the internet is neverending

the-haberdashery  asked:

Just letting you know you are absolutely the greatest source of quality Appledash content on the internet. You're like a neverending fountain of gorgeous art, a veritable geyser of beauty and delight.

Thank you for lovely message! 
It’s like a poem..

I woke up this morning, messed around on the internet for a while, and then worked on the Neverending Jacket (it’s just a jacket that is taking me a Long Time to finish) and I hit that point where like…it’s so close to being done that all that’s left are some small fit adjustments and adding some decoration. You know the point, where the project is essentially finished but you gotta go to the store to get some last-minute odds and ends. 

So I’m like cool, I’ve been working on this for a few hours, the store’s probably open – 

And I look up and it’s 7:30 in the morning.

Apparently I got up at three and just started sewing. Because that’s sane and rational. And hey, I managed to attach two sleeves seam-inwards at 3:30am, which for me is quite the accomplishment. 

Anyway I guess I’m going to Jo-Ann’s…when it opens…in an hour…to get buttons and black thread. 

New Who Gothic
  • Clara Oswald is going to be on the next season. She was on the last season. And on the season before that. She’s always been there.
  • Moffat’s writting is bad. RTD’s writting was bad. You live in eternal hope, waiting for good episodes written by people who only write one or two scripts before disappearing forever.
  • There’s always the Daleks. Their episodes get campier and duller every year. You barely even pay attention to them anymore. You just stare at the screen, waiting for them to be “gone forever” again.
  • You buy a CD with the soundtrack from a Matt Smith season. The first song is “I Am The Doctor”. The second song is also “I Am The Doctor”. All the songs are “I Am The Doctor” or some variation, and you knew it.
  • The CG on the RTD seasons is so bad, you can’t take some villains seriously. And you’ve watched Classic Who.
  • They say Gallifrey is comming back in the next season. As they said it would be back in “The End of Time”. And in “The Day of the Doctor”. Or in “The Time of the Doctor”. And in Series 8. It’s never back. You smile, sadly, knowing that you won’t be alive to see the planet back on the show.
  • The Doctor finds a new companion. It’s a white woman on her 20s or early 30s. You don’t know why, but you weren’t expecting anyone different from that.
  • Don’t blink. Don’t breathe. Don’t think. Don’t be aware of the existence of weird dream crabs. Don’t do anything. Just stand still, staring at the darkness, wondering about what have you done with your life.
  • You skipped Nine and you admitted that on the Internet. Now you’re doomed, and you’ll forever be haunted by the neverending complains, shouts and angry speeches from fans of the show who have skipped eight previous doctors.
  • There are new photos straight out from the filming locations on the Internet. They feature someone in an orange space suit, some gadget that seems like a toaster with hot-glued pieces of metal in it, Peter Capaldi wearing sunglasses, red armadillos the size of an adult bear and the props for a green boggle-eyed alien. Just as usual.
Okay beloved Tumblr Fic Lurkers

We know you’re out there, it’s no use hiding.

What do I mean by lurker?
If you regularly read what a fic writer has to offer and enjoy their work, sometimes to the point that you anxiously await their updates, or if you read a fic that that you really did enjoy, but you don’t let them know somehow, you my dear.. are a lurker.

and I completely understand.

It can be scary to put yourself out there. To invite criticism, or leave an electronic trail, or admit you like something that others may not be understanding about.
To join in on something that you may not consider yourself a part of.

But here is the thing, you’re already a part of it.

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