the inside of a dead horse

  • me: haha damn gyro's sexy
  • also me: at the beginning of chocolate disco part 1 gyro tastes some horse shit. he just picks up a piece of shit from the middle of the goddamn road and licks it, then quickly identifies it as belonging to diego's horse. this, along with the fact that johnny doesn't bat an eye, leads me to believe that gyro literally tastes horse shit all the fucking time. like, on a regular basis. he just. eats horse shit. why. why is he so nasty. get this filthy man out of my si
jon snow: safe

ANON REQUEST: Can you pleeeaaassee do a Jon Snow imagine where Alliser Thorne’s daughter shows up to bury her father and she holds a grudge against Jon for hanging him? Jon sees her for the first time and recognizes her and also hates her but Ghost likes her. Because Ghost stalks her around so much, he warms up to her and tries to be friends but she doesn’t like him. Then wildlings attempt to rape her, he saves her, and end it however you like :D

The Wall was a magnificent sight to see, you stopped your horse miles hidden in the forest. You wiped your tears away, and breathe out. News of your father’s death made you travel North, as soon as you can. Now you were here, and inside your father lay dead. Your horse galloped and a horn sounded, and the gates opened.

Men looked at you as you entered, your horse circling the yard in the Castle, and you saw a huge pile of dead body on platform. You didn’t pay much attention to the men in black as you dismounted your horse. You saw your father’s face on the platfrom, and a huge bruise around his neck.

“Who are you?” A man said, as he stopped you from walking any closer. He was holding the pommel of his sword, yet you pushed him away.

“Move,” you said looking directly at him. You were holding your dagger in your hand. His hand moved forward, and you held the dagger quick to his chest. “Don’t touch me.”

He moved away, and you stood closer to your father’s body. His bruised neck was a sickening sight to see, and you closed his eyes. “A name, we need it.”

You looked at a man, and the first thing you saw was his huge white direwolf also the pommel of his sword. You wiped the tears away, “Y/N,” you said. You looked at your father’s body, “You killed my father.”

“Aye! He killed Jon Snow, the lot of them did,” yelled a scrawny man.

You looked at Jon Snow and to your father. You knew he wasn’t one of the kindest people but he was good. He was nice, and he loved you. It was years since you last saw him, and now that you’re finally seeing him, he’s dead. “Ser Alliser Thorne is my father, and you killed him.”

“Treason,” Jon Snow said. He expressed nothing and it made you furious. You screamed at his face, pounded fists on his chest until a few men held you back.

You cried, “He’s my only family left,” you whispered. “I’ve got nobody left.”

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When last she had seen Maidenpool, the town had been a desolation, its lord shut up inside his castle, its smallfolk dead or fled or hiding. She remembered burned houses and empty streets, smashed and broken gates. Feral dogs had skulked along behind their horses, whilst swollen corpses floated like huge pale water lilies atop the spring-fed pool that gave the town its name. Jaime sang “Six Maids in a Pool,” and laughed when I begged him to be quiet. And Randyll Tarly was at Maidenpool as well, another reason for her to avoid the town. She might do better to take ship for Gulltown or White Harbor. - Brienne II, AFfC 

(tldr ‘oh look, a pool. jaime sang a song about a pool once.’)

2/2 Mythological Objects Pair Dadeni (The Cauldron of Rebirth)

The Cauldron was owned by the giant Llasar Llaes Gyfnewid who lived in the Lake of the Cauldron in Ireland. The giant and his wife’s behavior offended the court of King Matholwch,so the King attempted to burn the giants to death. The giants escaped to Wales and were greeted by King Bendigeidfran. Grateful for the hospitality they received, the couple gifted Bendigeidfran the Pair Dadeni. When Matholwch travels to seek the hand of Bendifeidfran’s sister in marriage, the cauldron is given to Matholwch as a peace offering after Efnisien murdered Matholwch’s horses.

Later, when the two kings go to war the Cauldron is used to bring dead Irish warriors back to life. Efnisien hides among the dead and is thrown into the Cauldron. It is then that he destroys the Cauldron from the inside.

Soulmates Never Die

I had a dream that I was Ron,

Saving Harry from himself;

I followed Draco until I trusted no one,

And found Harry stuck inside a mirror,

Completely insane from the tortures he’d been through.

And all the while I knew

I had to find him, I had to help him,

I was the only one who could.

No one else left to save him;

I’m all he’s got; I have to pull through.

Draco tried to drown me,

A horse almost threw me,

A grindylow bit me and a centaur charged me;

But I kept fighting to get to him,

To save Harry from the world;

It’s selfish really; to save a dead man

Who should have died years ago;

I have to save him, I’m all he’s got,

and he’s all I’ve got:

He’ll forever be the boy who lived;

And I’ll forever be right by his side.

