the innocence is gone from their eyes

Kwami swap: An Adrinoir Story?

I had a very bad day today so I decided to give up on life’s responsibilities and write some totally indulgent (marichat? Ladrien?) sin.

@squirrellygirlart made fanart for this Here

So for the Kwami Swap I have Marinette with the Chat Noir miraculous and her name is Kitten Noir and things get heated with her and Adrien.

So I’m thinking I might make some headcannons for this version of the kwami swap so let me know if you desire more from this universe! Seriously though I have thought a lot about what Marinette would be like with the Chat Noir miraculous.

WARNING: SIN SIN SIN AND MORE SIN!!!!! not for young innocent eyes. No smut.

Marinette had transformed into Kitten Noir and gone out for the night in order to clear her head. She hadn’t intended on running into any problems that night. Unfortunately for her what seemed like an easy job turned into a real big fucking problem. She had stopped the men mugging the woman of course but in the process she had gotten a little injured. She groaned as she vaulted onto the next rooftop pain shooting up her side. Okay a lot injured. She stumbled as she landed on the next rooftop. She looked around her, perspiration dotting her forehead. She was too far from home. She wasn’t going to last much longer without some help. She spotted the Agreste Mansion close by. If I could just make it there, she thought, maybe Adrien has a first aid kit, or could get me some help. The injury wasn’t enough to warrant a hospital visit but if she continued running through the city like this she could lose a lot of blood or tear the injury in her side farther open. Marinette grit her teeth together. If she could time this just right she might be able to make it in a single jump. Taking a deep breath Marinette ran towards the edge of the building pulling out her baton and vaulting off the rooftop extending it as she reached the height of the vault. Marinette thanked the gods above that Adrien’s bedroom window was open. She crashed through the open window and sprawled on the floor wheezing in pain. The movement probably did more damage to the injury than Marinette was counting on.

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You’re sitting on your bed and doing some homework and every time you look away from your book, it’s gone and second later it’s back.
“Peter!” You shout after the fifth time, but with a laughter.
As innocent as possible he looks at you.
“Give it back.” You say and make some puppy eyes. “Please.”
“What do I get in return?” He asks and sits down on your bed.
“What do you want?” Cocky you raise an eyebrow and he blushes a little.
“A kiss?”
Your heartbeat increases as you agree with a nod. Slowly you get closer with your face and as you wanted to kiss his cheek he turns his head. You both stare at each other as your lips meet, but no one of you is moving.
As Peter wants to pull back you grab his neck and kiss him again. Gentle you move your lips against his and he sighs quietly, closing his eyes.
It surprises you that it’s him who deepens the kiss and you close your eyes in enjoyment. Your hands slide under his shirt and you feel the goose bumps which builds where you touch him.
You break the kiss and pull his shirt over the head. “Is that ok?”
Suddenly you’re pushed back on the pillow, your shirt and pants are laying next to you. Again he kisses you passionately while his shaking hands wander over your upper body.
Even without feeling his heartbeat you know that he’s nervous.
Still kissing you open his jeans and wrap your legs around his hips, feeling his erection on your heating middle.
“(Y/N).” Peter groans as you both turn around and you sit on his lap now.
In joyful anticipation you watch him how he worships your body with his eyes while he swallows hard. You grab behind your back to open your bra and throw it on the floor.
“You’re so beautiful.” He whispers and sits up.
A quiet groan leaves your mouth as he takes your nipple in his mouth and gently sucks on it. With each lick you’re getting more excited. The wetness is dampening your panties and you move your crotch over his erection, making you both groan in pleasure.
You lift up your hips and push his boxer down and your panties aside, don’t want to waste any time more. Peter holds his breath as you lower on his cock until he fills you completely out. His nails dug in the skin of your hips and he buries his face in your neck as you start moving.
Slow but steadily getting faster.
Peter kisses his way up to your lips, both of you groaning into each other mouthes.
Your lower stomach fills with tingling heat as his cock slides again and again over your sweet spot.
“Peter.” You groan as the desire rushing in wave through your body.
A few thrusts later Peter follows you, letting out a shaky groan in satisfaction.

