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Group/Member: BTS // Yoongi

AU: BestFriend!Yoongi

Genre: Humor

Word Count: 2.803

Prompt: AU w/ Yoongi 30
I had the weirdest dream about you and now I can’t stop picturing you naked.

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Normalcy. Repose. Comfort. Those were the three words that Yoongi was always able to think of when he thought of you. Of course, there were many more ways of describing you, some corny, some holding a much deeper meaning but if he truly had to sum you up in as few of words as possible then he knew that he would always be able to rely on two; best friend.

Since high school the two of you had been nearly inseparable, always sitting with one another, studying for tests together, bailing each other out of horrible dates, always prepared to be there for the other. For Yoongi, in a world where things were often far from normal, you were the one aspect that could bring him just that and comfort him. You weren’t like the other girls who ogled over him and faked to be his friend just so they could try and get together with him. You weren’t like the people who faked his friendship to get a taste of popularity. Above all though you understood him and never judged him; because it was you who he was truly able to feel like himself around. The quirky side that some didn’t even know existed with him, the deeply mood part of him that came out every now and then when darkness was much more present than light in his life. You were there right by his side to experience it all.

It was an earnest relationship, and all the feelings were the same for you as well. Yoongi was your best friend, someone who had sent you flowers after you’d gone through one of your worst heart breaks. He was somebody who endlessly picked on you and teased you but would be there on the drop of a dime if you were having an insecure day. Yoongi cared deeply for you, as did you for him. But feelings never went past that. The conventional story of best friends falling in love with each other just wasn’t the story that you two shared.  

You were happy for that though, as was he, because while the idea of you both being more than friends was utterly humorous, the idea of losing each other over something like that was unbearable.

While you both acknowledged that romance wasn’t part of your future together, it didn’t stop people around you to mistake you for a couple. Honestly, to any outsider it really did appear that you two were dating. The lunch dates, you hooking your arm in his while walking down the street, the way you two comfortably bickered with each other; it was all extremely couple-like. After years of being asked if you were dating though or being ‘awed’ over, it had also become something that didn’t faze you. Friendships this strong weren’t easily shook. It took large fights to disturb the comfort that you two shared, and they surely didn’t happen quite often.

This particular day was filled with all sorts of plans with one another. Yoongi needed help picking out some furniture for the office in the new apartment he’d gotten, and then on the flip side you needed to stock up on some art supplies. You’d agreed he’d come to your place and pick you up, running your errands and then ending the day with a late lunch. Waking up that morning however, something wasn’t right.

You didn’t wake up peacefully on your own like you usually did, instead being startled awake, a deep ache between your legs and a sheen of sweat glistening across your forehead. Your respirations were deep and heaving, pupils dilated and mind feeling like complete fuzz. It wasn’t often that you startled yourself awake with a wet dream, but they surely happened every now and then. Usually it was over which ever celebrity you had been lusting over, and occasionally the extremely sexy professor that you had for your modern art lectures, but this…this was different. This dream hadn’t been any of those men. It hadn’t been the imagined chiseled chest of an older professor, or the sparkling and gleaming face of a rising star. It had been the dark eyes and dark hair that belonged to none other than your best friend; Min Yoongi.

“What the actual fuck?” you groaned as you kicked the blankets from off your body, mind buzzing and completely unable to comprehend what had just happened. Yoongi had definitely been the main appearance in your dream, his hair having been sweaty and pushed aside, body missing a shirt as well as pants, having been standing there in nothing but his briefs. He’d been…panting…hand raking through his hair, some strange look in his eyes. Letting out a frustrated yell you covered your face with your hands and rolled around in the bed, unable to stop the images that kept flooding into your head. He hadn’t been naked at least, which you hoped was a blessing, but it still didn’t help the fact that you had had a total wet dream about your best friend.

Hoping out of the bed you hurried to the bathroom and decided that a hot shower would help clear things away. Within the next hour, you were just about ready when you heard your front door open and slam. You didn’t give it much thought knowing exactly who it was, groaning when you immediately saw a flash of your dream again by simply thinking of him.

“Yah! Are you not ready yet? Hurry up or we’ll be doing this all day,” Yoongi called through your bedroom door, giving the wood a swift kick to get his point across even more before turning and walking back down the hallway to help himself to your coffee.

Looking into the mirror at yourself you bit your lip hard and tried to dispel every strange thought. Yoongi was your best friend, nothing more. You weren’t going to let some stupid dream get in the way of that and you sure as hell weren’t going to say anything to him about it.

“I’m coming!’ you called grabbing your jacket and meeting him in the kitchen.

