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The real Taylor Swift:

April 23rd 2009-July 10th 2010: The Fearless Tour

The Fearless Tour. Taylor decided to walk through the crowds at her shows, greeting fans of all ages, genders and races because SHE wanted to meet the fans that had been supporting her and helping her reach where she is to this day. After each show, Taylor held a meet and greet called ‘The T-Party’. This was a room where fans could go to eat pizza and meet each other and get to know other people and then get to meet Taylor. Taylor would walk around stadiums and hide behind food bars and then surprise fans in the line. Each night she would walk a number of miles to meet as many people as she could.

February 9th 2011-March 18th 2012: The Speak Now Tour

Much like at the Fearless Tour, Taylor said she wanted to continue walking through the crowds during one of her songs at the Speak Now Tour. Taylor hugged as many people as she could and thanked them for coming. Sometimes Taylor would tell her security to move out of the way and to let her hug more people. Taylor continued her ‘T-Party’ meet and greet. Taylor’s team would walk to different areas of the stadium during the show and hand out free meet and greets to fans who had gone all-out; screaming and dancing the whole time and wearing bold and creative costumes/handmade posters.

September 8th 2012: Ronan

The lyrics to this song are based on a blog she read about a four-year-old boy, Ronan Thompson, who died from neuroblastoma in 2011.Taylor wrote the song by putting together quotes from blog creator Maya Thompson, Ronan’s mother. Thompson is credited as a co-writer of the song. Taylor first performed the song live for Stand Up to Cancer in September 2012, and has only performed it publicly one other time, at the Glendale, Arizona stop of The 1989 World Tour, at which Ronan’s mother was in the audience. All proceeds from sales of the single go to help fight cancer.

2014: 1989 Secret Sessions

In anticipation of the release of her album, 1989 on October 27, Taylor held a series of “1989 Secret Sessions” over the past few weeks at her various homes across America, where carefully-selected fans were told they were attending some sort of secret event, with no knowledge of what was in store for them. When fans arrived they were told to sit in a room together and wait. Taylor then jumped out and surprised them all and they all got to hear her new album before anyone else. Taylor baked cookies and other goods, fans got to meet Taylor’s cat, Olivia Benson Swift, and they danced together and each got to meet Taylor and just hang out.

May 5th 2015-December 12th 2015: The 1989 Tour

At each 1989 concert, before perfoming her song ‘clean’, Taylor gave a 3-4 minute inspirational speech, telling fans to love themselves. This is what Taylor said to the crowd of 60,000 at Hyde Park, London on June 272015: ‘There are people here from all over the world, so if you travelled to be here, thank you so much for coming. And, you know, looking out at you, thinking about the fact that we all come from different places, maybe we all have different accents, we have different hobbies, different backgrounds, whatever. But there’s one thing that we have in common that I know for sure. That thing is that when we feel a great amount of joy, or a great amount of pain, we turn to music. That’s why we’re all at Hyde Park tonight. From talking to you so much, and getting to know you, it’s never been more apparent to me how difficult it is to feel okay about yourself in 2015. Real talk. I mean, every single day we go online – and trust me, I love the internet, okay? Love it – but, every day we go online and we scroll through the highlight reel of other people’s awesome lives. But we don’t see the highlight reel of our awesome lives – all we see is the behind the scenes. We see every single moment, from when we wake up and we’re like “oh, God, not feeling my hair today. Not going to be a good day today for the hair”. We see our doubts, we see our fears, we see our concerns. You are the only one who is inside your brain feeling all of your anxieties and the voices who are telling you that you can’t be who you want to be, or that you’re not who you want to be, or that you want to be more like that other person over there. Let me tell you, people are mean to each other, but no voice is as mean as our own voices are to ourselves. Is it true or is it false? It’s true, right? Okay, so if there’s one thing that you come away from this night remembering, I want it to be this – every day when you look in the mirror, and your mind is telling you all the things you are not – if those things are that you’re not cool enough, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not popular enough, you’re not successful enough, you’re not special, you’re not wanted, you’re not unique – those are not the things you are not. Let me tell you the things you are not. Okay? You are not somebody else’s opinion. That’s what you’re not. You are not going nowhere just because you’re not where you want to be yet. You are not damaged goods just because you have made mistakes in your life. Those are the things you are not. Let me tell you the things that you are. Would you like to hear the things that you are? You are your own definition of beautiful, and worthwhile, and no one else’s definition. You are wiser, stronger, and smarter because you made mistakes in your life, not damaged. And lastly, London, England, you are someone who is probably standing here tonight going through your own battles, fighting your own ghosts, trying to cover your own scars, stressing about your own stresses. But, rather than wallowing in them, you got up, you put on an awesome outfit, and now we’re all standing here together having the best time of our lives at a concert on a Saturday night. I realise that it’s not about being perfect, it’s not about feeling perfect. I think that sometimes it’s just about getting on with things and realising that you’re happy today. That’s all that matters. I just want you to know that one thing I have learned in 25 years, and I’m still learning, is that if you get rained on, you walk through a bunch of storms, life is constantly coming at you – that doesn’t make you damaged. It makes you clean.’

May 5th 2015-December 12th 2015: The 1989 Tour (Loft 89)

At Taylor’s 1989 concerts, she held a meet and greet called ‘Loft 89′ where Taylor, again, could hang out with her fans and dance around with them. Taylor met lots of different people including children with disabilities and illnesses. Taylor made sure everyone had a great time and that everyone was included and treated equally.

Christmas 2014/2015: ‘Swiftmas’

Taylor Swift surprised 13-year-old fan Delaney Clements who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the age of seven. Delaney, who is a massive fan of the 26-year-old singer started a campaign to meet Taylor called #TaylorMeetDelaney and on Saturday (19th December) her wish came true. Taylor surprised the family by turning up unannounced and the afternoon was captured on Instagram and Facebook with Delaney and her Mum posting photos. Taylor became so into the idea of ‘Swiftmas’ that she also sent a number of other fans packages of merch and other little presents.

Award acceptance speeches

To any award acceptance speech, there is always something directed to Taylor’s fans. Taylor thanks her fans for everything because she knows that we are such a big part of her life and she wouldnt be where she is now without us.

A very important quote Taylor has said:

Long story short: Taylor is one of those few artists who does nothing but good for her fans and everyone around her yet she gets body shamed and name called everywhere. It really does break my heart. 

Taylor has been there for me through everything and I know that she always will be because she has never failed to make us all smile and to make us all feel better about ourselves, She has made me feel loved and wanted and she has introduced me to some of my bestest friends ever. To me, Taylor Swift is not just an artist, she’s my best friend.


some humanz-themed asks
  • Ascension: what is your worst fear?
  • Strobelite: would you rather spend all night partying or at home?
  • Saturnz Barz (Spirit House): would you ever explore a haunted house with friends?
  • Momentz: what is your best memory?
  • Submission: what do you want most in a relationship?
  • Charger: how much time do you spend on your phone or on the internet?
  • Andromeda: if you could spend an hour with someone who is no longer living (whether you know them personally or not), who would you choose?
  • Busted and Blue: are you a pessimist or an optimist?
  • Carnival: do you like roller coasters or carnival games more?
  • Let Me Out: if you could change any aspect of your life, what would you change?
  • Sex Murder Party: what's your vice?
  • She's My Collar: love or lust?
  • Hallelujah Money: fame or fortune?
  • We Got the Power: what inspires you the most and why?
  • The Apprentice: would you call yourself a leader?
  • Halfway to the Halfway House: do you succumb to peer pressure easily?
  • Out of Body: are you a thrill seeker or do you prefer to stay in your comfort zone?
  • Ticker Tape: do you believe in new beginnings?
  • Circle of Friendz: if you had one day left to live, how would you spend it?