“You should steal something from me more often.” You grin as you’re laying in Peter’s arms.
“I’m already thinking about it.” He responds and you both chuckle quietly.

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"Is that a basilisk in your pants or are you just happy to see me" tomarry

“Is that a basilisk in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”

Tom’s face was ashen, more horrified than Harry had ever seen him. The joke had, apparently, not gone over well.

“Merlin- close your eyes, Harry, now! Leave us, and do not return until you are called!” Tom hissed in parseltongue, and there was a heavy movement on the ground that Harry could feel through the stone from even this distance. The basilisk. Eventually the vibrations disappeared, and Harry opened his eyes.

“Neither, then?” Harry asked, for Tom had closed his eyes with an unreadable expression.

“How did you get down here? Do you know how dangerous-?”

“I got down here the same way you did, Tom. Parseltongue.” He avoided the other question that Tom had asked. Surely Tom couldn’t have been that worried. Maybe he was trying to lure Harry into trusting him with his safety or something. Harry never really knew when it came to Tom.

Tom’s eyebrows raised to his hairline, and Harry almost laughed at the sight. “You speak it?” he said, sounding practically awed.

“I speak it,” Harry hissed in response.

“You… you really are an enigma, Harry Potter.” Tom gestured for Harry to come closer, and Harry did. Tom’s expression was scrutinising, but Harry was sure that Tom would discover none of Harry’s many secrets on his face. He could only hope that Tom would not use legilimency, though, or surely he would be doomed.

“Aren’t you worried that you won’t accidentally kill yourself by looking into the basilisk’s eyes?” Harry asked, suddenly curious.

Tom scoffed. “How stupid do you think I am? Of course not. I’m far too careful for that. You, however, have a penchant for recklessness… I’d rather not murder the only interesting person in my life, even if he is, at times, the bane of my existence.”

Harry smiled wryly. “I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about,” he said. “I’m the most innocent and bland person I know.”

“Says the boy who asked me if I had a basilisk in my pants-”

“Oh, you were paying attention to that, were you? You looked like you were doing an impression of a gargoyle,” Harry replied cheerfully.

“Only because I value your life more than you do,” Tom accused, shaking his head. Harry hid his softer, much more genuine smile, beneath his hand. Tom was still on his way to murder via giant snake, but…

Tom valued his life. It was a start.


“I know what you’re doing…” Harrison started through a low growl after you’d rounded the corner and walked well out of earshot.

“Hmm?” Came HR’s well-placed innocence as he tore his eyes away from the direction you’d gone and looked toward his counterpart with a dumb expression.

At that Harry crossed his arms and glared at HR; his shoulders locking in place and his muscles pulling taut from beneath his shirt as he hunched forward and snarled out, “I don’t know what you think is going to happen here but you can’t get involved… You’ve got your own earth to go home to, remember?”

Pinching his brows and doing nothing to hide the way his jaw set, HR came back with a quick, “Like you…?”

With Harry’s eyes narrowing into slits, he stared at his doppelganger with a hard expression… Sure, he hadn’t exactly been around lately but there was a history between you two that couldn’t just be replaced with some generic lookalike no matter how smooth he was and no matter how much you’d seemed to have grown to like him. And somewhere between getting to know you and watching Barry defeat Zoom, Harrison had fallen head over heels in love with you and judging by HR’s defensive jab, he wasn’t the only Harrison Wells in the multiverse to have developed feelings for you.

“Maybe if you hadn’t run away, you’d still be number-one-Wells and you’d be the one going to that Dickens Christmas Village thing with her tonight.” HR bit, causing Harrison’s lip to curl into a sneer.

“Easy…” Harry warned. “If you pull anything on her tonight, I’ll break your legs and make it look like an accident.”

