the infamous show

big little lies masquerades as a show about the cattiness of upper class women in their literal glass mansions and quickly reveals it’s self as a show about the nuances of domestic violence, the intricacies of surviving rape and sexual abuse, the importance of supportive female relationships, overcoming emotional abuse, women standing up to protect other women, and i’m just beside myself it is so VALIDATING to see that kind of content on HBO a channel infamous for shows that abuse rape and kill women like it’s in style. i am so here for women protecting each other, women standing up to abusers, women overcoming their differences and treating each other like sisters. 

tl;dr big little lies breathed life back into my archaic cynical soul and women helping women is the most important thing in the whole damn world. 


Red Jacket ZK-SD

An integrally suppressed AK in 7.62x39mm. Note the front sight which gives you an idea that the barrel is actually quite short, about 8.5″ long, but isn’t an SBR. I don’t think the current Red Jacket Firearms company makes or offers the ZK-SD anymore. The rifle was introduced/created during the time Red Jacket was owned by Will Hayden, who became famous (or infamous) on the show Sons of Guns. Red Jacket is now under new ownership. (GRH)

“Resist, Insist, Persist, Enlist”
~Hillary Rodham Clinton

Professional Business Women Conference
San Francisco, California

Hillary Clinton spoke at the Professional Business Women Conference in San Francisco, CA.

While she championed women’s and girls rights, she also spent time criticizing Donald Trump and his administration — without saying his name once.

“There is no place I’d rather be than here — other than the White House,” she said to laughs from the audience of almost 6,000 people.

On Trump’s Administration:

“Women’s representation in the current administration in Washington is the lowest its been in a generation.”

“Too many women, especially women of color, have a lifetime of practice taking these indignities with stride,” she said about Sean Spicer “patronizing” reporter April Ryan during the White House press briefing, as well Bill O'Reilly criticizing Rep. Maxine Waters for her hair.

“How can they not have women at the table?” she said about the now-infamous photos showing only male politicians making decisions about women’s health.

“Where some may see a future of carnage in this country, I see a shining light for creative change,” she said about Trump’s speeches that paint America in a dark light.

“I was delighted at every sign I saw quoting my speech saying: ‘Women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights,’” she said about the Women’s March.

When the GOP healthcare plan failed, “it was a victory for all Americans,” she said, adding that it was a major sign the resistance is working.

On practicing activism under Trump:

“Let me let you in on a little secret — the other side never quits…we will need to fight back twice as hard.”

“We need to reset the table so women are no longer required to accept or adapt to discrimination or sexism at work.”

“As I think about the outpouring of activism, I think about 4 words: resist, insist, persist, enlist.”

“We need to resist bias and bullying, hate, and fear.”

“We need to insist on putting people first…including making health care more affordable, creating upwardly mobile education and employment ladders.”

“We need to persist, as we saw so dramatically in the Senate when Mitch McConnell went after Elizabeth Warren and said she could not read a letter from Coretta Scott King.”

“We need to enlist. Enlist in this effort, get in the arena…That can mean many things…running for office, starting a business, championing women and girls, mentoring, standing up and speaking out…there’s something for everybody here.”

“Sure, the last few months haven’t been exactly as I envisioned. But I still know what I’m fighting for. I’m fighting for a fairer, big-hearted, inclusive America.”

“And the unfinished business of the 21st century can’t wait any longer…Now is the time to demand the progress we want to see and make it real in our own lives…in the government and the world…and I’ll be there with you every step of the way.”

                      Here we are on the Red tour, and we’ve been very very lucky on the Red tour because we’ve gotten to play lots of sold out stadiums but you know what, you never forget the first stadium that you ever played. You never forget the very first crowd of 55,000 people that were waiting to see you play the show. And you don’t quite remember what that sounded like until you go back and see them again do you? And you know we seem to have this thing with rain, you and I. If you’re here for the very first time..hello nice to meet you, I’m Taylor, thank you for coming! If you’ve been to a show before you might possibly know about the infamous rain show. The infamous rain show happened here at Gillette Stadium about 2 years ago and it ended up being one of the most memorable nights of my life because here we were playing this show and all of the sudden it started to pour down rain, and I thought, oh my god they’re all gonna leave, they’re gonna leave, they’re going to be so mad at me, they’re going to hate this, they’re gonna leave, they’re gonna start crying, they’re gonna be throwing things at me and guess what you guys did? You stayed and you danced and you got even l o u d e r. And I’ve come to notice about this part of the country, and in light of recent of events, everyone else in the world has come to notice about this part of the country and you keep reminding us how strong the people of Boston really are. And I just hope that every single one of you here tonight, all 55,000 of you know what an honor it is to me to play for you tonight.

