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Okay, but a Jack and Gabe who knew something was fishy from the beginning of Overwatch. So they staged their separation to see if the bad guys would come knocking on their door. But fighting infiltration was a losing game, so they staged their accidents because it would collapse Overwatch and let the good people get out before it was too late.

Now Gabe is the inside man infiltrating the organization, and Jack has the freedom to focus solely on tracking down the bad guys. Gabe has actually been slowly starting to disintegrate for years because of the SEP. Jack’s scars were because of Gabe’s plan fucking up, and he doesn’t let his boyfriend forget it.

Gabe thinks it’s hilarious that Sombra still hasn’t figured out his ‘Reaper’ persona isn’t genuine. Kid is too fond of her own theatrics to suspect Gabriel’s.

Jack thinks it’s hilarious that Winston hasn’t caught on that he’s been feeding Athena information through old command codes.

Just - sneaky dads taking on the world together. (They get found out when Reaper kills the Talon agent about to put a bullet in Jack’s head. Jack insists he has everything under control. Sombra is in tears that Gabe pulled one over on her. Winston is not pleased that Widowmaker and Sombra come with Gabe when he returns. Widowmaker is a peanut butter thief.)

when you wake me up

Cassian has a hard enough time hiding his feelings for Jyn on missions. Having to share a bed makes it that much more difficult.

Jyn/Cassian. Post movie, everyone lives AU. Title from Ed Sheeran’s “Wake Me Up.” For @leralynne, my favorite rebelcaptain writer, queen of bedsharing fics.


There’s one bed.

They’re on some desert planet he’d rather forget the name of, an information-gathering mission, but their contact has delayed for another day. Normally they’d take that as a warning, a possible trap, but this is important intel, and they’ve been ordered to stay. Which they would have anyway, but it’s nice to follow the rules for once. K2 stays with the ship, able to blend in if he’s found by stormtroopers, but Jyn and Cassian have to find somewhere to hide out.

They’ve managed to find a room for the night with a “friend” of Cassian’s. (That’s how he refers to him anyway – Jyn’s raised eyebrow tells him she can hear the quotation marks in his voice. She knows better than to ask.) The house (if you could call it that) is tiny, dirt floors and one small grimy window. It’s one room, but under the chair in the corner, there’s a small trapdoor that leads to a hidden basement. Perfect to hide booze, which is clearly his friend’s main use for it, but it also has a small bed and a lamp. Good enough for Rebels needing a place to camp out for the night.

Except for the whole one bed thing.

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Very early this morning, at 1am, I was browsing AO3 as I usually do to find a new Olicity fic for my early morning reading. It was at this time that I discovered a tiny hidden gem by @callistawolf called In The Moment (we’re lost and found). Now, when I did find it, I was surprised. I’ve read most of Calli’s works, and they are all masterpieces - she is a phenomenal writer, and I’ve adored every Olicity fic she’s written - which was why I was surprised, because this one managed to slip through the net. I began reading it this morning at 6am.

And oh my Lord. I was absolutely stunned.

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In The Moment (we’re lost and found) is INCREDIBLE. I’ve NEVER read a fic like it. The vagueness of the tags and mystery that created just dragged me into the fic, kicking and screaming (in delight). Some of the tags informed me that the fic was exploring issues and certain plot points which I’m currently exploring myself in Defend Not The Man, But The Mind, and that made it all the more attractive. But I’ve never been more thankful and absolutely overjoyed to have accidentally discovered a fic at 1am.

I won’t spoil anything major, but let’s just say my respect for Calli has risen by 10000%. Not only was her characterisation of Oliver and Felicity flawless, but she managed to capture the essence of their personalities and traits even when they had their memory loss, and can’t even remember their own names, or how they know each other. The way Calli wrote their dynamic was captivating. The plot was gripping, and I found myself excited for every chapter, every next scene. I felt like I was going on the emotional journey along with Oliver and Felicity of them finding each other again.

This fic is a GIFT to the fandom, and WHY AREN’T PEOPLE GUSHING ABOUT IT MORE??? It’s one of the classics, one of the best fics out there, up with the likes of Masquerade and FiCoN in my opinion. 100 million out of ten would recommend. Calli, I want to squeeze the life out of you in a hug and kiss you fro this. My emotions are ALL OVER THE PLACE.