At that, HR snorted before giving his counterpart a dull smile… “Merry Christmas.”

(X) (X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Harrison and HR Competing for Your Affection*

Request: Maybe Harry & Jessie visit for the holidays after Cisco’s bombardment of vibes. Maybe Harry gets jealous seeing how close HR & the reader have gotten in his absence. Possibly some Harry/reader fluff & some HR & Harry competing for reader? Plz n thnks

A/N: This deviated a bit from the original request but I hope its okay still!

Youngjae Smut (Got7) - Games, Not Gifts

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“Oh, you’re done? So soon?” Youngjae spoke to you, but kept his eyes on the TV screen while his fingers did work on the controller.

“I’ve been gone for 45 minutes. Not that short,” you laughed, sitting down on the loveseat across from him as he sat on the sofa.

“Really? Time goes by so fast…”

“Maybe because of that game of yours,” you shook your head, laughing at him.

His own laugh echoed yours and he said, “why are you laughing at me?”

“Nothing. You’re just so cute,” you answered him with a smile on your face, admiring him as a whole. Your eyes scanned his whole body; as innocent as you two seem on the outside, behind closed doors you two are just the opposite.

“How would you feel if this cutie told you to come here, then?” Though his eyes were focused on the screen, you could tell his mind had other things in mind.

“I’d come, of course,” you got up from the loveseat and sat down close to him on the sofa.

“Why did you sit so far anyway? Are we supposed to act traditional or something?” He chuckled.

“That doesn’t matter anymore. Can I play?”

“Sure, I just finished this round anyway,” he said, his hand moving from his controller to running down your bare thigh to grabbing the spare controller on the table. “Ah, you’re wearing my shirt again.”

“It’s comfy.”

“It’s comfy, you look good in it, I love it when you wear it… You should wear it more often.”

“I can’t wear it outside!”

“Of course not! I don’t want other guys to see you. Just wear when it’s just us.”

“What about the other members?”

“They fall under the ‘other guys’ category, you know.”

“But they’re like brothers.”

“Right, but you don’t know what a man’s head is like. I do.”

“Ahhh, so you’re you saying you fantasize about others girls, too?”

“What? No, that’s not-”

“Hey! I was joking–why are you so defensive?”

“Shh, shh,” he interrupted whatever you were going to say next and shoved the controller into your hands.

Pouting, you fixed your grasp on it an idea popped into your head, “do you think we can do it while playing?”

“What?” He looked at you surprised. “How would that even work?” He laughed again.

“I’ll do something with you than no other girl can,” you said seductively, climbing onto his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck. Your lips nibbled on his ear, your hot breath grazing against it, slowly grinding your hips against his. His hands let the controller roll off and went to your hips. He buried his face in your neck and took in your scent. “This way, you won’t think about any other girl.”

“Are we going to do it now?” He mumbled as you felt his hard member press against your crotch.

“Mhm,” you hummed as your lips attached to his neck. You told him to sit as he was and that you would do all the work. He quickly unzipped his pants and rolled down his underwear so that his it was popping out. You grabbed the controller, sliding onto his length; you were thankful that the sofa was big enough to support the position you planned out.

“You won’t fall?”

“Hopefully, I won’t,” you giggled. “Okay, let’s play!”

You successfully balanced pleasure and play as you often rode his length. While your fingers focused on the controller, your lower region focused on the other thing. Your hips went in a circular motion, causing Youngjae to weaken in gameplay as there was an increase in friction.

“Watch yourself, baby,” he warned you, pressing the pause button and tapping your ass. “We may be fucking, but I want to win–play fairly.”

“You’re hot when you talk like that,” you smirked, increasing the frequency of movement.

“Oh, fuck this,” Youngjae growled, stripping himself quickly of his clothes and pushing you to the carpeted floor. You squeaked at the sudden force as Youngjae pushed your legs open and rammed into you. His hands gripped onto your arms to hold you in place as he fucked you. His rapid thrusts slowed down and he let go of his hard grip on your arms. Your walls clenched around his member, making him moan.