All The Devil’s Men

IX. Childish Things

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6.8k || warnings for references to substance abuse and assault

Aaron Reyes was many things, but he was not a fool.

It was not a decision he made lightly, to announce to the world that he mean to find James, and bring him to justice. Sooner or later, James would hear about it, and by the time Aaron found him, he would likely be ready for it. He wasn’t going to go anywhere without a fight.

Aaron supposed James had more than a few reasons to take things personally. He was, unfortunately, sentimental like that.

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A/N: i absolutely love this idea for an imagine but CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS GIF OF GRANT HES SO CUTE WHt

  • Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader
  • Summary: In which Barry always goes to Jitters but somehow always sees a girl there, typing. Boy meets girl, bam they fall in love right? Not their story…
  • Warnings: none?
  • Words: 1116

DAY 1. It was a Sunday, he had work and she had an entry to write. He decided to stop by a place he’s all too familiar with to grab a cup of coffee to go. She decided the same.

He goes for the coffee, she goes there for inspiration. It was bound for the both of them to meet somehow.

That was the day, a cappuccino he ordered to the barista. That’s when he saw her, sitting on one of the uncomfortable chairs, the coffee shop had many to offer, her laptop on the square table with a notepad next to it. While her brows were furrowed, an obvious look of concentration, as she typed her delicate fingers on the keyboard. 

The moment he saw her face, he was in shock at her beauty, gaping almost. The barista snapped him out of his daze, “one large cappuccino for Barry!?”

The young man shook his head, coming out of his daydream. Taking the coffee from the woman, smiling his infamous smile showing off his pearly whites as thanks. 

With one last look at the mysterious girl, he left to go save the day.

DAY 2. He was there yet again, it’s officially been apart of his daily routine to get a cup of caffeine before he arrived at his workplace. 

‘I guess you can say coffee has taken part of my life now,’ he would say if anyone commented about it. However, it was true if anyone had the courage to question about it. 

When he was in line for the second day that week that was when he saw her, yet again, typing away at her keyboard. Her Y/H/C hair parted on her shoulder neatly, as it cascaded down to her waist [that’s how long my hair is lololol].

Barry couldn’t help but gape at her, again. He looked at his watch that his adoptive father gave him, sad to go to work now.

DAY 3. This time he went to the coffee shop around the afternoon, it was a Tuesday; one of his favorite days since it’s his day off.

That’s usually the day where he goes to his day job, S.T.A.R labs. However, today was different, he went to Jitters with his friends today. 

Right when he walked in the ornate cafe, with his two friends by his side, he saw her once again.

This time though she stopped typing and looked up at him too, their eyes met for a split second but it felt way longer. As if time stopped, and they were the only two people on this Earth. 

Cisco was the person that snapped him out of his daze, telling him that they found a table. It was at least 3 feet away from the stunning girl.

The whole time Barry shared his company with his pals, he kept his gaze on the mysterious girl that he keeps running into somehow. 

Every time she would look up to meet his stare, he turns to his companions and played as if he was interested in their conversation. Barry was whipped he didn’t even know it. 

Caitlin and Cisco noticed, sending a few knowing glances at each other. They didn’t say anything until they got back to the lab, Cisco immediately bringing it up. “So who was that girl at Jitters you were staring at?”

Barry just gave his long-haired buddy a glance, furrowing his brows. “I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

His pal gave him a mischievous expression, “Dude just ask her out.” The sentence made the brunet sigh, shrugging his shoulders.

DAY 4. The sentence that Cisco told him kept replaying in his head, over and over. Though Barry tried his best to shake it off.

The brown haired man didn’t know that they were going to meet again except this time it wasn’t at their usual place. 

It was the job where his childhood best friend Iris worked, Picture News. The young man went to pick up his best friend for lunch. 

Barry went towards her desk, where he greeted her. She smiled at him excitedly, “Barry! I’d love for you to meet someone,” the young woman enthusiastically greeted him without actually greeting him.

He was confused but still smiled his shy smile, and that’s when he saw her. Iris gently grabbed her by her wrist, smiling genuinely at her. 

The girl’s eyes went wide when she saw him, it was the young man she has been coincidentally seeing day by day. Even though she didn’t look up the few times he saw her she still saw him from the corner of her Y/E/C eyes.

Once Iris brought her next to her, they were officially face to face. “Barry, I would like for you to meet my new colleague Y/N.”

After looking into each other’s sparkling eyes for a moment, they finally snapped out of it and introduced each other. “H-Hi I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” She politely extended her hand for him to shake.

He charmingly smiled, showing off his pearly whites. “Um…Barry Allen,” he shook her hand, butterflies erupting in both of their stomach’s. “Nice to meet you.”

DAY 5. It was work day now, waking up at seven AM has been his usual wake up time right about now.

He went to Jitters once again, then he saw her. Y/N, since he knows her name now and she knows his.

