the interview this quote is from is really cute

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i was recently listening to one of michelle’s old interviews and she was talking about how sharon always used to pamper and shelter alaska from everything because she’s «fragile» and she also quoted sharon saying something along the lines of «i’m made of steel and i don’t care what happens to me but i just wanna know that she’s doing okay» and first of all my fucking heart is broken again and second of all now i really want a protective!sharon fluff or like hurt/comfort? it would be so cute

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Would you happen to have quotes where DHP and Jane Leeves talk about each other? I've seen a few from Jane Leeves but nothing from DHP, and I really love their friendship. I've found it annoyingly difficult to find videos/quotes from the cast from their Frasier days.

I know, right?? I’d love to see more cute videos and interviews, but they’re kinda annoying to find. 

Here’s a cute little joint interview they did, where they talk a bit about Niles and Daphne and working together.

And another one from around the same time had DHP saying something similar about working with Jane, which was sweet:

“We have a great working relationship,” Pierce said. “We have a lot of fun. A lot of Niles and Daphne’s relationship, especially when they’re together just sort of having fun, comes out of what Jane and I just do spontaneously when we’re together. And we’ve talked about that – that when Niles and Daphne are together in a scene, that we don’t just want it to be sort of moony and whatever. That they have fun together. And that’s certainly true with me and Jane working together. She’s extremely creative and has great insight into little behavioral things that tell a great deal.”

There’s also this quote from this

He said that both he and Niles are very family oriented and that “Niles really, really loved Daphne, and I really, really loved Jane Leeves.”


Just a very typical Jaspar conversation

Caspar: Best YouTube video?

Joe: Best YouTube video ever?

Caspar: Yeah, your favourite.

Joe: Ummm… your… one of your first videos.

Caspar: *unbelieving* No!

Joe: *nods* Your original videos are hilarious.

Caspar: Are you serious?

Joe: Yeah, i love them.

Caspar: Aww, buddy!

♡ from this interview ♡

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I don't ever trust print interviews and I don't believe they actually sat down and answered these questions.

Print interviews are always questionable. I know this was published recently but who knows how long ago the interview was, how reliable the quotes are, if they grabbed bits and pieces from other interviews, or what the real deal is. But at the end of the day, it’s 2015 and they just printed a really cute interview that mentioned Ziam kissing, Louis admitting that he’d snog all the boys, and Harry trusting Louis with everything but money. We haven’t seen something like this since 2011/2012 so that’s what I’m mostly interested in here. We rarely get good things anymore. I don’t think anyone is using this as “proof” or anything. But when they throw us a bone, I’m going to enjoy it.

Trump is winning everything. He keeps winning states. He keeps doing it. 

……Hello, Canada? 

Hi. It’s me, one of your friendly southern neighbors. Listen, I’m looking for an emergency U.S.escape plan in case the popular idiocy elects a bigoted human Twinkie for president. I’ve never been to Canada personally, but I’ve encountered quite a few native Canadians in my time and I am extremely impressed. I would like to submit an application for residency.

My skills include but are not limited to:

  1. Crying during particularly poignant violin/cello duets.
  2. Screaming about historical events and/or figures.
  3. Screaming about the Phantom of the Opera.
  4. Screaming about the Phantom of the Opera screaming (he does that a lot).
  5. Almost but not really (not at all) doing a handstand. 
  6. Eating granola and momentarily feeling as pure as Gwyneth Paltrow on her lily-white holistic high horse.
  7. Drawing things.
  8. Drawing some other things.
  9. Writing things.
  10. Writing some other things.
  11. Gratuitously quoting The Avengers in professional settings.
  12. Opera-ing in my car on the way home from work, and
  13. Squeezing my dog’s tushie while squealing, “Oh, geez, it’s super cute!”

I look forward to interviewing with you at your earliest convenience. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via maple syrup mail (a reliable source has informed me that this the preferred method of communication for Canadians, along with something to do with lumberjacks and hockey). 


A Desperate American

I keep thinking about this quote from Gerard’s latest Kerrang! interview, about Mikey accepting that Gerard was suffering too much to push through another MCR album. This is the deepest thing I’ve ever read in an interview with one of the guys. Sometimes I forget how profound the Way brothers’ relationship can be. We don’t see this side often, but it’s not all cute photoshoots and tweets about wrestling.

I can’t really put it in words, I guess. I just think about how Mikey had this complete understanding of why Gerard made that decision. They’ve said things in interviews like “He understands me like no one else on earth,” but actually seeing the respect and understanding Mikey has for Gerard, well…it’s kind of moving. And when we hear from Mikey, he’s usually either laid-back and lighthearted, or talking about something serious but still with a hint of his colorful personality. Here was just a serious, solemn moment with him, finding this acceptance for his brother’s sake. It really made me re-evaluate the way I see him.