“Don’t do that,” he panted into your ear. “I want this to last longer.”

You felt him pull out almost completely before ramming into you again. Heat radiated off of his body as he thrusted in and out of you, his lips silencing your gasps. Your moans echoed into the kisses while your thighs squeezed onto his body. With your arms wrapped around his neck, you fingers tangled into his hair and your legs firmly wrapped around his waist.

“This… won’t do,” he breathed, picking you and shoving you against the wall.

The new position let him go deeper. You limply hung on his arms as he roughly moved in and out of you, skin slapping on skin. Your lips gaped, letting screams escape.

“Mmm, Youngjae…”

“Y/N, almost,” he panted.

With one last ram and moan, he finished inside of you. Exhausted, he carried you to the sofa, setting you down gently before flopping down beside you.

“You good?”

“Yeah,” you nodded as your chest heaved. “That felt good. Let’s do that again,” you giggled, your eyes moving from his sweaty and smiling face to the clock. “Oh, it’s midnight.”

“That means…”

“Christmas!” You two chorused.

“I think I already got a good gift, though,” he commented. “You’re the only girl I know.”

“I better be.”

“I better be the only guy you know,” he eyed you.

“Of course! No guy can fuck me that good.”



tbh i want youngjae to bring back that blonde hair

lmao these are getting less and less christmasy oops

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“Such beautiful skin,” the Dollmaker says, stroking your cheek as his eyes roam over your body. “You’ll be the pride of all of my creations.”

Cringing away from his hand, you choke on the tube in your mouth as you think about the events of the night. The plan you had set up couldn’t have gone worse, and a tear slips down your cheek thinking about it. It was simple enough: You’d feign innocent, and the Dollmaker would capture you and take you to his lair, with Digg and Oliver following close behind.

But that was supposed to happen now, three hours after you arrived here. What you hadn’t anticipated was that you’re pretty enough to spike the villain’s interest and be taken in broad daylight. You were heading home from work, and if you hadn’t been on the phone with Oliver during your capture, you wouldn’t have the small sliver of hope you do.

You can still hear his voice saying, “I’m coming,” as you were taken away into the dark van. He was going to blame himself for weeks.

You’re snapped out of your thoughts by the man smiling and saying, “Are you ready, sweetheart?”

Tears slide down your cheeks as you realize that this is the end. This is the day you die. Just as the man flips the switch, an arrow embeds in the back of his hand as the wretched substance flows into your mouth and down your throat. Sobbing now, you barely see Oliver run after the Dollmaker, before Digg comes and rips the tube out of your mouth. The world goes black as you fall forward into his waiting arms.

Your eyes blink open, and you see Oliver sitting next to your bed, eyes on the floor. Getting your bearings, you see you’re in a hospital room, and your throat hurts. “Ollie,” You rasp, wincing at the way your voice sounds. His head snaps up and he smiles softly, taking your hand and kissing it. “What happened? Did we get him?”

He smiles, kissing the palm of your hand. “Yeah, we got him sweetheart,” he assures you. “All thanks to you.”

You snort, closing your eyes from exhaustion. “All I managed to do was get captured.”

At this Oliver looks down, eyes going blank as his mouth goes back into a hard line. “Hey,” you lift his chin up gently with your finger so he’s looking at you. “It wasn’t your fault. There’s no way we could have anticipated this happening.”

Then you cough, and he stands up, chair screeching across the floor and making you wince. “I’ll let everyone know you’re awake,” he informs, walking out of the room as you watch him with sad eyes.

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Dino and Tsuna insulting ad humiliating their s/o because they believed they betrayed them but then trying to win them back?


Angst, angst, angst, I’m all about the angst… <3

// Admin Chrome



“If you’re going to insist on being a whore, I don’t need someone like you in the Cavallone family.” His own words echoed in his mind, the memory replaying itself like an old, broken record. Your heartbroken face, the way your eyes had widened with the tears that hadn’t quite fallen yet. The way your whole body trembled as the silence in the room became suffocating, the only thought holding you together was that you’d really hadn’t done anything wrong.

