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I SWEAR to JESUS i am never drawing barred wings again. Never. I refuse

anyway ! True Nephil Carolina w/ Peregrine Falcon wings. she was the one that inspired the whole project and boy doesn’t that make her feel good about herself

fun fact: this armor design was actually Tex’s but I felt like it matched Carolina better. tex, instead, will receive a cleavage window

  • So Far Gone
  • Thousand Foot Krutch

(So Far Gone)

Quite a number of you were pretty upset with the first 4 frames I posted as wips(it was very entertaining to read some of your tags) but don’t worry!! Makoto and Haru will get through anything and they’ll come out stronger. Keep your heads up!!

Also I’m sorry that it’s such a long post(especially if you’re not into Free! or makoharu)!


bluesey ? ?? ? is literally one of the Purest Most Wholesome relationships ive ever read with my own two eyes  .  Y’all . that scene ? ?? ? where gansey tucks blue into his overcoat?  11/10  . every single one of their phone calls? ?  truly Inspiring . top notch  . the topest notch , , .  the scene where they’re being all secrety and whispery and gansey lets out this “tremendous” laugh suddenly and he just looks So Pretty smiling and blue’s thought process is literally “oh no!”? ? thats some . Quality stuff my friends . Quality  . and  that one scene, ,, , where all the boys go to nino’s because blue’s working and they wanna show her the magic box and gansey just .. joyfully cries “Jane!” like, it’s not even really a bluesey scene but fam ,,,. Fam. also,,, lets not forget the lampshade scene . “whatever sort of lamp it belonged to, Gansey looked like he wanted one” can you believe gansey looking at blue with constant heart eyes is a for real canon thing . brings a tear to my eye that does :’’’’) . and then theres the scene where blue literally thinks “she just wanted to keep being Gansey’s best friend forever, and maybe one day also have carnal knowledge of him.” have y’all ever read anything so Good? golly . and then of course . .. .. theres the yogurt scenes . … fam i love those scenes so much for multiple reasons but one of those reasons is that. blue literally has to Look Away when gansey puts the spoon in his mouth . binch . what do y’all think she was thinking then? ? the same thing gansey was ? something  l e w d  probably lord knows that girl has no chill,, ,,, jesus .then theres The Scene .. y’all know the one . . the “I like you an awful lot, Blue Sargent” scene ..  .. .The Scene That Cured All My Ailments. . aLsO tHaT oNe ScEnE wHeRe GaNsEy LiTeRaLlY ,,, “I suppose… She makes me quiet.” yEA H SHE DOES BOI YEAH SHE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not to mENTION1!! THEIR PRETEND KISSES AKA THE SCENES WHERE I MCFREAKING LOST IT  , ;;FITE ME BLUESEY IS SO G O OD 

Bullet journal page for the first week of the holidays - I have so much to do, I need to plan out each day! {feat. stamps from my mum’s old collection}

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The dance scene wouldn’t look out of place in DA:I…if the Winter Palace is the name of a modern dance club ^3^

Inspired by a particular Tim Omundson gif posted in the Blackwall tag ^3^

Okay, slightly not-so-good impression of the Eguana sketchbook this time round. If you are a heavy penciller, I’ve got some bad news: Erasing the lines post-inking will lift off pigment inks. Putty erasers lift off less, but pretty much your inked lineart’s vibrance will be compromised afterwards. My advice will be to either pencil really lightly before inking, or construction sketch with blue pencils if you want to scan clean black lines.

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 11.19.14

india-inspired tile decals by bleucoin

this DIY kitchen updater looks pretty simple if you’ve got a steady hand :) check out all the tile decals that bleucoin has to offer — i love the top one one that’s inspired by pushar in india. i also dig this super-detailed and varied turkish-inspired one on the bottom. other styles include mexican, moroccan, and portuguese.

Send me prompts for fanfictions or headcanons!

pynch headcanons what’s good

(before I begin this I would just like to say that this is my first time writing pynch and my second time writing headcanons so feedback would be amazing on what I can fix and thank you prsphn for being an amazing writer and inspiring me to post my writings okay thanks bye)

  • let’s just get this out of the way Ronan would do absolutely anything for Adam
  • this is pretty obvious by the lotion that ronan dreamt up and paying for tuition I mean really who just casually pays for someone’s tuition that’s true love
  • anyways, Ronan always tries to get Adam to act his own age because Ronan knows Adam had to grow up pretty fast and he has to work all the time and/or study so he doesn’t have that much time to do what he loves
  • Adam doesn’t even know what he loves to do
  • so one day the gangsey is out and about and they walk by a music store and Ronan notices Adam’s eyes linger a little too long on the instruments in the window
  • so of course ronan drags them all in because he knows that adam would never think about actually checking out the instruments because he doesn’t have the money and yada yada yada
  • Everyone expects Hot Model Adam™ would go for the guitars or something but of course Adam being the nerd he is goes straight for the orchestral instruments 
  • he lingers on the cellos and awkwardly plucking the strings while the rest of the gangsey looks at the tambourines or something stupid idek
  • Ronan would totally offer to buy it for him but Adam looks at the price and sees that these things cost thousands of dollars and Adam can barely allow anyone to buy him a pack of gum
  • A week later Ronan invites Adam over and gives him a cello and says that his brother went through a weird music phase and doesn’t need it anymore idk
  • he’s totally lying
  • he just wants Adam to be happy and have something he loves to do
  • Ronan didn’t realize that this meant that he would sometimes see Adam practicing and looking very concentrated and adorable and Ronan c an’t ha ndle it
  • It also doesn’t help that Ronan loves Adam’s hands and Adam playing the cello and making precise hand movements Ronan doesn’t know how to deal with any of it
  • he’s pretty sure that this is how he dies
  • I could go on I could make a part 2 tbh

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lapis eye coal by fatandthemoon

how pretty is this incredibly vibrant ultramarine eyeliner?! it’s an updated, modern version of 80’s blue mascara … which i loved. still do :) if you are on the hunt for a new bath and body shop to explore, check out fatandthemoon, and come back for a beauty-inspired theme thursday this week!

Storytime at the Blue Saxophone

Creeping through the Blue Saxophone’s website had provided Max very little in terms of outfit inspiration thanks to the place’s dim lighting. Willie usually wore a tie there though, so Max opted for one of her favorite pairs of ankle booties and a pretty little black dress with a shiny gold belt. A stack of bracelets completed the look. Alejandro mewed behind her as Max checked out the final look in the mirror, obviously approving of the look.

“I’ll see you later, baby.” He batted at the shiny bracelets as Max scratched his head on her way out. If he had his way he’d attack them all night, which was why Max very rarely wore them. She’d have to remember to hide them in her bag when she came back home.

The drive to the club was shorter than Max expected, even by her driving standards, and it looked to be exactly the kind of low-key, relaxed place Willie had promised. Max was looking forward to the new experience, but she was even more eager to hear the rest of Willie’s universe-hopping adventure. 

The last time they’d hung out he’d told her about world Max had never even dreamed of. He’d hinted that it wasn’t all daisies and sunshine, but Max still couldn’t squash her excitement. The first round of stories had been incredible. She couldn’t help but hope for more of the same from round two.