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“Heed jus’ what I say, folks! So we can all be havin’ a grand, gay ol’ time here at Inkwell Isles, eh? Bett’r pay up those debts good, b’fore the Dice King himself an’ his debt collectin’ boys be gunnin’ down for ya!”

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This year was a magical time for minewt fic. Fic authors explored pre-canon and post-canon realtionships bewteen Newt and Minho, playing on their strengths and fleshing out their weaknesses. Authors brought to life realities where our boys  helped each other through the pain that haunted them and aus where our boys were happily or not so happily lovin each other. To show our appreciation to our wonderful fic authors below are the top twenty minewt fics of 2015, as voted by the shipdom! 

Two things to note before looking at the fic rec:

  • italicized titles are my personal favorites
  • ** indicate that you should carefully read the tags before reading the fic

1. The Storyteller | nightscape | Complete | 1k | Teen

In which Newt discovers his gift for storytelling, while Minho is hopeless at words (and hopelessly in love).

2. Inkwell | Smontheye | Incomplete | 16k | Mature **

Minho felt no surprise that living in the Glade was getting to him.

Being trapped like lab rats inflicted scars—physical and invisible—on all the boys. But it was a pain that was supposed to unite them. Their shared fears and grief formed a delicately balanced arch of comradeship and cooperation where just one cracked brick could send the entire structure toppling.

Like hell was he gonna be that one.

(In which Minho has a painful, horrible recurring dream, and he, Newt, and the Glade are never the same again.)

3. Take Care of You | minhoscallousedhands (aka fuckboytommy) | Complete | Teen

Minho likes to run at dawn. Newt knows. Minho thinks their relationship was over. Newt doesn’t.

4. Let Sleeping Boys Lie | nightscape | Complete | 1k | Teen

Waking Newt up in the mornings could very well be the most deadly task ever faced by the Gladers.

5. I saw a flicker, than smoke | sulfric | Complete | 1k | Teen

there’s a boy - there’s lots of boys, but there’s a boy. he sees him right away, his eyes drawn to him like a moth to a light. it’s kind of embarrassing, really, because he can’t stop staring at the beautiful boy jogging through the glade.

that night, he’s introduced to the keeper of the runners.

6. More than Bruises | caritivereflection | Complete | 4k | Teen **

Waking Newt up in the mornings could very well be the most deadly task ever faced by the Gladers.

7. Things you said when you were drunk | mrsshuckface (aka badboythoe) | Complete | 1k | General

Nights were always hard for Newt, Minho knew this. What he didn’t know, couldn’t understand is why they had started getting this bad.

8. Invisible Thorns | caritivereflection | Incomplete | 69k | Teen

Paradise lasted hours. Thomas thought the worst was over, but he soon learns that WICKED’s claws have a deeper hold than any of them could have imagined.

9. Built to Fall Apart | tridecaphilia | Complete | 33k | Mature **

Minho doesn’t want a Guide. Newt doesn’t want a Sentinel. Fate has other ideas.

10. Whisper Words of Wisdom | emma_and_orlando | Incomplete | 22k | Explict **

Minho is Prince and his kingdom is in money problems, so his father arranges a marriage with a rich boy who will help the family out of debts.

Newt is a young Prince who is forced into marriage with someone he doesn’t know and lives across the world. His kind is only on the world to provide children, norhing more. And everyone keeps reminding him that.

11. Animal I have Become | tridecaphilia | Complete | 21k | Teen **

Before they died, Minho’s parents were known for being able to rehabilitate any animal, even half-human ones. Now they’re gone, so Minho’s the one Jorge calls when he breaks up a were-fighting ring. Which puts Minho in charge of one feral Alpha named Newt.

12.  Pretend that you love me and kiss me again | mee4ever | Incomplete | 12k | Mature **

Suddenly, there was a guy beside him. He was of Asian decent, possibly Korean, Newt didn’t know him and Newt thought he was extremely handsome.

“Hello, gorgeous,” the man said, leaning on the bar. Looking at Newt. Newt stared back for a second before blushing and start looking around to see if there was anybody else the bloke could’ve addressed. Instead he sees Tommy and his heart sinks.

Or the one where Minho helps Newt get over his ex.

13. The Old One Two | pissedofsandwhich | Incomplete | 18k | Teen

Desperate for a job, Newt takes up a shady offer from a high school friend. The job is to play the medic for WICKED, an underground boxing ground. Newt doesn’t plan to stay around, but when a certain Korean fighter catches his eyes, his plans all fall to pieces.

Somehow, cupcakes play a major role in the whole mess.

14. Sing Anyway | TLvop | Complete | 8k | Teen

“So,” Minho said, into the silence. “The world’s a total fucking wreck. I still want to date you.”

15. Flower Fields are Like Dreams | technicolor monochrome | Complete | 7K | General

In which Minho is the unexpectedly hot owner of a flower shop, and now Newt has vases of flowers back home that he now has no idea what to do with.

