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Do you see yourself rearranging or changing the education system in any way for Nevada?

We need to continue supporting initiatives that provide our students, teachers, and schools with sufficient resources that allow them to thrive. In 2015, Gov. Sandoval championed an unprecedented investment in Nevada education. I supported the bipartisan measure because it addressed the many funding difficulties school districts faced throughout the Silver State. And I will continue to support other measures introduced by the legislature to increase funding for early childhood education programs, after school programs, work-study programs, and job training programs. We also need to make sure out teachers have access to the resources they need for their classrooms. My office will work to find all the federal grants available to help our schools and our students. 

I have also been active in expanding STEM education efforts. Innovation is a key factor in developing a workforce for the future, including diversity in technology, science, and other sectors of our economy. We need to close certain skills gaps in our economy, and I know that Nevada’s future is brighter if we can train and educate our citizens for the jobs that we need to fill more and more. 

The Trump Administration’s appointment of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos does not help public education in Nevada and across the U.S. She is a staunch advocate of gutting our public schools and she has virtually no public education experience. In fact, her only experience for this job is her decades of fighting to divert money away from public education to support charter schools and vouchers for private, religious schools – an ideological cause that has been disastrous for her home state and is diametrically opposed to the Department of Education’s mission of ensuring equal access to a great education. That is why I voted against her nomination. Nevadans must keep her accountable in order to protect public education for our children.

Fun Fact Friday!

The letter ‘E’ is the most commonly used letter in the English language, taking up nearly 11% of the language real estate! Contrarily, the letters J, Q, Z, & X are the least commonly used letters - only appearing 1% of the time each!

This was animated with the TED-Ed Innovative Educators (mostly first time animators!) during our recent TED-Ed Weekend! 

People who side with health insurance companies in thinking that profits are more important than sick people getting treatment make me fucking ill.  I don’t give a damn if treating sick people loses billions of dollars a year.  It should still be done.  Why?  Because people are more important than money.

Tonight my all my thoughts are with the people who have been caught up in the disgusting and cowardly attack on the beautiful city I call home. My heart goes out to the families of the four innocent people murdered in this callous display of hatred, and I sincerely hope that the people currently fighting for their lives pull through. 

I want to thank the incredible men and women who run our emergency services, individuals that fight tirelessly to keep the city and its people safe. Today a police officer gave his life protecting our democracy, he will be remembered, always. 

London has stood for nearly 2000 years as a centre of culture, education, innovation and multiculturalism. We will not be divided by hatred, not today, not ever. 


On November 4, 2015, the Board of Trustees of the American Museum of Natural History endorsed the conceptual design for the Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation, a new building that will invite visitors to experience the Museum not only as a place of public exhibitions but as an active scientific and educational institution.

Take a look.

Image courtesy of Studio Gang Architects  


17 #GlobalGoals that can change the world forever.

Over the past 3 years the UK has lobbied hard to make sure the Global Goals cover the areas not covered by the MDGs, to make sure nobody is left behind.

As a chemist, I agree that remaining competitive in the sciences is a critical issue. But as an instructor, I also think that if American STEM grads are going lead the world in innovation, then their science education cannot be divorced from the liberal arts. To innovate is to introduce change. While STEM workers can certainly drive innovation through science alone, imagine how much more innovative students and employees could be if the pool of knowledge from which they draw is wider and deeper. That occurs as the result of a liberal arts education. By all means, let’s grow our STEM graduates as aggressively as possible. But let’s make sure they also have that all-important grounding in the liberal arts. We can have both.

Loretta Jackson-Hayes | Associate Professor of Chemistry at Rhodes College in Memphis; “We don’t need more STEM majors. We need more STEM majors with liberal arts training” via @forbes

And this, again, is why I promote STEAM over STEM. 

Meet and Greet

So… I was going to wait to tell this story but I honestly can’t sleep because I keep thinking about it haha!

Today I woke up and gave a really big speech on education and innovation that is being sent to the US Department of Education, and it went incredibly well. After that I was just excited about the Fall Out Boy concert and had an idea to pass out YRBC flyers so I edited a picture of us to tell people about our videos and stuff. It looked a little something (or exactly like) this:

While I was working on that my mom told me she was going to text my little sister’s piano teacher who is Elisa Stump’s aunt to see if she could get us meet and greet passes. I didn’t think anything would come of it but whatever so i picked out an outfit and my friend that was going with me came over. I was upstairs grabbing something when my mom called down for me and she told me that I was going to met Fall Out Boy, but we had to leave right then.

We quickly stopped at a drug store that printed out the little picture things I wanted to pass out and the lady who checked me out was a huge FOB fan and had seen our videos! So we headed into Denver and I tried to come to terms with the idea that I was about to meet freaking Fall Out Boy. My friend was excited too, but he spent most of his time helping me keep calm. 