This post is for my mutuals and people who make my dash a wonderful place, but it’s also for anyone who’s ever reblogged, liked or even just looked at any of my posts and thought they were alright (✿◠‿◠)

Wow!! I still can’t believe there’s more than 5,000 of you who follow this blog. I’ve been on here for so long and I’ve never properly thanked everyone. I’ve been making edits for a bit now, but it wasn’t until yuri on ice that I felt more comfortable and proud of how far I had gotten with my skills. I still have a long way to go but I’m always willing to learn and I’m super happy that a lot of you seem to like my creations. So many of you have been nothing more than supportive and in all honesty so much of this support has saved me from myself. When yuri on ice was airing I was going through really though time and I coped by delving deep into photoshop and the support I got was unbelievable. Every week my thought process was just “one more week and I can feel that happiness again.” That support that I received is something that I still find absolutely incredible. Whether you’ve been putting up with me for a long time, or you followed this blog recently, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve also made many absolutely amazing friends on here that whether you know it or not, you’ve helped me so much and words cannot describe how much I appreciate that and I hope you all know that I’ll be here for you even if we were to deactivate and move on with our lives. Ahhh sorry I got really deep and emotional there, please don’t mind me just casually professing my love to the internet ^^;

Well after that sap fest… without further ado, these are some of the people that brighten my day!!

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If Tumblr Was a Country

Everyone would be reading and sobbing and fangirling and walking at the same time, which would cause many accidents, but we would just find it totally awesome and sob and fangirl together (like “watch it !” “Could you just shut up ? my favourite character just died” “oh, honey ! What happened ?” *4 hours of crying and complaining and fangirling Iater* “uhm btw, what’s your name ?”).

Everyone would be so supportive and friendly, there would be no crime… until you insult their ships. You better run fast if you do so.

There would be libraries for everyone opened 24/7 and free Netflix memberships.

There would be Civil Wars of Fandoms and OTPs where people violently try to force their opinion on others instead of just enjoying this peaceful place but we’d still enjoy it because pain demands to be felt and you’ll definitely feel it when you insult my fandom/otp

Everyone is welcome, no matter how they look like, where they come from or whom they love.

Each part of the country is dedicated to a special Fandom (like Courts in ACOTAR), but every now and then we all have fandom gatherings where we just enjoy our lives together (and yes, it is a social event you’re allowed to read at in public.)

We’d send our parents postcards because all their worries got true : we got too involved with strangers on the internet… but it’s not particularly a bad thing.

Nobody would tell us to grow up or live in reality since we know how much comfort you can get out of books.

It’s a country where all of us will find a home, no mater how out of place we felt in the normal world every now and then.

I don’t know about you, but I would definitely move there.

Here’s what nobody asked for, my thoughts on all the AS3 girls

I’m very excited about Aja. I think that a problem we would’ve run into with most season 9 girls is they haven’t elevated themselves enough since their season *cough ginger cough* but I genuinely think that Aja has gotten her look polished up to match her performance level. The bitch is hungry I see her as a big contender for the crown

I’m honestly not the biggest DeLa fan. I think she did well in her season, I don’t see her as too much of a character like Michelle says, there was just never anything about her that captured me. I don’t really see her taking the crown but then again I didn’t see her making it that far in season 6, I’d love to see her prove me wrong though

CHI CHI DEVAYNE IS MY QUEEN. This is one of the few times that I really think a queen was totally robbed of a spot. I loved her on season 8 and something that I like about her is that beyond her amazing lip sync skills she also is a great actress, comedian, and her looks are pretty good. I think now that she has that drag race money there is nothing holding her back. She, along with Milk, is who I’m rooting for and I really could see her winning it all

Hmmm Kennedy. Don’t get me wrong she should be here, it’s just I don’t think it’s going to go well for her. What I mean is Phi Phi let the competition get to her and let her ugly side show, I think the same thing is going to happen to Kennedy, we’ve already seen in the meet the queens that she was letting some of her bitterness towards Pearl show, I just don’t think it’s going to go great for her.

Let me be super clear, I’m very biased because Milk is undoubtedly one of my favorite queens. I don’t think anyone has ever come close to doing what Milk does, and now that Drag race is a little more accepting of Alt-Drag (season 7′s bearded runway, seasons 9′s Club kid runway) I think that she will really have a chance to shine. That being said I don’t think Milk will win, I’m rooting for her but Milk is a rebel at heart and loves to keep pushing the envelope and keep pushing it until the judges have had too much, she also had a lot of challenges that she sort of floundered in back in season 6. So while I think she’s amazing, unique, and one of my favorites, I don’t think the competition is the kind of place she shines

I always love a queen from early seasons coming back and I think Morgan is deserving. She is a sort of unashamed bitch that I think does well for entertainment value without getting her reputation ruined (see Trinity Taylor) I’m also really excited to see her since the MTQ videos made her seem like she’s in it 100% for the competition and not just to gain social media  followers, something that really ruins the later seasons is how worried the queens are about the fans perception and I love a queen who doesn’t care

SHANGELA? Jk Kimora I love her. I think she’s sickening, she’s got the same hilarious attitude that all of Haus of Edwards has that really does it for me. She’s got charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. For the bitches that say “why is she getting a third shot” Trixie is also getting a third shot bitch so get with it. I’d actually love to see the plot progression of a queen going from 1st out, to high placing, to all stars winner.

I adore (delano) Thorgy, I don’t know if I think she really has a shot at the crown but I’m okay with that she’s fun and I’m excited to see more of her. I don’t even think she thinks she has a shot at the crown, in MTQ she said her goal going in was just to get as far as she did last time, but she just made it seem like she was thrilled and excited to get to be on the show. Thorgy loves drag and has fun with it and it really shows. 

Ohhhhh honey. She’s beautiful, she’s perfect, she looks like Linda Evangelista. The internet eats her up everytime she walks out there. But seriously Trixie is sickening and has done phenomenal since then but I actually don’t want her to win (sue me). I really do love her so much but it just feels like how in AS2 we knew straight away that Alaska would win, Trixie really feels like the same thing. I know she’s great but I think it’d be more gag-worthy if we were shocked by the winner. I am super hype to see her kill some challenges and runways though

So yeah those are my thoughts, message me if you want to talk about it, but don’t get cute if you disagree. I’d love to have a normal conversation but I’m too pretty to fight

Sweet Revenge

Anonymous said: “Can you please write an jackson wang imagine when I pull the I’m leaving you prank on him because he keeps pranking me Thank you”

I hope this was what you wanted! Thank you for the request <3 <3 </p>

Enough was enough. There was only so much you could take, and you had reached your limit. 

It was time for some sweet revenge. 

It had been funny when he rearranged everything in your kitchen cabinets so you couldn’t find anything, you had laughed when you had put your feet into your boots only to find them filled with water, you didn’t even get mad when you opened your bedroom door only to have a raw egg fall on your head. You weren’t phased when clingfilm was taped across the front door after a long day of work, and you forgave the time he replaced the hand soap with honey.

But as you pulled feathers from your hair, you knew this had to stop. By the time you realized that your favorite hat was full of them, it was too late. Feathers were everywhere, on the floor, in your hair, all over your clothes and some still floated around in the air.

You walked around your apartment, looking for ideas. You had never been one for pulling pranks, just watching them, and you didn’t know where to start. 

As you wandered into yours and Jackson’s shared bedroom, you noticed your suitcase sticking out slightly from the closet. Jackson must have bumped it that morning getting his clothes, and you made to put it away. That’s when the idea came to you, the ultimate prank that would put an end to this feathery, sticky, wasteful nonsense.

Now all you had to do was set it up and wait.

When Jackson walked through the front door several hours later, he wasn’t expecting to see you sitting on the couch waiting for him with a glare. He knew the moment he walked in that something was wrong. You didn’t great him with your usual kiss, didn’t ask how his day was, didn’t say anything for a full minute.

“Hey babe.” He said hesitantly. “Something wrong?” 

You looked up at him, and he noticed the glassy look in your eyes. “I don’t think this is going to work.”

He felt like the floor had been pulled out from under him, in an instant he felt like everything he had worked so hard for was gone. “Wh… What?” Surely you were talking about something else. You had to be. Maybe you meant that the trip the two of you had planned for next month wouldn’t work with your schedule?

“Us.” You clarified. “I don’t think we’re going to work. Who were we kidding anyway? This has to stop.”

You watched as Jackson dropped his bag, looking like he didn’t quite believe you. “Did something happen?” He asked, and his voice cracked slightly. “Babe, if I did something wrong, please just tell me, we can talk about this…” He walked over to where you were seated, sinking down on his knees in front of you. You could see tears welling in his eyes, and you felt a pang of guilt.

