so often kept very chaste on tv and any kind of even implied sex scenes are rare. 

but narratively, i don’t want kat to have jane-style sex scenes. at least not this season. and here’s why: 

jane defaults to relationships and intimacy, so having casual more raunchy sex has been outside of her comfort zone and a part of what her character has been exploring. 

kat is the opposite. kat is very comfortable with casual sex, she prefers it. but she’s never been intimate with anyone, and the idea of intimacy is uncomfortably vulnerable for her. so while kat will be exploring a new aspect of her sexuality because she’s never been with a woman, what she’ll really be exploring with adena is intimacy. 

if kat and adena do have a sex scene this season, i expect it will be very soft and emotionally intense and more in the midst of foreplay. and if and when that happens, it won’t be censorship to me. it will be the writers focusing on the right part of kat’s character development. 

Intimacy Journal Prompts

I recently started an intimacy journal as a way to work through some of my hang ups with intimacy/sexuality - so, naturally, I came up with some prompts for it, which I have yet to really delve into myself, but I figured I’d go ahead and share the ones I’ve come up with thus far for safe-keeping, and because I think some of you might find them useful, too. 

This particular set focuses on the sexual/romantic aspect of intimacy more so than the general human connection aspect, and it’s very much geared toward art journaling in addition to written journaling.

  1. What is intimacy to you?
  2. Illustrate intimacy.
  3. List some non-sexual acts of intimacy.
  4. Describe your idea of a fulfilling intimate encounter. 
  5. What does sex mean to you?
  6. Illustrate sexuality/eroticism.
  7. Illustrate femininity/yonic energy.
  8. Illustrate masculinity/phallic energy.
  9. List some turn-ons and/or fantasies.
  10. Describe your idea of a fulfilling sexual encounter. 
  11. Illustrate a vagina.
  12. Illustrate a penis. 
  13. Illustrate orgasm. 
  14. What is love to you?
  15. Illustrate love.
  16. Illustrate your and/or an ideal lover.
  17. Illustrate yourself in all your vulnerability.
  18. List some varying acts of love. 
  19. Describe your idea of a fulfilling partnership.
  20. In what ways can you cultivate more intimacy in your life in general and/or relationships in particular? 

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that I created these for personal use - they’re not meant to exclude anyone or in any way imply that intimacy cannot be experienced outside the bounds of sexuality. 


“What are you doing here?” I asked accusingly. 

At the same time Jamie asked, in a similarly accusatory tone, “How much do ye weigh, Sassenach?” 

Still a bit addled, I actually replied “Nine stone,” before thinking to ask “Why?” 

“Ye nearly crushed my liver,” he answered, gingerly prodding the affected area. “Not to mention scaring living hell out of me.” He reached a hand down and hauled me to my feet. “Are ye all right?” 

“No, I bumped my head.” Rubbing the spot, I looked dazedly around the bare hallway. “What did I bang it on?” I demanded ungrammatically. 

My head,” he said, rather grumpily, I thought. 

“Serves you right,” I said nastily. “What were you doing, sneaking about outside my door?”

He gave me a testy look

“I wasna ‘sneaking about,’ for God’s sake. I was sleeping— or trying to.” He rubbed what appeared to be a knot forming on his temple. 

“Sleeping? Here?” I looked up and down the cold, bare, filthy hallway with exaggerated amazement. “You do pick the oddest places; first stables, now this.” 

“It may interest ye to know that there’s a small party of English dragoons stopped in to the taproom below,” he informed me coldly. “They’re a bit gone in drink, and disporting themselves a bit reckless with two women from the town. Since there’s but the two lasses, and five men, some of the soldiers seemed a bit inclined to venture upward in search of … ah, partners. I didna think you’d care overmuch for such attentions.” He flipped his plaid back over his shoulder and turned in the direction of the stairway. “If I was mistaken in that impression, then I apologize. I’d no intention of disturbin’ your rest. Good e’en to ye.” 

“Wait a minute.” He stopped, but did not turn back, forcing me to walk around him. He looked down at me, polite but distant. 

“Thank you,” I said. “It was very kind of you. I’m sorry I stepped on you.”

He smiled then, his face changing from a forbidding mask to its usual expression of good humor

“No harm done, Sassenach,” he said. “As soon as the headache goes away and the cracked rib heals, I’ll be good as new.” 

He turned back and pushed open the door of my room, which had swung shut in the wake of my hasty exit, owing to the fact that the builder had apparently constructed the inn without benefit of a plumb line. There wasn’t a right angle in the place. 

“Go back to bed, then,” he suggested. “I’ll be here.” 

I looked at the floor. Besides its essential hardness and coldness, the oaken boards were blotched with expectorations, spills, and forms of filth I didn’t wish even to contemplate. The builder’s mark in the door lintel had said 1732, and that was plainly the last time the boards had been cleaned. 

“You can’t sleep out here,” I said. “Come in; at least the floor in the room isn’t quite this bad.” 

Jamie froze, hand on the doorframe. 

“Sleep in your room with ye?” He sounded truly shocked. “I couldna do that! Your reputation would be ruined!” 

He really meant it. I started to laugh, but converted it into a tactful coughing fit. Given the exigencies of road travel, the crowded state of the inns, and the crudity or complete lack of sanitary facilities, I was on terms of such physical intimacy with these men, Jamie included, that I found the idea of such prudery hilarious. 

“You’ve slept in the same room with me before,” I pointed out, when I had recovered a bit. “You and twenty other men.”

He sputtered a bit. “That isna at all the same thing! I mean, it was a quite public room, and …” He paused as an awful thought struck him. “You didna think I meant that you were suggesting anything improper?” he asked anxiously. “I assure ye, I—” 

“No, no. Not at all.” I made haste to reassure him that I had taken no offense. 

Seeing that he could not be persuaded, I insisted that at the least he must take the blankets from my bed to lie upon. He agreed to this reluctantly, and only upon my repeated assurances that I would not use them myself in any case, but intended to sleep as usual in the cover of my thick traveling cloak.

I tried to thank him again, as I paused by the makeshift pallet before returning to my fetid sanctuary, but he waved away my appreciation with a gracious hand.

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I love the idea that she’s just searching for love and intimacy and whoever will give it to her. I love that it’s not coming from a place of damage and being screwed up because I don’t think it’s screwed up. I think it’s an interesting, liberating thought to just seek the person who is seeking you. It’s kind of an interesting 21st Century element to place in this character. I’m at a place where I just want to do anything that is different. And anything that I feel is going to touch people in a way. I think a lot of homosexuals and the LGBT community, they’re kind of feeling like they’re on the outside now and I think it’s wonderful to have a character like that to relate to and is not once again coming from a place of damage but coming from a place of seeking, of really wanting to be loved and love.
—  Viola Davis talks about Annalise Keating’s pansexuality (x)
Imagine asexual Hazel Levesque

-imagine her not realizing it for a really long time -imagine others thinking the idea of intimacy makes her uncomfortable because she was born in 1928 where sex was more private/stigmatized -imagine her talking with nico and realizing he’s fine with the idea despite being born in 1932 -imagine her being worried something’s wrong with her so she shyly asks annabeth because annabeth is smart and won’t judge -imagine annabeth teaching hazel all about the lgbtqia+ community and when she gets to the “a”, asexual, everything just falls into place -imagine her being afraid to tell frank but he’s supportive and completely accepts her cause he thinks she’s perfect the way she is -imagine hazel crying in relief and hugging him tight and knowing everything will be okay -just, asexual hazel!!! (I’m stopping now otherwise this will be super long)