the international day of elimination of violence against women



Summary: My contribute for this very important day: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25.11.17)

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Tom Holland reached the third floor of a run-down building. He checked if the number of the apartment was correct and then knocked on the door.
He stiffened, Mr. Stan, his instructor at the Police Academy, always told him to stand up correctly.
Tom heard someone coming close to the door.
“Hello?” he said, “is there anyone in the house?”
No one answered.
He knocked again “I’m a policeman, please open the door. I won’t be polite if you keep avoiding me”
A female voice spoke from the other part of the door “How can I help you?”
“Your neighbours called us because they heard a woman screaming. I’m here to check if everything is all right”
“Oh… yes. Everything is fine. We were just discussing”
Tom wasn’t convinced at all.
“Can you open the door?”
“I don’t have the keys”
“How come?” he asked confused.
“Well… I have lost my keys and my boyfriend is outside. He took his keys with himself”.
Tom nodded “All right. Well, if you have problems call us, all right?”
“Yeah sure”

When the police man left the landing, you could breathe again.
You went back in the bathroom. A giant purple bruise was covering your right eye and your lower lips was swollen.
You decided to disinfect the lip, but you were running out of disinfectant and you could not go out like that.
You sighed. Now your neighbours were also snitching with the police.
If he only had knew about a policeman coming to your house…
You shook your head. ‘No’ you thought ‘don’t think about this’.

It all started four months ago. But he had given you signs since the beginning of the relationship. Jackson had problems controlling his anger, everyone knew this, but you didn’t imagine that you would have become his safety valve. The stressor was losing his job. He was devastated. He came home completely drunk. You have been waiting for him on the couch all night.
He didn’t even say a word, he just slapped you in the face, making you fall in the ground.
“Useful slut” he spitted these words like they were poison in his mouth “I go out and try to find a new job while you stay here at home all the time” he kicked you and left you laying on the floor.

Yesterday events were still clear in your mind. And also, the events of two days ago and of two weeks ago and so on. You could not remember the last time you smiled, especially thanks to Jackson. You could not remember the last time he meant saying “I love you” to you.
Jackson was always sorry the morning after beating you up like a punchbag. He kneeled down, he cried too at times and he repeated how much he loved you.
“It’s because of my father, you know” he always excused himself “He used to hit me when I was a kid, but I promise you this is the last time.”
You looked at yourself in the mirror. You knew it wasn’t the last time. You knew there wasn’t a last time.

Tom could not get that woman out of his mind. He didn’t believe her, of course, but he could not insist if she didn’t want to open the door.
“Maybe she is so ugly that she doesn’t want to be looked by other people” Harrison joked making his colleagues laugh.
“What do I have to do to obtain a search warrant?”
Harrison became completely serious “Dude, what are you doing?” he came closer to his friend and turned a bit down the volume of his voice “You can’t insist on this case. You are the fifth wheel here, they won’t give you attention”.
“Harrison, something tells me that that woman is in real danger. You don’t want to help me? Fine, I’ll do it by myself”.

When his shift ended, Thomas took the underground to reach the part of the city where you were living in. He was sure about his gut. He knew he was doing the right thing. It took fourth minutes to reach her house. Tom wasn’t sure to find you at home, he didn’t even know how to recognize you: he didn’t see your face and your voice was a soft whisper.
The front door was open, he took the stairs until the third floor. He was about to knock at your door you appeared on the doorstep, ready to go out.
You looked at each other surprised. You recognized him immediately, you saw him in the spy-hole of the door but, this time, the boy wasn’t wearing his uniform.
Tom lose the track of his thoughts. You were without any doubts one of the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.
You took a step back and tried to close the door, but he was faster and stronger than you.
“Hey, Stop. Please. I’m not wearing my uniform” he said.
“What do you want?” You whispered, frightened. Justin was about to come home, if he saw you with another guy on the landing he would have misunderstood and hit you. You could already imagine all the bad words he would have told you.
“Who hurt you like that?” Tom insisted.
“I fell from the stairs” you lied briefly “Can you leave me now?”
“Stop lying to me”.
You opened your mouth but a noise of steps on the stairs stopped you.
“Please go, if he sees you I’m in troubles” you begged him.
Tom shook his head. No, he thought, I’m going to stop this.
The boy walked crookedly, he could not even stand up properly. He was tipsy, and his clothes smelled like alcohol and weed.
Justin looked up at you and smiled seemingly friendly.
“Look at that?” He said, “I work all day and this slut shags with teenagers”.
Tom rolled his eyes at this statement.
“You are gonna pay for it, useless bit-“
The young policeman stopped his sentence with a punch right in his face.
Justin stumbled a bit and then he got back on track. Tom, once again, was faster than him: he tackled and hit him again. A cry left your lips while tears run down your face.
Justin surrendered after the third punch. He wiped the blood running from his lower lips and gave you a look that made you shiver.
“We’ll see you again, Y/N. It’s not over”.

