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Okay, sweet angel writer that you are! If you are ever feeling in the mood for a little Sterek and librarian kink....*insert eyebrow waggle here*. Derek having a massive librarian kink and ENTER LIBRARIAN STILES. Maybe librarian!Stiles, who finds it adorable when the guy with the cute bunny teeth blushes whenever he comes into the room. Maybe established relationship and KINK DISCOVERY. Maybe ridiculous librarian dirty talk that Stiles loves to tease Derek with. THE LIBRARIES ARE YOUR OYSTER.

Okay! So I went with librarian Stiles and grad student Derek and pining idiots in love. I hope you enjoy it!!!!

Boyfriend Material. Stiles/Derek. Teen.

Stiles is a librarian for the special collections at a university. Derek is a grad student who pretty much lives in the special collections area. There are bad pick-up lines, a meddling sister, and so much pining it’s ridiculous on their way from friends to something more.

The special collections for anthropology and history at the university library are some of the best in the state. Stiles knows he’s very lucky to get the chance to work in them while he’s going to grad school, so he’s treating it like a professional. He’s got his masters already with a certification in special collections, though his actual focus is a combination of rare book conservation and research. He’s really into technology, lives off his laptop and smartphone, but there’s something about old books and the information available in them that has always sparked his interest. His mom had been an antique book collector, though she’d bought what was cheap since she couldn’t afford the real expensive stuff, and he’d inherited her collection when she died nearly fifteen years ago.

Stiles has taken the collection and made it grow, using the internet to locate rare books in subjects that appeal to him, and learning the tricks of the trade. He’s actually been able to pay his way through the college collecting fees for locating particular books for interested parties and arranging sales. It’s fun, almost like investigative work, and he can do it easily around his school schedule. His goal after he gets his PhD is to work in the special collections at a university or possibly a museum, but he’s a realist. Jobs like that aren’t easy to find, so this opportunity to work here is going to give him a step up above a lot of his competition.

That means he has to take his job very seriously. Serious translates into not getting a crush on a fellow grad student who comes in daily for hours to review texts and files on folklore. Not even grad students with a perpetual five o’clock shadow and the most adorable bunny teeth and glasses that actually look good on him unlike Stiles who knows he can’t carry off his own glasses so well. That’s not even going into the well-built shoulders and biceps evident when he’s reaching for books on higher shelves (okay, so, yes, maybe Stiles has creeped on him outside of special collections) or that amazing ass that’s evident whenever he bends over to get something on the lower shelves. Stiles can’t even come up with the right words to describe his eyes or the smile that makes his eyes crinkle whenever Stiles manages to make him laugh. Beyond the physical, he’s also very intelligent, very polite, and his voice does things to Stiles.

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A wealthy man is lying on his death bed, his lawyer at his side as he finalizes the man’s will. He looks it over one last time and asks the man, ‘Are you sure you want to keep this part about requiring your eldest son to marry before he can collect his inheritance?’ The man nods. 'But sir, why? That will make things so complicated.’

The man grips the lawyer’s shirt and shakes him, and with his dying breath he exclaims, 'For the fake married trope!’


The ABCs of Death 2

I figured I’d take a different tack with this one, considering it has such a large scope for an anthology film, and give my thoughts on each short separately, assigning it either a PASS or a FAIL. I did see the first one and was thoroughly underwhelmed, as there was an equal number of passes and fails; but hey, maybe this one will serve as a much-needed improvement. Honestly, the boring opening with the Suspiria rip-off stock-standard music didn’t do much to get me in the mood. But without further ado…

A is for Amateur

Directed by E.L. Katz

This tale about an amateur hitman trying to bump off what I guessed was an amatuer porn baron (which, if it is, great title parallel) has already set a pretty high bar. It’s slick, stylish, but most importantly ultimately very funny and creative. My first exposure to E.L. Katz’s work was Cheap Thrills which I wanted to like but it ultimately left me cold, so it’s nice to feel enthusiastic about this short here. It makes me excited for his upcoming Netflix movie that’s to be released this year.


B is for Beaver

Directed by Julian Barratt

I’m a sucker for the found-footage genre, and I found this short to be amusing for the most part. The whole trope of the narcissistic TV presenter who hounds his crew is done very well here. Personally, my only problem is really that it doesn’t hold up technically. The special effects are a bit hoaky and the sound mixing’s a bit iffy, which I wouldn’t call out except found-footage is a genre that tends to rely on some kind of artificial sense of realism. The punch-line at the end was a bit forced as well. Nevertheless, I still think it suceeds at what it sets out to do, as I did say it still managed to be amusing.


