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hi, i'd like to ask you something. what do you think when people say that dramione is an abusive ship? is it?

Well, look, let’s be realistic, JKR did not provide Draco a redemption arc in the books because she doesn’t like him as a character. We as a fandom give him that arc to create a basis for a romance that is sort of there (there’s definitely a basis, i.e. some shared evidence of intellect and his obvious fixation with her in canon), but we definitely do fill in the blanks to make it palatable. We assume he grows up; we assume he realizes the consequences of his actions. There’s no question that we definitely do ‘fix’ him, within the construct of our shared imaginations, to make the pairing work.

However, just for the record, let me point out something I consider very important: almost all the relationships that do exist in the books have major problems of their own.

for example, *clears throat*

  • Ginny dates other people specifically so that Harry will notice her, instead of genuinely trying to live her own life. (“I never really gave up on you,” she said. “Not really. I always hoped… Hermione told me to get on with life, maybe go out with some other people, relax a bit around you, because I never used to be able to talk if you were in the room, remember? And she thought you might take a bit more notice if I was a bit more — myself.” HBP)
  • Tonks does a variety of things I don’t think are healthy
  • Ron is incredibly petty with Hermione, as we know (”’Obvious, isn’t it? He’s Karkaroff’s student, isn’t he? He knows who you hang around with… He’s just trying to get closer to Harry - get inside information on him - or get near enough to jinx him -’ … Hermione looked as though Ron had slapped her.” GoF) Not to mention, of course, that he leaves her, which is just not a great move and generally unforgivable in my book even when you are under the influence of an evil wizard’s soul
  • Bill and Fleur, possibly one of my favorites of the canon relationships, begins with Fleur staring at Bill from afar (”Fleur Delacour, Harry noticed, was eyeing Bill with great interest over her mother’s shoulder.” GoF) and then getting to date him later, which - DOES THAT SOUND FAMILIAR?? (aka see Ginny and Harry above)
  • Severus’ fixation on Lily while also being cruel to her son is a terrible example of love even in the most favorable light, which I really don’t want to get into right now but I think we can all agree that it’s Suspect
  • James and Lily is actually pretty suspect too, unless you fill in the holes; trust me, I love Jily, and I fucking adore James, and we assume he got better over time, but that’s also us creating a presumed truth that doesn’t have a lot of basis in canon aside from Sirius and Remus (his two best friends) assuring Harry that he wasn’t so bad

 … and the thing is that it’s fine that these relationships are all so problematic because Joanne Rowling is not a romantic writer and Harry Potter is not a romantic series. So is dramione problematic? sure. but so’s everything else, really, and to sit here and decide which ships are abusive or not is quite frankly a fool’s endeavor, because the series really wasn’t meant to teach us much about romantic love. It is a study on good and evil, on magic as power, on prejudices in society, on humanity, morality, and love as a generality, but it is not a how-to guide on having healthy romantic relationships.

So basically, my point here is that we make what we want out of our pairings. We ship what we ship and we like what we like, and thus, in conclusion,

TL;DR: haters gon’ hate. Ship and let ship!

reasons 2 date me

- i know first aid
- i can save people from drowning
- i am always up for hugs
- im greasy
- i smell pretty gross a lot of the time
- i can cook various foods
- i have the intellect of a cephalopod
- i like asmr
- im fully committed and loyal and you’ll always be at the forefront of my mind, i have a great sense of humour, im really kind and honest and you can always trust me to do the right thing
- i like worms and frogs

Strength and Commitment

I’m incredibly proud of his strength and commitment in meeting a six-month challenging goal. It takes courageous mental determination and will power to be the best person you can be in this adventurous life.

I’m still smiling at his physical strength carrying and moving all my heavy furniture by himself. I cannot get that super sexy image out of my mind.

I admire his intellect and charming ways all the time, but this personal commitment to himself for the last six months, it makes my heart so very happy.

No but nobody seems to appreciate the fact that Gazzy is at an age where children begin to develop the fine motor skills and cognitive ability to comprehend and fully appreciate music. What I’m saying is in So-F he attended classes with peers similar in size, intellect, and social development to himself at a private school that strived to nurture the facilities and talents of each and all of its students.

Tl;dr: somebody thought it was a good idea to give Gazzy a recorder.

Relationship needs 🔥

Thoughts on relationship needs, rest of chart can affect some of this. Check you sun sign and or Venus :)

🌹Aires: love the conquest and chase and get bored easily. Need someone to keep them interested and always guessing and someone who supports their dreams. Don’t like buzz kills or pessimism.