Also, I think it says a lot about the Way brothers’ courage, that they continued with solo careers. Gerard because he continues making music after all his struggles with MCR, and Mikey because he summoned the strength to become a frontman for the first time. No Gerard to do the talking in interviews anymore, or deal with the onslaught of attention (positive and negative) that frontmen/frontwomen always get. He actually addressed this in a 2006 interview (which is one of my favorite MCR quotes.) Okay, I know I’m gushing about them, but that Kerrang! quote really made me think about their characters and the depth in their relationship. Damn…

Thankfully, the cast of Shameless across the board is just SICK. They are all really good. Uhm, from like the kids that you were mentioning. Like, I mean Emma [Kenney] and Ethan [Cutkosky] are so good! They are so good. And obviously, you know, Emmy [Rossum] and Shanola [Hampton]. Everybody is just super great at what they do.
—  Noel Fisher praising the cast of Shameless x
Meryl and Maks Daily Recap July 18th, 2014

So, all of us where expecting some quiet “doldrums” of a few SM timing posts and maybe some cute video from Japan, but overall a sad and lonely wait for new news.  BUT, we were wrong!!  We’ve had a really exciting day today.  I’m writing this recap early because I have to go to dance class. 

Today did, indeed start with some cute pics and videos from Japan and people fussing that Meryl was on IG but didn’t like the photo of Maks and Jenna (Bet they’re not worried now!)

Then, BAM!  dolphia blesses us with a quote from Maks’ morning interview with WFAA 8 ABC in Dallas.  When asked if Maks would be returning as a pro on DWTS he said he didn’t think so and also said “I just don’t know if I have it in me to put that much effort and that much passion into someone else.  Meryl and I stay very close and it felt almost like cheating. So this is the one that I think I’m just gonna *wipes hand together like he’s done*…It’s gonna be ‘thank you’”.  I’m not gonna lie, we had some serious partying going on here today!  He’s not gonna come out and say it, but today he got damn CLOSE!  

The interview overall was very good and respectful and just the Maks that we all want to see.  Right before the above quote he also said “This one means so much to me that I don’t even want another one”.  When the interviewer insinuated that the pros were now more celebrities that the “stars” he made sure to say that this was Meryl’s season and Meryl’s win. He was also thankful for the opportunities and thankful for all the people who come to see him at his public events.  Excellent interview all around. 

There was also a print interview at, the highlights were:

  • What did the win mean to you? ..It means everything.   This season with Meryl was a completely different experience. Meryl is such a hard-working and dedicated woman, pushed me to do my very best, did not want to let her or the fans down.
  • Asked if he had a favorite dance.  All different, a lot depends on who I’m dancing with.
  • Asked what he wanted to do outside of DWTS.  Work on DWM studios, giving back and helping others (Childhelp), and “spending time with my family, they’re everything to me”.  I’m thinking Meryl is now a part of his family in his mind and heart.

We were playing a fun game of “guess what’s on the phone screen” today when one of Jenna’s pics showed a little of Maks’ phone.  I think it might be a photo of Serge, but I’m terrible at this game, so who knows?

There was a short interview of Jenna also but it was very general, not much detail.

Teen Choice awards are very interesting this year.

  • Meryl for Best Female Athlete
  • Jon Legend and Sam Smith for Best Male Artist
  • “All of Me” Best Song
  • “Stay with Me” Best Male Single
  • “Latch” best EDM song
  • Zendaya Break out artist and Style Icon

So everybody go vote.

My quote of the day goes to iceandwood.  In the middle of the celebrations, this is the one that had me laughing the loudest, and this is addressed to Maks and the all caps were all her:


Sail ON everybody.  See you for the night cap.

Guys remember this time...

When we were freaking out because Emily tweeted this:

People were like, holy shit… she’s leaving TWD. But awesome angels in our fandom were so observant and said it was probably related to her personal life because one day after she tweeted a quote about love.

Apparently our amazing people in the fandom were correct. I just watched the full concert of Emily in WSC Atlanta and she talked about how she recently broke up with her boyfriend. It was such a cute conversation though because she jokingly encouraged people to break with their significant others so they can be all alone together. Anyway… this proves how our optimism is not based only on hope :)

Also that connects with this quote from her newest interview:

“This season has been really tough on me physically and emotionally. It was super satisfying, and really fueled me creatively, but I would say, on a personal level, it has taken something from me.”

People were freaking out too over this article. Of course if you read it carefully, she said, on personal level. That means her personal life. Probably because of how busy she was etc.

I just want to say… let’s enjoy what we have now. Are you going to be Beth in the past who had thought to end everything before trying? Or are you going to be Beth now, who we all know will do everything she can to stay alive? 

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Why do some people get offended over the term trekkie and prefer trekker instead?

Good question!

From what I’ve seen in documentaries (yes, I have watched documentaries about Trek fandom) people don’t like the term “Trekkie” because outsiders tend to use it in a derogatory manner. People often say “Trekkie” with a scoff in their voice, like there’s something shameful about being one. “Trekker”, on the other hand, is seen as a more empowering word that comes from fans themselves that no one else uses against them.

Kate Mulgrew had a really cute little analysis of the Trekkie/Trekker rift in an interview. She said something along the lines of “Well, I feel like a Trekkie is just a bystander to the trek, right? Whereas a Trekker is actually physically doing the trekking. They are walking with us in our journey as opposed to just watching us from a distance.” (that isn’t an exact quote but it’s the gist of what she said.)

And while I enjoy Mulgrew’s astute assessment, I personally like the word Trekkie. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with admitting that a deep passion for Star Trek is a geeky pastime and that it’s a very different way of life than the norm. I guess I just feel like we should reclaim it, you know? We need to revel in the fact that we are weird, and we are Trekkies, and we don’t feel bad about it!

But, I mean, to each their own. Sorry I rambled like I always do!