C is for Capital Punishment

Directed by Julian Gilbey

An interesting little short about a small town that enacts vigilante justice on a supposed child-killer. It’s well shot, well acted and the gore effects are nice and over-the-top. The ending was a bit so-so, being rather predictable, but that’s no reason to condemn the whole thing.


D is for Deloused

Directed by Robert Morgan

This one is so fucking surreal and unsettling that I love it. It’s everything a horror short should be. The art-style and animation evoked a Hellraiser by way of Dario Argento kind of vibe, featuring a colourful aesthetic and heaps of interesting creature design. The animated shorts always tend to stand out, with Lee Hardcastle’s T for Toilet being one of the best of the last movie, and this is no exception. It could literally be its own feature length film, and I would not be opposed to the idea at all.


E is for Equilibrium

Directed by Alejandro Brugues

Quirk and tone seems to be the name-of-the-game here, as two castaways find themselves at odds with each other when a beautiful woman washes ashore. The cinematography is fantastic, with some great camerawork and a clever use of colours to show the characters’ descent into madness. The ending is also very funny, and not what I expected at all.


F is for Falling

Directed by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado

An israeli soldier has parachuted into a tree, only to be confronted by an Arab boy with a rifle. Honestly, this once just feels aimless. It’s well shot, but the tone is all over the place and it just ends up being really silly, not to mention that this is the first of the shorts where the bad acting really starts to show. It’s not an awful short, but it’s the first dip in quality.


G is for Grandad

Directed by Jim Hoskings

Oh god, the acting in this. This short revolves around an old man and his grandson drinking by the fireplace. The actor playing the grandson is just… so bad… The whole thing has a Greasy Strangler vibe (mainly because Jim Hosking’s only feature is The Greasy Strangler), except it feels like it was written seconds before shooting started, because it’s just nonsense. There’s no point to it. It’s just shock for shock’s sake, which is ultimately how I ended up feeling about The Greasy Strangler, to be honest.


H is for Head Games

Directed by Bill Plympton

This one’s obviously metaphorical, and if the not-so-subtle commentary on relationships and how both parties can destroy each other by playing the titular headgames doesn’t grab you, the animation style will, even if the short visibly struggles to fill its short running time.


I is for Invincible

Directed by Erik Matti

This felt like it was directed by Sam Raimi, with the over-the-top makeup effects and camera-angles. This segment, about a family trying to kill their demonically possessed grandmother to collect the inheritance was the kind of devilish fun I was hoping for from this movie. It’s got a lot of energy to it, thanks to a great cast, even if the lighting is a bit flat and the ending’s a little abrupt.


J is for Jesus

Directed by Dennison Ramalho

A father hires a private investigator to observe and kidnap his son for reasons that are both darkly comedic and bleak. This one’s really sold by a clever script and some decent acting. The cinematography’s a bit uninspired and the ending’s a bit predictable, but the story is solid and the short makes for an interesting watch overall.


K is for Knell

Directed by Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper

Beautifully shot and lit, employing a warm colour pallete, this short about a mysterious apparition in the sky causing the residents of an apartment building to go insane and kill each other is hypnotic and vivid. The sound design aids the suspenseful atmosphere, which is unfortunately let down somewhat by the hokay supernatural angle which ultimately doesn’t go anywhere. That said, on a purely technical level, this is definitely one of the best shorts.


L is for Legacy

Directed by Lancelot Imasuen

Some truly obnoxious editing really lets down what would otherwise be an interesting short about an african tribe and the scheming that occurs within, causing a beast to emerge. Not only do the constant cuts and whatnot make the story hard to follow, but they really do no favours to the aformentioned beast, which is clearly a bloke in a costume stomping around, causing people to turn into really bad photoshop effects. Once again, not a terrible short, but not exactly worth the watch either.


M is for Masticate

Directed by Robert Boocheck

Gaining entry into the movie via the winning of a contest, this slow-mo horror show is hilarious, chronicling the journey of a madman on bath-salts as he tries to eat his way through a group of bystanders. My only beef with it is that I have a pet-peeve against obvious contact lenses, but that’s because I’m a prick. The short is still insanely well done.