🌳Taurus: once a Taurus chooses someone they want it to be for a lifetime and will have a hard time ending a relationship. They might stay in a relationship longer than they should. Need loyalty and honesty and don’t understand fickle emotions.

🎭Gemini: needs mental happiness and freedom and not too may demands of them. They also get bored easily and need someone to bounce their intellect off. They can end a relationship seemingly quick to the partner, and they can show a different side on the outside compared to how they are feeling on the inside.

🐚Cancer: need their emotions to be fulfilled and can think they need a partner to fulfill that. If feeling unloved they cling more. Can’t stand cheating or being lied to. Need loyalty and to be reassured.

🌼Leo: passion mixed with pride. Want to be adored and felt like they are special. If passion fades the Leo looses interest. May want to stay friends. Can withdraw and be passive instead of leaving a relationship.

🌾Virgo: like to be handled with care and respect and fairness. Virgo’s will be loyal but are very practical and usually don’t enter a relationship if they know it isn’t quite right, would rather be alone than with the wrong person. Can leave if logically things aren’t working anymore.

🕊Libra: need balance and a partner who amuses them intellectually and adores them emotionally but also who lets them be free when they need to. Someone with their own interests and likes. They dislike being rejected.

🕷Scorpio: need a strong sexual connection and complete devotion and loyalty. If sexually they aren’t satisfied they will end it. If they are hurt they will never forgive or forget.

🏹Sagittarius: needs honesty and freedom. Cannot be tied down but also want to know their partner is there for them. If their freedom is infringed upon they will leave. If bored they will move on to find someone better suited.

🐐Capricorn: takes their choice in a partner serious and takes their responsibility in the relationship serious. Won’t end anything abruptly, will take time to think it out. Need the same respect they give to be reciprocated.

⚡️Aquarius: needs someone open minded and able to connect to intellectually and keep the mystery alive. Too many demands or limitations on their intellectual and physical freedoms can find a Aquarius wanting to leave or make the partner want to leave. Finds jealously very unflattering.

🐟Pisces: dislikes criticism and needs their dreams to be acknowledged and valued. Emotional needs met and to be sincerely loved. Can swim in and out and not be entirely aware of their actions.

Saying goodbye....

….. sucks.

Yesterday, I said goodbye to my family at the aq - human and animal alike. It sucked so much. I cried. Like a small child watching that scene with Bambi’s mother.

I gave Pancake, the blueberry grouper, one last belly rub during my Pacific shark dive on Wednesday.

I got to see a preserved coelecanth fin that a coworker brought in to show me before I left.

I gave scritchies my little men, Vern, Simon, and Captain Jack - all of whom I watched grow from eggs. They ate it up as always.

The Moluccan cockatoo, Louie, seemed especially concerned when I said goodbye to her. See, I love Louie….. but she has never reciprocated. That’s fine. I’ve just always been fascinated with her intellect and learning skills/drive. Unlike the other parrots, Louie constantly challenges keepers. After 6 years of her treating me with little regard (except for driving me nuts by testing boundaries), she seemed so very off by my tears. She got very vocal, using her “good girl” voice to keep calling me and getting my attention when she is often more of a screamer for attention when treats aren’t involved.

Imma miss them all.

But I am also going to make all kinds of new friends, too. Human and animal alike.

Dark Hunters: Sentrakh

Recorder’s note: This entry was carved some 70,000 years ago and only recently unearthed during the move to our new headquarters. My master has ordered it to be destroyed, but I thought it might be wise to digitize the material first… for posterity’s sake.

Where would I be without Sentrakh? After a few hundred years of doing odd jobs for Matoran and merchants around Odina, I began to worry that my fledgling business would never establish itself on the market. Then came Sentrakh. He lived happily as a farmer with his race of four-armed giants, until some idiot shattered the entire island. After surviving the disaster, Sentrakh found his way to Odina, where he may have singlehandedly (quadruhandedly?) saved the Dark Hunters.

Sentrakh’s powers, surprisingly keen intellect, and boundless adaptability make him a nearly perfect mercenary. Not long after he came on board, he traveled to Stelt and completed several commissioned thefts, arsons, and kidnappings… simultaneously. His record since then puts Lurker and Triglax, not to mention the other louts I employ, to shame.

Yet despite all that prowess, I have some misgivings about Sentrakh. For example, he is altogether too willful for my tastes. He knows he is the best Dark Hunter I have, and so he has begun to take liberties with his assignments: completing them as he sees fit, rather than what the client or I demand. And he has this peculiar habit of describing a shadowy entity that follows him around, helping him complete his missions. But, as I have explained to him many times, I have never employed anyone called “Darkness”.

