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A Secret | SICHENG

so you’ve chosen a secret for your seven minutes in heaven? collab with @versigny and co, choose another path here

Genre: frat/college!au | fluff | mild angst sexual themes

Member: Sicheng / Reader

Word Count: 10,400+

Warnings: language, references and usage of drugs and alcohol, sexual themes

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Playing Games

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary: You and Seth have been playing this game for months now with neither of you truly admitting your feelings for one another. Though, now that you’ve been called up to the main roster from NXT, some things are going to have to change.

A/N: I have no idea if Seth Rollins is actually allergic to peaches or not, but like if he was, that would honestly be torture because I fricken love peaches and he’d really be missing out on the best fruit ever. 


“Brought you, your favorite, regular Peach Beach with vitamin blend and whey protein enhancers”. 

“Ugh, Lopez, you are far too good to me”. 

“Hey, don’t say I never gave you anything”. 

Gladly, you reach for the smoothie cup placed on the table in front of you and stick the straw between your lips. Seth Rollins - who was always the people pleaser - stands across the table with his arms crossed over his chest, patiently waiting for that sigh of content that always comes from your mouth after gulping down the first sip of your favorite drink. Soon enough, the cold liquid slides down your throat and you move the straw from your mouth, throwing your head back, and letting out a long, satisfying groan. 

God, I can’t believe you’re allergic to peaches, you are seriously missing out on the best fruit”. 

“Eh, I’m more of a pineapple guy myself really.”, Seth shrugs with a growing smirk to match his teasing behavior. 

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Concealed secrets ∾ a.s

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request? yes
   “ can you do 39 for Alex Standall with a fem! reader please?

prompt #39: reader and character are keeping their relationship lowkey but soon everyone starts asking about the hickies on their necks

pairing(s): alex x reader , justin x reader (platonic)

warning(s): short

You and Alex were a one night thing.

At least – that’s what Bryce assumed.

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In Chattanooga, Tennessee, an infamous house once known as the “Swingers Tiki Palace” sits completely abandoned atop Missionary Ridge. The house was built in 1972 and was the dream home of strip club tycoon Billy Hull, who desired his own little replica of the Playboy Mansion. 

Boasting a bunny-shaped pool and Polynesian-inspired decor, the house became a hot spot for adult entertainers in the area. A few infamous parties were thrown there, but the good times came to a screeching halt less than a year later. In 1973, Hull was arrested for hiring a hit-man to kill his wife Gloria’s alleged lover, Roland Harris.

After Hull’s arrest and subsequent jailing, the Swingers Tiki Palace was left to rot. It is now a popular attraction for urbex enthusiasts and photographers and has also become a part of local folklore. A house once marveled (and sometimes ridiculed) for its unique design is now a hollow remnant of the decadent adult entertainment culture that permeated the 1970s.

Bow And Arrow

Recipient: @rebel-author-chick

Prompt: ‘robins’, fluff/smut

Pairings/Characters: Clint x Reader, Natasha, Tony, Steve, Bucky, Sam

Words: 3377

Warnings: Language, smut, female receiving oral, unprotected sex.

A/N: First time writing a Clint fic which was interesting. Gotta hand it to @imhereforbvcky and @thenightmarebeforebucky for your help in figuring out how to characterise this. It worked wonders, thank you. It was fun to do this, though, thank you @oneshot-shit @marvel-ash

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Seven minutes in heaven

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Cheryl x Reader

Summary: You and Cheryl get picked in a game of seven minutes in heaven at one of her parties.

You had liked Cheryl for a while now but you never thought she paid any attention to you. What you didn’t know was that she had been interested in you too.

And what Cheryl Blossom wants, Cheryl Blossom gets.

So at one of her infamous parties, she had started a game of seven minutes in heaven with the intent of you two getting picked.

After a few people had gone, she spun the bottle and it landed on you. You nervously got up as she led you to the closet and the timer started.

As soon as the door shut she pushed you up against it and kissed you. You both got lost in the moment and far too soon someone was knocking on the door indicating time was up.

As she was about to open the door she turned to you and grinned, “meet me upstairs, that is if you want to continue this of course.“

You two walked out and because it was Cheryl, no one dare make their typical crude comments so they just returned to the game to see who would get picked next.

You noticed her going upstairs but you waited a few minutes before following after her so you wouldn’t catch anyone else’s attention.

When you found your way to her room you walked in and she was casually sitting on her bed.

“What took you so long Y/N.”

“I didn’t want to look suspicious, you know, coming up here with you and all.”

She could tell you were still flustered from earlier so she stood up and put her arms around your neck and kissed you again, “don’t worry, they are so wrapped up in that silly game no one will even notice we are gone.”

She was right. You two went back downstairs after spending who knows how long up in her room and everyone was too drunk, the game long forgotten and just having a good time to notice you guys had ever left.

Gold Digger

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: Heavily inspired by a daydream I had on my way home from work this afternoon.  I hope you like it

It was another one of Stark’s infamous parties, everyone was dressed to the nine’s.  You have never looked or felt better in a dress.  You knew your outfit was on point.   You were grabbing a glass of red wine at the bar when Nat came storming up to you looking visibly upset.  Nat never showed her emotions so you knew this had to be bad.   Thanking the bartender for your wine, you move to the corner of the bar to meet Natasha.

“Look.”  was all she said handing you her phone.   The dark of the party made the screen appear extra bright.  The photo showed Amelia, Steve’s new girlfriend, wrapped in the arms of none other than Matt Murdock.   You turn towards Nat with a look of shock.  