N is for Nexus

Directed by Larry Fessenden

It’s Halloween, and some poor bloke is running late to meet his girlfriend. What transpires is a Rube Goldberg-esque sequence of events shot like a music-video. There’s not much to say about this one. You can pretty much guess how it’s going to play out, but the presentation is good enough that you won’t get bored watching it. Bonus points for the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reference to You’re Next.


O is for Ochlocracy (Mob Rule)

Directed by Hajime Ohata

This is fucking brilliant. In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, the living dead, who’re capable of cohesive thought thanks to a new wonder-drug, mobilise and begin to put humans on trial in a courtroom where they sentence the survivors accordingly for their barbarism. It’s an interesting subversion on a seemingly tired genre that makes up for its lack of visual style by heaping on a large amount of wit and cleverness that always keeps you guessing. This feels like it should be a feature film. If I had the money, I would fund in a reanimated hearbeat (because I would have to have sold my kidneys).


P is for P-P-P-P Scary!

Directed by Todd Rohal

More like P is for P-P-P-P I couldn’t think of a word starting with P, so I contrived this weird homage to the Three Stooges in which three bandits on the run encounter what looks like Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade and his fucked up baby. I don’t know, I appreciated the visual style, but once again, it’s another short that has no point and never goes anywhere. It’s not interesting, let alone scary or funny.


Q is for Questionnaire

Directed by Rodney Ascher

This one was probably the most unpredictable of the shorts. It’s insanely well-written and acted, and it’s nice that it’s not initially obvious at all where the violence is going to come from, plus the gore effects are decent and the ending is staged perfectly.


R is for Roulette

Directed by Marvin Kren

Eeeeh, this is another one I’m not too enthusiastic about. Technically, it’s not bad. It’s well shot and the art-direction is interesting, not to mention the acting’s not terrible either. The problem is that the premise isn’t really suited to a short film. It’s a game of Russian Roulette, but there’s a lack of context and emotional weight. When the big twist happens, I couldn’t tell you why it happened or why you should care.


S is for Split

Directed by Juan Martinez Moreno

The short is easily the best edited of the bunch. The colour-correction and the whole Brian De Palma-esque split-screen technique is used to really unsettling effect. Unfortunately the short, with its extremely clever premise and execution, is let down by some bad acting and make-up effects, but I think the end-twist makes up for it somewhat, so it does eke over that edge.


T is for Torture Porn

Directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska

I have not seen a Soska Sisters production yet, but their reputation certainly preceeds them, and this is what I assume a movie of theirs would look like. They try for suspense, but they give away the twist way too early, at which point it pretty much devolves into a strobe-fest that plays out exactly how you’d expect. It’s perfectly serviceable, but it’s nowhere near as clever, funny or engaging as the majority of these shorts.


U is for Utopia

Directed by Vincenzo Natali

The premise is very Twilight Zone. Chances are you’ve seen something like it before. The casting is really what makes it work though, particularly with regards to the main character, who you genuinely feel sorry for even though you know exactly what’s coming to him. Not to mention the visual aesthetic is interesting. It was very reminsicient of the Robocop remake, which is definitely a way to go.


V is for Vacation

Directed by Jerome Sable

H is for HANG UP THE FUCKING PHONE!!! Man, you wanna talk shock value? This one takes a predictable premise and tries to make it work by making it as repugnant as humanly possible. I was just bored and repulsed with this one. There was nothing clever about it. The only thing I’d note is the guy playing the obnoxious friend was so over-the-top that he was actually kinda great. That said, this is probably my least favourite of them.


W is for Wish

Directed by Steve Kostanski

80s Nostalgia never gets old, and this He-Man parody is perfectly cheesy and over-the-top with the bad acting and great special effects. It’s like a self-aware version of the Cannon Masters of the Universe. Another one that I would be more than happy to see a feature made out of, even with the incredibly dark as fuck ending.


X is for Xylophone

Directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo

Jesus Christ, guess where this one’s going. If it takes you more than a second, you probaby wrote this short. It’s another one that’s technically well-made, but with an entirely predictable premise that it tries to overcome with shock value. It’s a shame, because the effects are good and that last image should be haunting, but we all saw it coming.


