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“ Em… well. I don’t know, it’s really nice to see him supporting me time to time y’know? I think he understands his situation, America was built by inmigrants, so he’s a bit less harsh with me about it. (A biiiiiit, just a biiiit less ).

And even if he doesn’t express it publicly I think he’s secretly by my side . “

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Thoughts on the JonTron controversy?

You mean his debate with Destiny? Look I like JonTron, he’s a great guy but….yeah…he fucked up REALLY bad in that debate and said some..regretable things, poor guy thought, he does not meant to say those things and was put under a lot of preasure by Destiny and should have prepared a lot better, but hopefully he can recover from this, I admire his courage for speaking out his mind on these issues and I hope he never changes that.

That being said, Destiny is a piece of shit, watch his debate with Sargon he had a few days later with him, it’s on his stream channel, after that you’ll realize this man, Destiny is a disgusting human being, let me give you some hightlghts.

The ONLY reason he wants inmigrants in is to boost the economy of the US, forget about them coming for a better life in a place that will provide them with other benefits to improve their lives besides money, no fuck that, they have to buy and sell american products and make the natives of the country tons of money so they can use it to basically mantain the poor natives whose jobs got taken by inmigrants…basically he sees migrants as servants….not as people, not to mention he DOES NOT want them to go anywhere else to boost someone elses economy….that’s disgusting if you ask me.

But the part that made me not take him seriously was almost at the end where he says “Oh people should have benefits like iphones”, and Sargon was like “Are you serious?”, and yes, he was, be basically believes a life without an iphone is equal to a life without the right for education and healthcare….just listen to that whole exchange, it will kill ANY respect you have for him and his points.

He argues from a possition of extreme previlige, he sees people who do the “Low Jobs” with extreme desdain and thinks they shouldn’t have to because that is “Dirt Job”….It is thanks to those “Low Working People” that you have the benefits you have, and they’re just trying to make a living, so why don’t you shove your stupid head on your ass and have SOME respect for these people, you disgusting sak of shit.

So yeah, JonTron fucked up bad, really bad, but Destiny…that motherfucker is pure evil.

Simon Helberg, you fucking badass

Simon deserves all the respect in the world. That man doesn’t just rant on social media and deals with haters. He took things to a brand new level for publicly protesting against Trump and his anti inmigration policies on an awards event.
This is the kind of actors we really should look after. He’s the real beast.
Simon, you’re my new hero.

(( The supreme example of “I got it from my mama” FHJfhh
Featuring (in order): Andalucia, Panama and Mexico !

Me and my friend Jones ( @ask-msmexico‘s mun ) have chatted about this over skype and I had to draw it omf– she provided most of the facts <3

The Ketchup Song!

Andalucia is the region where the very popular Spanish song > Aserejé < is from, known in English as The Ketchup Song. It’s old and fun, catchy and also sort of useless as most meme songs are lmaooo
And in America, Panama is known for its very odd songs as well - asides reggaeton, Panama is where THAT meme song Chacarron Macarron as well as Papi Chulo are from, also odd and funny internationally-popular songs much like the Ketchup Song. BUT THEY’RE WORSE, LOL.
Panama really likes funny and catchy music, more for a good laugh and a good time, but Miss Mexico dislikes this music - she has some sense of taste //kicked

These 3 have a very interesting intertwined relationship. During colonial times, Andalucian inmigrants were 40.5% of Mexicos population and 48% of Panamas, being the highest percentages of Andalucians in the American continent. The first Spaniards on Panama were also Andalucians.
These two have Andalucia’s flawless genes (and good looks? hoho), but it seems like Panama’s the one that inherited her fun-timey media more. ))

Tomorrow is cinco de mayo, the anniversary of the day the mexican army won against the french, do you see USA there? No, then why do gringos celebrate it? Here in Mexico we don’t celebrate it, it isn’t our Independece Day. Gringos say they celebrate the latino inmigrants, but then the rest of the year they demonize them, it’s just a stupid ass excuse to get drunk and mock of the Mexican culture just don’t do it

So the new trailer of kingsglaive, specifically some parts of it like the one when that bitch-ass soldier talked shit about Nyx calling him ‘inmigrant’ left me very intrigued about the real plot of kingsglaive, and on top of that Regis said something like “i have no choice but to let them in” (something like that i can remember very well the exact quote). This for me is implying that there are racial issues in the kingdom, something that lowkey scares me because that would mean that Lucis could be a racist country??? Also another evidence (kinda?) Its this scene also from the new trailer. It looks like they’re protesting about something, even that woman is holding like some kind of bill? And also… they’re all white… 🤔🤔🤔

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