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14052017 • The 2nd Week of May •  🎧 : Lonely - Jonghyun ft. Taeyeon》

Tried to go for a witchy purple vibe. Inspo: @stillstudies & both of dreamcatcher’s mvs. And Happy Mother’s Day! 

 Ig: ttstudys


if f(x) disbands after achieving this type of artistic breakthrough im gonna die

love-life-and-wanderlust  asked:

Yo, you got any prompts for a group of siblings (11) who aren't related, live in an orphanage type thing, and most of them are social outcasts?

Hello :)

• They are being used as an experiment to create super humans (via bionics, genetic manipulation, drugs, etc)

• They are the missing children of history that time travelers brought to modern day to protect.

• They have superpowers and the orphanage is a special place where their powers won’t work in order to control them.

• They are the bastard children of rulers who got rid of them because they want their heirs to be legitimate

• They are all abducted by aliens and find out the aliens are planning to take over Earth. After escaping, they try to convince the adults of what is coming.

• They are the decendants of Greek gods and godesses and were supposed to be the new members at the table of Olympus. The orphanage hid them because (insert reason).

• They spend a lot of time in the surrounding nature land and gain the trust of the animals. One day, one of the animals speak. It says that the kids are the fulfillments of a prophecy to save the forest.

• A rich guy buys the orphanage and uses the kids for his diabolical scheme.

Hausa–Fulani girl - Nigeria

The Hausa- Fulani people are on of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria, a country with over 300 ethnic groups. The group is a fusion of the Hausa and Fulani people, whose cultures have become intertwined. 

This audio track of Nishinoya (Okamoto Nobuhiko) singing about sunshine and summer is officially the purest thing in the world and the only thing it was lacking was the visual.

I won’t ask you not to cry,
Like rain descending from a dark sky,
Let the tears fall from your eyes,
Because broken souls like yours
are always bleeding.
—  the purest souls always bleed the reddest // k.s.
MBTI types as Leaders

INTJ: seen secure and stable, effective, objectly see reality of a situation, scan aviable ideas
INTP: provide to give information to those under them, confortable as long as they’re in line with the project and others, probably prefer advisory role
INFP: strong in their beliefs, try to put everyone in confortable role to perform their best, conflict make them nervous
INFJ: help others with tasks, take information about project and ideas of followers, think a pragmatic plan of action, can be perfectionist
ISFJ: organize the group, delege task based on individual strenght, always helpful, take care of anyone needs
ISFP: appreciate unstructured project, focalize in people and how make ‘em enjoy work, give few precise guide line to let other free in working
ISTP: quiet, unassuming and clear direction, give information about project, like equal work
ISTJ: give complete task with patience and precision, organize work to anyone, focus on goals
ESTJ: task-oriented, set direction in incremental and specific steps, give feedback or advise to others
ESTP: concerned on pratical and immediate problems, flexible organization, friendly and approachable
ESFP: people-oriented, make a fun and laid-back working environment, organize general task
ESFJ: have a clear comunication of task, proactive, caring and encouraging, try to be as hepful as possible with others
ENFJ: make sure everyone partecipate, motivate, organize plans with others, try to foster harmony
ENFP: use entusiasm and inspire group, solve conflict as soon as possible, help others reach their best
ENTP: needs freedom of action, open to ideas, give right incetives and suggestions, have a global vision of project
ENTJ: enjoy executive action, think ahead the project, and organize operations, create harmony in teamwork