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I just want to say how deeply proud I am of Kate right now. She created the Heads Together campaign after seeming a little lost at the start of her royal career. At the beginning of her royal life she could barely get through a speech without stumbling and has always seemed nervous and now she’s doing an interview on the radio LIVE and has come across as confident, witty and knowledgable about her role. The last year has seen so much growth and I’m really really pleased she found this. 

The Interview

Dean Smith x reader, fluff

Warnings: none

word count: ~2000

You walked into the office building, checking in at the security desk.  “Hello, I’m Y/F/N Y/L/N and I have a meeting with Mr. Smith.”  The security guard gave you a visitor pass and pointed you toward the elevators, letting you know that Mr. Smith’s office was on the 22nd floor.

You stepped into the elevator and patted down your blouse in the front, giving yourself a once-over in the reflection of the elevator doors.  You were interviewing for the open Regional Sales Manager position at Sandover Bridge and Iron, and you really wanted the job.  You met all of the qualifications and desperately needed a change of pace from your position at your current company.  Unfortunately, there were no possibilities of promotion where you were, so you were looking elsewhere.

As you arrived at the correct floor, you stepped off the elevator and checked in with Mr. Smith’s receptionist.  She smiled sweetly at you, letting you know she’d buzz in to Mr. Smith’s office to let him know you had arrived.

You sat in one of the fairly comfortable waiting area chairs, opening your bag to quadruple-check that your resume was there and unwrinkled.  You discreetly checked your face in your make-up mirror once more, before shaking your head at yourself.  You were a great interviewer – there was nothing to worry about.  Confidence is key, Y/N, you thought to yourself.

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lia do you have any tips for interviews? you just seem so confident and i'm a nervous wreck lol but i really need this job ;-; plz help

i’m not great with interviews actually either because of my anxiety + also the fact that i have a hard time taking credit for things and actually talking about myself but here’s what’s worked for me in the past (some of these might be obvious to u but idk!!)

  • perfect your elevator pitch: your 30 second description of yourself and your goals as an answer to the dreaded “tell me about yourself” question
    • i.e. As an extremely basic template - “I am an alumni/student of ______ University, majoring in ______ with a minor in _______. Most of my background in work has dealt with ________. I am primarily interested in (insert job area here) at the moment because (connect this to your background and what you’ve studied).”
  • a lot of interviewers nowadays are shifting to behavioral interviews (i.e. “talk about a time in the past where you failed” “talk about a time in the past where you had to deal with a challenge in the workplace”), but it’s challenging sometimes to remember right off the top of your head even if you have the perfect example
    • i keep a document with a bunch of stories/situations from my work in the past with a couple of answers to different behavioral questions for reference 
  • a lot of tech companies have started to use logic tests or brainteasers in their interview processes, so it may be a good idea to look a couple up prior to your interview just in case
  • be familiar with your resume and keep it in sight during your interview: sounds like an obvious tip, but usually the first thing they’ll ask you to do is “walk us through your resume” and it helps to be Ready for that 
  • do research about your interviewer beforehand if at all possible
  • always ask questions at the end, and do research to make sure they’re thoughtful questions that are related to the job position you’re looking for (and not just stuff like “how much will i get paid” although that’s important to establish too)
    • as an example i have an interview with informatica today and here are a couple of the questions i was going to ask:
    • In discussing the future of Informatica CEO Anil Chakravarthy said that one of the main concerns is retaining top employees, attracting new employees, and helping employees develop. How has Informatica worked to retain employees and develop valuable human capital in such a competitive industry?
    • When Informatica went private in 2015, the idea was that becoming private would allow the company to continue leading the market in transformative innovation and develop business models to support the needs of the customers. Do you think that’s been successful? Did going private influence the company culture at all?

i hope this is at least a little bit helpful and good luck to u !! i hope your interview goes well ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

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did you see the new interview of camila on facebook live with music choice? she seemed nervous af to me. and like she didnt want to answer questions. she tried tl change the subject by eating marshmallows or singing a song that played on the background. idk it seemed off. i know she always does goofy stuff but this was weird

No. I don’t watch every interview of Camila, only when I’m in the mood.

What’s the context of the questions she seemed nervous about?


Characters : Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Warning : nothing?