The day went by relatively fast, and you were thankful that furniture shopping and art supplies shopping held the majority of our attention, preventing your eyes from wondering over to Yoongi and allowing that damn dream to leave your memory vaults. By the time you both were finished and were making your way down the sidewalk towards your favorite restaurant you thought that maybe you had nothing more to worry about. As you sat seated across from Yoongi though, the later looking meticulously over this menu you realized that you had been filled with nothing but false hope.

Having already decided what you wanted, you found your eyes circulating to the boy in front of you, lip finding its way between your teeth as you looked him over. Why in the hell had he been in your dream? You weren’t even that attracted to him. You’d seen him shirtless plenty of times, had even seen him in his underwear…but you hadn’t seen him naked. But why did that matter? It’s not like you wanted to…and it wasn’t like he had been in that dream. But why were you suddenly so curious about it?

“Do I have something on my face or something?”

Yoongi’s question startled you slightly, eyes refocusing and looking into his, realizing that you been completely staring at him. “Oh, uh no, sorry I was just thinking about something,” you say waving your hand at him as if to wave it off.

Yoongi simply rose his eyebrows at you, still curious but deciding to drop it. All day while you had been shopping there hadn’t been much time for light conversation, having been discussing the things you were buying but now as you sat there you suddenly felt like you didn’t have much to say. Plus, it was hard to concentrate on much when you desperately were trying to keep that damn dream to yourself. As much as you wanted to keep it from him, and hide the embarrassment of it all, it was actually quite a struggle not to speak to him about it. You two shared everything with one another, from the type of lip balm you both liked, to your guys’ sex lives. There was no hiding in this relationship and the fact that you now had something you felt you couldn’t share with him made you more uncomfortable.

Yoongi, a generally quiet person, was probably one of the most receptive people you knew. So, while you sat across from him and thought you were doing somewhat decent job of staying quiet, he could tell immediately that something was up. The way you kept shifting, the way you wouldn’t look at him for more than a few seconds…the blush on your face. He knew you were hiding something. Lord knows you weren’t great at keeping secrets especially with him. He was curious what was going on but didn’t want to ruin lunch so he upheld the majority of the conversation and decided he’d ask you later once he returned you home.

Eating in silence, Yoongi took care of the bill when you were done and got up walking next to you as you made it outside. Like he usually did he offered you his arm and was quite surprised when you didn’t take it in return.

“You okay today?” he asked, a little startled that you had refused something that you both generally did so comfortably.

“Yoongi I’m fine. I just didn’t sleep well,” you say, feeling like the statement had a partial truth to it.

“Hmmm…I don’t believe you,” he stated, continuing to walk at a normal speed in the direction of your apartment.

“What? Why?” you asked giving him a weird look, arms crossing.

“Well first of all, you usually don’t shut up when we go out for lunch,” he said making you glare at him. “Also, when things are bothering you, you usually always tell me, or at least say that you don’t want to talk about it in public and that we’ll talk later.

“How do you know something is bothering me?” you challenged.

“Because you were making that face you make when you’re thinking hard about something. And you usually don’t think very hard unless it’s something major,” keeping his normal teasing in the conversation. Giving him an insulted look you playfully push him and shake your head. The boy really did know you too well.

“I really…really don’t want to talk about it,” you say, looking away and refusing to meet his gaze again.

“So, then the problem is with me?” he asked, knowing that that had to be the only reason that you wouldn’t share it with him. “Did I do something to upset you?” he asked, unable to think of anything himself, but hoping that you’ll stop this little secret game and just be open with him. “C’mon, you and I both know that we hate when the other is like this. Lord knows I’ve heard plenty of bad things come from you, what’ so bad about this time?”

Letting out a sigh you rolled your shoulders, frustrated with how right he always seemed to be. “It’s just…if I tell you, you can’t make fun of me okay?” you say looking back at him, earning a nod from him.

At this point you two were already in front of your apartment, so typing in the passcode you make your way into the building and up to your apartment. Once inside you drop off all the things you bought in your own office and then slowly retreat back to the living where Yoongi is sitting on the couch clearly waiting for you.

“Spill it,” he says as you sit down next to him, shifting so that you’re fully facing him now, ready to face this head on.

“I had a dream about you.”

“A dream?” he asked, not understanding where this is going or able to figure out why a dream had made you act so differently.

“A wet dream.”

The silence that ensues after this sentence makes you fidget. Watching his face, you don’t see any clear emotion on it. He didn’t look too shocked, but then again, he wasn’t giving away any sort of emotion right now. Getting ready to say more, maybe even take it back and make up some sort of lie, he bursts into a laugh. The sudden presence of his gummy smile and the high-pitched tone of his laugh washes you in absolute relief, a small sigh leaving your lips before you shake your head at him and smack him.

