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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 4.4.17

live edge floating desk by 32belowdesigns

this gorgeous, rustic wood slab desk has a raw, live edge — love the way it’s paired with the industrial pipe wall attachments. you get to choose from four wood options: cherry, walnut, maple, and ash.


10 Oak Street, Pleasantview
Exterior and Interior

At the edge of Pleasantview lies a small road overlooked by the populace. It wasn’t that the Sims of Pleasantview were ignoring the road purposefully, of course, but rather that Oak Street had long been known as a road with nothing to offer. There were no establishments there, nor were there homes.

At least, that was what the Sims of Pleasantview believed.

Tucked out of sight and hidden by the surrounding trees lay a small, simple cottage. It wasn’t much to look at and it offered even less than some of the other homes around Pleasantview, of course, but it was somewhere safe, somewhere comforting. This small cottage had, at one time or another, housed teens who had set off from home after arguments and estrangement, remaining either until they’d picked themselves up enough to afford better accomodations or until they’d reconciled with those they’d left behind.

Ground Floor:
Exterior and Interior

Before and After Comparison