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Hii, i was listening to karpe diem and theres a song called "lett å være rebell i kjellerleiligheten din" can you tell me the meaning of the song? like i know is something about inmigrants but in what posture

hey! its mocking the racist statements made by many people, like “they say they don’t have money, but they could afford the boat ride here (is this what my tax money go to?)”

its mocking the “rebells” who are so brave, sitting at home in their basements, writing racist comments on facebook. Especially “samma ulla” or that they’re all the same, cut from the same cloth. 

Things that were said in the middle school senior's generation trip from two weeks ago
  • Carl: *falls into the fountain and then strikes a pose*
  • Michael: No, i can't, I've got to protect the kids from the principal
  • Kei: (me) Why is Carl considered illegal? Because he crossed wet! It's not funny *bad mexican inmigration joke*
  • Betty: Holy shit, there's two couples making out in the back!
  • Paula: Kei, don't try to hide it, half of the bus already knows you like him. Except maybe him.
  • Jan: *gets offended* *hides in the bus bathroom*
  • Majo: Finally someone to sing Hamilton with!
  • Dana: well that just makes it more spicy
  • Probably the waiter when we put everything the rest didn't eat into one plate: damn, the blonde one didn't eat a thing
  • Edu(again): NO ONE CARES ABOUT KPOP!!!
  • Sophie: What a shame, we're all a shame
  • Marian: I want some cookies, cook-ays
  • Adrien: Look! People dabbed back in 1800!!
  • July: *while playing truth or dare* Weell, if i HAD to kiss another girl I would be Liz
  • Liz: *in reponse, from far away* I HEARD THAT
  • Ale: I ship them, I ship them so hard

“ Em… well. I don’t know, it’s really nice to see him supporting me time to time y’know? I think he understands his situation, America was built by inmigrants, so he’s a bit less harsh with me about it. (A biiiiiit, just a biiiit less ).

And even if he doesn’t express it publicly I think he’s secretly by my side . “

PSA Cubans making fun of undocumented inmigrants, making jokes about getting deported, making jokes about being ubdocumented, trying to imply that they’re the same as central and south Americans is a form of white supremacy :))))))) fyi

About Lance’s lastname

I’m not really looking for discourse, i’m just here to share my thoughts. If you are not latinx, read this/reblog it if u want. But if you want to fight about this w  me… I…don’t care lmao. You don’t really have a place in this conversation.

I’m from Argentina, and at first i was like ‘oh yeah, latinxs can have any kind of lastnames!!’ and…that is true. but. then i thought. well, if someone here has ‘MacCarthy’ as lastname….it would be pretty weird. Everyone would be like 'wow, wait, how do you write that?’ because our lastnames are mostly from spain or italy, because we had immigrants from there. It’s not impossible, but it’s pretty rare.

We are the second country to recive more inmigrants in the continent of América, after USA. If we find it weird, what about the other countries? And that’s the thing. I don’t know common lastnames from Perú, Brazil or Républica Dominicana. I can’t talk Cuban’s lastnames because hey! i’m not from Cuba. And for what i heard from cubans inside AND outside the fandom, McClain it’s not….a thing. And their word is more valid than mine in this topic.

I understand both parts of this fight. Not gringos ofc, they don’t have a place here. I’m talking about the latinxs part.

You have latinxs that say “Lance can be called McClain”: yeah, i understand. Gringos, europeans, blabla can be ignorant as fuck about us. If i go to usa and somebody said to me ‘well, you’re not latinx because you have an italian lastname :)’ i’ll be like andate a la mierda, gringo idiota. Or even ‘how can you have an italian name?? you’re latina?? is that even possible??’ i’ll be frustrated as fuck. I was born and raised in latinoamerica. I’m a latina. If you are latinx, born and raised outside of latinoamerica, you are latinx too. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, fuck them. But if someone from Cuba (literally every cuban that i’ve seen in this fandom and oustide, as i said) it’s saying ‘hey that’s not a cuban lastname’ you can’t put the ‘BUT I’M LATINX AND…’ no. Yes, what you said it’s true, and every gringo should know that. but you can’t talk above cubans. As much as i love saying that Lance is latinx……he’s cuban too. You can’t talk about him and say that he has your country’s culture, eats your traditional food or has your slag if you are not cuban. If you love Lance, search stuff from Cuba. Respect opinions from cubans. It’s like if i made Lance say something like ‘boludo’ (argentinian slag) instead of ‘asere’ (cuban slag). It’s not right. We have the gringos saying ignorant stuff about our cultures all the time, saying that the culture from Costa Rica, Uruguay or México are all the same. Don’t do that. We have to respect each other.

You have those that say “give him a cuban name’”: Ugh, i understand you too. You are kind of like me, saying ‘wtf with this discourse? just…give him a name from Cuba? McClain is not even his canon lastname? giving him a cuban lastname is racist? but he’s cuban…? what…? i have a latinx/cuban name, is not something to be ashamed of??’. I get it. but others latinxs suffer from ignorant stuff that people say and are kind of defensive when they talk about this. Understand that and breath, try to explain yourself. Just be patient. And if you are cuban, please share your culture so we can know more about Lance! And if you are not, please search stuff about Cuba and share it in the fandom!

And honestly, what awesome it would be if cubans kids (or latinxs) watched Voltron and said 'hey, Lance has a lastname kind of like mine!’ or 'hey! My friend has that lastname’….'Lance is like me!’. Everytime that i think that i could accept that McClain, i think about those kids and i’m like no, i want representation for them.

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I'm european and i can agree that we are really fucked with the terrorism/inmigration here, especially in my place Spain, who is a very common target for them, also sorry for my possibly bad english.


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i hate when people say latinos "steal jobs",if that person is legally in your country,the only reason they got that job is because they were better qualified for it than you,you are not entitled to a job because of your nationality,you deserve it based on you abilities. and when it comes to illegal inmigrants,the reason they get that job is because their employer can pay them under minimum wage under terrible conditions,and they will take it cause no one else will employ them (sorry for the rant

No. Do not apologize. People need to understand this. We are not some kind of people who just randmly arrived to a country and suddenly we became the CEO, we -as all the people- work hard! 

Understand this please.