“Stop! You said you wouldn’t laugh!” but at this point your laughing too, and in all honesty, you feel stupid for having been so caught up in all of this. You should have told him the moment he got there this morning.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe that this is what has been bothering you. You’re so gross [Y/N],” he says, wiping away a tear from his eyes. “Oh god,” he says before busting up into another intense round of laughing, holding his stomach as he collapses forward on the couch.

It takes a while but when he’s finally calmed down, it’s just the two of you looking at each other, faces flushed from pure entertainment but finally you were feeling comfortable again.

“Clearly it was more of a nightmare though,” you say, chuckling when Yoongi rolls his eye.

“Please, you should feel honored that I was in your dreams in that way.”

“That’s the thing though. It was…a wet dream, but you weren’t naked in it. You still had boxer pants on. That’s why I was staring at you in the restaurant…because I was just…wondering,” you saying, your sentence leading off multiple times, a snort leaving Yoongi again.

“Oh my god you were picturing me naked?’

Letting out an embarrassed yell you cover your face again, reaching your foot out and shoving him back with it, unable to handle this conversation anymore.

“[Y/N] if you were curious all you had to do was ask,” he teased as he suddenly stood up and pulled off his shirt. Letting out an embarrassed yell you try to turn away and hide but Yoongi simply keeps going. You could hear him undo his belt and at this point you can’t help but curiously turn back, grabbing one of the pillows on your couch and hiding behind it, peaking from above it.  

“Stop acting shy, we’re best friends. What’s the big deal?” he says as he drops his pants, leaving him in his boxer pants right in front of you. Still hiding though, you look back up to his eyes, waiting to see what will happen next. Yoongi, amazingly still unfazed gives you one last eye roll before suddenly pulling down his boxer shorts, leaving him in all his glory in front of you. Your eyes widen, staring at your completely bare best friend. How many stories had he shared with you about the girls he’d been with. Endless times crossing boundaries and shocking you because this boy always came off so damn quiet and reserved. Yet here you were, being completely shocked again. Slowly feeling the embarrassment wash away you move the pillow aside and sit still, looking at him head to toe before lifting your hand and twirling your pointer finger in a circle.


Tossing his head back, Yoongi chuckles before slowly spinning in a circle, allowing you to see a full 360 before stopping in front of you again. “Not bad,” you finally say. “I’ve seen better though,” you say laughing as his signature insulted face appears.

“Excuse you, I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.” He says before pulling his boxers shorts up and sitting back down. It takes a moment to realize, but you notice that in no way do you feel like you had that morning. Yoongi’s body does literally nothing for you, your heart beat only going fast because of the residual embarrassment. Other than that, this feels like a completely normal day for the tow of you.

“So, what about you?”

“Huh?” you say turning and looking at him.

“Isn’t it my turn? You strip now.”

The next moment Yoongi gets a face full of the pillow you had once been hiding behind.

“In your dreams, Min Yoongi,” you say before standing and heading to your office, laughing as you hear his complaints of how unfair you were.  

After that day Yoongi wasn’t totally sure if he could use normalcy to explain your relationship anymore, but no matter what happened, ’best friend’ were still the only two words that shone with the most truth.

Ruby (X-men x Reader)

Warnings: description of anxiety

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You were part of the X-men for less than a couple of weeks and Professor decided it was time for you to start attending the classes.

You were really nervous because of your mutation. You had been bullied before in your hometown and you were afraid-no you were sure it would happen again.

“(Y/N)? Are you ready?”  your roommates, Kurt and Jubilee, called you from the hall. You looked at the mirror for one last time and you straightened your clothes.“You got this!” you repeated and with a sigh, you grabbed your backpack and joined your friends.

You and Jubilee had bonded since day one. After all, she was the one that found you and brought you in. You met Kurt a couple of days later when Professor X assigned you a room to settle down.

Now, after a whole week, you were inseparable. “Here is our friend!” Kurt said and smiled widely as he spread his arm and got you under his “wing”. You giggled trying to shove away any anxiety and nervousness. Jubilee smiled at you too and you began walking down the hall to your first class.

Thankfully, Professor was considerate enough to put you in the same classes as your friends and that was one less thing to worry about.

You caught up with Kurt since he was on a mission the past two days and with laughter, you entered the classroom.All hints of fear were now gone and a happy feeling was tingling you. You took your seat and your friends sat around you. Seems like you were just in time since the teacher entered the room just five minutes after you had taken your seat.

The teacher smiled at you and that’s when the nauseating feeling of fear rushed back to your stomach.

“Welcome, kids. Please, take a seat and settle down. We have a new student that I would like to introduce.”  She motioned you to get up and approach the board.

All eyes were on you. 

Everyone’s breaths had stopped.

Everyone was looking at you. 

Staring at you. 