Y is for Youth

Directed by Soichi Umezawa

There’s nothing better than a good J-horror, is there? There’s so much visual creativity to this striking short about a young girl venting about her neglectful parents as we see her dark thoughts visualised to surreal effect. It’s so great to see that this one doesn’t rely on shock-value either, with an ending that’s restrained yet still poignant. Definitely one of my favourites.


Z is for Zygote

Directed by Chris Nash

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. They certainly saved the weirdest for last. Issues of neglect take a very insanely literal and absurd turn. The special effects are sickening, the acting is great and the cinematography is evocative as hell. That said, I think what really makes this work is the sound design. Holy shit, the sound design in this short makes it the most unsettling of the bunch. It’s definitely a strong note to end the film on.



I found myself enjoying this one a lot more than the first. There was a lot more creativity on show, with a smaller number of shorts relying solely on shock value. Perhaps I had written this series off a bit too quickly. Maybe a third one would be absolutely perfect. Who knows?

Monster High Doll Hair

A few weeks ago Lee, over on The Monster High Amino, asked: how I get the hair on my second hand dolls looking so good?

A bit of background. I have been collecting a select few dolls since they first came out in 2010. Then last summer my neighbour’s 14 year old daughter decided to get rid of her collection. I inherited almost 200 dolls. Most were very well played with (mum is a smoker) and therefore needed a lot of cleaning up. Having never worked with dolls before as a child I Googled and found a couple good sites.

After that I headed to a local dollar store to get some supplies. My thinking here was not going to spend a fortune cleaning up these dolls, if certain products did not work.

My tools: a baby brush & comb set, an environmentally friendly conditioner, dryer sheets, fabric deodorant, and the MH brush.

Step1: remove all clothing, accessories (jewellery)  at lest the ones you can

Step2: using lukewarm/cold water (hot water will straighten any wavy/curls in the acrylic/plastic wigs)

       wet hair thoroughly, wash with conditioner, then rinse

Step3: hand dry hair with a towel

Step4: taking MH brush, brush out the hair.

        Wavy/curly hair I will use a short quick stroke instead of a long stroke. Also use a short, quick stroke with very tangled hair

Step4: air dry

Step5: once dry I will brush the hair again

Step6: style the hair to original style (Google photos to see the style)

*I use a baby brush to shine hair on Ghoulia, Venus, Spectra (they have a different texture of hair.

**Need to be careful when brushing out hair not to be too aggressive to pull out hair from the wig

One thing you may find is that some of the dolls will have “sticky” hair. This is from the glue that is secures the wig. Skelita and Rochelle are very bad for this.

One technique I found is to use baby power/talc to absorb the glue.

I have yet to really try this. However if you do, make sure hair is completely dry before using power (will become a gooey mess)

Step1: powder the hair brush thoroughly

Step2: leave for a few days

Step3: brush powder completely out

Main thing I find about doing the hair is to trust your instincts about what you are doing. If you find a different method than what I have done: Awesome!

Have fun being your doll’s hair stylists!

Final scene..  Dead Man's Chest

Phryne: “So, tell me, Jack.  Where did you collect your coins? Amongst the ruins of ancient Greece……”

……or deep in the jungles of Patagonia?“

Jack: “I inherited my collection from Uncle Ted …

…..and sold it at the age of 12….

…so I could buy my first bicycle”

Phryne: “Now that’s an adventure”

Jack: “It was.  It was”

Jack: “I rode further than I’d ever ridden before…

…through the uncharted wilds of North Richmond”

Phryne: “Where even Captain Flint didn’t dare tread”

Jack: “and the pirate girls of Collingwood ruled the waves”

Phryne: “To pirates, adventurers and boys on bicycles”

Hannibal and Synchronicity

Because of a Criminal Minds episode, I began reading up on Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity, and in doing so, had my mind blown when I started applying the theory to Hannibal. The theory of synchronicity suggests that there are simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. A very basic example of this is driving into a parking lot which you know to be difficult to find parking in, but as soon as you arrive, another car pulls out and leaves an open space just for you. A few other examples include losing your job but immediately finding a new job without having to apply for one, telling someone about an illness you are having and that person knowing the exact right doctor to help you get well, or leaving a romantic relationship and immediately finding someone new to date.