“It’s not that you did anything, we just… Jackson, we could never really work. Haven’t we been lying to ourselves for long enough?”

“I… No, you love me. I know you do.” There was a desperation in Jackson’s voice that made your heart feel like it was breaking, and seeing him cry made you cry too. You sniffed, telling yourself that you needed to stick with the plan. You stood, unable to look at Jackson anymore, and began walking over to the bedroom.

“If you’ll just talk to me, please, we can work this out. Is this about my parents? Your parents? People on the internet? Just ignore them, they don’t know us, they don’t know how much I lo–”

You turned around abruptly, facing Jackson almost nose-to-nose. “I’ve made up my mind, Jackson.” You opened the door, walking over to the bed where your suitcase sat.

“We’ll talk in the morning, it’ll be better then–” He stopped when he saw your suitcase, and his knees gave out. That was when you knew you couldn’t keep up the charade. 

You hurried over to his shaking form, kneeling down in front of him and putting your hand on his cheek. “Jackson, hey, look at me. Don’t cry, I’m sorry, it was a prank, I didn’t mean to make you so upset.” 

“It’s my fault, isn’t it? For being gone so much?” You realized he wasn’t even listening anymore, and leaned in for a kiss. He froze the moment he felt your lips on his, and looked reproachful when you pulled away.

“That’s not fair.” He whispered. “You can’t kiss me after dumping me.”

“Baby,” You said, feeling utterly horrible as you brushed a tear from his cheek with your thumb. “It was a prank, a joke, I didn’t mean it. I’m so sorry.”

“What?” His eyes were red, and he wiped his nose with his sleeve as he tried to understand. 

“I love you, I would never leave you.” You said, but he still didn’t look like he could believe you. “Look,” You said, standing to get the suitcase and bringing it back over to him. “It’s empty, see?” He watched as you opened it, and he took a deep shuddering breath.

“It was a prank?” He asked weekly, and you nodded. 

“Revenge for all the pranks you’ve been pulling on me. I think it might have gone a little too far, though.” Jackson sniffed loudly in response, pulling you close and burying his face in your neck. 

“I’m sorry.” You said again, and he let out a tired laugh.

“I guess I was asking for it.” There was a moment of silence between you before he spoke again. “So you’re really not leaving me?” 

“Never.” You said, and his grip on you tightened, as though he were afraid you might disappear if he let go.

“I think this was worse than feathers in your hat.” He pointed out, and you had to agree. “You know it’s my turn for revenge now, right?” 

You made a face, even though Jackson still couldn’t see it. “My plan was to get you to stop pranking me.” 

“You could have just asked.” You could tell from his voice that he was pouting, and you pulled away enough to peck him on the lips once again.

“I did.” You sighed. “And you responded with clingfilm across the door, remember?” 

He nodded slowly. “Oh, yeah.” He laughed, and you felt a wave of relief upon hearing it. “This was a pretty good prank, you know.” He said thoughtfully. “And you’re really good at acting, I even thought you were serious for a second there.”

“Oh really?” You snorted.

He nodded. “But your tears were totally fake, it was a dead giveaway.” 

You gasped dramatically, pretending to be hurt by the words. “I will have you know that those tears were one hundred percent authentic.”

He rolled his eyes, standing and pulling your to your feet at the same time. “Sure they were. Did you chop unions before I got here or something?”

You shook your head. “Nope, seeing you cry makes me cry.” He looked like he wanted to say something else, but then gave a slightly breathless laugh. 

“How am I supposed to be mad when you say stuff like that?” He complained as he tucked your hair behind your ear. You could tell that he wasn’t actually annoyed though, and decided that really, your plan had been a success.

Dating Chloe Bennet Would Include...

Requested by @thehistorynut19
Tags: @geeky-girl-394 @whatwoulddaisyjohnsondo

  • Having a small, guest role on Agents of SHIELD for one episode
  • Where you and Chloe immediately hit it off
  • Goofing off on set together
  • Getting signed on for more episodes because you and Chloe had such great chemistry
  • And as you spent more together
  • Your small crush on Chloe turned into real feelings
  • Your first date being at Chloe’s favorite bar
  • Getting a little bit tipsy and making out in the back of her car afterwards
  • Starting to officially go out not too long after that
  • Keeping your relationship a secret for a while because neither of you wanted all the attention
  • But you eventually decide to go public because you want the world to know how much you love each other
  • Everyone on the internet shipping you oh my lord
  • Looking at fanart/fanfiction/fanvideos about yourselves
  • “Wow, we make a great couple!”
  • Chloe always being a complete dork around you
  • Her always being able to make you laugh when you’re sad
  • Ordering takeout, watching cheesy comedies, and cuddling when one/both of you are having a bad day
  • Doing lots of cheesy domestic shit
  • Like slow dancing in your pajamas
  • Or sliding across your newly waxed floors in socks
  • Giving each other mani-pedis
  • Loving to have chill days with each other
  • Chloe always surprising you with hugs and kisses
  • Lots of sweet kisses
  • Chloe always holding your face in her hands when you kiss
  • Posting lots of cute pictures/videos of each other on social media
  • Not being afraid to be in the public eye
  • But also keeping certain parts of your relationship a secret
  • Loving each other with all your hearts, minds, and souls

shadowops84  asked:

I just saw a picture that Hardwick posted of the two of you at a Dodgers game, and you guys are adorable.

We had so much fun. He was invited to do a thing for MLB, and he knows how much I love the Dodgers, so he invited me and Anne.

The Internet knows that Chris doesn’t enjoy any sports, at all, so when we were posting pictures yesterday, most of the comments we heard from people were presuming that it was I who brought him to the game, instead of the other way around.

We had a lot of fun, and I survived eating two grilled dodger dogs!

Guys Like That- Part 3

Summary-Bucky x plus sized!Reader. You are an inhuman with intuitive intelligence who tony and Bruce hired to work with in the lab. You have a crush on Bucky and Bucky has a crush on you. But you mistake his flirting for him being friendly.  

Message- This isn’t the last part. I think there will be 1-3 more. But I’m not sure yet. I hope you guys like it.  Also the next part of Mrs. America should be out tomorrow. Tuesday at the latest.  Sorry if this sucks!!

Warning- Reader has low self-esteem

Word Count- 1413

Part 1  Part 2

You wake up to a knock at your door. You get off of you bed and walk over to the door. As you open it you see Bucky standing there.

“Hey, Boo Bear, what are you doing up here? Shouldn’t you be at the party?” you ask

“Parties over, Honey Bee.” He says “Nat said I should come talk to you. But I think I’d rather try this instead.” He says as he leans down and kisses you. You instantly melt into him, thrilled at the idea of kissing Bucky. But then you taste the alcohol on his lips and you realize with crushing disappointment that he’s drunk. Of course he’s drunk. Sober Bucky would never want to kiss you. So you pull back.

“God, I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” He says as he rests his head against your forehead.

“Boo Bear, your drunk, you don’t know what you’re doing or saying. Come on, I’ll walk you to your room.” You say doing your best to smile as you pull away from him. You’ve been dreaming about Bucky kissing you for months now. But now that it had happened you weren’t sure you could take the heartbreak.

“Honey Bee, what are you talking about? I’m not drunk. I know I’ve been having us take things slow. I just wanted to make sure my mind was right and now that I know it is, all I want to do is kiss my girl.” He says while stroking your cheek with the back of his hand.

“What are you talking about? Your girl? We’re just friends, Bucky.” You said “What did Nat say to you? I think you’re confused, Boo Bear. Why would a guy like you even think about being with a girl like me?” You say giving him a half smile. With that his whole body stiffens and he takes a step back.

“Y-y-your right, hon-I mean Y/N. I think I’m going to go to bed.” He said as his voice cracked. You looked at his face and his eyes were red and glassy.

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.” You say with a smile. Then you walk back into your room, shut your door and fall to the ground. You start sobbing, about 15 minutes later there’s a loud knock on your door. You ignore it at first, but the knocking just gets louder.  

