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Hiya! What about the boys with an online friend/crush/s.o. who suddenly stops talking and just dissapears for around a month before coming back and admitting that they had tried to commit suicide? (Sorry for such a dark topic aha,,)

Ah, how I love this prompt! I put my all into it, so I apologise if it’s a little long, heh. Although I’m not sure what you meant by ‘the boys’, I’m assuming the V3 boys. If you wanted a different cast, please feel free to request again and I will rewrite it for you. Apologies.

Ask is under the cut, due to being long and potentially triggering. Dark topics, reader beware.

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I’m Not as Chill as I Seem

Summary: The next message Lardo sends him is Dex’s address. Derek quickly copies it into Google Maps and slings his duffel bag over his shoulder and races down to the garage, picking out the least ostentatious car they have (which is, ugh, a Lexus) and speeding off on the nearly seven and a half hour drive, before he can convince himself that this is a terrible idea.

A/N: This work is gifted to @cakemakethme, because without her, I would still be stuck somewhere towards the beginning of this fic. She let me walk through the plot I had in mind, and helped me fill in a lot of the details that I was struggling to come up with. 333>

Just an interesting note, this surpasses the longest thing I’ve written for a single posting (multichapter update or otherwise) by nearly 1000 words (the next closest being What Happens in Vegas…). :)

The title is an adapation from the lyrics of Morningside by Sara Bareilles.

Read it on AO3!

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Sam Wilson’s Accidental Superhero Club

This is sort of a fairly lengthy headcanon that I’ve had for a while but started writing down when people were headcanoning Sam as becoming sort of a therapist for the rest of the Avengers team, or becoming a self-erasing support for Steve or Bucky, where the stories ignore Sam’s own identity and history and use him as a stepping stone in other people’s character arcs or development.  I think people have talked a lot about the problems with that scenario, very intelligently and rightly. 

But for me, I also really want to explore Sam’s personal urge to help people– and to help people in a different way than through superheroics.  He still loves talking to people, reaching out to people, and I think, for Sam, helping other people feel like they’re not alone helps HIM feel like he’s not alone.  I don’t think he’d give that up now that he’s an Avenger– but I do think the way it would manifest itself wouldn’t necessarily involve the Avengers.  In fact, I think one of the great things about Sam is that he’s probably one of the few people on that team– maybe him and Rhodey– who have a good sense of how to balance work and their regular lives, and have a regular life, doing what they want, outside of the Avengers.  And I feel like, when it comes to doing what he wants, for Sam, it would still involve helping people. Just not in the way all these headcanons have suggested.  And in a way that’s about Sam and who I think he is at his core, in the MCU. 

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Green Dot, Red Dot: A Sockathan Fanfiction

[[Hey guys! Finally got around to participating in this fandom again. This is a fill for kinkmeme number 550. Hope you all enjoy it and DFTBA!

Triggers: Mentions of suicide, depression. Nothing explicit.]]

The username blinks back at Jonathan in the darkened room, the light of it dancing off piles of clothes and the guitar resting on his bed, superhero and band posters on his wall. Sock Sowachowski. Part of him scoffs at the idiocy of putting their actual name on the internet, but it’s late, and he should be doing his homework, so he clicks on the name and types out a three letter message.

sandwichlover101: hey

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Genre: Fluffy oneshot, 2009 (ish, my timeline might be a bit off)

Summary: Fiction. Dan convinces his parents to let him go on holiday with the guy he met on the internet.

Warnings: Mostly phan fluff. Awkward parents Skype call. Also there’s no explicit romance stuff so it can probably be read as platonic if you prefer that.

Word Count: 1,944

A/N: Have a super quick fic written on mobile as I’m currently staying at my brother’s XD

Reminder that this is all entirely fictional and I’m not saying at all that this is what Dan and Phil are really like ^_^

AO3 link

“Tell us again, Daniel.”

“Again? For real?!”

“Don’t you think we have a right to know?”

“I’ve already told you so many times, why can’t you just trust…”


“Ugh, ok fine, I know, I know, I know.” Dan scrubbed at his fringe, staring stubbornly down at the ground to avoid having to look at his parents’ expressions. He blew out a long sigh, lips pursed in an ‘o’. “I’m going on holiday.”

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