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Hey, i'm a junior in high school and was wondering about how does one pursue a career in sound design. i'm interested in it and was wondering what i should look for in a major. also, i'm thinking about joining my school's tech crew to gain experience

Hey! This is good because you’re just about the age when I decided I wanted to pursue Design as a career so I can answer this with a lot of personal experience.

1. Definitely get involved in high school theatre. It may not be the best or most professional but it will familiarize you with how theatre works and give you some background.

2. Get involved with local theatres. In my junior year I started interning with a local community theatre as an A2 and stagehand. It gave me more professional experience and I was able to make connections and get involved with even more theatres and boost my resume and portfolio to another level outside of high school.

3. Summer programs! Whether it’s a college tech intensive (I did a 6 week design/tech course at CMU) or a local summer stock or regional program getting involved in classes and professional experience will give you the dye and connections you need to really get your foot in the door.

4. PORTFOLIO. Whatever it is you are trying to do it is pretty essential to have a good portfolio. Personally I have a hard copy portfolio and a website with a digital one. Basically it’s a collection of your designs and work that show of who you are and how you work/design. I can do a whole thing on creating a good portfolio/website if you want but the long and short is that the portfolio is your best way to show your work off and get yourself jobs and into college (if you so choose).

Those are a few things. If you want more info on portfolios and/or good design/tech colleges I can help with that too. Or really any other questions you might have about this kinda stuff (or life in general that’s cool too).

I wish you the best of luck and I hope you fall in love with theatre as much as I have

i need to go and get drunk

i got 464 points out of the max 500 at my maturas and the requirement for my first choice university’s pre-paid places is 465 (which is one of the highest in the country because the government is a piece of useless corrupt shit and doesnt want to support international studies and communication and such because they think theres no ~need~ for it) so yes


Here is something: After two men in the Netherlands were attacked while walking home from a party holding hands, straight Dutch politicians everywhere are showing their solidarity by walking around holding hands. 

The top photo is of Dutch leader of the Democrats 66 party Alexander Pechtold and D66 financial specialist Wouter Koolmees; the second photo is of the men from the Dutch Embassy in London; the bottom photo is of the male staff of the Dutch mission at the United Nations in New York. Cute, gents; I hope you’re also working hard to protect victims of hate crimes, create a culture of inclusivity in your communities, and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

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‘Developing’ countries are still 'developing’ because they are exploited by multinational corporations from rich 'developed’ countries.

Globalized capitalism paints a gruesome picture of the appalling, deadly practices these corporations engage in to use cheap labor and suppress any opposition through force.

The outsourcing of jobs from developed countries occurred when workers won their rights: protection from unsafe working conditions and products, a guaranteed wage, abolition of child labor, et cetera.

The fact that multinational corporations outsourced jobs to vulnerable developing countries where they can neglect basic human rights proves that capitalism is built on the backs of the poor, who suffer and starve despite resources being abundant.

Neoliberalism has identified exploited countries as 'developing’ to shift the blame and promote a disastrous agenda.

Arguments defending this exploitation usually are along the lines of “well, you can’t expect corporations to protect these people, it’s always the government who is at fault”. Those arguments prove that neoliberals have succeeded in their agenda.

Globalization, under capitalism, has not created a world government, but rather a connection between the ruling class worldwide, allowing for legal agreements that promote their interests above all.

Capitalism kills millions, regularly. Globalization has not only made that easier, it has legalized and normalized it.

now that skam is ending I just really wanted to take the time and thank every single one of you who translated clips and chats and instagram posts for us non-Norwegian speaking people.

you helped grow and support an international community that would have never formed if it wasn’t for you. this season has been quite controversial with everyone having their own favourite characters and ships but in the end I think we all know how to appreciate skam for the amazing, realistic and relatable show that it is.

this goes out especially to Feudly, supbus, skamenglish, and everyone else. Thank you! This would not have been possible without you ❤❤

You’re the only one, that can stop my mind from going a million miles per minute. 
You calm my soul, and make all my worries fade away. You’re my happy place.
—  From Me to Her (from @musicnblood to @notbr0ken-justbent)

Angela Merkel sharply criticizes Donald Trump on climate change without ever mentioning his name

  • In a Thursday speech, German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized Trump for his decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement.
  • The speech renewed her commitment to work with the international community on solving the “existential threat” of climate change. Read more (6/29/17)

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