We parked, and got to the gate where they asked for our ID and initially couldn’t find our names (because we were added to the list maybe two hours before) so this lady had to come over and check the recent additions to the list and gave us wristbands. We waited forever in line but met some really amazing people who were excited to check out the YRBC! We inched closer and closer to my favorite band and I would see these people walking away that had just met them crying. At one point I even saw Patrick Stump stick his head out from behind the screen to catch some people whose photo didn’t turn out right. But I felt surprisingly calm.

Since we were last minute/didn’t pay the ridiculous amount for a Denver VIP pass we were near the very end of the line. My friend and I got ready to meet them, we weren’t allowed to bring anything with us except if we had a gift. So I pulled out four of the YRBC photos and got ready to meet Fall Out Boy. 

When it was our turn we walked over and immediately I saw Joe Trohman (my fave band member) and that was my only “HOLY CRAP THESE PEOPLE ARE REAL” moment because I pulled myself together. I was asked to stand in the center by Pete and I started talking about The Younger Blood Chronicles, so I showed Pete the picture and he said “Oh yeah I’ve seen these before!” I told them that I played Joe and the real Joe seemed really excited about that. Andy and Patrick were pretty quiet up to this point. So we took our picture with Fall Out Boy and Andy Hurley asks about my FOB shirt so I show it to him. And Pete Wentz asks if the photos are for them, so I give them all to him, and the photo op manager guy is like “So where can we see these videos?” and Pete was like “There’s a link on here!” Then it was time to wrap it up so everybody told me (and I guess my friend who doesn’t have much to do with YRBC) to keep up the good work and to enjoy the show, so I start to walk off when Patrick thanks me for recreating their videos. Right before I left I told them all to look out for my two friends at the Salt Lake City show the next night and Patrick asked if it was the rest of the cast and I just said “Yeah” even though Kelley wouldn’t be there (Sorry Kelley, I was flustered and out of time) and then I think I said thank you and left.

Typing it out it seems much longer than it was, it’s mostly just a blur. Occasionally I’ll remember something random that a band member said to me and I would freak out all over again. But I totally kept my calm and it was great. My friend and I went and found our seats (which were really really really really good seats) We were far away enough that you could get a picture of the whole stage but close enough that you could actually see the band members. After the small pit area in front of us started to fill up we realized that our meet and greet wristbands were really similar to the pit area wristbands, they were the same color but had different writing on them. So we started plotting to go stand in the pit for Fall Out Boy.

I sat through Max, Hoodie, and Wiz because I’m not huge into them and I wanted to save up my energy for Fall Out Boy. Everyone was smoking weed and the dude next to us asked us if we wanted any but we told him I had asthma and we don’t smoke so he put out his blunt and when he was smoking later he blew away from me which helped a lot. During Wiz a shirt they were throwing out landed in my lap so I gave it to him because he came for the Wiz Khalifa part and I was really just there for Fall Out Boy. Let’s fast forward to Fall Out Boy because that’s what I care about.

My friend made fun of me because I was acting just as excited to see them perform as I was when I met them. After sitting out for so long I went crazy and was dancing and screaming and it was great. We were more on the Joe side of the stage so I was very excited about that and took WAYYY too many pictures of Joe. I won’t go into too much detail here because concerts are really a you-had-to-be-there sort of thing. But about halfway through I asked my friend if he wanted to go down to the pit to see if we could get in but he thought it would be too crowded. So I left my bag with him and went by myself, the guy checking wristbands was super chill and didn’t check my wristband’s writing. I had so much fun chilling in the pit, I stayed down there until the encore then I ran up to go beg my friend to come with me to see Saturday from the pit so we both got in and got so close to the stage to hear their finale. It was so amazing. Everything worked out for us.

Seriously the best night of my life. Pictures to come soon!

4 Fun Facts Animated by Teachers

Last week, the TED-Ed Animation Team facilitated animation workshops with TED-Ed Innovative Educators. We introduced them to basic stop-motion tricks and techniques in hopes that they would begin to incorporate animation into their classroom projects - and based on the results, we think they are up to the challenge!

Earlier this fall, we sourced some fun facts from the educators themselves, and then tasked them with visualizing that very information. We used tablets with #istopmotion to shoot the animation, and basic household objects and school supplies as props and materials. We dare say that you, too, can do this from home!

1. When an object’s mass doubles, its kinetic energy also doubles, but when an object’s SPEED doubles, its kinetic energy quadruples.

2. If a male sperm was the size of a human being, it would swim the 100 metre freestyle in half of the world record time.

3. Approximately one word is added to the English language every two hours.

4. If you condensed the Earth’s history into 24 hours, humans wouldn’t exist until 11:58pm.