“Y/N, open this damn door right now or I swear to God I will break it down.” Steve screams. That’s enough to get you to jump up.

“What’s wrong Steve? Is Bucky okay?” you ask franticly.

“No, Bucky isn’t okay, you broke his God damn heart!” Steve snarls. “You couldn’t have let him down easy, you had to tell him he was a monster and you would never even consider dating him! He was so excited for tonight, he couldn’t wait to finally try and take the next step in your relationship! He was just telling me earlier how being with you these past few months have helped him so much and he’s the happiest he’s ever been! ”

“What are you talking about? Me and Bucky aren’t dating. I don’t know what you and Nat are playing at but you guys need to stop. Was it a joke? Get Bucky drunk, and then tell him were together so he’ll come up here to kiss me! What are you trying to do, break my heart?” you sob.

“Y/N, you and Bucky have been dating for 3 months! That’s one of the reasons he decided to kiss you tonight. He knows relationships are faster paced now so he didn’t want you to break up with him because you got bored.” Steve said

“Steve, we’ve never even been on a date. I honestly have no idea what you’re even talking about.”

“You guys have been on loads of dates, hell I’ve been on a couple with the two of you when we go on double dates together.” He looks at you like your insane and honestly you kind of feel like you are.

“So this isn’t a joke or a drunken mistake?” you ask quietly.

“No, we would never do that to you.”

“I-I-I don’t even remember him even asking me out on a date. He only ever asked me to hang out or watch Netflix with him.” You say as you run your fingers through your hair.

“Well, yeah. Isn’t that how you ask girls out now?”

“No! Steve I thought he was asking as a friend. He never asked me to be his girlfriend! If he had I would have said yes.”

“The article he read on the computer said that would make him look desperate.”

“You idiots took dating advice from the internet!” you scream at him “How the hell are you and Nat together then!”

“She asked me out and then kind of just told me we were dating a couple months later.” He said with a shrug. “Why did you tell Bucky he shouldn’t even think about you like that if you like him?”

“He’s perfect, Steve, he deserves to be with someone who’s just as amazing.”

“You know you’re basically the smartest person alive right?”

“Only because of my ability, if I didn’t have that I would have an average intelligence.” You say with a shrug “I need to talk to Bucky. I need to make this right.”

“He’s not in a great place right now. You broke his heart when you told him that.”

“I know, and it’s something I’m going to regret for a very long time. I let my own insecurities blind me from what was happening. I broke his heart and know all I want to do is fix it.” You say.

“He’s in his room, the doors locked so you are going to need to convince him to let you in.”

“I think I can do that.” You say as you walk out of your room. His room wasn’t too far from yours so you get there in less than 5 minutes.

“You can do this.” You sigh as you knock.

“Go away, Steve! I want to be alone!” Bucky screams

“It’s not Steve.” You say “I need to talk to you, it’s important.”

“Now’s not really a good time, can you come back tomorrow?” Bucky says through the door.

“No, Boo Bear, I need to tell you this tonight. I don’t think I could bare it if you made me wait until morning. Please let me in.” You say as you sob. “P-p-please, Boo Bear, I need to see you.”


“I love you too, Bucky. Please let me in. I made a mistake please let me explain. I didn’t know we were dating. You never asked me out. You only ever said lets hang out. I though you meant as friends. The internet lied to you Bucky. That’s not how real relationships work now. Please let me in. I’ve loved you for months and now that I know you love me to all I want is to be in your arms. Please.” You cry. A couple of minutes later the door slowly opens and you see Bucky. His face is tear stained but isn’t crying anymore.

“You really love me?” he asks quietly

“More than you’ll ever know.” You respond. Then he surges forward and the next thing you know he’s kissing you. You bring your hand to his hair and his hand lands on your waist. A few minutes later the two of you separate.

“We have got to be the two biggest idiots on the planet.” Bucky says as he pulls you into a hug.

“Does this mean I can still call you Boo Bear.” You ask with a smile

“Of course it does, Honey Bee.”

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So Today I watched… Logan // 20th Century Fox (2017)

At last. For those of you out there: In a country with socialism, movie studios are not exactly eager to show their films when they can’t get their revenue out because of government controls. Venezuela is my country of origin and we are being denied basic supplies like you know… food, medicines and toilet paper… and movies and entertainment too. 

Some big studios have chosen not to show their films in here anymore since they can’t get their money back. How did I manage? Well thanks to the kind souls of the internet and digital releases I finally got around to see this. Does anybody care about what I have to say about this film anymore? Only if you haven’t seen it or if you want to remind yourself why did you love it so much like I did.

It’s remarkable that two of the most solid superhero offerings of this year have focused on the human side of the characters. It happened with Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman and it happened with Hugh Jackman in Logan. I’ve loved every time this guy put on the claws. He has made the character his for 17 years and it was in his last rodeo when he gave us his best performance as the mutant canuck. One I dare say its Oscar worthy. 

The story begins with a wary and tired Logan working a day job as a limo driver to earn enough cash to make sails with a very ill Professor X. One who is suffering from Alzheimer’s and has to be constantly drugged, least he loses control of his mutant power, endangering those around him.  Logan has been keeping a low profile for almost 20 years now. 

Because of an unspecified accident in this time there are no more X-Men and the mutant population is almost non-existent. Logan is doing his best to work with the means he has but his body is giving up on him… he has to clean blood and pus from his claws openings every time he pops them up. His healing factor is not working like it used to and the adamantium in his bones is slowly poisoning him to death.

Along comes a mysterious lady called Gabriela looking for a hero. She’s guarding a little kid who refuses to speak. Logan doesn’t want anything to do with this lady but his need for cash makes her offer hard to ignore: drive them up to Canada for 20 grand and leave them there in a specified address. Logan reluctantly accepts the job while taking notice that a bounty hunter named Daniel Pierce is after Gabriela and the child too. When he’s set to do the job he finds Gabriela dead in her hotel room. 

Scared, Logan goes back to his hiding place only to notice a new passenger with him in the car: Laura, whom is more than what she lets on. As Charles quickly realizes what she is, he asks his old friend to protect her and get her to a safe place. Donald Pierce catches them up and it’s in that moment when The Wolverine finds out that his past has caught up with him once more, this time by blood ties.

To say this film is a compressed masterpiece is to fall short on it. This movie redeems the mediocrity shown in Wolverine Origins and the missteps of The Wolverine. Director James Mangold has finally achieved a perfect Wolverine film with a suitable ending for the character, one that honors the 17 years that Hugh Jackman put blood sweat and tears playing him in 9 films.

With a solid script by James Mangold and Scott Frank, Logan has all the elements of some of the most solid Wolverine tales rolled up into one final grand film, one that will drive you with amazement, laugh and tears like all great films do. So long Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart… you both will be missed.


The Chris Evans Mini-Series (One Shots)

Imagine you and Chris getting Sebastian to babysit your children.

A/N: I just really needed this in my life, I dunno. 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️

New York was where you and Chris had to spend your week due to production meetings and talk show interviews. The original plan was for you and Chris to leave Jack and Lola with your parents so they wouldn’t miss any school, but after days of them bugging the two of you and nights of discussion and planning- you decided they could afford to miss a week of second and third grade. It wouldn’t be the first time they’d missed school to travel with you and Chris, so a plan had been devised. You and Chris would meet with their teachers before you left, gathering the materials they needed to keep up with their classes. So far, so good; their grades remained high and their school remained happy despite their absence in class.

The only problem you had with taking them along was finding someone to look after them while you and Chris were out and about. Usually your meetings were at different timings; you went while Chris stayed and took care of them, and vice versa. But some days you and Chris were due at the same time, at the same place. It left you with the decision to either bring them along or leave them in the care of your contacts in New York. They were good children, so they knew they had to behave in certain scenes which made it easy for you and Chris to take them anywhere- even to a professional meeting with an important casting director. But at the end of the day, they were still children who would get bored after an hour of sitting quietly.