Scanning your every movement

.Kurt gave you a friendly pat on the back, snapping you out from your paranoia. 

“You got this.” You repeated to yourself in your mind.You got up and dragged your feet towards the board.You took a sharp breath and turned around, facing the whole classroom.

“I am (Y/N) (L/N).” you introduced yourself and you felt your powers kicking in and your skin turning red.

That was your mutation, your skin turned to the colour of bright crimson ruby red.

“And you are an alien!” a jerk from across the room yelled and threw a paper ball towards you.You felt tears rising up in your eyes and you became redder and redder.

“Hey, at least she is cool, jerk.” Jubilee yelled back at the guy.“They are our ‘Ruby’ what’s your problem?” Kurt added too and now you were becoming pink.

“Kids. Kids. Quiet! Mr Stevenson, you should visit Professor’s office or I shall accompany you myself.” She warned and in her eyes flashed a thunder.

The jerk shifted in his seat for a moment and when he made sure the teacher wouldn’t send a thunderstorm upon his head he got up and exited the room.

“Now, thank you (Y/N) you may return to your seat.” She encouraged you and you smiled back at her.Kurt and Jubilee rubbed your back reassuringly and smiled at you.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be that bad.

After all, you had your friends.

You were their Ruby.

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i can't believe my red vibrator is going to turn 1 year old in 10 days. i bought him for myself on taylor's birthday last year and we've been inseparable ever since. his name is taylor 😍

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Does your Christianity influence your socialism at all?

Intensely, and in most ways. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that my Christianity and my socialism are inextricably linked. My moral impulses as a Christian are the driving force behind the stances I take as a socialist, and when I cite Christ as a major political influence on me, I’m not kidding around - Christ fought against greed, against hierarchy, against the corrupt, hypocritical, and oppressive authorities, and always for the poor and downtrodden.

 Rereading the Bible over the summer is one of the things that led me to formally commit myself to socialist principles. I’ve had an urge to write a more detailed post explaining how my Christianity and socialism intersect, but for now it’s enough to say that they are almost inseparably connected.


Vasarely, Victor (1908-1997) - 1929 Green Study (Private Collection) by Milton Sonn

<br><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br>Mixed technique;    39 x 29 cm.

Victor Vasarely was an acknowledged leader of the Op Art movement, and his innovations in color and optical illusion have had a strong influence on many modern artists. He was born in Pecs, Hungary in 1906. After receiving his baccalaureate degree in 1925,, he transferred to the Muhely Academy, also known as the Budapest Bauhaus, where he studied with Alexander Bortnijik. At the Academy, he became familiar with the contemporary research in color and optics by Jaohannes ltten, Josef Albers, and the Constructivists Malevich and Kandinsky. In 1947, Vasarely discovered his place in abstract art. He concluded that “internal geometry” could be seen below the surface of the entire world. He conceived that form and color are inseparable. “Every form is a base for color, every color is the attribute of a form.” Forms from nature were thus transposed into purely abstract elements in his paintings.

After his first one-man show in 1930, at the Kovacs Akos Gallery in Budapest, Vasarely moved to Paris. For the next thirteen years, he devoted himself to graphic studies. His lifelong fascination with linear patterning led him to draw figurative and abstract patterned sub .ects, such as his series of harlequins, checkers, tigers, and zebras. During this period, Vasarely also created multi-dimensional works of art by super-imposing patterned layers on one another to attain the illusion of depth. In 1943, Vasarely began to work extensively in oils, creating both abstract and figurative canvases. His first Parisian exhibition was the following year at the Galerie Denise Rene that he helped found. Vasarely became the recognized leader of the avant-garde group of artists affiliated with the gallery.

(French/Hungarian, 1906–1997)

a plot where muse a and muse b have been inseparable since they were children, the best of friends, partners in crime. flash forward muse b is constantly getting into trouble, they’re covered in tattoos, stealing cars, drugs, getting into fights, all in general they’re known as a trouble maker. in comes muse a who loves them to absolute pieces, always no matter what. they’re constantly being dragged into muse b’s schemes even if they don’t want to be. they’ve always been the goody two shoes, but they just can’t stay away from muse b. 


“Rocky [left] was our first large breed dog that we’ve ever owned and we were nervous when we first got him. When he came home and walked around the house, it was like he always belonged here. He’s become a member of the family and at this stage, I don’t think he realizes he’s a dog any more! We got Addy [right] a month after we bought Rocky home and they have been inseparable ever since. They’re like an old couple who have spent all of their lives together. We used to take them out separately but then the other one would start crying and stand at the door until we came back! Now we always make sure we take them together!” Thank you @corsocouple from IG for sharing these touching thoughts with us and the community. #canecorso #corso #bluecorso #fawncorso #mastiff #italianmastiff #dog #canine

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