It’s been one hell of a week. Nothing but constantly staring at your phone, wishing and hoping Dylan would call or even send a little text.

And soon, you were beginning to think your relationship with him was forever tainted.

But today was comic con. Which meant interviews with the cast and crew.

The place was crowded with people, even out side where the red carpet was, there were so many people, it was a bit overwhelming.

It was time, to finally come face to face with Dylan, and you were filled with anxiety and guilt. Taking a deep breath, you pushed yourself out of the car.

The warm air circulated around you, the Rays from the sun danced along your skin.

The sound of people yelling and the flashes of pictures being taken caught your attention. No matter how long you have acted, this was something you just could never get used to it.

You were escorted inside, and met up with the other cast members.

“What’s up Y/L/N!” Ki Hong Lee muttered, giving you a quick hug.

“Hey. Ready for the panel?” You flashed a wink.

“Totally. I’m so pumped. I was just telling Thomas that we should dress up and run around and take pictures with the fans. It’d be so cool!”

“Yea until they trample all over you!”

You both belted out in laughter, feeling your stomach constrict.

As your eyes veered away from the group, your gaze met the familiar face. And immediately your heart dropped. Or so it felt.

There he was, sitting at one of the tables for interviews, talking with a young blonde, which you assumed it was about the movie.

Dylan was so deep into the interview, he didn’t see you walk in. That was until…

“Y/N!” Thomas yelled, pulling you in for a hug.

Dylan turned his gaze to you, feeling the immediate rush of guilt, and regret all at once.

“Ahh I see another cast member has arrived!” The interviewer smiled. “I just have to ask, you two have such amazing chemistry. Is it just all an act, or do you two truly have that deep connection?”

He cleared his throat, staring intently at his water bottle. “Uh-Y/N and I-i mean that girl she’s-she-” he fumbled over his words, feeling the heat radiate off his body. “Sorry, I don’t know why I’m so nervous.” He chuckled.

The interviewer nodded. “It seems to me that you may have some feelings for her. Am I right?”

Your laughter echoed, along with everyone else’s, catching his attention. Dylan looked up at you, watching you laugh with the boys.

He couldn’t help himself from staring. You were just so captivating, even when you were in your own little world. He loved hearing you laugh, loved seeing you smile.

As you finally were able to catch a breath, you glanced over to Dylan, not knowing he was already staring. As your eyes met, you felt your stomach flutter.

You flashed a soft smile, and returned back to the conversation beside you.

That smile made Dylan lose his breath. Feeling his heart skip a beat. And that’s when he knew.

He sucked in his lips, and kept his gaze on you for a little longer before turning back to the interviewer.

“Yea, I-i think you’re right.” He muttered. “But yea, Y/N and I are really close, I don’t know what I would do without her. She kind of my rock. If I’m having a bad day, I know I can always go to her. And vice versa. She is my best friend.” He smiled, knowing all too well that everything he said was true.

The interviewer couldn’t help but gush over his response. “That is so cute.” She cackled. “Okay okay, I know you are on a time limit, so I will ask you one last question, what makes this movie better than the first?”

As Dylan went on with the interview, you couldn’t help but glance over from time to time. It’s been a week since the incident, and all you wanted to know was what he was thinking.

And it drove you crazy.

Think You Can Handle It?

Summary: Your best friend ropes you into being a handler at a press event for an upcoming movie.  Little did you know how much you’d have to handle.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Words:  14,964 (lolwut?!)

Warnings: Fluff fluff fluff. Little bit of implied sexy times. Also I curse, and we know Sebastian does too.  Tiny bit of angst, but it ends happy, I promise.

A/N: This is my first attempt at a fic.  And I decided to make it about a real person? I might be a little crazy.  Regardless, go easy on me. Also forgive me, I’m wordy as hell. Y/F = Your best friend

Tagging: @sceaterian

“Oh come on, Y/N, it’ll be fun.  More hands on than what you’re used to.  Think of it as babysitting, but with a functioning adult who can communicate, making sure they get from point A to point B to meeting C on time.  The only bugaboo in this is that I don’t know who the client is.  But think of it as an adventure!”

Lifting your glasses up a bit, you pinch the bridge of your nose and sigh. You always let Y/F talk you into such things.  And often it turns out just fine.  But this time it just seems a bit off in your gut.  Work has been fortunate enough to grant you a few gigs with media stars, but this assignment, rather, favor, left you with knots in your stomach.