Today was one of the days where you and Chris were both needed, and the meeting was said to last at least three and a half hours. Chris, as always, was optimistic that they could pull through if ice-cream was offered at the end. You, on the other hand, weren’t pessimistic, but you didn’t want to overreach either. You and Chris sat your kids down and offered your propositions: a stuffy office where they could have ice-cream after three and a half hours, or three and a half hours with Uncle Sebba and Aunt Margo where they could have all the ice-cream they want. It was needless to say they went with your choice, the obvious and smarter choice. Chris argued that you cheated because you’d lied about having all the ice-cream they wanted. But you reminded him that they were out of your hair and you could now get through the meeting without them politely knocking on the door, asking “are you done yet?”

“Ah hah!” Sebastian grinned excitedly upon opening the door for his two favorite kids.

“Uncle Sebba!” Your children cheered at the sight of him, pouncing to hug his legs. You and Chris smiled because even though Sebastian wasn’t a dad himself, he was great with your kids. If the two of you hadn’t felt obligated to give the title of godparents to your own siblings, Sebastian would’ve definitely made the cut. “We’ve got the whole day with you!” Lola informed him, looking up at him with the same excited grin he had.

“No, you’ve got three and a half hours,” you corrected her. Both Jack and Lola’s faces dropped and they pouted, giving you and Chris puppy dog eyes. “We don’t want to take up Uncle Sebba’s and Aunt Margo’s whole day.” You and Chris waved at Margo over Sebastian’s shoulder as she made her way to the front door. “Three and a half hours, we’ll be back to pick you up.”

“Oh, hush. They are our plans for the day,” Margo told you, resting her hand on top of Lola’s head when Lola hugged her. “We’re more than happy to have them, you two go to your meeting then have a date night after. We’ll babysit, we don’t mind. You know how much we love these two, we’d steal them if we could.”

“Date night sounds amazing,” Chris whispered into your ear and you smiled, neither agreeing nor disagreeing. “Are you guys sure? I mean- that is a very sweet offer,” he tried not to smile when he lowered his gaze onto his children, “to look after our two little monsters.” Jack and Lola made a face at their dad, drawing laughter from the adults. “Look at those little monster faces. Honestly, keep ‘em if you want.”

“No, Daddy!” Lola detached herself from Margo and ran over to her dad, throwing her tiny arms around his leg. Chris chuckled, lifting her into his arms to hug her; her arms wrapped around and her head buried into the crook of his neck. “I just want to spend the day here, I want to come home to you and Mama.”

“You are going to come home to me and Mama,” Chris kissed her head. “I was just kidding, sweetheart.” She pulled away and leaned back in his arms. “You know I wouldn’t let anyone take you away from me.” She huffed, crossing her arms over her chest. “Aw, don’t be like that. You know I love you, baby.” He booped her nose and she cracked a smile, which turned into giggles when Chris tickled her.

“Okay, we should go.” You told Chris when you felt your phone buzz in your back pocket. Chris nodded and kissed Lola’s cheek before lowering her onto her feet. “We’ll call after the meeting, and if you guys are still okay with having them- we’ll go have dinner first.” Sebastian and Margo nodded, smiling. “Thank you so much, we really appreciate it.” You descended to your knees in front of your children and opened your arms; they quickly enfolded themselves in your love. “Be good, okay? Listen to everything Uncle Sebba and Aunt Margo tells you to do.”

“Okay, Mama.”

“Are we okay posting photos on Instagram?” Margo asked, knowing how much you and Chris liked staying away from the limelight. “I say photos but I meant just one, a cute little group shot.” You looked over at Chris, who nodded, and you nodded. “Awesome, I can’t wait to see the reactions. It’s going to blow up the internet, you know how much the world loves your children.”

“We are adorable, aren’t we?” Lola looked over her shoulder at Margo, grinning. Margo nodded, chuckling. “I like being famous, Mama. Everyone is really nice.” You all smiled, trying not to sigh at the innocence of a child. “I want to be an actor when I grow up too, like Daddy and Uncle Sebba and Aunt Margo.”

“Do you?” Chris winked because he already knew that. The two of them were always having their own little chats, one of them being about her becoming an actress. It happened when you weren’t home because Chris knew it wasn’t a topic up for discussion until she was much, much older. You loved the industry you were in, but you weren’t a hundred percent about having her in the same limelight you and Chris were constantly in.

“We’ll talk about it when you grow up.” You kissed her cheek then Jack’s, releasing them as you got to your feet. “Alright, we’re going to go.” You slipped your hand in Chris’ and you both headed for the elevator. “See you later.” You called as you both waved, entering the elevator.

“Now that the parentals have gone,” Sebastian smirked. “Let’s go eat ice-cream!” He announced in a deep, monster-like growl making Jack and Lola giggle. “Ice-cream for lunch!” He cheered, catching each child under his arm and carrying them towards the kitchen.

“I am surrounded by children,” Margo laughed softly, closing the front door before she followed.

• • • • • • • •

You’d called Sebastian’s phone after the meeting like you’d promised to check in with them as well as their state of mind. Children were exhausting, and if they were ready to call it a day- you and Chris could head over to pick them up. But they were fine, Sebastian and Margo were more than happy to continue to have them while you and Chris had a date night. Sebastian even told you- after Lola picked up and passed him his phone that “we’re in the middle of baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Margo and I would be lost without their help, so we’re going to have to ask for another few hours.” You were about to argue that chocolate chip cookies didn’t take that long when you remembered you could have date night with your husband. You quickly thanked them and hung up, calling your favorite restaurant in New York for a last minute reservation. It just so happened that the restaurant was only ten minutes away from Sebastian’s apartment.

“We should come to New York more often,” you joked, clinking wine glasses with Chris. “Or maybe we should buy Sebastian and Margo a house in Boston.” Chris laughed, nodding in agreement. “That way we can actually have date nights instead of planning it, only to cancel last minute and stay home.”

“I know, right?” He chuckled, lowering to glass to reach for your hand. “I’m sorry we’ve missed so many date nights, I know it sucks having our plates so full.” You turned your palm up in his hand, interlocking fingers. “I guess it’s the price we have to pay for being so good at our jobs.” He winked and you smiled. “But I promise, more effort.”

“It’s okay,” you shook your head. “I mean- it doesn’t really have to be a night out for us to call it a date night. We’ve had some pretty awesome date nights at home too,” you reminded him with a flirtatious smirk and he chuckled. “I’m just happy as long as I get to spend time with you.”

“The feeling’s mutual, sweetheart,” he drew your hand to his lips and pressed a tender kiss on your knuckles. “Okay, so what are we going to order?” You both pulled your hands away from each other and looked at your menus. “I’m thinking we get something different each and share, so we can at least try something new. We have to-” Before he could finish, his phone rang. He sighed then narrowed his eyes when he saw that it was his publicist, Susan. “Do you mind?” He asked and you shook your head, you both knew Susan didn’t call unless it was important.

“Hey Susan, could you make it quick? I’m just about to have-” He cut himself off, responding accordingly. “I’m not surprised. Yeah, Y/N and I left them with Sebastian and Margo for the day. She asked if she could post a picture on her Instagram and we said yes. Wait-” his brows furrowed. “What do you mean there’s more than one? The photos are circulating everywhere? It looks like- Okay, let me just- I’ll call you back.”

“There’s more than one photo circulating?”

“There are at least a dozen photos on Sebastian’s Instagram, documenting the day they’re having.”  He told you and you narrowed your eyes in confusion; Sebastian and Margo would never, and had never done anything to breach that trust you and Chris gave them when it came to your children. There was no way they would’ve posted more than the one photo you agreed to. “It’s not Seb and Margo who posted them.” He explained. “The photos look like they were taken by a child, the child being Lola.”

“Oh,” was all you could say before you both started to laugh. “Okay, well- we should probably call and give them a heads up. I’d say delete them, but they’re already circulating the web so there’s no point. Should we just-” you beckoned your thumb at the exit and Chris sighed, nodding. “We’ll grab some burgers on our way there.”

• • • • • • • •

You’d texted Margo instead of Sebastian because you had a feeling Lola was still using his phone from the photos being posted on his Instagram. As soon as Margo saw the text, she told Sebastian and he rushed out of the kitchen to look for Lola who was sitting on the couch happily taking selfies. He’d realized it was Margo’s mistake showing her how Instagram worked, but the selfie taking- she learned that from her mom.