However, Dino didn’t know that back then. He hadn’t known anything about your innocence until a few days later, after you had already packed up all your belongings and were long gone from his family home.

The accusations had started over trivial matters. Dino was home less often, spending more time at nightclubs, gathering information and creating new contacts. However, one girl had told him that you were sleeping with men behind his back. That didn’t bother him, however, Dino had started to notice the lingering touches from one of his subordinates on you.

That’s what had struck such a cord with him. You must have been cheating on him, there should be no reason why his subordinate was touching you so casually. It didn’t really help that a rival family was trying to bankrupt them at the time, so Dino had been drinking a little more than usual.

Dino never regretted anything he had said so much in his life.

That’s why Dino was trying to get you to come back to him. He was pulling out all the stops to find you. Checking for recent places you had been, your favorite hangout spots, and all of your relatives homes. It was hard to find you, but Dino wanted to correct what he had wronged.

Dino wanted you back so bad, he was going to do whatever it took. Even if you didn’t want to see him anymore, he wasn’t going to leave without you.


“I don’t care what you have to do, find her.” Tsuna was angry. It was bad enough that he had fucked up your relationship in under 30 seconds, but to have you practically disappear off the face of the Earth was really grinding his gears.

The breakup had happened over a dinner meeting. Being the fiancée of the boss of the Vongola, you were required to be present. It was supposed to be a quick one too; all Tsuna had to do was make a deal with another boss who was new in the business.

That changed, however, when another woman arrived. She was modelesque, the way her wavy hair flowed perfectly around her, and how her perfect red lips were always quirked into a smile. She was beautiful, and seeing how her light brown eyes trailed Tsuna, a sickening feeling twisted in your gut.

Once her eyes had met yours, the beautiful lady furrowed one her elegantly sculpted eyebrows. Tsuna also took notice of her as well, his eyes glued onto her from across. the room. A slow smirk came onto his face, before he turned back to the dinner table.

“I have some business I need to attend to for a moment, please excuse me.” Before you could protest, your fiancé had already left the table, leaving you alone with the new boss and his wife. The silence that followed was suffocating, and you hurriedly took a sip of the red wine that you had ordered.

Minutes past, and Tsuna was still not back. Glancing sideways a bit, you saw him leaning against the bar, his eyes focused onto the beautiful woman who was giggling at something he said. You turned around suddenly, not wanting to see the sight any further. You knew Tsuna was a flirt, but honestly… was he so unhappy with you that he had to flirt with others so boldly?

That’s when you heard it, the whispers around the restaurant.

“She must not be taking care of him well enough…”

“Is that lady so incompetent at her job that he has to seek comfort in another?”

“I pity her…”

“Well, she must of had something to do with him deciding to cheat on her…”

It was too much, all of it. The hot feeling of embarrassment welled up inside your gut. The way your cheeks burned, the feeling of your throat tightening, and the tears that welled up in your eyes was just too much to handle.

“Ah…” The croaking sound that came out of your throat only worsened your embarrassment, and the boss and his wife looked at you sympathetically.

“I-I’m going to the restroom…” You tried to give a smile, but, to be honest, it didn’t reach your eyes. Quietly, you gathered your purse, before taking off towards the exit. You couldn’t be here any longer, there was no way you could handle it. With the stares of the restaurant drilling into your back, you left, never intending to return again.

Once Tsuna made his way back to the table, he immediately noticed you were gone.

“Oh, she left while you were busy…” The boss avoided his gaze, but Tsuna didn’t care. To be honest, you would return like you always do. This isn’t the first time he flirted with someone in front of you, and, honestly, it was mostly so he could see that cute little pout you do when you get jealous.

You would be back, right?

