the internet let me down


Wonwoo: *lying on his deathbed* *beckons to Jun*

Jun: *walks over, sobbing* Wonwoo, don’t leave me, please!

Wonwoo: *beckons to Jun furiously* C-come closer…

Jun: W-wonwoo… my greatest friend, my greatest ally, my one and only true brother. It breaks my heart to see you parting from this world so soon- *hiccups*

Wonwoo: J-Jun…

Jun: W-wonwoo…

Wonwoo: Stop with this sentimental sh*t already. Listen very closely to my commands; when I die, I want you to lower me into my grave… so you can let me down one last time.


Shirayuki was twelve the first time she met her betrothed. Although, looking back on it, the whole scenario had gone horribly awry, and she was surprised that anything good could have come out of it at all.

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I did a thing. I don’t know what is it… But I did it lol
I was bored sorry

Hope u like it xd

Harry zipped up his bag and carried it to the door. Paul had thought of everything, except for Harry’s hair products. He had washed his hair this morning, but looked like a mess because the hotel’s shampoo had turned his hair into one dry mass.  

Texting Barbara, he paced the room, waiting to be picked up. She texted back immediately, reassuring him that they’d get his hair in order before the first interview for the day.

He stopped the pacing when he thought of Louis. His skin prickled with the memories of last night, with the feeling of Louis’ fingers had left all over Harry. He touched a bruise on his hip, losing focus.

Last night had certainly been hot. A one time thing, but hot nevertheless. Something to remember. Louis had been demanding, and at the same time he’d seemed so giving, a little insecure even. Harry reckoned he’d been the same. After all, they didn’t know each other well, and didn’t know the other’s boundaries and preferences.

Yet, Harry had felt like they had slotted together quite well. It had been easy to read Louis, to understand his body language. In the same way, Harry hadn’t needed to use words to make Louis understand what it had been he’d wanted. Louis had simply known, had read every single one of Harry’s needs before he had the chance to voice them.

Harry had left Louis’ room after the third time getting each other off. They hadn’t really talked in between. Whenever Louis had said a word, Harry had shut him up with a kiss, and every kiss had led to them riling each other up again. Louis had complained the whole time, but every complaint had been accentuated with him biting Harry’s skin, a low moan, or a loud whine. Even if he had been complaining about hating Harry, hating himself for getting into bed with Harry, he had been into it, and had complained even louder each time Harry had withdrawn.

There was no doubt that Louis had wanted it the same way Harry had.

Hopefully now, they’d be able to move on from it. The tension between them was solved, they had given into the attraction. With that, they should’ve got it out of their systems. Looking at Louis now, Harry wouldn’t think about kissing him, or what it would be like to touch him, to make him moan. He was over it now. That’d make working with Louis so much easier from here on.

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A gift for @amaresempra but also a submission for Otayuri Week Day 4. I think it encompasses all the themes which were Domestic and Long Distance. Takes place in the future, both Yuri and Otabek are adults dealing with the future of their relationship during New Years.

(Warning! NSFW)

Yuri came home to his small flat, shivering with the cold. He sneezed and rubbed his hands together. He lit the fire and set a kettle to boil on the stove. He shrugged out of his heavy coat and hung it by the door. His mailbox was overstuffed. Full of presents and cards from friends and family. Of course, his grandfather had sent her several boxes and Christmas letters. Yuuri and Viktor had sent him a card and a gift. There was a box full of homemade cookies that said they were sent from Makkachin.

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sincerely, the rfa - texts between the members (+ saeran) - 2/?

*all texts were found in various places on the internet !! if anyone would like me to take theirs down, please let me know !!*


sincerely, the rfa - texts between the members (+ saeran)

*all texts were found in various places on the internet !! if anyone would like me to take theirs down, please let me know !!*

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A gimmick I hate from some Youtubers is when they go: Say some hot take: "Woah woah woah Internet calm down. Put down your pitchforks and let me explain." It's a really cheap way of framing yourself as a victim who gets beaten up because they hold a heretic opinion. Same when they portray the Internet/Critic/Audience as a stupid entity who needs to be educated by Smart Youtuber #5450.

even if people think you’re dumb and wrong they’ll respect you more for just stating it and standing by it rather than just doing this blah blah framing shit

So...Hi Again.