When he saw her, she looked up from her computer screen, smiling at him. He smiled back. Then checked his watch, luckily he had about ten minutes to spare especially since he is the fastest man alive.

He pulled up the chair across from the girl, almost immediately capturing her attention. “Hey,” Barry chuckled nodding his head at her.

“Hi,” she shyly smiled at him.

There was a moment of awkward silence between the two, then Barry asked the question he has been dying to ask her ever since he saw her. “Why is it that every time I see you, you always seem super attentive towards your computer?”

She licked her lips before speaking, a habit she’s picked up recently. “Well, I’m a writer and I recently started working at Picture News. Aside from actually doing my job, I like to write.”

He seemed mesmerized by her, “But why write here?”

Y/N looked around the cinnamon smelling cafe, smiling then looked at the cute boy in front of her, who’s looking at her like she’s the most beautiful girl in the world. “I come here for inspiration.” The girl shyly muttered, rubbing her neck with her hand. 

One thing Barry knew in that moment, was that he was absolutely awestruck by this girl. 

Fifth times a charm.


“Well, that depends, I suppose. I heard someone once say that men dance the same way they have sex. So, if you want everyone here to think you’re the kind of guy who just sits around and—"
                                                  He stood up. “Let’s dance.”



> This is Zuli, otherwise known as the Dwarf Bittern Siren. She’s the chairwoman of Ethan’s company.

> Zuli is known to be incredibly unstable. She has been seen both being exceptionally generous with legitimate sincerity, and other times, incredibly cruel. Her moods are unpredictable, prompting others to tip-toe around how they speak when approaching her.

> She has three close companions, whom of which are fiercely loyal to her and support her. They also happen to be sirens, and may be revealed at a later date.

> No one except those three know her background. Most don’t even know her legitimate name. All she ever tells people is to “Call her Zuli.”

> She’s known to the public as the mystifying song artist “Lapis Lazuli,” clearly titling herself after the gemstone. She’s especially infamous for showing up at concerts seemingly from nowhere and with no visible entry, only to disappear afterwards without a trace. The mystery of it is what makes her so popular.

> She is just as loved as she is feared by the people within her company.

Tye Dillinger { Now or Never } ft. Pete Dunne

Title; Now or Never

• Pairing - Tye Dillinger/OC Gemma Rose ft. Pete Dunne

• Words - 1,415? Roughly

• Summary - “You were red and you liked me ‘cause I was blue, You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky, And you decided purple just wasn’t for you”

A/N: welp. First tumblr fic post. Feedback is encouraged like pls. This is probably trash so sorry in advance. This will be a multi chapter story.

Tag list: @itsanyarose


Gemma Rose, quite the Queen of the Indy scene of wrestling as some would say. Not quite on the level of Kenny omega or The Hardy Boys but could be put in the ranks with the likes of Finn Balor and AJ Styles, having gone from A few well known British company by the name of Progress, slipped over to PWG for a few months then lastly ROH before getting a call to that NXT had wanted her and man were they persistent she had gotten various calls from the prestigious company sure, crazy she might be for always turning them down, she had a home she had a wrestling family, sprawling from about 3 or 4 different companies and places, she would regret it if she didn’t take the opportunity now so, You’re probably wondering how she ended up standing infront of the performance center doors; I’ll tell you.


*24 hours earlier*

Gemma had her last match with the women of Roh she dropped the belt back to Mandy the farewell of the show was what probably hurt the most, she was leaving her family behind, the most important people in her life

• Candice LeRae: sweet sweet Candice was like the sister she never had always conjoined at the hip, people favored when they tagged together over her and joey Ryan it was cute, she wouldn’t know what to do without her, leaving her would be hard but Candice had warned her she was gonna have Jonny keep an eye on her make sure she stayed safe

Next two on the list was none other than

• Jay Briscoe: the redneck boy imidately took a liking to the velvet haired French girl, bein an overbearing protective brother figure alongside Mark she didn’t mind the protectiveness because she knew they were just looking out for her and what was best for her.


• Dalton castle: the sweet peacock guy never failed to make her laugh and his boys always brightened her day and made sure to always have her smiling and getting into Mischief with them as much as possible whenever they could.
 Lastly the last ones on her list where quite the jinx

• The Young Bucks: Candice had dragged her along to the infamous PWG show where she took a thumbtack superkick to the face Gemma had been there to support her and the two overly orange tanned California boys had begged and annoyed the smaller blonde to let them meet her bestfriend, much to Gemma’s protests she knew this was inevitable, the two could get mildly annoying when they wanted to and used it to their advantage in becoming her friend it was one of those weird friendships that turned out surprisingly amazing between her and the bucks.