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Evfra Fic (research)

So the Evfra fic I’ve been talking about is coming along well. It won’t go straight to the smut like the Jaal fic (Temptation on the Tempest) did, but it will get there eventually.

This one will also take longer than the Jaal fic because there’s more research to be done. More planning. With Jaal it was easy because he has so much content it’s easy to see what kind of character he is and write accordingly.

Evfra not so much. The information about him is scattered around and there’s some serious ‘read between the lines’ going on with him.

For an idea of the research I’ve been doing to make sure I understand Evfra properly, I spent at least three hours on Aya running from spot to spot listening to ambient dialog just in case someone slipped in some new knowledge about Evfra that I hadn’t found yet.

I found out that angara celebrate birthdays, can have at least 3 children per batch, that some sort of local lottery can include fresh fruit as prizes, heard some serious inner crisis talk between two angara about the implications of killing exalted angara, decided the word taoshay is a term angara use much like ‘darling’, found that when translated angara call young children little ones or littles, and listened to a conversation between 3 angara about how they got their scars. Among other things. Nothing about Evfra.

Goddamnit Evfra. Why you so mysterious?

anonymous asked:

butt fic???

This ask has been in my inbox for months and I don’t know what it is asking. Like, do you want smut? That can be found in the smut stuff tag. Do you want more specific forms of smut? There’s a kinky shit tag and a list of more specific kinky shit on the tags page on the blog. Beyond that information I have no idea what you’re asking. Is there a specific butt fic that I just haven’t heard anything about and you’re trying to find the link? I have no idea. I am just as confused as you are.

- Nyx

Poster Boy [Chapter 2] - Poe Dameron x Reader

A/N: literally never used something more than a star wars name generator i s2g

 I’m woken up by a banging on the door to my quarters. I refuse to get up, but the banging doesn’t cease, and it doesn’t take long for BB-09 to start beeping at me to answer it.

 "Can I help you?“ I snap as I open the door, only to have a pile of clothing shoved into my arms. The abrupt action wakes me up fully.

 "General needs you on the landing strip in 10. You’ll also need to hand in your old uniform at some point.” Commander Poe Dameron tells me.

 "Oh, uh, thanks?“ I say, still moderately confused. The man goes to leave, stifling a yawn. "Hey, you okay? You look exhausted.”

 "Not everyone gets dismissed as early as you do.“ He replies flatly, walking away. I frown, watching him go for a moment before returning to my room, closing the door behind me, deciding to dismiss his behaviour.

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Share The Blanket

((A/N: Next in the one-week Dean challenge by @deanxkatherine-af! The theme for today? Netflix and Chill. I had fun writing it, although I think I have some weird fascination with being cold. Anywho… This one is pure fluff. Just happy fluff. I’m making up for Hospital Beds, I promise. Tagged originally by @aprofoundbondwithdean

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1400

Warnings: Language  ))

This was not happening. This could not possibly be happening. This was the worst thing in the history of the world to be happening and it was happening to you.

“What do you mean the heater’s busted?!” You stared at Sam and Dean while layered under a few different items of clothing. The baggy hoodie was the final touch and you, admittedly, looked kind of like Mr. Puft in Ghostbusters.

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Lost and Found, Part I

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Shidge (Shiro/Pidge)
Rating: Teen and up: for language, slight violence
Summary: The dashed line from their current location to the box was labeled 00:02:47:29:12. Two hours, forty-seven minutes, twenty-nine seconds, twelve milliseconds.

In just under three hours, they would be headed away from the last known location of Sam and Matt Holt.

Author’s Notes: this is my first V:LD fic, but I’m super excited to be writing it. I dedicate this chapter to @stardusted​ and @allthethingamabobs​, who have been supporting me as I wrote this first chapter!

Also on AO3.

EDIT 7/23/2016 (23/7/2016): this story has been tweaked to represent the recent information on ages that has come to life. This changes the trajectory for Lost and Found slightly, but rest assured I will continue.

Part I: Hope

Sometimes, when the nights were long and it was a struggle to fall asleep, she was plagued with memories. When the Castle of Lions was making its way through a new solar system, she remembered her days back home, her days on Earth, and her days with her family when it was whole. When they had finished some kind of epic battle after forming Voltron, she thought about how proud her father and brother would be if they only knew.