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Firstly I would like to apologize for my incredibly long absence from blogging. it can mostly be put down to big changes in my life including getting a new apartment with a lack of a stable, existing internet connection that will let me sit down and write anything let alone blog. That also compounded with a lack of motivation to do just about anything, but he it’s a new year so here we are, with a not daily fandom blog but instead a weekly blog, you know when everything comes back of course, and what a week to comment on!

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So this week in the fandom, the super early Steven Bomb! Isn’t it just like Cartoon Network to immediately drop the ball. First of all I know I haven’t comment on the Summer of Steven at all so very quickly, my whole viewpoint is it was a great growth period for our favorite little shtoo-ball. In fact that growth Steven experienced directly ties into this arc so here we go.

After everything that’s happened and all that Steven had learned, his feelings about his mother are incredibly confused. All those expectations, accusations and perceptions slammed down on top of him by his loved ones and enemies alike are weighing heavily on his mind and as far as I can tell things are just going to become even more complicated as this season continues. I mean I don’t doubt that Rose was a great person but the revelations of this Bomb have me really, really confused.

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These two. Good gods these two. All we’ve been told is that the Diamonds are evil, cruel domineering, their want to destroy earth looked like petty anger over a loss that they turned into a cruel victory anyway with the corruption. BUT they are so much more then that, the Cluster while incredibly cruel is not their for a petty reason it’s revenge for the death of what has been theorized by many to have been the youngest of the Diamonds. Extreme oh hell yes, but just put yourself in this mind set for a second. Imagine your youngest sibling was murdered, wouldn’t you go to the ends of the earth to avenge their death, or grip to whatever scraps of them were left with a clenched fist. But the Diamonds these feelings are magnified by a least a thousand, because after all they ar the incredibly powerful, rulers of a basically immortal race. How would they handle the death of one of their own? That shock would utterly consume them, I mean look at Blue(who I am harboring a major crush on) she went from that mysterious deft leader we knew to a grieving emotional wreck, who is desperately clutching at Pink’s subjects, Zoo and hell even the Earth. Yellow Diamond however is not the analytical leader that Peridot heard she had been but is instead barely containing her anger at her youngest sister’s death and wants to get rid of every remnant of her so she no longer has to feel this pain. And if you think about their reactions kind of match the placement of their gems, which lies directly over the heart, the area we feel anger and sadness most clearly. It could of course be figured that White Diamond, whose gem is placed on her forehead and through cursory evidence is the eldest of the sisters has as of yet been DETACHED from the narrative, using logic instead of feeling to explain away Pink’s death.

Their is so much more I could talk about the Zoo itself, Greg charming everyone, the fact they might be rescuing the Rubies, the FAMYTHEST! But something else is really nagging at me.

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Pink Diamond. She was obviously adored by her sisters and as of yet her actions don’t ring with any of the cruelty that we have seen from the other Diamonds. I mean look at the Zoo, creepy as hell, oh yes, carefully controlled in all manners possible, yes again! But cruel, harsh, not at all hell it’s about as one millions times as nice then most Zoo’s I’ve visited in real life! Like there is no evidence that their are any other Zoo’s like this of other races the Diamonds might have destroyed in their conquest, which is over all 64 planetoids turned to colonies. Likewise their is her apparent creation of the Rose Quartz Gems themselves. The way Blue makes it sound is that before Pink, Rose Quartz didn’t exist. Also look at a Rose Quartz’s abilities, empathy, healing tears, chlorokinesis, those aren’t the abilities of a front line soldier or conqueror like the other Quartz Gems are built for. They’re healers, nurturers, the actually care about the world around them and that is so oddly unique amongst Gems. I mean what purpose does growing organic life serve a race of nonorganic beings that plan on basically killing the planet anyway? It just doesn’t fit the Homeworld mold…so what does this say about Pink Diamond? What does this say about Rose?