The theory began because Jung was treating a woman who was very internalized, locked into her own mind and fears. Her therapy was going nowhere until one night, she had a dream that someone offered her a golden scarab. The next day, as she was telling Jung about her dream, there came a ticking sound on the window. Jung reached out the window and grabbed the bug which had just flown onto the window. It happened to be a scarabaeid beetle whose gold-green color resembled that of the bug in the patient’s dream. The patient was so jarred by the synchronous moment that her shell was pierced and she was able to successfully continue treatment.

Hannibal begins almost immediately with synchronicity. Since we can’t really see what happened before the show began, we can only assume that Hannibal has been seeing Bedelia Du Maurier for years, and that he has previously admitted his loneliness to her, which he describes in later episodes after getting to know Will. The synchronicity of the moment is that aside from Jack pulling Will into the investigation, Will’s and Hannibal’s meeting was a complete coincidence. At the very time Hannibal has grown lonely in his secluded lifestyle of killing and cooking, he meets someone who perfectly fits his needs for a partner. And Will, who is unwittingly suffering from encephalitis, meets someone who had the ability to treat him before it became fatal. That Hannibal didn’t use his incredible olfactory sense to treat Will isn’t synchronicity, it’s just him being an asshole.

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Wanna Dance?

Originally posted by compromisedfacade

The night was winding down. Almost everyone had left – even the bride and groom – and so it seemed that I would spend another night of celebration and love and happiness alone. Not that it was necessarily a bad thing – I was over the moon that my baby sister finally married the man of her dreams. A good one at that. But the melancholy fact was that I was once again the one that got the pats on the back, the sympathetic looks and pitiful smiles, the “You’ll have your special day soon” notions. I took it all in stride. As the Maid of Honor there wasn’t anything I could really do but keep a smile plastered on my face for the entire evening. It wasn’t my day to ruin. I had no intentions of doing so.

My feet were awfully dirty. Blistered too. I had gotten rid of the sparkly stilettos my sister had begged all her bridesmaids to wear and had danced with reckless abandon when the guests and us were all on the dancefloor. Of course when time came for pictures I was always sliding back into the moments of pain and horror. I’d most likely wake up tomorrow with red welts and purple bruises lining my toes and feet and the hope I’d be able to get out of bed and walk.

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This babe right here THIS BABE RIGHT HERE

you might know her from Wacky Races but she had her own spinoff called The Perils of Penelope Pitstop in which her guardian is constantly trying to kill her off with an accident so that he can collect her inheritance

I have watched 5 minutes of this show just now

and in those 5 minutes Penelope has:

  • almost finished flying solo around the world in a biplane
  • jumped out of her plane into an eagle’s nest using her scarf as a parachute after the engine of her plane fell off
  • climbed halfway down a fucking jungle cliff in heels
  • when the cliff crumbled she jumped off no hesitation and grabbed onto a jungle vine and started fuckin’ swingin’
  • when the vine was cut and she wound up in a cage facing her nemesis, “The Hooded Claw” AKA her douchebag guardian all she did was say “It’s you! The Hooded Claw!” no fear, just surprise
  • The Hooded Claw ties her to a log over a cliff and all she does is ask “what y'all intend to do with me”
  • HC says “Oh, we’re just gonna drop ya inta that river…1000 feet down.” Penelope replies “I can swim, y'know.”
  • “At the end of the river there’s a 2000 foot waterfall. Can ya swim that?” “I can try.” And then he fuckin’ kicks the log into the river and she doesn’t scream at all

All of this of course while lookin’ fucking fabulous

Penelope Pitstop, Cutie Patootie Action Babe


Jeff’s Mom’s collection inherited: part 1 by Natsuko

kakasaku kid (still nameless, any suggestions?) works with needles and specializes in poison, antidotes and tracking (useful ninken also sniffs out poisonous/medicinal herbs to add to her growing collection!)

she inherited kakashi’s coloring and more of sakura’s features bc them hatake genes are strong

My father-in-law picked up jewelry making after his father passed away and he inherited his collection. He found these tiny cabochons of an unknown green gemstone that he remembers his father working with often. I have tried internet searches to determine what they’re made from, but I’ve come up dry. Might someone on this site know? It would make his YEAR to find out! 

Stone has been identified as Chlorastrolite/Greenstone!