Present time

Gemma ran her hand through her deep rose red colored hair, she had arrived at the performance center about 20 minutes too early due to nerves for the meeting she had scheduled and was standing outside staring at the door fighting with herself on whether this was still a good idea or not she had time to back out return back to her rightful place back at Ring of Honor, they had told her anytime she wanted she could come back they wouldn’t burn her like CZW tried to, or Progress. It was a place she felt safe, here? She knew nobody outside hunter and regal it was all new terrifying, way out of her comfort zone, someone had knocked her out of her train of thought shaking her head glancing up at the person taking a good look at the person, shorter male, brown hair and eyes she soon realized this was Candice’s husband Jonny who quickly pulled the stunned French girl into a hug rambling on about how Candice had told him lots about her and was sure to greet her if he saw her and to help her around. Gemma chuckled nodding not going to interrupt his fangirl moment, she decided now that she atleast new one other normal person besides the two people in charge and mike bloom who she met through AJ and Finn, Jonny walkednin with her before bidding her goodbye saying he’d catch up with her later, she nodded walking inside checking in with the receptionist who pointed her off into the direction of regals office who said he was ready for her if she was early, she thanked her and walked off and down the hallway in which the lady had kindly pointed her in looking at the doors as she passed reading name after name and finally found his office at the end of the hall she took a deep breath before knocking on the door hearing a faint “come in!” Through the door she closed her eyes “this is it no backing out now” Gemma mumbled to herself before opening the door flashing a smile walking in Regal stood up smiling as well shaking her hand “ah it’s finally great to have you here in person Gemma we’ve been trying to get you to sign with us for quite some time. Now shall we get down to buisness?” He asked motioning to the chair, Gemma nodded and sat down as regal began going over the contract and its details and before she knew it she was signing her name before getting up politely shaking his hand again smiling “welcome to NXT kid I can tell you’ll do amazing her I just know it I see how hard you work and your potential to grow even more” she thanked him before heading out closing the door behind her. This was it. Gemma Rose was officially signed to NXT a new start in her career but her roots would always stay rooted where they belonged. The independent scene. She pulled out her phone unlocking it walking down the hallway seeing Candice posting picture after picture of the two quietly chuckling to herself as she guessed Candice had missed her already and it hadn’t even been a full 24 hours and the poor blonde was friendship sick, she quickly typed up a tweet

~@GemmaRosePro: *attachment image of the two before she left* missing my little cupcake I will see you soon sis🎂💕✨@CandiceLeRae~

Just as she hit send she ran smack dab into a hard chest nearly ending up flat on her butt before an arm caught her around the waist keeping her in place from embarrassing herself any more she looked up at the person who had probably the most gorgeous coffee brown eyes she’d ever seen and a pearly white smile “wasn’t about to let a pretty lady like you fall, im Tye you must be the new Signee I think you’ll fit in well here.” Gemma nodded as he let go of her blushing slightly “I’m uh Gemma nice ta meet ya but I’ve got ta run I’ll see ya around I’m sure” she flashed him a smile before continuing her journey down the hall.. little did she know, she’d jus met the Perfect 10 to her adventure in NXT.

….But the person lurking in the shadows witnessing the commotion and conversation between Gemma and Tye didn’t go unnoticed and he didn’t take too kindly to it. As far as he was concerned she was still his and always would be.. this was just one obstacle that could easily be taken out.

Rude Interruption - iDubbbz Imagine

Every time you look at your daughter, she still takes your breath away. She’s three now and growing up so fast, constantly learning things and coming up with the funniest ideas. Ella is her name, and she looks so much like you that it’s almost a little frightening. But she’s got Ian’s eyes and his hair color, a fact that he doesn’t let anybody forget. You both love Ella more than anything in the world, but she’s definitely a Daddy’s girl. Ian spoils her rotten, and the two of them are thick as thieves.

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This photo taken at the infamous Stanley Hotel reportedly shows a ghost boy staring out the window of Room 1211. According to the original poster, a single businessman occupied the room, no children.

"Females are hard to animate because they always look pretty no matter the expression"
  • What they really mean
  • 1: "i have never tried to animate a female because im a lazy ass"
  • 2: "i have to make a women look ugly? that's preposterous! a women always has to look pretty!"

For everyone who hasn’t watched the american dub for the classic Sailor Moon anime.

Here’s a clip that shows the infamous cousins relationship that they used to censorship the relationship between Michiru and Haruka.

This is when the gloriously famous ‘Brad’ makes his first appearance.

100% legit and unedited.

anonymous asked:

I'd really love to how the shattering of blue would be and the conversation between her and garnet.

its a dramatic and fun scenario to imagine, right? i personally always loved the idea. especially with the history Garnet has with Blue Diamond. it’d be ludicrous to just throw that potential away (which this show is infamous for)

- mod s