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K so basically I asked Xander Berkeley (Gregory) to adopt me so I could inherit his nifty hat collection and this is what he posted on one of my pics

Gregory is an ass but legit Xander is a gift from God he’s so nice to his fans and legit loves talking to ppl

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Jamilton 11

11. Partners in Crime

It only ever happened because of a project they had been forced to work together on. Thomas couldn’t even tell you class it was for, just that at some point he and Alex had been hunched over a computer screen looking at forgeries compared to original paintings.

It was Alex who said it, and Thomas who couldn’t get it out of his head, “it’s funny how what word you use effects the value and perception - a reproduction is valid, a forgery is not. John has a couple that look like this in his room. They’re not exact or anything - more in the style of - but still.”

Thomas’ parents had been big into art when he was younger, and he had inherited quite the collection. He wasn’t sure what it was that urged him to do it, but he came back from winter break with a carefully packaged Renoir. The project was over, but Thomas still had Alex’s number, and within the day John had the painting.

John had been mystified, of course, but he tried his best. His best was too good, too clean, too new. Alex recognized it for what it was, and after a couple of internet searched, the fresh painting was sitting in the oven.

It was ridiculous, and Thomas’ eyes kept drifting toward the original - questioning what had made him do it in the first place. But then Alex had grabbed John’s version, and side-by-side, they were identical. 

Thomas’ first thought had been to burn it, and Alex’s had been to sell it.

“After all, wouldn’t people trust art coming from your family’s collection - you could just pass it off as trying to get rid of your parents’ memory in the house or something. I don’t know, don’t rich people eat up that sort of thing?”

John hadn’t wanted to be associated with it more than the bare minimum, but he accepted the checks and canvases and paintings as they came in and kept painting, saying, “if this is what keeps me from being the starving artist stereotype, so be it.”

Alex was the brains behind the operation - he’d be the one to read auction records and see the invisible lines of demand for artists and trends and figure out what prices the pieces would go for. Thomas was the face - the trust fund kid in a sharp suit not appreciating the true value of his parents’ collection.

Thomas couldn’t keep people away from Monticello, and he couldn’t keep the paintings there either. He got a penthouse in the city and kept the paintings there - gifted Alex with the key and lease for the man’s birthday.

Five years of sharing a huge secret implied a level of trust, and so it was Alex Thomas turned to when he felt his worries and stress bubbling up from underneath the surface. Alex would open the door or answer the phone as annoyed as ever, but then he’d soften and offer what comfort he could.

At some point people started to assume they were in a relationship - for what other reason would they have to stay in touch and live together when Thomas was in the city. It wasn’t like he couldn’t afford a place to stay, after all. 

There was no formal announcement, but the assumptions were proved correct when one day Alex and Thomas started to wear matching rings.

This will be my third year in this classroom. At the beginning my first year, my priority was to get the classroom functional. At the beginning of my second year, my priority was to make more resources and go into the year more prepared. At the beginning of this year, I finally feel like I have the time and brain space to clean through my cupboard. This is something I have been wanting to do since first year! So over the past two half-days, I’ve pulled everything out of my cupboard, sorted through it all, thrown out a bunch of stuff I inherited or collected, and completely re-organised everything. Maybe it doesn’t look two-days-tidy, but you bet your arse that everything has a strategic place.

Also, fyi, there was a VHS player and an old TV that had more depth than width or height in my cupboard. That’s how bad I needed to clean it out.


Jeff’s Mom’s collection inherited: part 1 by Natsuko

Final scene..  Dead Man's Chest

Phryne: “So, tell me, Jack.  Where did you collect your coins? Amongst the ruins of ancient Greece……”

……or deep in the jungles of Patagonia?“

Jack: “I inherited my collection from Uncle Ted …

…..and sold it at the age of 12….

…so I could buy my first bicycle”

Phryne: “Now that’s an adventure”

Jack: “It was.  It was”

Jack: “I rode further than I’d ever ridden before…

…through the uncharted wilds of North Richmond”

Phryne: “Where even Captain Flint didn’t dare tread”

Jack: “and the pirate girls of Collingwood ruled the waves”

Phryne: “To pirates, adventurers and boys on bicycles”