However, now, Tsuna knew that you intended to never come back. He was not going to let that happen. You were the one he wanted to spend his life with, not the cheap escorts that threw themselves at him mostly for his money. Tsuna was going to find you, and whether you liked it or not, you were coming back with him.

spooky ‘things’

Rating: G
Word Count:

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“Do you think anyone will notice?” asked Adrien, craning his neck to peer down the hallway.

“Adrien, it’s your second day at school. I’m pretty sure people will notice you’ve been replaced by a cat,” said Nino.

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Teach Me

Smut. That is all. You can decide when it takes place because I don’t have a time frame in mind. This might be (is) inspired by a Grey’s Anatomy scene. This is only one part to this fic because I have a lot in mind for this.

Kate stared in the mirror of the bathroom, ignoring the grime in the corners and the general smudged look of the whole thing. All she cared about was what she saw looking back at her. She didn’t look drastically different from the girl who left Bethel with her father and brother in a camper with no idea what awaited her south of the border. Some of her baby fat was gone, leaving behind more definition in her face and body, but that was about.

It was her eyes where the most change happened. Once she was innocent, bordering on naive, but everything happened and she changed. There was no bright-eyed, life is great Kate Fuller left. She was practical. She lived day-to-day with no real plan for the next. In her mind, she’d grown leaps and bounds since the day that she realized the world was far stranger than she ever knew.

Yet somehow, it seemed like she was the only one who noticed. Seth had left her out of yet another job, always saying that he would include her next time. She was tired of it. When she walked out of the bathroom, Seth was reclining on his bed with his legs crossed and a phone book in his hands. It was tempting to mock him for the use of something that seemed almost archaic to her but she held back.

“I’m probably going to get food. Want something?” Seth asked.

Kate didn’t answer, crossing to her bed to zip up her bag.

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Love’s to Blame - Peter Parker x Reader

Love’s to Blame - For King and Country (Requested by a lovely anon [most of you are lovely actually]) 

For now, I’m keeping the Peter Parker request Gifs quite general but after Civil War I’ll probably use Tom Holland unless you specify otherwise. If you’d like a specific Peter Parker please just ask.

This one is Andrew Garfield because it’s easier to find his Gifs.

Originally posted by imagineseverywhere

“Peter.” You laughed, reaching for your pen that he held just out of your arm’s reach.

“Just let me write one thing.” He begged, smiling at you innocently.

You eventually gave in and your friend gently took your hand in his, telling you to look away while he wrote something on your hand.

When you felt the pressure gone from your hand you opened your eyes, seeing Peter biting his lip. Glancing down at your hand you saw a small little heart beside the words “I really, really like you. Just saying.”

You flushed red, glancing up at Peter with his goofy smile. 

“I really, really, like you too.” You whispered.

He smiled, pressing his lips gently to yours before pulling away and whispering “Really?”

Kisses in the rain, in the hallways between class, fleeting kisses, slow kisses, passionate kisses.


But then there were the fights. The little arguments, the times when you could barely talk to each other. 

You telling him to keep himself safe, to not be so reckless, to stop getting involved in everything.

Him telling you to stop mothering him. You were his girlfriend, not his manager. He was trying to keep you and everyone else safe.

But then he realised he was putting you in danger.

And it became too much for both of you.

And you decided to stop being together.

The tears in her eyes, telling him to stay if he loved her like he said. Asking him “How can this be love if you’re leaving me?”

But he knew if he stayed he’d lose you. You’d be snatched away from him like a leaf in a sudden wind. 

And although you, his best friend and the one he loved so much were gone in one way, at least you were alive. Although it made him sad that you’d never share a name and never be one, he’d always remember the years you spent in love. You both would.

You’d still think of each other, hoping they were safe. You’d check the news for any sign of Spiderman, he’d keep track of you.

But all the time Peter hoped that you’d understand that he said goodbye because he loves you. 

Loves to blame.

