the infantata


Ben Woolf was best known for his work on American Horror Story as the Infantata, the mutilated baby of the original owners of season one’s Murder house, and as Meep, Freak Show’s side act who often bit the heads off of small animals and only said his own name.  In both cases, he played a character that served as a tragedy to emotionally stir up other characters- but who was given a haunting nod through later acts.  

Woolf, however, considered acting a side job- his main profession was early education.  In this interview released by AHS via youtube, he says that a lot of times people didn’t treat him like or realize that he was an adult, but he did what he could do and worked to the best of his ability.  But, he said, he loved teaching because when he was with children it was like living in a different world, because there were no rules.  He said the thing that scared him most was uncertainty.

Ben Woolf was a truly magnificent human being, and personally, he was one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever seen.  Not because of his disability, but because of the way he lived his life so that in whatever he was doing, he could measure success by personal achievement and not by how other people saw him or treated him- something I think all people need to learn to do in order to be happy, and something I wish I could learn to do.  He was a brave, strong person, and a beautiful person, and his kindness and individuality were something that made this world seem, if only a little, less cruel and dark.

RIP Ben Woolf, you will be missed.

Tainted love

For six months now, I have been the current tenant of the murder house. Well not just me, my parents, younger brother and our dog too. And for four and a half months now, I have been the girlfriend of Violet Harmon. I still don’t know what I’d have done without her, especially as I began to uncover the secrets of this house.

Some of the ghosts here are friendly; Nora Montgomery, for example, is like a second mother to me. And Moira o'Hara as well. Violet’s told me the types of things Moira can do, though, and I’ve made her promise me not to try anything with my dad. Violet’s family are also wonderful; her mother and mine clicked right away which is definitely a relief.

However, some of the ghosts in this house are truly bone-chillingly disturbing. The infantata, for example, is a terrifying creature - Nora and Charles’ deceased baby who was dismembered and reassembled by Charles himself. I don’t often see Charles, but from what I’ve heard, he’s someone I don’t want to cross.

Then there’s Tate. He doesn’t really fit a category, though if I had to find him one, I’d place him under ‘Jealous Creepy Ex-Boyfriend who Often Tries to Hit on Me’. It’s strange, because after all this time, he’s still so infatuated with Violet - a little awkward on the current relationship front - and follows us everywhere, lurking behind doors to watch us.

He’s like anathema to me, and if ever I encounter him when Violet isn’t with me, I retreat to my room immediately, and he doesn’t follow. Today, however, is different. There’s a strange air around the house today; even Violet seems very uptight and anxious about something, though she won’t tell me what. So, we’re lying on my bed, listening to a playlist full of songs we both love, matching breaths and holding hands.

There’s a crack in my ceiling which I hadn’t noticed until now, despite lying under it every night. I open my mouth, about to ask once again what’s wrong with her, when - as if some jolt of electricity bolts through her - she sits up suddenly.

“Alright, I’ll tell you.” I push myself up next to her, concerned eyes meeting hers. “Today’s the anniversary of my death.” The silence that falls between us is more intense than the one before. The soft buzz of Morrissey playing through my headphones is the only noise heard for at least a minute.

“I-I’m sorry.” I say finally, realising how stupid that probably sounded to her. She shrugs.
“I’m gonna go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.” She gets off the bed and walks out the room, tucking her brown hair behind her ear as she leaves.

As soon as she closes the door, I sigh. God she’s probably really upset and I’ve done nothing but bug her all day. I sit back, leaning against the headboard, and close my eyes, chewing anxiously on my lower lip.

“I can’t believe she never told you about that. Some girlfriend,” a voice scoffs.
“Get out, Tate.” I reply, without even opening my eyes. I hear some shuffling, and open them. Tate’s leaning against my wardrobe, arms folded over his chest, smirking at me.

“You know, she’s probably gonna be mopey like this all day.” He pauses to walk closer to my bed. “Come down to the basement and I’ll show you a good time.” I roll my eyes at how forced and generic that sounds, but he doesn’t care. There’s a shit-eating grin slapped onto his face, and a mocking amusement in his eyes.

“Come on, Y/N, surely you must be sick of the same thing by now.” I stand up, my frame reaching a height just a little shorter than Tate.
“If I go with you will you leave her alone?” I think of all the times he’s bugged her, or cornered her with his attempts at an apology. Sometimes he just stands, watching her. Violet’s told me she can feel it when he does it, but she never points it out.

Tate’s smile widens, and he nods before pulling me down the stairs - me almost falling over - and finally, down into the basement. I never liked it down here. It’s dark and dank and there’s a constant chill down my spine like someone’s watching me.

“Alright, Tate. What do you want.” In the darkness, I can see the outline of his figure move around, walking closer to me until I can vaguely make out the features on his face. He lunges forward, and rams me against the wall. I can feel the pain shoot up my shoulder blades, and my face contorts in an effort not to cry out.

“Stay away from Violet.”


Most fans of the popular anthology series, American Horror Story, know the actor Ben Woolf as Meep from the fourth season of the television show (Freak Show). The actor also portrayed the character Infantata in the show’s first season (Murder House). 

Unfortunately, the 4’4″ actor was struck in the head by the car mirror of a SUV while he was crossing a street in Hollywood last Thursday night and today (February 23rd, 2015) he passed away after being in critical condition for several days. 

“We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from all over the world for our beloved Ben,” Woolf’s family said in a statement. “He touched so many hearts in his 34 years. His memory will live on within each of us and within his work.”

For more information, there is a news article here, please keep his friends and family in your thoughts during this time.

Devastated to hear the terrible news, that Ben Woolf, who some of us might have knew as “Meep” or “The Infantata” on American Horror Story, passed away last night. He will live on in our memories, rest in peace Ben Woolfe.

“wir sind alle freaks”


“The Devil is real and he’s not some little red man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful because he’s a fallen angel and he used to be God’s favorite.”



So what do shrinks think when a wildly brilliant patient doesn’t talk to punish said psychiatrist?