Lore: matchmakers and love in Sornieth

Arcane - matchmakers in Arcane favor true love instead of seeking pragmatic arrangements between families. There is a strong ideal of romanticism among these dreamers and wedding ceremonies are carefully prepared - no detail is left to chance and it is most rude to trouble any step of the process (in particular, ruining someone’s wedding is serious enough matter that it can get you banned for good from the clan’s lands). Arcane flight has the most elaborate courtships of all flights, involving not only intricate dances and beautiful poetry but also songs magically etched onto runestones that can be re-played at will - an extremely rare and prized gift in the eyes of any other flight.

Earth - these dragons are the most traditionalists of matchmakers, prefering to respect old alliances and not break away from the way of their ancestors. Old grudges and rivalries are difficult to overcome for the unlucky star-crossed lovers, but similarly it is almost impossible to shatter the ancient bonds forged over centuries between those families that consistently pick their matches from their allied clans.  Weddings ceremonies are remembered for generations, and Earth dragons always receive the warmest welcome from their allies even when only distant relatives.

Fire - Fire matchmakers marry dragons based on the lovers’ feelings since marriages that lack love are considered within the flight to be doomed to fail. Fire flight is renowned for having a tradition of most extravagant and passionate honeymoon trips. Fire pairs do not have one single honeymoon, but several that take place at various important steps in life; it is most important to rekindle the fire of passion with regularity, so these dragons make caring partners. It is also in Fire flight that it is most accepted to have multiple spouses. Crossing paths with Fire dragons during their first honeymoon journey is considered good omen throughout Sornieth, it is thought to bring good luck into one’s own love life.

Ice - the Ice flight as a whole tends to only give a very marginal place to personal feelings, and instead prioritizes the perennity of accumulated riches and artifact collections. The inheritence of family heirlooms is a subject of uttermost importance, and quite complex marital contracts are elaborated in order to regulate precisely all the details of the passing over of clan’s treasures and material legacy, both through the use of drowries prior and after the wedding ceremony as well as complex inheritance processes after death. In fact the best Ice matchmakers often double as lawyers.

Light - these matchmakers are the most logical and pragmatic. Priority is given to true feelings and good, harmonious understanding between the partners (for binding two dragons together against their will seems both unsound and a disgrace to the flight’s ideal of Truth). Light dragons marry either for love or out of a mutual, consensual agreement for some type of partnership; when the wedding serves not a romantic but a pragmatic purpose, it is socially acceptable for Light dragons to develop romantic relationships outside of marriage.

Lightning - pairings in Lightning must participate in the clan’s growth. Although love is not as important as partners’ compatibility or the flight’s interests, it may be profitable to not ignore entierely as dragons who keep squabbling are counter-productive and serve no purpose. Therefore Lightning matchmakers exist to make sure each pairing serves the flight’s best interests and are not a waste of dragon labour. Lightning dragon pairs are also frequently partners in business, a terrific combination of wit and resources to better serve their ambitions. Lightning wedding ceremonies tend to be quite plain and private, often nothing more than the signing of a legal contract.

Nature - the flight tends to favour alliances that are the most nurturing and fruitful. Hatchlings in Nature are the most precious of gifts and it is common for the dragons who cannot or won’t have offspring to be fosters or otherwise care for others’ progeny. Hatchlings spend a significant part of the day raised in common rather than in a nuclear family, and weddings are the most informal of all flights. For this reason there is little need for traditional matchmakers in Nature - they are tasked more with all the social work involving adoption processes than for pairing parents together.

Plague - it is customary in Plague flight to compete for one’s love or interest in battle and duels, therefore Plague matchmakers tend to be warlike arbitrators more than social engineers. They serve as legal witnesses when a dragon make their “love claim”, as well as judges during the fight to decide of the opponent’s worth. The object of interest of a dragon who makes their love claim is free to either fight for themself (most honourable) or choose a champion (usually a close friend, parent, or the dragon’s partner if they’re already engaged). It is rumored that some dragons purposefuly lose in duels when their challenger is in fact a love interest - although they better do it skillfully at it is socially shunned upon… Plague matchmakers are ever-watchful.

Shadow - these matchmakers like to play elaborate games of politics. Matchmaking in Shadow is simply another tool to manipulate different players on a giant chessboard to advance the power, influence and other interests of the clans involved. The subtilities of these games are usually completely lost to all other elemental flights. Shadow matchmakers are the best at capitalizing on social networks and power to benefit their clans. It is extremely ill-advised to anger a Shadow matchmaker (or a Shadow clan, for the matter), as they may spend a considerable amount of resources and efforts into destroying their opponent’s reputation and alliances.