Time passed, but she always remembered.

She remembered that when Pidge Gunderson first met Takashi Shirogane, she wasn’t Pidge Gunderson but Katie Holt.

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anonymous asked:

hi I'm kinda new to the fandom especially dramione blogs and I'm wondering if you could please explain what 1) The God of the Lost, 2) Crimson and Clover, 3) dramioneficlists, 4) coloured grey, 5) contraveritas, 6) Of Crimson Joy, 7) flagfic 8) dmhgficexchange 9) Letting go of the past 10) Draco Malfoy the Bouncing Rat, 11) Draco Triology 12) Wildcatcdc 13) bk11 is. I feel like I'm missing out on something important since I see these things talked about a lot and can't find them. Thanks!!

Hi, welcome!! Ok let me see:

1) The God of the Lost: A fic by author gravidy that has been deleted a while back, pdf can be found here

2) Crimson and Clover: A fic by author starrymoonmaiden that too has been deleted, pdf can be found here

3) dramioneficlists: The parent blog to this, originally started by Mandy, which housed numerous lists that categorized fics into themes, characters, genres etc. Was deleted almost a year ago. To compensate, the blog dramioneficindex​ was created which has all the fics from dramioneficlists but without the lists.

4) coloured grey: A dramione fanfiction site from the early 2000s, that has since been offline, some fics from that site can be found here

5) contraveritas: Same as the above. I believe coloured gray was an exclusive section to contra veritas, sort of like MalfoyManor is part of GrangerEnchanted but at the same time exclusive. Idk much about this, I joined the fandom after both sites went offline.

6) Of Crimson Joy: A fic by author xLittleRobinx that has been deleted, mobi file can be found here

7) flagfic: Website that allowed you to download fanfiction, was one of the best until blocked them from downloading fics from their site, and then the site went offline. :(

8) dmhgficexchange: Community on LJ, they host fic exchanges, where you can request a certain fic to be written by suggesting a plot, and someone will write it for you. This community no longer does fic exchanges fests.

9) Letting go of the past: A fic by author HermioneMalfoy79 that has been deleted, pdf can be found here

10) Draco Malfoy the Bouncing Rat: Another deleted fic this time by author Maya, pdf of entire work can be found here

11) Draco Triology: A draco-centric series of fics written by YA author Cassandra Claire (before she became a published author), more information about the series can be found here

12) Wildcatcdc: Another fanficiton author turned published author. Wrote a very popular fic called Out of Control which has since been deleted. html file can be found here

13) bk11: Author who also deleted all of their fics a while back, they can be found here   

Phew! :)

- Lisa

anonymous asked:

The app crashed when I went to read a fic and it seemed really promising. All I remember is that it was 13k words, had poet!phil, and had a friends with benefits situation that Dan wasn't happy with. I know it's not a lot of information but hopefully you can help me find it.

Saying Yes Has Always Been EasyOn softly lit nights Phil will kiss Dan and hold him tight.  But that’s only temporary.  And Phil will leave Dan with words that feel like poison. (Or in which Dan is a writer, Phil is an artist and they’re friends with benefits)

- Sam

why fic awards are really cool

leesh just informed me that the number of nominations she’s received for the official 1dff awards is much lower than it has been in the past, which makes me feel like i just found out my favorite love song was written about a sandwich. so here are some reasons why you should nominate your fave fics for awards:

  • fan fiction is a really time-consuming hobby that has very little reward. awards are a way for you to thank your favorite writers for putting their time and effort into creating content that you enjoy. 
  • and you can say thanks with little to no effort – the nomination form is a breeze to fill out, and you can leave a category blank if there isn’t something you want to nominate for it. seriously, it takes, like, less than 10 minutes, which is probably about how long it takes you to read a new chapter. 
  • awards bring this ever-shrinking community together and allow us to support each other in our writing. if you’re a writer who never has time to read, this is a way for you to virtually hug your writer friends and be like, you go girl, and if you’re a reader, silent or not, this is a way for you to virtually hug your favorite writers and be like, thank you for your art
  • awards are a chance for you to bring attention to your fave fics that are flying under the radar. when you nominate your favorite story, you’re basically climbing up onto a billboard and spray painting DATE MY HOT DAD in big letters. or, you know, READ THIS COOL STORY.