Two years later…

The other side of the bed was cold, sign that Tom was already awake. You stretched your body and shivered a bit when you removed the blankets.
A delicious smell of pancakes reached your nostrils making you smile wide.
“Good morning” Thomas smiled, carrying a try full of pancakes and a glass of orange juice “How is my girl today?”
“Uhm… fine” you said rubbing your eyes.
“Oh, I wasn’t talking to you” he replied, his hand caressed your bump.
You smiled “She keeps kicking”.
“She is a fighter, just like her mum” he stated kissing your temple “how are you?”
“I’ve never been this happier before”.

If you are wandering if I’m satisfied or not with this work the answer is no, but I really wanted to write something about this delicate subject. The moral of this story is that a man who disrespects you, is not a man, it’s an animal and he does not deserve you. you should NEVER tell yourself lies, you can’t expect him to change because he won’t: he doesn’t see you as a victim, in his twisted mind HE is the victim and no matter how many times he apologizes, he won’t stop. He is not a man, and this is not love. Leave him, run away from him because it’s not true you won’t find another man, you’ll surely find a better partner who will truly love you. You are much more than this.

The campaign #vivanlasmujeres is a demand by Amnesty International to stop gender violence and femicide. In Mexico a woman is raped every 4 minutes, 7 women are killed DAILY. In average 6 out of 10 women are victims of some kind of violence at their work, school, community and home. 

70 women artists and writers have worked on a piece for an exhibition that opens today, (day the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) in the hallways of metro Tacubaya in Mexico City. I am very happy to be part of this important project but also very saddened and angry at this ongoing crisis which is often overlooked.

This exhibition was organized by Clarisa Moura and Abril Castillo.


Along with other participants, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres and UN Women Chief Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka took part in the #OrangeTheWorld event at UN Headquarters in NYC in commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

“The UN is committed to addressing violence against women in all its forms,” said the Secretary-General.

“There must be justice for women everywhere, in particular, there must be justice for women in all walks of life, focusing on women who are at the bottom of the pyramid,” added UN Women Executive Director.

Ahead of the International Day to End Violence against Women, on 25 November, join us in defending the right of every woman and every girl to a life free from violence.

📷: UN Photo / Eskinder Debebe & UN Women


Yesterday, our prime minister’s wife, self descibed gender equality activist Sophie Grégoire Trudeau made a post about Internation Women’s Day (which is today, by the way if you didn’t mark your calendar.) But instead of using her platform to celebrate important women, or bring attention to gender inequality, her Instagram post encouraged us all to “celebrate the boys and men in our lives who encourage us to be who we truly are, who treat girls & women with respect” and I just want to say- that is utter bullshit.

Boys and men do not deserve praise for treating women like human beings. That is the absolute bare minimum. I refuse to give out cookies because a man doesn’t call me a bitch or speak out against my rights. I don’t get applauded when I’m nice to men, it’s expected of me, and it should be expected of them as well. Are we going to spend International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women praising men who don’t abuse the women in their lives? No, that would be ridiculous. So why spend a day that’s supposed to be about supporting and uplifting women talking about how nice men are?

Feminism and women’s rights are not about getting men to agree or support what we’re fighting for. It’d be nice if they did, because again, we’re people and we should be treated as such, but that is not what the movement is about, almost the opposite really. What we are saying does not need to be approved or backed up by men in order to be important or relevant. That is a major part of what we’re fighting for. Our voices are just as important as men’s voices. Why would we dedicate so much time to making men support us, when we’re fighting to not need a man in order to be heard? Our rights should be considered important issues because they are important issues, and because we say they are, not because a man says that they are.