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❄┇ 𝔤𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔢𝔰𝔱 𝔢𝔠𝔩𝔦𝔭𝔰𝔢

SOMETHING in Hades’ amber eyes FLICKERED. It was not the distrust he held earlier toward his silver companion, it was something else. To describe, it left a knot in the angel’s stomach and killed any words in his throat. He could see where the elf was a little  NAIVE  to what his kind had gone through for centuries. The  COUNTLESS HORRORS  the king was forced to see and quite frankly something he never gotten used to. The innocent curiosity about angels started the BLOODBATH, Hades believed.

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These days, appearance seemed to matter less and less to Beckett. He’d gone out of his house in sweatpants, a scruffy three-day beard and glasses. The power surge from a while ago had opened his eyes about the city. About the intentions of individuals and the fragility of life. The city was still in ruins, mostly, which Beckett was no innocent to. It certainly didn’t help the case of the metas of the city. As an branded meta, Beckett was not shy in admitting his true nature, nor was he shy towards the meta-haters. What he did hate, though, was the constant blockage at every turn. No good jobs, no education, not even access to certain stores. Beckett was in desperate need of a purpose, a passion to keep him going. On the bench in a park, he sighed into nowhere as he picked up an abandoned news paper and began to read it before looking up. “I’m sorry, was this yours?”

i see you when you are sixteen
boyish grin and clever eyes
thin as a twig
something different from everything i’ve ever known before
i see you,
sunlight glinting against a mirror,
snow on pavement.
you are gone in an instant.
you are something too fragile for me to touch,

i see you again when you are nineteen
no longer a twig
instead an oak
towering and tall.
hardened eyes and thin-pressed mouth,
you have turned your body into a shield
promising to protect those who do not love you
as much as you do them.

(i wonder if i had caught you in the middle.
was there a moment between innocence and corruption
when you might have loved me?)

white knight,
boy king.
don’t you know that your body can only take so many bullets?
you should not hurt
the way that you do.
(be careful, or you will be the one
i wrap my arms around like a suit of armor,
and take the blows you are so sure you deserve.)

i see you again when you are nineteen,
so different from anything else i’ve ever known,
and suddenly, i am falling,
unlike i have ever before.
not as a star, or snowflakes,
or a gentle drizzle from clouded skies.
i do not fall with grace.

instead i fall like devils do
disintegrating into the dust i will collide with.

i am a skyscraper with foundations of cement.
i am a redwood towering above all other trees.
i am an empire at the turn of civilization.

i do not fall easy.
(and neither do you.)


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Prompt: “I trusted you!”

Character: Ben Solo/Kylo Ren

Warning: Angst

You could barely look at him, at the man he’d become, at the monster he’d become…You stood before him shaking like you’d never before, from anger, from fear, from pain…because your best friend, your closest companion had gone down a road you couldn’t follow. “Look what you’ve become, Ben! Look what you’ve done! Look what you’ve done…you’ve killed so many people…so many innocent people.” You wanted to believe that Ben Solo was in there somewhere, you wanted to believe that there was a road to redemption, but how could you be redeemed after willingly and knowingly killing and hurting so many people…after making that choice, a choice steeped in blood. 

“You don’t understand.” You scoffed at him, blinking away the tears that started to fall from your eyes because this was your best friend and this hurt you so much to do, this hurt you so so much. But you couldn’t just stand by any more. You were making a choice. A choice for both of you. 

“I don’t need to understand! You are not Ben any more! Ben is dead, and Kylo Ren prevails…and he has killed and he has lied…and he has betrayed me.” Your trust, your belief in him, your friendship, your love for him had been betrayed, you were losing him and all because of Snoak and all because of the choices he had decided to make, of the path he’d chosen, of the side he’d chosen…and side you could not chose. 


“Yes, I trusted you! I trusted you and look what you’ve done! Look what you keep doing?! LOOK!” You pointed to the remnants of broken planets, of dead civilisations and places, of whole places wiped out because of him and his choices. You refused to let him believe he had no blame, to lure you back in as if he hadn’t done anything wrong. 


