the institution for earth education

One other thing that annoys me is that I gather they were teaching Ezra’s stupid book in Alison’s English class. Like, no educational institution on the face of the Earth would touch that one with a barge pole, unless they were teaching warning signs for predatory behaviour. Rosewood High in particular would want nothing to do with anything related to Ezra, and would be busy trying to reassure parents he was a one off and it would never happen again.

And it’s not just that it’s so ridiculous, it’s the length the PLL writers seem to be going to in order to not just ‘redeem’ him but to normalise his behaviour. In the PLL universe Ezra not only escaped jail, but somehow no one has an issue with anything he did to the extent that he is a minor celebrity for it all. It wasn’t enough that we had the wedding, they had to give us this too. And of course that English class is taught by the first target of his unhealthy obsessions.

It’s like the whole this was set up to tell us “See, no one minds. He wasn’t so bad after all.” Sorry, but he really was.