I will die inside a poem
My hand outstretched to you
All the lights will fade
Into the indigo
Of a passing rainfall
White stars will fall into me
There shall be transfigured snows

Will you say my name then
Altho the whole world pause

Will the lights of the city
Faded with radios

Will drums shake my hair
Will panthers crowd my dead stare

And will it feel good
To feel your blood
Pulse and your sleek

Oh my death will be crowned with guitar notes
And crimson spirals and horse hooves and fog

Grow sharper with me
While I still live

Before anything is ever read
Before anything is ever spoken


FEBRUARY 18, 2017

speaking on art & trauma I’m also really excited abt my comic

I gotta,,,rewrite and organize some stuff just to make sure all the arcs work but honestly considering I started out with “haha some kids form a cult that meets at Applebee’s because who the fuck else ever goes to an Applebee’s and all the servers are dead inside anyways” the whole thing has ended up being a really interesting and personal project that’s actually made me confront a lot of my own issues & coping mechanisms

biggest fear is I drop the ball on writing and there ends up being disk horse about what characters are problematic because the more attached I get to all of them the more important it is to me that these are like….six people all going through really different problems who learn how to heal and how to accept each other and move forward in life

applebees cultists: full of back alley necromancy and deep emotional healing

I saw a post saying that when you bash Frozen in favor of another princess movie you’re really just pitting women against other women and like? No one is pitting Moana aganist Elsa or Anna? People just want Moana to be successful because they are tried of Disney beating an already dead horse for the last three years. I don’t want Moana to be thrown under the bus like how Disney did to the live action Cinderella, Big Hero 6 and Inside Out. So, no, it’s not pitting women against women and the reason Frozen get’s bashed is because it’s a hot mess.

Some random animals from Hannibal:

Kevin, Peter Bernardone's cute mouse

Pavlov-I-Hate-My-Life-Verger, Mason’s pig

The sheep that left everyone dying with envy

The true hero of the third season

The bird that comes out from the heart of a woman thaaat cames out from inside of that dead horse. You know, the usual.

Snails with better sex life than yours.

A spotter couldn’t hide in the branches of a dead tree (it’s easy to spot a guy when there are no leaves), and they had no fake horse corpses around. So, the Germans took some sections of steel pipe and built a 25-foot-tall armor-plated fake tree. It had bark made of painted iron. A soldier climbed inside and had a little seat and a tiny window to look out of and spy on the Brits. 

Since a dead tree suddenly growing out of nowhere overnight would have looked suspicious, the Germans had to wait until nightfall and cut down one of the real trees. With artillery firing the whole time so the Brits wouldn’t hear the axes, they cut it down and set up the fake tree in its place. It’s the kind of disguise that, say, Elmer Fudd wouldn’t catch, but you’d think one of the soldiers peering through binoculars on the other side would notice it eventually.

You’d be wrong – the tree sat undetected for months, until the Brits tunneled under the German lines and blew up their trenches from below, like the opening scene of Cold Mountain, except 19 times over. Even then, the hollow tree was so well hidden that even though they were in control of the area and camping right next to it, no Allied soldiers noticed it for seven freaking months.

The 6 Craziest Disguises Ever Used in the History of War


so i just heard about this new anime, Uma Musume, which to me sounded like ti was going to be about

idol yuri + horse racing

as in, i thought they were going to be idols who were also horse jockeys and sung while racing

and this got me laughing since i immediately starting thinking about Steel Ball Run and how many references and jokes could be made, since SBR was basically about gay cowboys and this would be lesbian idols riding horses

then i watched this video

and now i feel hollow and empty and dead inside (again)

Texts I have received from my intern friends this week

“I plan on dropping dead today unless you have some advice.”

“So how DO I order heparin???”

“My patients are somehow alive. How?”

“Is it suppose to feel like being kicked in the face by a horse?”

“When will I stop screaming inside every day?”

Friends, the first week is the hardest. Every day will slowly get better. I promise. It is the steepest learning curve but you will suddenly find it becoming more and more manageable every day I swear.

Remember: deep breath. Prioritize, organize, and complete. Ask for help. We are all here to help. Discharge, consults, orders, labs. Drink water. And know you’ll get through it.

Meet the Candidates

This is Broken Neck Child.

He is smol but promises to fight for justice 4 u and me.

Next is “Done-with-your-shit” Eyebrow Man

He’s taken the race by storm - the ultimate dark horse. His powerful, melodic, pissed-off voice has allured many fans who believe he has the potential to change the world and their tea recipes. However, his reputation has been scarred by last week’s accusations that he may or may not be dealing in the eyebrow black market.

This is Dead German Man

He is dead inside.