“Look at it this way - if it is an absolute disaster… I’ll get you tickets to the show you’ve been dying to see for the last few months. You know I’ve got the hookup,” Y/F wiggled her eyebrows.

“Seriously, you couldn’t have just gotten the tickets, and saved me from whatever this is going to be?  You do drive a hard bargain, and, well, you’re just lucky I don’t have much going on this week,” you sighed again, resigning to help out.

“You don’t know how huge this is, I can’t believe we got overbooked on clients this week.  Must be a fairly big event coming through the area. Seriously, you won’t regret this, because if you do.. tickets.”

“Yeah yeah, just let me know when/where/dress code.”

Arriving at Y/F’s office early on Friday, she met with her boss.  After a quick introduction, the boss hands both of you packets with info on the event, and what sort of work you’d be doing. The pleasant surprise was revealed that you were being “contracted” and therefore, being paid for your time.

Your new boss smiled, and simply said, “I heard you work with annoying customers, and frustrating situations.  Those patience skills may come in handy with this one. I don’t expect any issues though really. Keep to the schedule, and have fun.  I think you’ll do great.  Now get going!”

Y/F tore her envelope open, read for a few moments, and looked glum.

“I don’t even know who this.. JK Simmons is. I saw JK and thought ROWLING, but this isn’t the same person, is it?”

You chuckled. “Not even close. Juno’s dad?  The Farmers insurance guy? On Law and Order a lot? Seems like he’d be a really cool guy to hang out with actually.”  A look of contemplation came over Y/F’s face, and she just shrugged.

“Whatever. Who do you have?”

Opening the envelope slowly, you read through the first few lines of text as you started chewing on your lip.

“Y/N, you’re doing that thing and making that face you make when you’re unsure… who is it already?”

You blinked, starting to open your mouth, but closed it again and made a bit of a huffing noise. You looked down at the page again, furrowed your brow, and reopened your mouth.

“Sebastian Stan.”

“Wait, what now? Did I hear you correctly? You’re kidding me, right?  You must be kidding me,” she gasped, while trying to grab the papers from your hand.

“It must be a promo for I’m Not Here. I know they’re both in it.  Weird. But yeah, it clearly has my name on the top, and my assignment is Sebastian freaking Stan.”  It apparently was setting in that this was going to be a thing and not just a crazy joke in your head.  Scenarios started playing out, drowning out the sound of Y/F prattling on and on about the man.  You’d heard the stories before.  You’ve seen the video clips on YouTube of his interviews, of the press tours, of the meet and greets at cons… Closing your eyes, you inhaled deeply and let it out slowly.

Sebastian freaking Stan.

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The Pain of Love

Is it okay to request a Chanki fic? Maybe something like Kihyun avoiding Changkyun because he couldn’t handle the pain of being paired with him as a joke? I.M notices and confronts him about it? Angsty please :))) I’m so sorry for this request.

Note: Yes! Changki are literally my OTP and I love them so much, thank you for requesting! (Never apologise for Changki requests, I literally writing for them so much, always request them! :D) I tried to make this as angsty as I could muster for you, so I hope it’s okay! Please let me know what you think~ Fighting! xx

  • Some swearing and angst themes. Read at your own risk

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Originally posted by yookihyun

Kihyun runs his hands through the freshly cut blades of grass, allowing them to brush against his palm as he sits alone in the bright colours of the sunrise. The time must have ticked to five o’clock by now, because the sun was starting to peak over the mountains for it’s early rise. Kihyun felt insulted by the way it mocked him, reminding him that each moment he relaxed was bringing him closer to his inevitable despair.

He hated his job, he hated his company, he hated Changkyun… but above all, he hated himself.

Why did his heart have to betray him in such a way? It wasn’t just fate that fought against him, his own flesh and blood was triggering a war against himself in a heartbreaking conflict.

I’m not in love, he’d tell himself religiously everyday, but then Changkyun would smile at him, and he’d fall all over again, a sea of emotions gripping his brain and shaking it a million miles a minute, reminding him how beautiful Changkyun’s smile is, how Kihyun longs to hear his rough, husky voice in the mornings, how he yearns to touch all over his body, how he is desperate to call him “mine.”