Water - Water dragons that use their seer abilities for matchmaking create the most harmonious pairings. Though they share little or none of what they foresee, they will gently push individuals towards their best match. Dragons pairs that marry against prophetic advice tend not to last, though it is unsure if it really is destiny or because everyone around them would disapprove and make their life near impossible. Water matchmakers are quite renowed in the profession and very sought after by other elemental flights: securing the services of a Water matchmaker is an immense privilege for any non-Water clan.

Wind - Wind matchmaker tend to care not so much for the pairings themselves (though still doing a good job, since partners getting along remains important) and focus more on throwing the most excellent ceremonies and parties. Of all elemental flights, Wind weddings are the most elaborate, lasting up to a full month of festivities. It is a favoured opportunity to strengthen community bonds as well make new friends, and quite often Wind dragons will meet their future partner(s) in a relative’s wedding - this can create quite the marital chain from wedding to wedding (a kind of virtuous circle Wind dragons refer to as “flirtuous circle”). Much care is given to attendees and general exchanges of gifts take place. Also, giant cake.

The Black Widow Killer- On Halloween, 1832, a British woman by the name of Mary Ann Cotton was born. A few decades later, Cotton became the world’s first female serial killer.

Although she killed up to 21 people, she was only ever convicted and executed for the heartless murder of her stepson. Mary was once a nurse, so she had knowledge of medicine and poison. It doesn’t come as a surprise then, that arsenic was her weapon of choice. She murdered three of her four husbands, collecting their inheritance and insurance money once they were dead. Shockingly, she may have also murdered 11 of her 13 children.

In 1873, she was hanged after the local doctor (FINALLY) became suspicious of the deaths of her husbands. The police arrested Mary Ann and ordered the exhumation of her most recent victim’s body, which was her last husband Charles. She was charged immediately after an excessive amount of poison was found in his body. However, her trial was delayed for several months after the heavily-pregnant killer bore her thirteenth and final child in Durham Gaol on 10 January 1873, whom she named Margaret Edith Quick-Manning Cotton. The child was seized, and Cotton was hung at the gallows in 1873.

Prompt: Belle inherits a collection of dangerous books from her aunt. Belle soon finds out that these books are dangerous in different ways. While some have harmful spell in them, others are literally dangerous (such as man-eating books, books that suck people into their stories, and books that give readers a heart attack after reading). As long as she remains a virgin, the books are safely under her ownership. Which is why Rumplestiltskin sets out to seduce Belle. But even after dealing for her in exchange for her village’s safety, Rumple finds it hard to prepare for any seduction. Belle somehow unbalances him, makes his heart race, makes him tongue-tied with her forward manner and her teasing smiles…

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Hi! Do you think Tywin is the ideal of the lord of Westeros? (Strong cunning and one who take care of the legacy of his family over all). And what do you think could be the consequence of his example

Thanks for the question!

Not one bit. In fact, I’d say his obsession with family legacy was half his downfall as lord.

Tywin Lannister might have been “strong”, but that’s partly from his Lannister wealth, which allowed him to put more weight on his force of personality, and it manifested as his tendency to overreact to slights. Was drowning those Reyne civilians at Castamere, killing Masha Heddle, unleashing the likes of Gregor and Amory onto the Riverlands acts of strength?

I’d say that’s weakness, a personality that let his father’s failings rule him and would do anything to silence the laughter. Tywin was so caught up in maintaining House Lannister’s appearance of strength that he would easily commit to brutality and atrocities to shut up any whispers of toothless lions. That attitude breeds the seeds of future hostility. Just ask the Riverlands, the Martells and the North.

He was cunning at times, but his willingness to exercise atrocities really hampered that. Just the Red Wedding alone. Because he couldn’t beat Robb in the field and kept suffering casualties, he had to resort to custom-breaking and treason. Is it necessarily cunning if the only reason people didn’t see it coming was because it would drown your house name in bad faith for years? Sure, you could say he got his main objective completed but those are short-term gains and those weren’t worth the long-term losses. The Red Wedding wasn’t cunning, it made sure the Lannister name was associated with treason and custom breaking from then on and that’s on Tywin.

