the integration

i still cannot believe they cut out “there’s no need to call me ‘sir’ professor” like…. everyone in the gryffindor class got that tattooed on them….. ron weasley literally had it put on his gravestone……. dean thomas literally almost made that entire phrase his first born’s middle name………. and ur just not going to put in the movie???

Concept: the old “protagonist must help painfully innocent and probably amnesiac science experiment with terrifying secret powers escape her tormentors” plot, except instead of being a waifish teenage girl, the victim is a burly middle-aged man with a magnificent beard. Nothing else about their characterisation or story role changes.


The interior of this house is decorated with words. 

It is inhabited by a Syrian refugee. He spent three days writing down hundreds of Dutch phrases and hanging them on the walls, the closets, the refrigerator, his bedroom, and soon the entire interior was coloured with the words. 

He gained attention when a police officer visited him and posted these two pictures on Twitter with the following caption:

“This man is working really hard to learn the Dutch language. Respect.“