At some point during the [parabatai] speeches, Jem had slipped quietly from his chair and disappeared through the doors to Angel Square. Tessa had dropped her napkin and hurried after him; as the doors closed, Emma could see them on the dimly lit steps. Jem had his head down on Tessa’s shoulder.

- Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight

May Just One Word BPC ~ Day 28; Ship

Some of my favorite book ships (in no particular order): 💕
- Aaron Warner & Juliette Ferrars
- The Darkling & Alina Starkov
- Laurent of Vere & Damen of Akielos
- Will Herondale & Tessa Gray
- Feyre & Rhysand 

#maybooksberead16 Day Twenty-Three: Green Books! I actually have a couple more but I couldn’t carry them all and I could only make one trip 😂 I’ve never really liked the colour green much but doing this photo changed my mind 😊

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Being completely respectful here

But some people don’t agree with the Magnus Bane series because “we already know enough about him”. I’m here to contradict that.

Magnus has a past, that we do know a little about (with his Bane Chronicles) but I do not agree that we know enough. Think about it.

Why did Magnus run to the Silent Brothers for sanctuary after he accidentally killed his step father if he knew nothing about the Shadow World or Downworlders? What made him go there?

What was his relationship with his parents? We know it’s bad, of course, but to what extent? We pretty much know he was an abuse survivor (Yas b) but again, to what extent. Not that the extent matters, it’s simply the curious thoughts that you can’t help run through your mind. We’re human , we always want to know more.

Who informed Magnus about what he was and who taught him magic? (I have a theory it was Ragnor, he is explained as way older than Magnus).

There are definitely some missing scenes that got to do with Alexander Lightwood.

And the thing I really want to know:

When Magnus and the gang are stuck in Edom and Magnus has no choice but to summon his father, Asmodeous, he keeps saying he “learned his lesson” and how “it wasn’t a lesson he wanted the rest to learn” and he was definitely a bit fearful at summoning him.

What was that lesson? (I hope we get it)

And I’m not sure if it’s in the books and I missed it, but how did Magnus and Catarina meet?

And maybe we will get the malec kiss scene in Alicante in his POV?

I mean, there is still a lot we don’t know.

I can’t wait for the books, written by the wonderful Cassandra Clare, so I can find out. I hope that we all as fans can enjoy finding out together.


“We live and breathe words. […] It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone.” - Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince

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“What you said before,” she asked. “That Jace Herondale loves Clarissa Fairchild more than anyone you’ve ever known except someone — you never finished the sentence. Who was it?”
“I was going to say you and me and Will,” he said. “But — that’s rather a strange thing to say, isn’t it?”
“Not strange at all. Exactly right. Ever and always, exactly right.