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Overwatch men rated from least to most unfuckable by lesbians
Lesbians, whether fans or not, rate how unfuckable the male characters in Overwatch are. Bastion is genderless and Winston will not be included. If you're unfamiliar with a character, just google their pictures and rate based on that. The scale is 1-5, 1 being the MOST unfuckable (vile) and 5 being the LEAST unfuckable (nice, ok).

I present you, the most important questionnaire on the internet. This started as a silly joke between my lesbian friends and I, but I wanted to gather more data (still, as a joke).

“Why just lesbians?” it’s a joke, nothing deep in it. At most it’s just that because lesbians aren’t attracted to men, but we often like fictional men because of internalized lesbophobia. But mostly it’s just for fun. If you want a similar questionnaire for a wider/different audience, you can make one. 

Many people defending Pewdiepie, argue that he has been wrongfully branded a Nazi, when the jokes in his movies don’t reflect his actual beliefs. But it honestly doesn’t matter if Pewdiepie personally believes in the tenants of Nazism. What he personally believes isn’t of great consequence. What matters is the outcome of his actions, and the outcome was that he, someone with a large platform, encouraged and validated white supremacists the internet over with his content during a time when Nazism and fascism and antisemitism are on the rise–particularly in gamer communities. And this was an outcome he didn’t make any significant effort to own or apologize for until there were financial repercussions for him. You don’t have to be an evil or even a bad person to do great harm to others, particularly if you have a lot of influence during a volatile period in history. Do not mitigate the damage he has done. Do not minimize the urgency of condemning these actions during times like these. To do so is to further enable antisemitism and even Nazism during a time when Jews are in increasing danger due to such ideology.

As a Jew witnessing a growing number of antisemitic incidents across the country–including swastikas drawn in public places and bomb threats to synagogues and Jewish community centers, who sees Jews in my family considering fleeing the country in the face of mounting antisemitism and fascist ideology, who wakes up from nightmares of living in a fascist America where I am hunted for being Jewish… I don’t want to hear it. If your silly internet idol is more important to you than the safety and lives of Jewish people, even Jewish people you claim to know and love in your own life…than you either truly don’t appreciate the gravity of the situation right now or you don’t actually care about Jewish people and you are part of the problem. It’s that simple.


long story short:

me and @tench were watching 3rd Samurai Jack episode when we saw DAT WOLF FACE


so i did



💖 Meet the dad of your dreams Chas Chandler! 💖

first of all HUGE should out to @morethanonepage and @red-starshine and this amazing post prompting this ! :D
And obviously the Dream Daddy Game for inspiring everything :’)
Followed what was laid out to me on the post, mimicking the games style and graphics to best of my ability :’)
Was a fun little exercise really hahha

Chas truly is the dream dad and could use a date :’D
and of course i had to include the loser bf (bestfriend? boyfriend? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) with the infamous quote :D

i dont like making fun of kids being silly on the internet but the concept of some 12 year old writing a jeff the killer summoning spell on a magic forum and typing out a warning like “this really works. i do not recommend anyone do this spell. if you do it and you die its your fault” is just unfathomably funny

Story time.

With the posts going around again about flirting with people at work, I’ll share one of mine. 

I honestly don’t mind people flirting with me. As long as it’s polite and respectful (preferably pun filled) I don’t care. But then some dude will make it weird by asking what time I get off work. I have never, ever, had a woman do this. It’s only men. 

So men who do this?

Do NOT ask people what time they get off work. 

When guys do that, I will have a manager walk me to my car. I will vary my route home and if I think someone is following me, I call the cops and change direction to the police station. (I’m white so I’m not afraid to do this, other people don’t have this luxury). 

“Oh don’t be so over dramatic,” I hear a guy groan as he rolls his eyes at a silly little female making up stories on the internet. 

I legit had a guy try to follow me home one time after I refused to tell him when I got off work. After forty minutes the cops intervened because I was crying to 911 that I didn’t want to be a Date Line episode. He told the cop that responded to my call he thought it would be funny to scare some manners into me. 

He told the cop that responded to my call he thought it would be funny to scare some manners into me.

The cop turns the tables and said if I called again, not only could dude be arrested for trespassing at my work, but my home as well, and I would have grounds for a stalking charge. 

Despite all that, my husband was so pissed off and worried that he would come to my work, walk me to my car, and then follow me home to make sure it didn’t happen again. He did that for weeks. To this day I still have people walk me to my truck and I will vary my route and I watch for a tail. It’s been almost a decade.

So, any time a guy asks me what time I’m off work, I wonder if he’s going to stalk me to the point of police intervention. Totally romantic.

sometimes i wish i still existed in the comfort of the early 2000s where i was just discovering literally everything for the first time with my friends. discovering the internet and books and music and religion/spirituality. being young and silly and serious and thinking that there was this big bright unexpected future ahead like what i saw in tv shows and movies. i’m still optimistic for the future but there was such an innocence behind it back then. early 2000s culture feels like a blanket sometimes. 

I’m not going to be upset over Monty’s passing anymore. Because why would I be upset over something that gave me so many friends, a clearer career path, and so, so many great memories. 

I wish he wasn’t gone, I always wanted to tell him thank you for what a silly little web show on the internet has done for me. But I think he knows, wherever he is.

So thank you Monty, thank for helping me to keep moving forward in this crazy game called life.