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5-minute unedited writing meme

I was tagged by the most lovely @inspectre-gadget for the 5 minute writing meme. Time to let my typos shine! :D

Rules: you got 5 minutes to write. Don’t edit, just write and post. We’re working on the honor system here; time yourself.

A/N - For some reason I think I’m going to write some ME1 Shakarian. No idea why. I don’t even really ship them anymore but I’ve had this floating around in my head for a while.

Razor sharp talons traced delicately over pale skin as Jennah Shepard leaned forward over the workbench in the Normandy’s hanger. The tall, heavily armoured, figure standing behind her effectively had her trapped, and she braced herself against the bench top and bit her lips as the talons continued their dance down the sensitive skin of her neck. She shivered, tingles of awareness spreading through her body at his deliciously light touches; he was so gentle, but she knew that one quick move and he could draw blood.

“Almost got it,” he murmurmed, his duel toned voice sending another ripple of awareness through her taut body. “Just a little more.”

He moved behind her, pressing closer still, and the long line of his thigh and hip pushed against the curve of her ass. Shepard bit her lip. stifling the cry that almost slipped out as his talons brushed the lips of her wound and he carefully seized the foreign object embedded in her flesh. His free hand curled about her waist to hold her still, his touch firm but gentle as he tugged the metal free and dropped it onto the bench beside her with a plink!

His talons ghosted across the nape of her neck one final time, in a movement that could have been him looking for more metal, or could have been something more, and with a small sound he stepped away. Shepard drew in a deep breath and straightened, picking up the rogue shard from a shredder round that had caught her in the neck. She twirled it in her fingers, fighting to control her treacherous body and it’s reaction to the armoured turian.

She turned and glanced up at him;  It was agony, torture even, to be this close to Garrus without letting her feelings slip. He was watching her with an unreadable expression, shuffling from foot to foot and rubbing his hands together as though they were tingling.

“Thank you,” Shepard told him softly, and before she could think better of it she closed the gap between them and kissed him on the cheek.

He smelled like cinnamon.

Garrus made a soft wuffling sound and lifted a hand to his cheek in surprise, a faint blush darkening his face as he stammered out a suitable response.

Shepard flashed him a tentative smile and retreated quickly, her stomach dancing nervously as she fled the scene of her crime and left the furiously blushing turian in her wake.

That was kind of fun - and I’m not normally a Shakarian shipper at all! :) Well, I’ll tag @juleshawke, @reellifejaneway2, @sifaseven, @schizoid-freak, @tlcinbflo, @hawkeykirsah and @bioticbooty.

When you and your friends release a paranormal evil from the depths of the underworld, you’re going to need some theme music.

i. gonna lose your soul by dead man bones. ii. ghostbusters by rasmus. iii.count those freaks by whitey. iv. demons by imagine dragons. v. raise the dead by phantom planet. vi. clint eastwood by trey anastasio. vii. schizophrenia by the jakes. viii. october by broken bells. ix. spider by sweet thing. x. full moon by the black ghosts. xi. monster by imagine dragons. xii. house of the rising sun by lauren o’connel. xiiihell by squirrel nut zippers.xiv. dead hearts by stars. xv. demon daughters by phantom planet. xvi. monster hospital by metric.


hazel-w  asked:

i just saw a webcomic which also happened to be about ghosts and special police who catch those ghosts and the special police were called INSPECTRES!! i cannot help but feel like you have dropped the ball on this one MJ


I Wish You A Happy, Healthy And Safe New Year!

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