It seemed almost ironic that Kihyun ended up feeling such a way for his bandmate, especially since he despised him the moment he walked through the company doors. Now he lingers hopelessly on every word Changkyun leaves, whether it’s spiteful or humorous or caring.

He might be able to live with all of this if he didn’t have the addition of people pointing out how adorable they would be together. Each time someone would note on it, Kihyun would feel himself wandering into the depths of his brain, imagining such hypothetical situations as his cheeks turn a light shade of pink and his heart to shatter into thousands of unfixable pieces.

The interviews and fans were the worst. He can cope with his band mates: he could punch Minhyuk’s arm if he makes any bold statement, or make excuses to leave the room when Wonho starts trying to play match maker. But he can’t escape the interviewer’s knowing stare, or the fanservice sent in by monbebe’s themselves. Of course, he is thankful to monbebe’s, his fans are the reason he has been able to reach such a level of fame and to achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a famous singer. But he’d never bargained for falling in love or suffering the blow of teasing.

Maybe he could confess to Changkyun in another universe, but this reality was not so kind.

“Ah, there is my pink haired roommate.”

Kihyun, startled, jumped as he heard a voice from behind him. A pair of arms wrapped around Kihyun’s neck from behind with a gentle, distinguishable giggle before the figure fell to his side.

“Aish, you’re annoying.” Kihyun scowls, batting Chankhyun’s hand away from him as the maknae tries to smooth Kihyun’s hair back down after being messed up in the sudden embrace.

“Kihyun-ah, you need to take more care of your hair, it feels rough. You’ll have no hair by the time you’re thirty of you’re not careful.” Changkyun pouts as he runs his fingers through Kihyun’s unstyled hair.

Kihyun’s breath hitches at the action, his heart pounding against his ribcage, he had to stop himself from thinking. There was so many reasons Kihyun could ask Changhyun to run his through his fingers through his hair: as he lay in his lap in the dorms, as they kissed in the pouring rain, as his lips traced down Changkyun’s bare stomach in the darkness of the bedroom in their dorm room… stop.

“Get off me.” Kihyun snapped, pushing Changkyun’s hand away from his hair, leaving the maknae looking sheepish. Almost as if Kihyun had kicked a puppy in front of him. He withdrew his hand and rain it through his own hair in what seemed like nerves - or something. Kihyun felt a sea of guilt for the look Changkyun now wore, and for the thoughts that tainted his mind.

“Sorry - I didn’t get much sleep last night, I guess I’m not in the best of moods.” Kihyun attempted to apologize, to him it was a shit excuse for snapping, But Changkyun seemed satisfied, Kihyun judged it by the way his pout shifted into a goofy, lopsided grin.

“Why couldn’t you sleep, hyung?” Changkyun inquired.

You, his head screamed.

“I don’t know,” his mouth spoke.

“You should sleep now for a little bit before the interview today.” Changkyun smiled at him warmly, clearly caring, before his eyes shifted to something more mischievous. He placed his hands on each of Kihyun’s shoulders before pushing him down, slamming his back against the grass and hanging over him from the side, his body pressed against Kihyun’s hip.

Kihyun would have protested, but as he looked up, he met the irresistible dark brown of Changkyun’s eyes that somehow seemed to glitter greater than any brightest star, and any strength he had to fight the younger dissolved into nothing.

“Aish, y-you’re annoying.” Kihyun was stammered his words this time, mentally yelling at himself as his cheeks lightened to the way Changkyun always manages to make them.

“But you love me hyung~” Changkyun teases as he sits up and shuffles around until he is sat with Kihyun’s head in his lap. “Sleep for a while, I’ll wake you up when we need to go back. It’s early.”

Kihyun attempted to object, but the way Changkyun’s smooth fingers traced along his hairline caused his brain to liquidise and melt under the heat of the moment and Kihyun found himself unable to stop him.

“Are you nervous?” Changkyun questioned.

For a moment, Kihyun’s heart stopped, could Changkyun see through the walls he’d been building up for so long against his feelings to the rest of the world. “W-what?”

“You always seem tense in interviews. Do you get nervous?”

Kihyun breathed, his anxiety washing away instantly. “Oh, interviews? No, I never get nervous. Why? Do I appear that way?”