International Women’s Day is one of the very few days in the year that is solely about women. We spend the majority of the 365 days talking about and priasing mediocre men, why should we spend today doing it as well? I’m greatful for the men in my life who respect me, and who support my right to have, well, rights, but I shouldn’t have to be so greatful for that. I’m a person, just like they are. I refuse to give praise for something that should be a given. 

I am going to spend today talking about extraordinary women, how far we’ve come, and what’s left to do. I am going to dedicate as little of today to men as I can. If Sophie Grégoire Trudeau wants to center her feminism around men, no one can stop her, but really no one else should follow her example. I really hope that the criticism she gets today will open her eyes to how fucked up it is to prioritize men in a women’s rights movement. And on that note, happy International Women’s Day.

Politically Active

[The Mirabal Sisters: Patria, María Argentina Minerva and Antonia María Teresa. Sisters from the Dominican Republic who opposed the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo through “clandestine activities against his regime”. The Mirabal sisters were assassinated in 1960. In 1999 “the sisters received recognition by the United Nations General Assembly, who designated 25 November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women in their honor.” (Wikipedia)]

Today in history: November 25, 1960 - The Mirabal Sisters (Hermanas Mirabal) assassinated by state agents in the Domincan Republic. 

They were Patria Mercedes Mirabal, Bélgica Adela Mirabal-Reyes, María Argentina Minerva Mirabal, and Antonia María Teresa Mirabal, Dominican women who struggled to end Trujillo’s 30-year rule in the Dominican Republic. They helped form what became the June 14th Revolutionary Movement to oppose the Trujillo regime. Within the group, the Mirabals called themselves Las Mariposas (The Butterflies), after Minerva’s underground name. 

On November 25, 1960, three of the sisters were assassinated on Trujillo’s orders. The Mirabal sisters were the subject of Dominican-American author Julia Álvarez’s 1994 novel In the Time of the Butterflies, a fictionalized account of their lives, which was also made into a movie. In 1999, November 25 was designated as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women in their honor.

Via Freedom Road Socialist Organization (Fight Back!)

This picture was taken at the marcha contra la violencia contra la mujer, in Lima, PE. In 1960, November 25 was declared the international day for the Elimination of Violence against Women after the assasination of the three Mirabel sisters, political activists from the Dominican Republic.

Seamos el grito de las que no tienen voz.

NI UNA menos
NO al femicidio
Mi útero NO es del congreso
Esterilizaciones forzadas NUNCA MAS

(Foto Colectivo 25N)

On November 25th(tuesday), International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, protestants went to the Assembléia Legislativa, downtown, to remind us of something that is in our everyday culture. Every 4 minutes a woman is raped in Brazil. Abuse is masked from street harassment being called praising, to mainstream victim blaiming speeches.
This daily fight still has a long way to go, and it should be everyone’s fight.

Why we're somber but hopeful today

Today, Wednesday November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

It’s a good moment to examine the breathtaking scope of the problem. An estimated 35 per cent of women worldwide have experienced violence at some point in their lives. Rape continues to be prevalent worldwide, and is often used as a weapon of war and as a tool to silence women. And transgender and gender nonconforming people face disproportionately high levels of violence. Forced pregnancy, a form of violence against women and girls, has especially harmful consequences on young adolescents, as detailed in a new report called “Stolen Lives”. And compounding such violence against women in countries around the world is a a U.S. policy called the Helms Amendment.

While global challenges clearly remain, advocates around the world are pushing for change to create the world we want. As part of the global community, we have a shared mission in fighting for reproductive rights no matter where a woman lives, especially for the most vulnerable communities. Broadly there has been global progress in expanding reproductive rights, with recent liberalization of abortion laws in Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Nepal. And in the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals, countries all over the world reiterated their commitment to ensuring that all women and young people have the information and resources to decide their own future — and made clear that reproductive health and rights is central in this vision. We need to hold governments accountable to delivering on this commitment. And at a time when opponents of women’s health in the U.S. are trying to limit access and erode these rights at home and export these values abroad, we need to redouble our commitment to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights everywhere.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women aims to raise awareness of the global pandemic of violence against women and girls. Citing the Nigerian schoolgirls’ kidnapping and the continued atrocities committed against women and girls in India and Iraq, United Nation’s Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged people and nations to “end the silence.”

Learn more via The Independent.