“No. I’m done. I’m gone. Kill me if you must. But I can’t stand by and watch this any more.” You would rather die than watch your friend go down this road, to watch him destroy himself even more until he couldn’t turn back. You refused to stand by and let this happen, to stand by and not say a word. You couldn’t be that silent bystander, you just couldn’t. Not any more. You couldn’t have that blood on your hands. 

“Then I will have to…don’t make me kill you.” The tears did not sway you. This was what he had become and this is what you had chosen. He could make the choice not to, he could save you, but he’d gone so far that you almost knew he wouldn’t and it was another stab to the heart and to the back.

“I’m not making you do anything. But I refuse to stand by and watch you become even more of a monster. I refuse to be guilty by not doing anything to stop this….I trusted you…I trusted you…” those words were some of your last, and you would find yourself more blood on his hands, more names to his list, another death that pushed him closer to never being redeemed. 

Losing Your Virginity (Michael Pref)

 hey everyone! its me @trashyavocado and I’m here with a short michael preference. enjoy!

      It all started innocently (well, as innocently as making out could be), but from the wet feeling in my panties and the bulge I could feel in Michael’s shorts, I knew where it was leading. 

    My parents had gone away for vacation, so I made Michael come over and that’s when things got a bit heated. After kissing for a while, i climbed on top of him and we both knew exactly where it was leading. Michael moaned when both of our clothes started coming off, and we took deep breaths and looked into each others eyes.

   “You ready, baby?” He said in a low raspy voice, putting a piece of hair behind my ear and caressing my cheek. 

  “Yeah.” I smirked.

   I was losing my virginity and I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone besides Michael.

  After we were done, we both laid beside each other. 

  “Y/N?” Michael hummed.

  “Yeah?” I responded.

  “I love you.” He whispered.

  “I love you too.” I smiled.

It’s often easier to take this all for granted than it is to appreciate, but the fatigue my body and mind feel from the past week of playing shows in Texas reminds me of how amazing my journey with The Maine has been. A few nights ago we recalled moments from our first summer on the road and the stories rushed back in vivid detail. How innocent and pure things were. A bunch of kids growing up away from home, fucking up and attempting to tape back together whatever we could saved afterwards. Uncertain of most everything except for where we were in the moment. Sleeping on floors, in parking lots, or not at all just to make it to the next day. As I lie in bed, my body feeling eerily reminiscent to those early days, my eyes can’t help but well up a bit. I will never forget what I’ve gone through because of music and I cannot thank you all enough for allowing me the opportunity to experience what I have been so fortunate to. To all those whom I’ve the pleasure of meeting in person and all of those I’ve yet to meet who continue to support The Maine from afar, this has been a true fucking privilege. American Candy is for you, and for all the cats that have been there from before the start and who will be there till long after this is over. Here’s to the future sleepless nights and stupid fights. It still won’t matter who is wrong or who is right…

You will always be a part of me.

All the love in the world,


—  John O'Callaghan

Oh my God. Can you hear me?

Steve groaned in response. The sound of his pounding head was beginning to recede, but the panicked feeling of the floor sliding out from under him was still making his heart race. He felt hands fluttering over him, and then fanning at his face, like in those pictures with the swooning southern belles.

“I’m so sorry. I thought you were Clint.”

“And that makes it better?” he huffed out, a hand pressed to his forehead. The pain was nearly gone now; the serum kicking in. It wasn’t a hard knock to the head, just an abrupt and unexpected one. 

“Well. I mean, he deserved it. You were just an innocent bystander.”

Steve finally opened his eyes, to see a pretty brunette leaning over him, blue eyes concerned, her eyebrow raised and her hand still flapping at his face. He blinked at her. 

“You’re okay, right? I think Coulson would disappear me if I maimed his favorite hero.” She paused, and then looked away. “Actually, maybe we shouldn’t tell him about this…“

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