Also, his need to overcompensate for any signs of Lannister weakness really shot his cunning in the foot sometimes. With Tyrion’s capture, Tywin had a golden opportunity to discredit Ned’s judgment and turn a bad situation into a political weapon. But nope! He couldn’t stand anyone shedding Lannister blood with impunity so he sent Gregor to the Riverlands to rampage for that slight. Let’s be honest, if not for timing, Ned would have beaten Tywin politically there with his declaration. Not to say Tywin doesn’t have a brain, he does! His pride, ego and flaws just got in the way of his decision-making more times than not.

He took care of his family legacy… but here’s the thing. He took care of his family legacy as an institution and didn’t think of his family as individuals. This matters, considering he’s not immortal and his children have to carry his legacy afterwards. He alienated his children by emotionally abusing them, instilling Lannister pride in them and forcing them to do their part for the family, none of them being spared from his influence. He emotionally destroyed Tyrion for marrying a commoner, Cersei was violated by Robert for years because Tywin wanted to further Lannister power by marrying into the royal family, Jaime himself was cut off by Tywin for his insistence to keep the white cloak. The repercussions here matter.

And, even then, his obsession with family legacy resulted in what happened to Tysha, the chevauchée in the Riverlands and the Red Wedding. Putting family above all is understandable enough… but with the extent Tywin exercises his brutality and subverts Westerosi customs, rules and laws for his family legacy’s sake, he does more harm than help for it.

When I think of an ideal lord, there’s really only one choice for me:

“If not for my Hand, I might not have come at all. Lord Seaworth is a man of humble birth, but he reminded me of my duty, when all I could think of was my rights. I had the cart before the horse, Davos said. I was trying to win the throne to save the kingdom, when I should have been trying to save the kingdom to win the throne.”

As for the consequences of Tywin’s example, some are already setting in: the Lannisters are now viewed as bad political actors due to the Red Wedding Tywin planned, making it harder for people to assume good faith on their part. That, in turn, makes it harder to engage in political relations. The North hates them for the slaughtering of their forces and King Robb, the Riverlands is justifiably repulsed at Jaime’s peacekeeping after the chevauchée Tywin put them through along with the Red Wedding, Dorne plots revenge on the Lannisters for the deaths of Elia and her kids.

For the Lannister siblings themselves, A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons are a breathtaking testament to how much damage Tywin’s legacy has wroth to them. Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion are all haunted by the ghost of Tywin. Cersei with her determination to make sure she surpasses her father as a Lannister, Tyrion with “wherever whores go” and his associating the Shrouded Lord with his father, Jaime by his trying to clean up the Red Wedding aftermath and his willingness to try and be his father to get results with threatening Edmure.

From there… Jon Connington will do his best to be ruthless and make no compunctions about butchering innocents if it gets results because Tywin even rots outside his family, the Martells will conspire to kill Tommen for Tywin’s sins, Cersei will continue to ruin herself in proving she’s her father’s heir in ability, Tyrion will strive to take Casterly Rock in an attempt to banish his personal demons born from the seeds of Tywin’s deeds, Jaime will inherit the collective sins of his father and countless Lannisters will follow Tywin to the grave.

Tywin’s legacy rots everything it touches and the weight of his shadow will collapse House Lannister from the seven hells.

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Hi tumblr dad! :D I have what is probably a kinda stupid question on how to adult, but I don't know who else to ask and i'm honestly clueless. This is the first time i've ever been out and living on my own, I know tax season has come and gone but do I have to pay taxes come next season? I mean I don't own any property of any kind, I rent my place and don't own a car so I can't think of why i'd pay property taxes. Do I file stuff on my paychecks, (TBC)

or does the company I work for already do that? I mean what does one file when doing their taxes? And do I get a form sent to me or do i have to go somewhere and grab one? I feel really stupid asking but honestly it never came up in all my years of education and I never paid any attention when my folks used to file (plus math was never my strong suit). I know it’s not something I have to worry about right this minute but it’s still making me anxious thinking about it.

Nobody taught me about it either, Anon, it’s not at all a stupid question and I think a lot of people freak out over it their first year. I think I have to say up front that I’m not an accountant or financial advisor of any kind, so I can’t give you official advice. But yeah you do need to file taxes and probably should have last year. D: Let me see if I can lay out a primer for you. 

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