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Reminder: you are Vlad

If you unified the Kievan Rus’ but your son is rebelling against you, you are Vlad.

If you have been repeatedly removed from the throne of Wallachia, you are Vlad.

If you’re marked for death and hunted by the House of the Jhereg, you are Vlad.  

If you’re waiting for Godot, you are Vlad.

If you’ve been sanctioned by the international community because of your aggressive military intervention in neighboring countries, you are Vlad.
This Is What Happens When A School Abolishes Gendered Uniforms
The head teacher made the decision after students asked why teachers were allowed to wear pants but female students were not.
By Brad Esposito

“The decision was really simple and has caused no significant issues,” Hayward told BuzzFeed News. “We have simply removed the labels ‘boys and girls’ and said, 'these are the uniform options, pick what feels most comfortable for you’.” 💜

If you or someone you know needs support, we’re here for you, 24/7, at: 866.488.7386 🌈 TrevorChat is available at from 3-9pm ET daily. You can find a safe, international online community and more resources at 🌈

‘Developing’ countries are still 'developing’ because they are exploited by multinational corporations from rich 'developed’ countries.

Globalized capitalism paints a gruesome picture of the appalling, deadly practices these corporations engage in to use cheap labor and suppress any opposition through force.

The outsourcing of jobs from developed countries occurred when workers won their rights: protection from unsafe working conditions and products, a guaranteed wage, abolition of child labor, et cetera.

The fact that multinational corporations outsourced jobs to vulnerable developing countries where they can neglect basic human rights proves that capitalism is built on the backs of the poor, who suffer and starve despite resources being abundant.

Neoliberalism has identified exploited countries as 'developing’ to shift the blame and promote a disastrous agenda.

Arguments defending this exploitation usually are along the lines of “well, you can’t expect corporations to protect these people, it’s always the government who is at fault”. Those arguments prove that neoliberals have succeeded in their agenda.

Globalization, under capitalism, has not created a world government, but rather a connection between the ruling class worldwide, allowing for legal agreements that promote their interests above all.

Capitalism kills millions, regularly. Globalization has not only made that easier, it has legalized and normalized it.

You’re the only one, that can stop my mind from going a million miles per minute. 
You calm my soul, and make all my worries fade away. You’re my happy place.
—  From Me to Her (from @musicnblood to @notbr0ken-justbent)

A lot of people have been asking me “how to I get involved, I don’t know anyone in my area, but I want to help, what do I do”. And I have a kind of short series of suggestions for how to find a place you’re into.

Any org, you should go to it at least once to check it out, see if you like the people, the mission, the way it works in practice, before you start committing yourself to doing stuff. If you feel kinda iffy about it, check out someplace else, or at least go a second time before you commit yourself. Nobody wants you killing yourself with stress over activism and if a place is sketchy, is amazingly ineffective, etc, then stressing yourself out and putting your whole life into that org isn’t going to solve that.

In any moderately sized city, there’s going to be some broad range political org. Your ISO’s (international socialist organization), your Black Roses (anarchist peeps). If you don’t know anyone, if you’re new to a city and want to get involved, it might be worthwhile to go to a meeting, because a lot of the people involved in those groups are going to be involved in other stuff and you can talk to them about like where a place to check out would be, who’s sketchy, what groups are misogynistic/homophobic, etc. This can be very important even if you don’t end up going to weekly meetings or planning any actions.

It’s easy to look at the protests, see Richard Spencer getting punched, etc, and think “that’s all activism is, I’m crap if I’m not doing that”. And that’s not the case. If the process of planning and pulling off a protest/march/action isn’t your deal, that’s okay because there are *other things that you can do*. Something that I very much believe in, right now, in a country and a political situation where the welfare state is getting ripped apart, is the importance of mutual aid, the importance of shelters/soup kitchens/free clinics. These gorups are going to be *everywhere*, even in smaller towns, even in suburbs. Recently I checked out a Catholic Worker’s Shelter, and they’re really beautiful places. My first point still applies, but Catholic Worker’s Shelters are everywhere, and checking them out if you want to get involved is a good place to start. Food Not Bombs is also a great organization that gives food to the homeless but again, step 1

I think that there’s a lot (probably more) groups to get involved with that are more single issue groups that may or may not have a “broad range political org” behind them. Some are harder than others to connect with, but they are often more connected to on the ground organizing and communities than political orgs focused on ideology. The best way to find these orgs is too look for community events in the paper, in the internet, and any other popularity community resources such as co-op cork boards and the like. My advice to any person interested in getting involved is to pick ONE issue and stick with it.
also be wary of PIRGs because their work tends to be based around fundraising towards little more than survival

Feel free to add stuff !!

Confession: Black women as a whole need to discuss how toxic we can be to one another because that never gets addressed without people making excuses. Some folks would start bringing black men, non black PoC and white people in it and it gets off topic. Can’t we just stay on task here? Black women can be misogynoiristic to other black women too. I’m not attacking anyone. I’m just saying that this needs to be addressed without us attacking one another and being hurtful to each other. We all we got!

When 11,000 people took to the streets in Celaya, Mexico this weekend to protest marriage equality, a 12-year-old boy stood in their way. 

Journalist Manuel Rodríguez took this stunning photo, which some people are saying is reminiscent of the famous Tiananmen Square “tank man” photo. The boy hasn’t been named, but he told Rodríguez that he has a gay uncle and hates that people hate him. Oof. (via USA Today)

We are indeed still far away from eachother, but you are still my favourite human in the whole world.
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Long Live The Celebration Of the International Working Women’s Day

On this historic date, we celebrate the struggle and achievements of working women throughout the world against the tyranny of a male driven society and its patriarchal power structure, fuelled and supported by the foul socio-economic beast that is capitalism. While many women in history resisted and fought the subjugation of their rights, women with socialist ideals took on the harsh mantle of organising, educating, and agitating fellow comrades into engaging a war against wage slavery, the absence of democratic rights, and a society that even today sees them as sexual objects, property which men can rely as a servant of comfort and breeding.

We must also not forget the women first ignored by these movements, such as black women, women of colour, trans women, and lesbians. Now more than ever we must pool all our resources, educate, and agitate fellow women in this ceaseless struggle for women rights on a global scale and garner all possible strength to defend fellow black women and women of colour who are constantly targeted by the fascist institutions of ‘law’, trans women and lesbians that suffer the continuous judgement of a bigoted conservative society that drives them to the point of suicide. We must raise the red banner in solidarity with the women of third world countries that are constantly exploited and worked to death so that women in first world countries can have a life full of commodities and social rights.

Without socialism and solidarity towards all women , the proletarian war against capitalism and patriarchy will be for naught. Without correcting the errors of the past, of ostracising women from communist parties, the proletarian war against capitalism and patriarchy will be for nothing. Without giving the red banner of solidarity and workers power to women, the proletarian war against capitalism and patriarchy will be a failure.