“Sometimes.” Changkyun looked down, smiling in that heart stopping way as he brushed pink stands away from Kihyun’s eyes gently with his thumb. “When love is mentioned, you always look so… I don’t know, awkward? No, more like you’re trying to forget about something painful. Are you in love?”

Yes, his head screams.

“No” His mouth lies, and it scares him how easily the lie can slip off his tongue, perhaps he was too used to doing it that he was seemingly unphased by it by now.

“If you say so hyung.” Changkyun clicks his tongue. “I won’t tell anyone you know, plus everyone thinks we’re in love, they’re not going to believe me if I start trying to convince them that you actually like someone.”

Kihyun’s heart stops again before jolting painfully in a lash of emotions. He sat up instantly, rubbing his temples as Changkyun whines for his sudden departure.

“Don’t talk about us like that so casually.” Kihyun snaps, “How can you act so normally when it’s mentioned?” He looked back at the maknae with cold, dull eyes.

“I doesn’t really bother me, Kihyun-ah. Besides, even if we were together, it’s no ones business.”

Changkyun seems so laid back, as if he’d met peace with the concept a long time ago while Kihyun was still in a constant war against himself. It wasn’t fair that Changkyun isn’t bothered when Kihyun finds himself desperately trying to stick at Changkyuns side, to never let his true feelings slip and fall like the drops of tears that slide down in waterfalls at ungodly hours of the morning as he thinks of what could be.

“Aish, stop talking. It’s annoying.” Kihyun snaps again, but this time there’s more fire, and it certainly turns Changkyun’s head so they meet eye to eye.

“Why do you care so much? It’s not a big deal, it’s just a bit of fun.”

“Fun?” Kihyun suddenly cries, “You think this is fun?”

He’s finally begin to break.

“I don’t know why you’re so wound up hyung, it doesn’t mean anything and it’s not harming anyone.” Changkyun scoffs, clearly starting to get a little restless under Kihyun’s intense dagger glare.

“Not harming anyone?” Kihyun yelled. “What about the torture it gives me on a daily basis, huh? Did you ever think about that?!”

“What the hell has got into you?” Changkyun raises his voice to meet Kihyun’s. His usual glittering eyes are lit with fires that could cause catastrophe. His fists balled tightly, his knuckles began to turn white, he’d never been good at handling conflict.

“This is pathetic! All of this!” Kihyun stood up, unsure if he was going to push Changkyun away or grab his collar and pull his goddamn lips onto his own.

“You’re being irrational, all over nothing.”


The word echoes in his head like a final symbol of a song.


All of this will result to nothing.

This argument will lead to Changhyuk feeling numb and broken and then… nothing.

Kihyun will realise that Changkyun will never love him and then… nothing.

A tear slides down his cheek, antagonising his humiliation further. Changkyun’s eyes soften, but it’s futile, and Kihyun is nothing but torn, burnt and broken. His feelings will never be returned by the man he wants nothing more than to call his own, all he has is the loneliness of his own mind and… nothing.

“I’m done.” Kihyun mumbles in defeat, and finally, he’s the one that gets to leave with the other lingering on his final words.

Like the last symbol in a song.

also i love that stella pushes dani to be vulnerable and open with her and then makes dani comfortable enough that they can kind of Talk About Things like when dani was interviewed after the shooting and she seemed nervous and there was no good answer to her questions but stella met her with empathy that made her feel better and more secure in her actions bc i feel like women in general as a result of societal pressure / fight for equality / what have you tend to doubt their actions more often than men do and stella’s had to get through that on her own but dani’s just at the start of it so stella tries to keep her close in order to make sure that dani, who according to stella seems to have a high disposition for policework, doesn’t drop out of this kind of work for reasons a man would never consider

“This way?” Calum asked your daughter, leading her down the hallway of her elementary school. 

“No daddy,” the six-year-old giggled, tugging on his hand so she could show him where to turn. 

You smiled lightly at him, as your daughter pulled the both of you behind her down the hallway. While you were somewhat familiar with the school, Calum had never been there before, and Maya clearly knew where she was going. 

You arrived at the classroom just as Ms. Martin was opening the door, “Right on time,” she smiled, holding the door open and giving the three of you enough space to enter the classroom. 