“Sweetheart,” Sebastian walked over and Lola looked up, grinning. “Can I have my phone back?” He held out his hand and Lola pouted, hugging the phone to her chest. “Please?” She sighed and held it out for him to take. As you all suspected, Lola had been flooding Sebastian’s Instagram with photos. They were surprisingly good shots for a six year old, but it was definitely going to take a while for the internet to calm down. “Oh God,” he pressed his lips together, turning his wifi off altogether so he’d stop getting notifications.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No, sweetheart. Not really,” Sebastian placed his phone down on the coffee table then sat down next to Lola. “You just posted photos you weren’t meant to post.” She looked confused and he chuckled softly, taking her hand in his. “Do you remember when Aunt Margo asked your mom and dad if she could post a photo of all of us on her Instagram?”

“Yeah,” she nodded. “Am I in trouble because I didn’t ask Mama and Daddy?”

“You’re not in trouble, but you should ask because you post anything online. Especially at this age, okay?” She still look confused so he gave her hand a gentle squeeze as he continued to explain, “you see, your mom and dad, and Aunt Margo and I- we’re all celebrities. People want to know what’s going on in our lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to share everything. Some moments are better off kept to ourselves, that’s how we keep the magic of the moment. Do you understand?”

“I think so.” She scrambled onto Sebastian’s lap and hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry, Uncle Sebba.” He smiled and hugged her back, kissing her head. “I didn’t mean to, I just thought because Aunt Margo did it- I should do it too. Are you mad at me?” Sebastian shook his head when she pulled away to look at him. “Will Mama and Daddy be mad at me?”

The doorbell rang and Sebastian winced, “we’ll just have to see. C'mon.” He popped her on her feet and took her hand, leading her to the front door where he knew you and Chris were waiting patiently on the other side. “That was my bad, I wasn’t watching my phone and-”

“You are a menace,” Chris teased Lola, scooping her into his arms. She giggled and hugged her dad, knowing from his tone she wasn’t in trouble. “I know when you become an actress you’re going to get lots of attention, but how about we keep you from that attention until then?”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“I’m sorry did you say ‘when’?” You raised a brow at Chris and Lola, who had the same sheepish look on their faces. “When did it become a 'when’? I thought we said we’re tabling it until she’s older, like- high school older.”

“Mmmm! I smell chocolate chip cookies,” Chris quickly changed the subject and hurried off with Lola. You scoffed and Sebastian tried not to laugh, beckoning you in with his head so he could close the door behind you. “Do you know who loves cookies?” You could hear Chris with your children and you smiled. “Cookie Monster, om nom nom nom.” He mimicked the popular Sesame Street character’s voice, making Jack and Lola howl with laughter.

“I married a kid,” you chuckled with a shake of your head.

“Funny,” Sebastian wrapped an arm around you and led you to the kitchen, “that’s what Margo says to me.”

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Hi Taylor!

In celebration of reputation™ coming out this week, I wrote you a song. How’s that for a plot twist?

But what’s way WAY cooler than that, actually, is that all these wonderful amazing Swifties wanted to participate in this secret music video for you. We are literally from all over the world and have never met before, but we came together through time and space for this one project and our love for you. The internet can be the most beautiful thing.

Apologies for the lousy quality editing (I’m actually a lawyer lol) – but it’s the thought that counts, right?

You are one of my greatest inspirations for songwriting and for life, I adore you and would love to someday give you a big hug and personally thank you for being such a positive influence in my life. As the song says: “there’s not a day that I don’t hear you in my head”. <3

Love you!!!!!


FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART thank you so so so so so much to everyone who participated: Christina @1989badblood13 , Kristin @tshifty, Ilham @swiftieforlifestuff, Vee @swiftsquad, Lorena @aunt-becky-swift13, Cátia @feelingfinallyclean, Naomi @youresogorgeous13, Yolanda @sadbeautifulmagic, Mattie @lightsoutswiftie, Maddie @rep-u-tay-tions, Tinita @notaprincessimyourqueen , Ilaria @hereitshilary, Vilma @tayloruniverse, Julie @alltoojulie and Ara @aralovestaylor. You guys are amazing and make life worth living.

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(this is long and I don’t want to put it under a cut xoxo) 

So around Thanksgiving time, I was at work and we get a call from the teen room and Mary asks me if I knew anything about Divergent.

“Yeah, I read the whole trilogy,” I say and think hated it but def read it. 

Ok,” she says, “I’m going to send someone over to talk to you.”

Shit, I think, and begin prepping for a Conversation With Someone Who Likes Divergent. 

(side note: i am very good at talking about books i do not like with people who loved them and they never get any inkling I did not like them. I’m very good at it.) 

So, this older gentleman comes into the children’s room. Cheerful looking guy, probably in his fifties or sixties. He explains that he really loved the movies and after the news about them ditching the last movie he was wondering if it was possible to read Allegiant but just start at the point where the last movie stopped. 

I admitted I hadn’t seen any of the movies but I could tell him about how the book ended and we could see if the movie would have taken the same direction? 

So we chat about Divergent for a while.

(Now, note, I am wearing a Kylo Ren shirt because my wardrobe is still mainly t-shirts and my god it is hard to dress in Business Casual when the library technically does not enforce a dress code)

He asks if I’m a Star Wars fan. I, being a twenty-three year old girl, obsessed with Star Wars who also has many Strong Opinions about Star Wars, immediately tense up. I don’t like talking about Star Wars with guys because, in general, they’re condescending in some way or just have Terrible Opinions. I’m also immediately put on edge because this is an older guy so… i’m pretty much expecting condescension. 

I say yes. He LIGHTS UP. L I G H T S U P. Asks me if I read the books, which books have I read, am I excited for Rogue One, did I like TFA, AND ON AND ON.

We talk about Star Wars for about thirty minutes before he leaves. Twenty-minutes later he COMES BACK. He forgot to tell me something and also have I read Catalyst because he’s reading it now and oh! my! god! and also I have got to read Life Debt because it is amazing and the pieces are falling into place and the picture is getting bigger. 

He’s so excited. He’s talking about the EU (he’s read like! all of it!) and just INCANDESCENT. I’m so excited because oh my god I never get to talk Star Wars with someone who just wants to GUSH ABOUT HOW GREAT STAR WARS IS. 

So he leaves. A few weeks pass and I have off-desk time and one of my coworkers swings in and is like ‘there’s someone to see you?’

what. i think. why. 

IT’S MY STAR WARS FRIEND. (I’m Terrible With Names and I’m like 80% his name is Harold but oh my god guys I don’t know) 

He asks if I’ve gotten to Catalyst. I say ‘oh my god no but i bought it literally THE SECOND YOU LEFT’ 

We talk about Star Wars. He GIVES ME a copy of Life Debt (!!!) and says that the library has been so good to him and honestly i have to read this and i’m very (!!!!) 

A week or so later one of my coworkers says that someone stopped by and asked for me but I was off somewhere and he told them not to disturb me and I was like ‘oh! my star wars friend. we talk about star wars.’ He stops by later that day to ask when I was seeing Rogue One. (”Friday morning!” “I’m seeing it Sunday!”) We talk Rey theories. He’s got a bunch of theories that tie her to Luke and I was very “ehhhh idk i think it would be cool if she wasn’t related” and he was like “oh man ABSOLUTELY” which :) He asks if I’ve read other sci-fi books and I tell him that I mostly read high fantasy but I’ve been trying to get more sci-fi because i want to write one. He comments that he stopped in to put the last book of the Old Man’s War on hold and I tell him that i JUST put the first one on hold, to which he shakes my hand and says “Oh man we really are friends.” 

So I see Rogue One and one of the first things I think is “Oh my god I can’t wait until he drops by again and we talk about this” 

So he stopped by today and just, this man loves Star Wars so much guys and it’s just so amazing to talk to him about it because he knows SO MUCH about it. 

“I’ve been a fan since the 70s when all there was was only, you know, zines and magazines,” he said today. 
“Gosh, I’ve been a fan since i was 3. Star Wars has just always been there,” I reply.
“That’s so great!!” he says. 