16. Took the Midnight Train (going anywhere) | avxry | Complete | 5k | Not rated

Newt meets Minho on a train, Thomas meets Gally on the train, and they all would have met even if they didn’t, and doesn’t that make fate seem more real than it was five minutes ago?

17. Guilty Pleasure | Minho’s Hero Limps | 44k | Mature

A tiny story where Newt works for as a personal assistant for the owner of a large company in Glade City. The owner is Minho, who is a young billionaire with a long list of past assistants who all took advantage of the position.

18. His smiled turned the lights on | sebbykurt | Complete | 1k | Teen

From an anonymous prompt I received on tumblr reading: “something fluffy with them being running partners in the maze please.”

19. Loose Change and a Looser Hold | cockatoo | Complete | 6k | Explicit **

Minho wasn’t looking for love or companionship, just a warm enough body to fill the bottomless void of his desire. But Newt, Newt’s only looking for the money. And that’s as perfect as things get in the real world, and apparently that’s all they needed.

20. Only 30 shades of Grey | Minho’s Hero Limps | 41k | Mature

This little fanfic is based off a 30-day relationship challenge I found on Pinterest. Basically, it’s thirty different, fluffy stories about Minho and Newt being married and doing married-couple things.

Hello! I know I said I was very busy, but I totally forgot about the Nosequé Mensual issue of this month! The theme was “Ink” and I had to make this animation the night before the deadline.

Well, hope you like this Inkdog floating in… ink (it must be inside an inkwell or something like that)

Aaaaaaand if you want to take a look at the other pieces of this Nosequé Mensual issue, here’s the link! ->


Ko-Ko’s Reward

45 in 56 of the “Out of the Inkwell” Series - Inkwell Imps
animated short film history
Release: Feb. 23rd, 1929
Country: USA
Director: Dave Fleischer

“Max Fleischer keeps his little girl waiting while he draws Koko the clown and Fitz the dog, so she jumps into the drawing (by aid of Magic Ink) and joins them in a haunted-house adventure.”


Ko-Ko’s Reward is available on YouTube.

Inkwell Studios released several other films before Ko-Ko’s Reward that I wasn’t able to find online. They are:
- No Eyes Today (1/11/1929)
- Noise Annoys Ko-Ko (1/25/1929)
- Ko-Ko Beats Time (2/8/1929)


Ko-Ko’s Hot Ink

46 in 56 of the “Out of the Inkwell” Series - Inkwell Imps
animated short film history
Release: Mar. 8th, 1929
Country: USA
Director: Dave Fleischer

“Max Fleischer draws Koko the clown with steaming ink; he and Fitz toil under a tropic sun, from which they escape to a live-action swimming pool for some malicious mischief.”


Ko-Ko’s Hot Ink is available on YouTube.


Ko-Ko the Knight

8 in 56 of the “Out of the Inkwell” Series - Inkwell Imps
animated short film history
Release: Sep. 3rd, 1927
Country: USA
Director: Dave Fleischer

“When a beautiful princess escapes from the ink bottle, only to be captured by a villainous knave, Max draws a stove which he has Ko-Ko use as armor, inflates Fitz into a destrier and sends them off in a deed of daring-do.”


Koko the Knight is available on YouTube.

Fleischer Studios released 2 films before this one that I was not able to find online. They are:
- Ko-Ko Plays Pool (8/6/1927)
- Ko-Ko’s Kane (8/20/1927)


Chemical Ko-Ko

56 in 56 of the “Out of the Inkwell” Series -Inkwell Imps
animated short film history
Release: Jul. 26th, 1929
Country: USA
Director: Dave Fleischer

“A live-action chemist invents a potion that turns a black janitor white. On the drawing board, Koko the clown tries his version on various animals, including a mouse that becomes man-sized.”


Chemical Ko-Ko is available on YouTube.

Please note: this film contains racism and racist character portrayals. 


Ko-Ko’s Harem Scarum

53 in 56 of the “Out of the Inkwell” Series - Inkwell Imps
animated short film history
Release: Jun. 14th, 1929
Country: USA
Director: Dave Fleischer

“An Arabian Nights potentate receives at last the magical bottle he desires…an inkwell from which Ko-Ko and Fitz emerge for adventures in the Sultan’s harem.”


Ko-Ko’s Harem Scarum is available on YouTube.

Fleischer Studios released Ko-Ko’s Focus before Ko-Ko’s Harem Scarum, released on 5/17/1929. 

Please note: this film contains racism and racist character portrayals.


Ko-Ko’s Hypnotism 

55 in 56 of the “Out of the Inkwell” Series -Inkwell Imps
animated short film history
Release: Jul. 13th, 1929
Country: USA
Director: Dave Fleischer

“A live-action amateur hypnotist mesmerizes Ko-Ko the clown and Fitz the dog; but a witch teaches them how to take their revenge.”


Ko-Ko’s Hypnotism is available on YouTube.