Ms. Martin sat at her desk, gesturing for you to take a seat in the desks in the front row. Calum sat on your left with Maya on his left, while you took the desk to the right. You placed your hand on Calum’s knee, for some reason he seemed more nervous about the parent-teacher interview than your daughter did. 

“So,” the teacher began, “Maya is progressing really well. She has a hard time focusing in class but she’s doing particularily well in math, I’m considering giving her some third-grade math questions to see how she does.”

The last bit was almost phrased as a question, asking for your permission. 

Maya’s smile was beaming from ear to ear as Calum kissed the top of her head, pleased to hear that she’s doing so well. 

“The only concern I have is her vocabulary…” she said. 

You and Calum shot a questioning look towards each other.

“She seems to shout out the word, ‘S.H.I.T.’” Ms. Martin spelled out the word for you to prevent Maya from understanding, “whenever she gets a question wrong.”

Your eyes grew wide at hearing this, she certainly didn’t learn that from you. 

You turned to your husband, “Don’t look at me,” he said, “She didn’t get that from me.” He laughed, looking down at the six-year-old on his lap. 

“Where did you learn swear words Maya?” he asked her. 

She giggled, “From Uncle Michael,” she looked proud, like he had taught her something valuable and she couldn’t understand why you and her dad were so alarmed. 

You shook your head, the corners of your mouth turning up in a smile as you made eye contact with your husband, “Of course it was Michael.” 

The rest of the interview went well, Ms. Martin went over her plan for the rest of the year and you politely thanked her before saying your goodbyes. 

When you were outside the classroom, Calum crouched down so he was eye-level with your daughter, “Next time Uncle Michael teaches you something, ask mommy or daddy if it’s okay before saying it at school, okay little one?” He smiled, not being able to take it seriously. 

Maya nodded, “Promise.” 

“Pinky promise,” Calum held out his finger. 

Maya wrapped her small pinky around his much larger one, before he pulled her in for a hug. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, kissing the top of her head, before letting her go. 

“Time for ice cream?” You asked. 

Maya jumped up in excitement, “Ice cream! Ice cream!” 

“Oh sure, you get to be the good parent now,” Calum laughed. 

You winked at him as he wrapped an arm around your waist, Maya running up ahead of you as you made your way out of the school. 

For @complicashton and @cliffordchick ‘s domestic!5sos blurb night

Every time I see Adam in an interview he blows my mind

Just how human he seems. He’s nervous the whole time. From the moment he timidly walks out in front of the crowd, to him making his adorable jokes, to waving goodbye….he seems to want to fade into the background, even though everyone loves him. I mean everyone! Whoever interviews him enjoys talking to him, and the crowd enjoys listening. 

But I firmly believe Adam will never get used to fame. There will never be a time that he struts out onto the stage, he’ll never sit straight up and act confident and cocky. Whenever a compliment is given he will always blush, thank the person and then say, “ I don’t know what to say”. And I think this is because he won’t allow himself to accept the fame. He doesn’t want to become someone who is used to the treatment he is now getting, and expecting it to be that way all the time. He’s thankful for the opportunities he has, he knows he’s blessed, but he’s not going to act like he deserves it. He’s an amazing person.

This is why your fanbase loves you Adam. We know that you don’t like a lot of attention on yourself. That whenever it is give you try to deflect it to someone else. And that is why we will continue to show you the love you deserve. We know you’re not going to become obsessed with yourself. We know you will always seem human to us.


A fan drowning in her own daydreams


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nottoday said: “Alright here’s a BTS prompt i thought of last night half asleep. CEO fic, but the reader is the CEO and one of the members (your choice, im not picky, aha) is either just a normal employee or branch member!! I never give prompts so my apologies, its not the best or most innovative haha”

Hello! I decided to add to this prompt because I really liked it, I hope you also like it!
INFO TO NOT CONFUSE PEOPLE: You, the reader are a CEO of a Fashion company in Seoul.

Jin x CEO!reader soulmate au! Chapter 1

It felt like hours while Kim SeokJin waited for his turn. Other people around him seemed nervous, like it was their first job interview. The clock on the wall ticked loudly, worried whispers of the strangers across from Jin were heard as someone came out of the interview room about to cry. Jin sighed boredly, leaning back into his chair.