He tells me a Snoke theory he has (it’s good). We talk about how AMAZING Rogue One was. I tell him there’s going to be a Jyn Erso YA book coming out and he got SO EXCITED because he didn’t know. HE’S SO EXCITED. We talk about other things, he guesses my age straight on and then talks about how proud he is that I already have my Master’s and how great it is that I got a job there. 

“This library has been really good to me this year,” he says. “It’s a great place and I met you!” 

We chat about other sci fi books and he’s like “Make me a list. Make me a list I need to know what you’ve read.” 

I talk about how much I love Kylo Ren, immediately feeling nervous because the goddamn internet has conditioned me to now feel anxious admitting how much I love Kylo Ren but he is TOTALLY WITH ME and agrees that the TFA cast are some of the best written characters in anything and oh my god the ending of TFA with the chasm!!! 

So anyway I’ve made a new best friend and he’s an older guy who Loves Star Wars. 

Matthew Daddario Quotes Pt. 2
  • "Is my butt my pumpkin?"
  • "Handing out side-eye like gravity pulls left."
  • "Go kiss a train!"
  • "Can I book this lady for my next birthday?"
  • "Punching isn't solving problems as much as usual."
  • "It's nice when you haven't read a book in ten years so you forget most of it and it's like reading it anew."
  • "Man, that was a sweaty, shirtless day."
  • "I'm not resisting this?"
  • "Vampires are cats?"
  • "Sometimes I write out the description of the face."
  • "You guys keep calling me a dork. Kind of a bummer."
  • "Like with the VROOM thing?"
  • "What if they don't like the same food as me? I can't handle that kind of let down."
  • "Plants are green sometimes."
  • "Oh, that's inappropriate!"
  • "They always open their mouths and they do this, 'Don't bother me!'"
  • "I get to travel more and learn about plants."
  • "If anyone reads this, don't curse. It's bad, and if you all start doing it all the time it won't be as fun when I do it."
  • "Still at home, making pickles."
  • "It helps if you imagine all the pigeons coo'ing at you and they just don't annunciate the 'L'."
  • "I just really want them to find Genghis Khan's tomb this year."
  • "Just chop the hand off to stop the spread."
  • "I'm sure many people have asked themselves that question when they were about 12 and thought 'Oh, what a great thought that was' and I just said it when I'm 29."
  • "They're definitely going at it head first."
  • "Tall guy and little dude need a cop show spin-off."
  • "I'm gonna press the button. Here we go. That's not a button."
  • "This is so deranged! What a sick thing."
  • "I'm a little more professional. I don't giggle when someone says something funny."
  • "Why do people play this game?"
  • "This has been a stressful experience."
  • "I must be really into burning the roof of my mouth when I eat pizza because I never. Freaking. Learn."
  • "Makes me wanna go to sleep."
  • "I don't understand what that sentence means."
  • "Is an eggplant really a plant? Has it in its name, but it's not an egg."
  • "So many lame puns to write, so many buns to touch."
  • "I was allowed to curse there."
  • "Hot sauce in my bag at all times. Always have hot sauce."
  • "I don't know the Pokemon situation. I'm not gonna lie."
  • "This is a morbid question."
  • "That's some information about plants."
  • "My mom is more impressive than your mom. That's truth."
  • "Yo, tall guy, you gonna use your words this episode to solve problems? Improve relationships?"
  • "This feels like a very personal question, BuzzFeed. I am tempted to make something up."
  • "Honestly, city people! Am I right?"
  • "My friend would punch me in the face."
  • "This is the plus happiness rune."
  • "I'm pressing the button! Beep!"
  • "I'm not gonna take off my shirt. Come on."
  • "Just threw so much shade that she's gonna have to take vitamin D supplements for life."
  • "Don't say inappropriate things on here. Come on, guys!"
  • "Dates are stressful. Just go home and see what happens."
  • "Literally just told you not to do that."
  • "If you don't agree, whatever!"
  • "Are these pop culture references that I'm not getting?"
  • "Lucky I'm here to provide therapy."
  • "They are getting a little sweaty and enjoying themselves together."
  • "Twins are sometimes made when an egg splits, I think."
  • "I can't reblog it because it would be narcissistic."
  • "Harry and Isaiah, who are not here, which is a bummer."
  • "I can't remember my first date. I'm sure it went splendidly."
  • "He's back home in London! Home of the world's largest skillet!"
  • "Wacky antics! Misunderstandings! Sexy interlopers!"
  • "Tell me how much you loved my sleeping."
  • "Teen dot com doesn't know their internet slang like we do!"
  • "Maybe he needs more of those forced memory flashbacks. Those seem healthy."
What I Love about You ~ Jonah Marais

Summary: You and Jonah are having a cozy day and he wonders what you love about him. 

Word count: 1019

Author’s Note: This is my first time ever posting an imagine or any fan fiction in general so, all I ask is that you tell me your thoughts and if you have any ideas on making my writing better. Oh, I got the idea by having a cozy day, thinking about the cozy season coming up, and just remembered that Jonah looks hella fine in a hoodie. Thank you! And I suggest listening to The Only One by Corbean Besson, it just goes with the mood and it makes me happy and I just love it. 

Warnings: Fluff x fluff = FLUFF and I say tit. If you don’t like that word, replace it with a synonym. 

This winter season is unforgiving, no mercy, just straight up brutal. There is no other way to sugar coat it except that it’s colder than a witch’s tit. Thick, wet, heavy snow has been falling nonstop since yesterday afternoon and by the looks of it, there is nothing holding Mother Nature back. 

Since the weather is too treacherous to venture outside, Jonah and I decided to stay in and have a cozy day. Cozy weather, cozy clothes, cozy blankets, cozy boyfriend. We’re currently sitting on the couch cuddled up in our hoodies and sweatpants, underneath huge, fuzzy blankets, trying to keep the storm from chilling our bones.

Everything is quiet except for the sound of the occasional car passing by, the heater blasting its warmth from the vents, and reruns of Friends on the television. I lost interest about two episodes ago and I have been playing with Jonah’s hands to keep me occupied. Something funny must’ve happened because I could hear and feel his laughter rolling through my body. I look up to see his gorgeous face break into a smile. That smile, his smile, Jonah’s smile. It just lights up the room. It makes knees weak. His smile has the power to melt all the snow and bring back summer. I smile up at him. This boy, he makes me so happy. Nothing can ever make me stop loving him. Suddenly, I am pulled from my thoughts by Jonah looking back down at me.

“What? Is there something on my face,” he asks, removing his hand from mine to wipe around his mouth.

“No, there’s nothing,” I sigh, snuggling my head deep into his chest. 

“No,” his arm around my hip squeezes tighter,” tell me what’s wrong.”

“I-it’s just I…,” I glance up again into this eyes. Oh, his eyes, for I could swim in those ocean blue orbs for the rest of my life. “I love you.” This isn’t the first time Jonah and I have verbally expressed out love, but there is something about our surrounding atmosphere that took me back you to when we first said “I love you”. Embarrassed, because I suddenly blurted out my true feeling for him, I hide my face in his chest. I get nervous, does he fell the same way about me?

“Y/N,” Jonah replies, sliding his hand away form mine and gently presses it under my chin, moving my head to look up at him, “what do you love about me?”

A giggle erupts from my stomach along with a grin that spreads from ear to ear. I leaned in closer, pressing a soft, but passionate kiss to his lips. “Well, Mr. Jonah, I have to think about that one for a bit,” I say, changing up my positon by straddling his lap and wrapping my arms around this neck, my fingers twirling his soft brown hair, and his massive hands found there way back to my waist. “What do I love about you,” I repeat the phrase a few times, pretending that I really had to think about the topic, earning a laugh from him. I gaze into those famous blue eyes and begin to list off all the things I love about him.

“I love Jonah. I love how you are passionate about your career, that you followed your dreams, and worked hard to get there. I love how you’re devoted to your fans. I love how you take care of all the other boys. I love that you are always looking at the bright side of situations, never the negative. How you are family orientated, how you unconditionally love them for who they are. You are self-less, down to Earth, and care about everyone you meet. You’re quiet, but you are the weirdest dork I have ever met.” The last statement made him lean this head back in laughter making me laugh as well. “It’s true,” I reassured him and continued to laugh.  