POWERS: Sentrakh has an impressive set of powers. He can create optical illusions, rob a room of all light, turn one substance into another, and fire a Rhotuka that causes its target to dematerialize. And with his four arms, he can do each of these feats at once. Twice the arms, twice the firepower, as he is fond of saying.

STATUS: Active. I recently dispatched Sentrakh to the southern continent to recapture an escapee from a Wijita prison camp. The fugitive was last seen in a Matoran village, so the situation is a little complicated. Hopefully, he won’t make this into a mess.

hogwarts houses: study edition


  • creating study groups with your friends
  • studying to do good in the world
  • flashcards!!
  • coffee at 2 am
  • being obsessed with highlighters
  • finding a secret spot to study
  • the perfect study playlist


  • sitting in the park, studying
  • texting your friends little motivational quotes
  • beautiful bullet journals
  • Camomile tea
  • scented candles
  • creating the perfect study environment
  • calming yourself before an exam
  • studying to help and create


  • procrastinating. a. lot
  • “oh look I spent 2 hours on wikipedia again”
  • studying to finally understand everything
  • embellishing notes with cute little drawings
  • ancient libraries
  • helping friends on the night before the exam
  • pretty desktop backgrounds
  • the sound of turning a page in a book
  • finding the perfect word to use in your essay


  • to-do lists and vision boards
  • knowing exactly what you have to do to achieve your goal
  • finishing your essay in the middle of the night
  • „intellect without ambition is like a bird without wings“
  • succulents on your desk
  • the feeling of getting that A
  • studying to achieve greatness

Harry Styles doesn’t just want to be a rock star – he wants to be the rock star. And on his superb solo debut, the One Direction heartthrob claims his turf as a true rock & roll prince, a sunshine superman, a cosmic dancer in touch with his introspective acoustic side as well as his glam flash. He avoids the celebrity-guest debutante ball he could have thrown himself – instead, he goes for a intimately emotional Seventies soft-rock vibe. No club-hopping or bottles popping – it’s the after-hours balladry of a 23-year-old star wondering why he spends so much time in lonely hotel rooms staring at his phone. Harry digs so deep into classic California mellow gold, you might suspect his enigmatic new tattoos that say “Jackson” and “Arlo” refer to Browne and Guthrie.

“You can’t bribe the door on your way to the sky,” he warns early on in “Sign of the Times,” but the sky is where he’s aiming, and his sheer brazen confidence is dazzling – he never sounds like he’s trying too hard or scrounging for cred, which is where boy-band alumni usually screw up their solo records. The whole album has the personal yet witty spirit of the cover photo, where a topless Harry has a moment of doubt and pain in a bathtub full of pink unicorn tears. (His original title was Pink, because it’s “the only true rock & roll color.”) He spends a lot of the album wet, actually – whether it’s tears, other bodily fluids, or just “candy dripping on me till my feet are wet.”

Harry’s soft-rock fetish won’t surprise fans of One Direction gems like “Olivia” or “Stockholm Syndrome,” but this is the first time we’ve heard Sweet Baby Styles run with it for a whole album. The songs he tipped in advance didn’t play coy about his old-school inspirations – the Badfinger hook of “Ever Since New York,” the “Blackbird” guitar of “Sweet Creature,” the way “Sign of the Times” tweaks Queen and Bowie in candelabra mode – yet they all sound like him, playful and tender in equal measure. In most of these songs, he mourns a dead-end relationship, the kind where “comfortable silence is so overrated,” and you can hear that he’s been binging on singer-songwriter confessionals from Harry Nilsson’s Nilsson Schmillson to Taylor Swift’s Red. “Meet Me In The Hallway” sets the tone – a touch of John Lennon echo in his voice, a touch of Jimmy Page in the acoustic guitar – as he pleads like a love junkie craving a fix. “Carolina” rides a tropical low-rider summer groove, while the lovelorn “Two Ghosts” could pass for vintage Bread. “Woman” could be a lost slow-jam duet between Prince and Joe Walsh, as Harry asks, “Should we just search romantic comedies on Netflix and see what we can find?”

He dabbles in hard rock raunch with “Kiwi” (“She worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes/Hard liquor mixed with a bit of intellect”) and “Only Angel.” Yet he sounds brassiest, most confident, most himself when he gets vulnerable. He ends with “From the Dining Table,” an acoustic lament where he wakes up alone in yet another hotel room. (“Played with myself, where were you?/I fell back asleep and was drunk by noon/I’ve never felt less cool.”) Through it all, he manages to steer clear of all the traps that ordinarily sabotage a boy-band star’s solo move. But as the whole album proves, there’s not a thing ordinary about this guy. - Rolling Stone


Aries Moon- Likely be a mom who pushes independence and assertiveness. Needs their “me” time, is busy/active, and is expressive about wants. 