“Kim SeokJin?” A voice spoke out after what felt like a lifetime, making his gaze snap up to meet a woman’s gaze. He stood up, fixing his jacket as he walked towards the door. He could feel the many gazes on him as confidence flowed out of his aura. His shoes clicked against the marble floor as he walked into the big room. There was a big empty area, with a large desk at the end of the room. He stood in the middle of the room, bowing at a 90 degree angle.

“Hello, my name is Kim Seokjin.” He stood with perfect posture, his chin held up high. The interviewers sat at the large table, looking at his information. It confused Jin why they didn’t ask questions for the first five minutes, they just kept glancing at him, whispering to each other. They were completely silence when a knock was heard at the door. The woman who called for Jin before opened the door, bowing to the person who entered. The interviewers stood up quickly, looking quite surprised. Jin didn’t glance at the door without a care at who was there, that it, until he heard the person’s voice.

“Assistant Park, I need you to close interviews for the rest of the day, CEO Kang from C.E Enterprises is coming for a meeting today about our new fashion line.” A beautiful voice spoke. Jin’s head snapped to his right to see the assistant blocking the mysterious person.

“Yes, CEO (Y/N).” Bowed assistant Park. The interviewers bowed once again and the-so-called CEO left. Jin looked at the closing door, and back at the interviewers. They were seated once again, mumbling about something, when they all looked up at Jin.

“Congratulations new assistant Kim SeokJin, I hope you enjoy your job at (Y/C/N). You will be emailed about your shifts and payment.”  One of the older men spoke. Jin smiled, bowing to them.

“I won’t let you down, thank you.” Jin then began to go out the door, bowing at assistant Park one more time.


Jin fixed his tie as he entered the lobby, feeling already familiar with the place. His hair lightly blew from his eyes and the AC blasted through the building from the hot temperatures outside.

“Welcome Assistant Kim, please follow me. I am Assistant Jeon ChaeWon.” A short woman bowed slightly. He bowed back, flashing his dazzling smile. She turned swiftly, her heels clicked with each step as they neared a set of elevators. Security guards stood at each side of the elevators, surprisingly, they scared Jin. Assistant Jeon pressed a button, requesting an elevator. Jin looked around at the new area, seeing covers of magazines framed on walls, super sized. “This way, Assistant Kim.” ChaeWon startled Jin from his mind, he nodded again, following her into the elevator. The two assistants stood side to side as they went to the 20th floor. From impulse, Jin moved his sleeve slightly, looking at the date on his wrist. “You still haven’t found them?” Assistant jeon spoke out. Jin, already knowing what she was asking about nodded, sadness filling his heart for a moment. He could see her glancing at his date for a moment. “Looks like today if your lucky day.” She said through a smile. He looked up at the other assistant.

“I hope so.” He spoke softly, looking down at her bare wrist. Assistant Jeon didn’t even look at what he was looking at, before smiling and speaking.

“He bumped into me at the bakery, and now we already have a son.” She spoke happily. Jin nodded, happy for her. Their conversation was interrupted by a ding from the elevator. Jin suddenly got this feeling, making his sit up straighter, giving him the desire to see what the door will open to, and as it opened, he saw the person he has been looking for for years. Assistant jeon bowed immediately, speaking obediently.

“Hello, CEO (Y/N).” And Jin thought to himself.

‘Hello, soulmate.’

Get on Your Knees

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Warnings: Light swearing, kissing
Words: 1,375
Summary: Sebastian, who always seems so calm and collected during interviews, suddenly becomes extremely nervous just as you all are getting ready to leave. 

A/N: Prequel to Pearly Whites and Lacy Tights. Many thanks to Morgan for editing! Also up on AO3. As a reminder, I am taking requests. To see more of my work, visit my Masterlist.

“Alright everyone, thanks again for coming today. I’d like to go ahead and introduce our next panel of guests. Put your hands together for the cast of Captain America: Civil War!”

Your face splits into a smile as you follow Anthony, Chris, and Sebastian onto the stage, waving at the crowd as they explode into cheers. You settle into your seat between Sebastian and Chris, accepting a handheld microphone from one of the volunteers. Once everyone is settled and the audience quiets, the moderator begins.

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i love seeing how much more comfortable maddie is becoming doing interviews and stuff like during the vmas she seemed nervous and gave short answers but now shes like laughing and joking with the interviewers and idk im so proud i love her