the interviewer seemed nervous

Every time I see Adam in an interview he blows my mind

Just how human he seems. He’s nervous the whole time. From the moment he timidly walks out in front of the crowd, to him making his adorable jokes, to waving goodbye….he seems to want to fade into the background, even though everyone loves him. I mean everyone! Whoever interviews him enjoys talking to him, and the crowd enjoys listening. 

But I firmly believe Adam will never get used to fame. There will never be a time that he struts out onto the stage, he’ll never sit straight up and act confident and cocky. Whenever a compliment is given he will always blush, thank the person and then say, “ I don’t know what to say”. And I think this is because he won’t allow himself to accept the fame. He doesn’t want to become someone who is used to the treatment he is now getting, and expecting it to be that way all the time. He’s thankful for the opportunities he has, he knows he’s blessed, but he’s not going to act like he deserves it. He’s an amazing person.

This is why your fanbase loves you Adam. We know that you don’t like a lot of attention on yourself. That whenever it is give you try to deflect it to someone else. And that is why we will continue to show you the love you deserve. We know you’re not going to become obsessed with yourself. We know you will always seem human to us.


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