Lastly, we have Austrian With the Big D

This candidate’s platform is that he’s the most dependable out of all his rivals. For this reason, he uses the slogan, “Capital D for Dependability!” On his slogan, he says, “D stands for Dependability, and I’ve got the biggest D out of all my fellow candidates. It’s bigger, it lasts long, and makes many people very happy. I’m all for the D.”

Cool Date Ideas: Xena Edition (Part One)

Credit to myself,Tania, and Ana

1. Almost getting crucified. (Cooler date idea: getting crucified.)

2. Jumping in the lava. (Cooler date idea: BEING the lava.)

3. All six seasons on DVD.

4. Becoming the ruler of Hell.

5. Not dying again.

6. Realizing you’re thespians together.

7. Killing Joxer.

8. Painting yourself blue and howling at the moon.

9. Killing each other’s children.

10. Giving birth to a half-demon.

11. Turning into a giant eagle and BIRDTEXT.

12. Sisters doing it for themselves.

13. Giving birth to Callisto’s reincarnated soul.

14. Saving your soulmate gal pal from being eaten by cannibals, by giving her over to the cannibals.

15. Being inside Xena.

16. Kissing Lao Ma for breath intake.

17. Stealing her dead body back from the amazons.

18. Stabbing Caesar because he’s being an egotistical ass.

19. Throwing fish at your soulmate gal pal.

20. Killing a horse and drinking its blood.

21. Friendzoning Hower the Heterosexual with her help.

22. Becoming an eternal flame for her.

23. Getting Brunhilda-zoned.

24. Trading her whip for a frying pan.

25. Becoming an archangel to save your demon soulmate gal pal, and then ending up becoming a demon yourself and making Eli get you out of this mess.

26. Getting possessed by a Hindu deity named Tataka.

27. Licking her face.

28. Kissing for spit.

29.  “Doing it” for the greater good.

30. Using her hair as bait to catch your fish foe Solaris.

31. Fishing with diamonds.

32. Giving up the way of love to save your soulmate eternal gal pal from certain death.

33. Dying together for once.

34. Buying boob daggers together.

35. Dragging your soulmate one and only gal pal throughout Greece.

36. Ironically eating caesar salad.

37. NO, I’M LIVIA.

38. Falling through a hole (”What is it with you and holes?”)

39. Fisting a fish together.

40. Spending her birthday solving a murder in your mother’s inn.

41. Spending 25 years in an ice tomb coma with her.

42. Riding Valkyrie horses in the sky together.

43. Defying the laws of physics to board a cursed ship for her.

44. Protecting your soulmate warrior gal pal’s body while she’s inside a little girl.

45. Keeping your hands off her tomatoes.

46. Not letting a man close enough to do her.

47. Major love fest.

48. Eating nut bread together and dictating a choir.

49. Boob ambrosia.

50. Reading all the fan fics.


Great Greek Women /Κατερίνα Γώγου (Katerina Gogou):

“Night deep, she mounted her horse with her little one, and hidden well inside her, her sword made of solid gold. When the rooftopes of Here finally appeared, she slayed the horse and they carried on walking, always walking…All those who loved her had their hands cut from the wrist, they used to secretly count in a child’s way using their fingers. They had no concept of money, it can’t be explained otherwise. Some old men left behind, with long hair, famished, were wrapped in flags from unknown lands and shoved into the earth with no ceremony, dead or alive, a funeral under state expenses” (via a-hellenic-poetry-blog)

One of the most important poetesses of the 20th century, Katerina Gogou began her career as a starlet in the greek movies of the 50’s, appearing mostly in secondary roles as the vivacious, funny girl. In 1977 she received the award for the leading female role in the comedy Το βαρύ πεπόνι (Heavy mellon) in the Thessaloniki film festival. Her most memorable role however, would be in Παραγγελιά in 1980(Paragelia/Order), a film based on a true crime story commited by Nikos Koemtzis.

Paragelia would establish Katerina Gogou’s iconic image as a subversive poetess, with a unique writing style, and raw feeling. Her poetry expresses the disillusionment of an entire generation of women. As many highlight her anarchist ideals, her feminine voice is usually downplayed. Katerina Gogou came from an era where women’s rights suffered an intense blow under the guise of social and economical advancement. Many country women coming to work in the forming city centers found themselves forced into various forms of prostitution. As more and more women would have to work harassment and rape at the hands of their employers would be a constant reality. Communist women, women with left leanings in general, or women related to others with such an ideology were in particularly vulnerable to sexual assault.

The silver film world of the 50s and 60s, where Gogou began her career and heavily relied on the vibrancy of its female stars, had successfully not only evaded all those topics, but glossed over them when given the chance. In the late 70s, in a world that demanded to discover the open wounds of greek society, Gogou was a first hand witness with an unwavering voice.

Katerina Gogou commited suicide in 1993.