After laughing for several more minutes, we composed ourselves again and he puts on his fake serious face, “Tell me more.”

His actions makes me giggle once again. How can one human contain so much cuteness. “I love your smile,” I kiss him. “I love your eyes,” I kiss him again. “I love your nose,” again. “The two moles on your neck,” again. Feature after feature I list off and complimenting them with a kiss. Skin, cheeks, his soft hair, his hands, the lines under his eyes that he gets when he smiles. All of him. Everything that he stands for, everything that he does. The way he knows how to cheer me up when I’m upset. The way he makes my heart melt to nothing when he says my name. The way he is so damn attractive and I can handle it, which grants me another award winning smile. The way he gives me his all. The way he makes me feel like I’m the only one. (See what I did there. *wink wink*)

When I’m finished, I look back into his eyes. Oh, those eyes, for I can stare at them for the rest of my life. I wait, I wait for him to respond. I get nervous, does he love me the way I love him? What will he say? Have I scared him away? What if he doesn’t return the same emotions? Jonah must have noticed the worried look in my eyes because he pulled me in for a kiss. Not just any kiss. This kiss was beyond passionate, if there is even a word for that. Fireworks, butterflies, canons, nuclear bombs when off. Not just in my stomach, but my whole body, head to toe, no where was safe from this feeling. This feeling of true love. 

We unwillingly pull away, not wanting the moment to end, but apparently breathing is important. Some how embarrassed by the intimate moment we shared, I laugh and hide my face in his neck, consuming his sweet smell.

“Y/N,” Jonah softly whispers in my ear, grabbing my hands from around his neck.

“Yes, Jonah?”

“I love you, too.” 

 Authors Note: So, that happened in my brain then I wrote in down and going to post so the internet can see it forever. Um, I hope you enjoyed it. I love writing so, so much, I don’t know why I stopped, but I want to write more, and I will be. I have several ideas that I will be posting soon. Also, if you have a idea that you want to see my spin on it, don’t be afraid to hit me up. I’ll gladly write it. So, again, I hope you liked it and you hearts have melted away.  

Celebrating My first 100 followers (though two more are included because they joined the party before I got to this post)

I just wanted to take a second to thank every single one of my beautiful followers. I know to some of you, 102 followers isn’t a lot, but to me, it is a lot. I’m just a small town girl who NEVER expected to see 100 (and 2) strangers following her on a blog that started out as something to just let me be me. To be able to give a proper thank you to everyone, I am going to tag every single one of you.

I started losing creativity for some of you as to what to say to you as a person, I’m sorry for that. I just didn’t want to have some people feeling left out because I didn’t put anything down by their names. I just want everyone to feel like they’re important, because they are. Each and every one of you are, which is why I have chosen this as my “celebrating my first hundred.” I’ll have to find something new if I make it any higher. 

Now if you get this and remember that you wanted to unfollow me, don’t be afraid to unfollow. I don’t find offence. I really, really promise I won’t. My blog has changed a lot since a lot of you followed. I also want to tell you that even if I don’t put much by your name, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like/appreciate you. It’s just that I’m out of ideas as to what to say to people. 

@destroythedivide You are incredible. You’re also my first follower and best friend. Our lives have been really, really hectic lately so we haven’t been able to talk much, but I just wanted to let you know how much I love you!. 

@journeyintonight We don’t talk, but I do still appreciate the follow!

@theflowily It won’t tag you, so you probably have something blocked, but I’m still going to send out an appreciation message for you anyway, although you may not see it. 

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@peculiar-pan We seem to be mutuals, though we don’t really talk much.Oh well, I guess. 

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So… my dad is going to be here at any second now it doesn’t mean that I won’t be doing something for the rest of you. I just can’t wait to post this one. I’m too excited. So until part two gets posted (hopefully tomorrow!)


Okay okay so I know it’s been almost a month since our 1 year anniversary of friendship (February 18th) but hey I just wanted to say that I luhh you even though you don’t use this Tumblr as much.
Bruh you’re my only friend that’s a Hayes fan from Tumblr. I remember when we were super awkward while talking together, mostly because I was at Olive Garden with my mom and I didn’t want to say something goofy and make myself laugh. You’re so kind and sweet and I can always talk to you to get my mind off things. Honestly I’m supposed to be getting ready for church so I’m gonna go now but I wanted everyone to know how much I love you💞💞

anonymous asked:

where does z berg reassure us about Ryan? twitter? instagram? and how like what im confused bc i don't see anything about ryan on her social medias

mostly on twitter! she responds to people now and then about him. i haven’t seen anything in a while because she’s mostly been using her twitter for politics (which i’m so not complaining about, it’s a good thing) but i’ll drop a few examples from the last year or so below

about shane
a thing about ry and makeup
if you scroll through her replies when she does q&a’s she literally calls ryan tender all the time and it’s a blessing
the original tweet isn’t there but i’m fairly certain it’s about ry
he doesn’t like twitter because he’s private and shy, also she knows we call him smol and she loves it
he loves dottie more than people
ry’s anti internet and is bad at shaving
she loves lonely moonlight

okay, that was more than just a few, but i love how much z loves ryan and how much she loves us

i can’t believe the time has actually come to say goodbye to this wonderful show. i have been ignoring the fact for the last few months, but now i guess i have to face the facts.. this show has taught me so much, especially about feminism, sexuality and identity. it’s embarrasing to admit, but before i watched this show i barely knew what feminism was. i have learned so many things by listening to what tatiana and evelyne has to say about the subject, and now i am calling myself a feminist, loud and proud! when it comes to sexuality, cosima and delphine’s relationship has taught me that it’s ok for me to like girls. it’s also ok to be attracted to both girls and boys, and it’s ok if this changes over time. the delphine quote about bisexuality made me realise that i am bi, literally that sexuality is a spectrum etc - i’ve been debating with myself for over 10 years to try to figure out why i felt the things i was feeling and now i have finally come to terms with the fact that i am bi, and that’s more than ok - it’s amazing actually! identity is such an important theme throughout this show and i’ve learned to accept myself as a complex person. i have seen parts of myself in all the leda characters and this has actually made me less judgmental - towards myself and others. it’s just something about seeing complex female characters represented in this way that the show has done, that has changed who i am as a person and how i think about others and about the world.  

not only has the show taught me all these things, but it has given me amazing friends. @thronesforclones - rachel - my first ever internet friend, i’m soo glad we started talking and that we have been friends for over 2(?) years now. thank you for all the late night chats about life, and i can’t believe we are actually meeting for the first time in just a few weeks!!! i’m beyond grateful and excited. @delphinecorniehaus - jobelle - my soul sister at the other side of the world. you are wise beyond your years my friend, and i could cry thinking about how grateful i am to be your friend and to have you in my life. one day we will meet, it’s on my bucket list u know, and its gonna happen!! @clonetcetera - ida - i’m so grateful i found you in this big internet world, we have so much in common, and im so happy to share many of my passions with you, especially dancing and musicals! you are such an amazing dancer and you have the kindest heart. you are so incredibly smart and strong and i love you. 

im also so grateful to my smart, passionate, brave and beautiful mutuals that i don’t necessarily talk to, that have been blessing my dash with textposts, gifs, photos, stunning selfies, hillarious tags and let their personality shine through in this weird tumblr universe. @delphines @niehaus @delphinesbisexual @alfred-cormier to mention a few.  

i am forever grateful that i found all of you, this show and the amazing actors that i will continue to follow and support forever💕the show might be ending but it will follow me for the rest of my life, and i know that i have been changed for good because of it. 


Catfish [Sheith]  Read on [Ao3]

“So, how about knowing the person before, so you can fall in love?”

Keith kept his eyes narrowed.

“I’m quite sure that is not possible.”

“Of course it is!” Lance replied with annoyance “You just have to look in the right place!”

“And that would be…?”

Lance gave a million-watt smile.

“The internet!”

So here’s the art i did for voltronbang​!!! It’s my first time joining a project like this and it was great fun to work with wonderland-s-angel for it!!!

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did working on it!!! :)

Updates weekly and there will be new art for all (except one) chapters!!