so go nominate your favorite fics! go go go! 

ok so hear me out here i got a fan fic idea

what if hawkmoth isnt monsieur gabriel agreste after all and like what if adrien’s secret identity gets found out by an evil private detective put in motion by hawkmoth. monsieur agreste finds a folder on his desk with the information, full of concrete proof like dna test and candid pictures of the two of them with identical cuts or bruises, and other such proof.

monsieur agreste would be so angry because his son has been sneaking out on the streets of paris at all hours of both day and night without his permission

destroying property and getting mixed up in all kinds of trouble with art theft and deranged bird men and people getting abducted, freak weather storms, and time travel and more. cat noir destroyed part of the notre dame cathedral for goodness sake, and it was only fixed by a bakers daughter.

and dad over here knows it would looks so bad on him if it gets out bc they are both in the public view, as a top fashion designer and young front page model. people will start questioning his authority as a parent for so much activity of his son getting past him. after paying the large amount of hush money demanded, monsieur Agreste puts his son on lock down.

like withdraws him from school, takes his phone away, moves him to a room in the middle of the house, and has him constantly supervised by the body guard. meals delivered to his room, private tutor and house staff the only ones that go in and out. Monsieur Agreste takes Adrien’s ring and keeps it on his person at all times, on a chain around his neck. Even Plagg cant get it back since kwarmi can only faze though objects not people and he cant sneak it away without the dad noticing

and all while this is going on, hawkmoth is building up an army of akumas, since ladybug can’t handle them on her own. the odds are against them if Adrien cant find a way to escape and help his lady save paris from the clutches of hawkmoth

I was researching Keiynan Lonsdale for, um, fic reasons, and I ran across the information that he’d been in Dance Academy, which is apparently an Australian TV show about ballet dancers, which you would never expect from the title.


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Why were we not alerted?

Bread Wolf - Chapter 5

A silly Modern AU in which Solas owns a bakery. Read part 1 here.

Chapter 5: A Favor

“I have a favor to ask of you.”

The words took Isii by surprise, leaving the baker’s lips before she had a chance to make her order. Not that she needed to anymore. She was half-surprised to not see him immediately reach for the honeyed bradh as soon as she entered the shop. She tilted her head, peering at him as she finished closing the distance to the counter.

“Oh? And what would that be?”

“I have a new item I was considering adding to my selection. I was wondering if you would be willing to give me your opinion.”

A soft smile spread across her lips. “I’d be happy to.”

He nodded, seemingly pleased. “A moment, then,” he murmured before disappearing into the back room. She strummed her fingers idly against the countertop, stealing a sip from her tea as she looked around the shop. It was empty – unusual, for this time of day. Unlike many of the other boulangeries she’d been to in this city, he kept his décor very simple. It lacked the ornate furniture or artwork set within elaborate frames that were so typical to Orlesian décor. He had no hanging art. Instead, he had one wall that served as its own canvas, painted in an impressive mural. Whatever artist he’d paid to do the job had been well worth the cost. In stark clean lines, they’d rendered a detailed copy of the city’s skyline – the Grand Cathedral, the University of Orlais, the towering and ancient White Spire still putting the modern skyscrapers to shame. Looming over it sat a white wolf, its head thrown back in a howl and the name of the shop scrawled in beautiful lettering: Le Pain Loup.

The fact that the artwork so clearly mimicked the styling typical of the Lingrean Age of Elvhenan had not escaped her notice. At first she gave it little thought – just an Elf-owned shop using Elvhen-styled branding to market its wares. Now that she knew about his love of history, she saw more purpose behind the choice rather than mere aesthetics.

He reemerged, setting a small plate on the counter. On it sat a delicate piece of rolled and folded dough stuffed with some sort of cream and topped with chopped nuts. She glanced at him, her eyes narrowing. “Did you honestly have that sitting in the back waiting for me?”


She toyed with the edge of her drink’s lid with her thumbnail. “And what if I hadn’t come in today?”

“I would have made another tomorrow.”

Her smile widened as she bit her lip. “Are you flirting with me, baker?” she asked teasingly, arching her brow. “I’d advise you to be rather upfront if you are – apparently I’m a terrible judge of such things.”

His smile was soft and pleasant and told her nothing. “Try it,” he said simply.

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