Taurus Moon- Likely a mom who nurtures in a very physical way, is stable, makes family feel safe, but can be highly unmovable.

Gemini Moon- Nurtures communication, intellect, and is a supportive parent. They can have a scattered energy however.

Cancer Moon- Highly protective and nurturing mother. Has a hard time letting children leave the nest. Is especially emotionally nurturing.

Leo Moon- Nurtures ego and self-esteem. Gives praise and attention. Likes to show off children. Is playful and generous too.

Virgo Moon- Caring mother who nurtures in a physical and mental way. Highly dependable and devoted. Can have high standards and stress easily.

Libra Moon- Mom who nurtures with expression, appreciation, and sometimes gifts. Pushes for harmony in the home. Can be too soft on children.

Scorpio Moon- Highly protective and strong mom. Wants to create a deep bond. But can be controlling and manipulative. Is instinctive.

Sagittarius Moon- Nurtures self-esteem and curiosity. Can be an energetic and busy mom. Might not always be reliable. Wants to be a role model.

Capricorn Moon- Nurtures in a physical way but has an emotionally cool side, is a proving mom, pushes kids to be successful, can be strict.

Aquarius Moon- Mostly nurtures independence, social skills, intellect, and communication. Can be a detached and unpredictable mom. Helps form their child’s individuality. Fights for their rights and freedoms.

Pisces Moon- Nurtures child’s imagination and emotions. Is protective, loving, sacrificing, sometimes unrealistic. Can coddle or hide away child. Is receptive to child.

Do you ever think about the way Wolfgang truly appreciates Kala though? The show makes a point of showing it; Rajan and all of his friends and family always comment on Kala’s looks, and how beautiful she is, how utterly stunning she is, whereas Wolfgang has not once mentioned her looks. Sure, he’s clearly physically attracted to her, but he appreciates her intelligence and intellect - he asks her about her opinions on science vs religion, he found it hot when she used her intelligence to blow up the car, and he was attracted to her when she built that bomb because to him, it’s not just her body that’s sexy, it’s everything about her.

she worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettES hard liquor mixed with a bit of intelleCT and all the boys they were sayin they were into iT such a pretty face on a pretty neck she’s driving me CRAAAAAZYYYYY but i’m into it ahh but i’m into it ahh i’m kind of into it it’s getting CRAAAAAAZYYYYY i think i’m losing it hey! i think i’m losing it oh i think she said I’M HAVING YOUR BABAAAYYYY IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESSSS I’M HAVING YOUR BABAAYYYY IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS hO it’s none of your it’s none of your I’M HAVING YOUR BABAAAAYYY HEEEY! IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS HO! I’M HAVING YOUR BABAAAAAY HEEY! ho! IT’S NONE OF YOUR IT’S NONE OF YOUR oooWWWWWW it’s new york baby always jacked up hEY holland tunnel for a nose it’s always backed up [SNIFF] when she’s alone she goes home to a cactUS oH?! in a black dreSS she’s such an actreSS [SNIIIIFFF] driving me cRAAAZYYYYYY but i’m into it ahh but i’m into it ahh i’m kind of into it it’s getting CRAAAAAYYYYY i think i’m losing it i think i’m losing it oh i think she said I’M HAVING YOUR BABAAAYYYY HEEEY! IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESSSS HO! I’M HAVING YOUR BABAAYYYY HEEYY! IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS hO! it’s none of your oH! it’s none of your I’M HAVING YOUR BABAAAAYYY HEY!!! IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS OHH! I’M HAVING YOUR BABAAAAAY HEY! AA! AA! IT’S NONE OF YOUR oW! IT’S NONE OF YOUR hO! OWWWWWWWWWWW HEY HEY HEY HEY HEYY HEY oWWWW LALAla she sits beside me like a silhouette hard candy dripping on me ‘til my feet are wet and now she’s all over me it’s like i paid for it cha-ching! it’s like i paid for it i’m gonna pay for this oaH it’s none of yoUR iT’S NONE OF YOUR I’M HAVING YOUR BABAAAYYYY HEEEY! IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS I’M HAVING YOUR BABAAYYYY HEYYY! IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS it’s none of your it’s none of your I’M HAVING YOUR BABAAAAYYY hey! IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS I’M HAVING YOUR BABAAAAAAAAAAAY IT’S NONE OF YOUR IT’S NONE OF YOUR HEY!