the internet is batshit crazy

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One of my coworkers was asking me about my anti shirt, and I don't really know how to say "evil alter ego of an internet personality" without sounding batshit crazy so I just said "oh yeah its from some Irish metal band called antisepticeye" I mean... It's not TOO FAR off the mark. He DOES love metal... And I can totally see anti in a metal band!

Yeah, that’s a nice dodge there haha :D
Anti would totally be in a metal band tbh - Mod Lily

If you're totally done with kpop fandom feuds and fights between fans than read this...

I don’t get all the feuds between kpop fandoms, it so fucking annoying. EVERY fandom is gonna have annoying people and EVERY fandom is gonna have really nice people. People just hate the extremes of the fandoms (because extremists always stand out), even other members of the fandom hate the extreme fans, but why do we have to start the these stupid petty feuds start. I hate scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, etc. and just seeing fandoms bash on each other. They’re all childish, petty, and stupid af. THE IDOLS OF EACH FANDOM MIGHT EVEN BE FRIENDS OR HAVE NO KNOWN BEEF BETWEEN THEM, BUT NO ONE GIVES A SHIT APPARENTLY.

The kpop fandom as a whole already gets enough shit from other non-kpop fandoms, why can’t we just get along for like one second??? And there are people, like me, who are apart of many different fandoms and it’s annoying af to see two fandoms that I’m apart of fighting, because you end up kinda stuck in the middle. The feud between EXO-Ls and ARMYS is sooooo annoying, like just stfu, no wonder everyone thinks that both fandoms are crazy cause we have these extreme fans going batshit crazy on the Internet and starting these stupid feuds. EVEN THE IDOLS OF THESE FANDOMS THINK THAT THE FANS ARE CRAZY.

And then we have those people who just go around insulting other fandoms for no reason and saying that their group is better than the other persons group. It’s like watching a bunch of kindergarteners fighting over nonsense. Everyone has their own taste in music, their own taste in kpop, just because you disagree with another persons taste doesn’t mean you can go around being an asshole people. You might not like the group, but how has the group negatively impacted you so much that you need to do that? People are just trying to enjoy music they like, why do you have to go around being nasty.

Ughhhhhh…it’s like you can’t google kpop or search kpop in tumblr without seeing kpop fandoms shitting on each other. Just enjoy your music and your fandoms in peace, let’s stop all the nonsensical fighting.

sorry…I just needed to vent. It’s really irritating and it’s upsetting for people to assume that I’m annoying or crazy or obnoxious because I listen to a certain group. Anyways…I’m done for now. (Sorry if they are typos I wrote this rly fast)
It looks like Russia hired internet trolls to pose as pro-Trump Americans
It's a brand of information warfare, known as "dezinformatsiya," that has been used by the Russians since at least the Cold War.
By Natasha Bertrand

I feel like this should be some crazy conspiracy theory, but honestly I’ll believe it this election. 

2016 has been so batshit crazy that the Kremlin paying internet trolls to pretend to be Trump supporters is honestly within the realm of things I’d believe at this point. 

We’re getting so many pictures of Louis and Harry out and about, but essentially nothing from Niall and Liam. The internet is going batshit crazy over Louis running around Chicago, paps have been all over Harry in London, and yet Niall and Liam are essentially MIA aside from the rare fan picture. You’re not at all subtle, Modest.