She doesn’t say anything but swipes to the next picture. The picture shows Amelia in the lap of Peter Quill who seems to be in the seat of a space ship.  The last picture Nat swipes to, is a slightly older picture showing an uncomfortable but happy looking Wolverine, with Amelia’s lips placed on his neck.

You couldn’t believe it. The Avengers were some of your closest friends. You had worked as a receptionist and made your way up the ladder, and that in turn, led you to working directly with the group.   Steve was your very best friend though.  You were the only one (except Sam) with the patience to answer all his questions and endless movie marathons.   When he had met Amelia you were so happy, he deserved to finally meet someone wonderful.  How wrong you had been.

“What are we gonna do?”  You ask Nat.   You couldn’t just take this information to Steve without a plan.  

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You and Tequila Part 1

You and Tequila  Part 1

Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: Little smut,(lots of) language, unprotected sex

Summary: At one of Tony Stark’s parties you drink a lot of tequila and have to face the consequences of your actions.


If Tony Stark weren’t your boss you would have never have been caught dead at one of his infamous parties. Working in his R&D lab gave you a level of anonymity that you enjoyed, never wanting to be the center of attention. Yet, last week you had accidentally caught his attention with a breakthrough you had stumbled upon in the field of bio-mechanics that could help the former Winter Soldier with upgrading his metal arm.

Tony, as he requested you call him had insisted that you needed to be at this party to meet Bucky Barnes so you had shown up and said hello just to appease your boss. When you were ready to leave after five minutes Tony had grabbed your arm smoothly and asked that you hang around for the “After party” so that you could get to know the team better and  being your boss you agreed immediately.

Walking toward the bar you sighed and figured you’d make the most of the evening. Ordering a shot of tequila you looked around the room noticing one of your coworkers had draped herself around Bucky Barnes. Thor’s booming laugh drew your attention to where he was standing with Steve Rogers, passing a flask back and forth then over to Bucky. You couldn’t help but wonder what that was about.

By the time you were on your fourth shot of tequila you were beginning to relax. The crowds around you seemed to be thinning marginally and maybe your night wouldn’t be a total waste. You could hopefully get this over with and go back to your lab.


You awoke slowly, noticing it was still dark. When you started to stretch you realized there was a very heavy arm cuddled around your waist and a warm chest pressed against your back. The pounding headache told you that you shouldn’t have kept drinking and the body behind you that you had seriously messed up.

Moving slowly you scooted to the edge of the bed, gently removing the arm around you and looking around. You found the bathroom and flipped on the light, looking back at the bed at the man snoring lightly and said “Oh,shit” under your breath.

You had slept with Bucky-fucking-Barnes.  

Everyone in your department knew his reputation. He had worked his way through almost all the attractive women in the tower and had been known to troll bars for one night stands. Captain Rogers called him a lady’s man but to you he had always been know as more of a man-whore. And now you were one of the long list. Damn it!

The ache between your thighs as you slithered back into your dress was a reminder you really didn’t need. The last thing you remembered was being at the bar. How had this happened?

“You fucked up Y/N” you muttered when you found your underwear ripped on the floor. Grabbing your shoes you took one last look at the man on the bed and quietly let yourself out of his room. Heading for the elevator you stopped short when it opened and there stood Natasha Romanoff. This night just keeps getting better and better you think.

“Hey Y/N” Natasha says with a smirk, “You doing the walk of shame too?”

“I guess I am Agent Romanoff.” You reply, your face flaming.

“Call me Natasha. We’ve worked together for two years, I think it’s time to be less formal.” She grinned and you felt yourself relax a little.

“Thanks Natasha, but at the moment I am just ready to go home and hopefully forget this night ever happened.” with a sigh you pressed the elevator call button and it opened immediately since Natasha had just exited.

You were surprised when she got on the elevator with you and asked, “What’s wrong?” Seemingly genuinely concerned.

“I drank too much and I guess I blacked out because I woke up in bed with Bucky Barnes and I don’t do one night stands but here I am looking like an idiot at God-knows-what-time of the morning sneaking out of the Avengers tower.” As you started to tear up the doors open at the parking level and she follows you toward your car.

“Are you sure the two of you…” she trailed off

“Very sure”, you said, feeling the ache between your thighs with every step. “Now I have to come to work every day and feel like one of his conquests”

Natasha seemed sympathetic to you and nodded her understanding, and seriously surprised you again when you unlocked your car and she got in the passenger side.

“What are you doing?” you asked confused as you got in the driver’s seat, turning to look at her.

“I’m going home with you and we are going to get some sleep since it is 4AM and in the morning we are going to go to brunch and have a girl’s day with Wanda. And you are going to forget tonight ever happened.” Natasha said as she put on her seat belt then pulled out her phone to text Wanda to join you both for brunch.

The ride home wasn’t a long one and when you and Natasha got to your apartment she made you drink water and take pain killers then laughed as you nervously pointed her to your guestroom/office. “I’ve slept worse places Y/N.” she said as she jumped on the full size bed and said goodnight.

Once in your own bed with the headache beginning to wain you had a couple of flashback of your night with Bucky. Hands gripping your hips, one flesh, one metal as he drove into you. His lips on your neck. His hands on your breasts while you were on top of him, then him sitting up to take your nipple into his mouth. Groaning you rolled over and pushed him out of your mind to get some sleep.

At 10AM you woke again and headed for the shower. After getting dressed and throwing your hair up in a messy bun you wandered to the living room and were shocked to find Wanda and Natasha sitting on your couch. How had you forgotten that there was an assassin sleeping in your guest room?

“Y/N!” Wanda said clapping her hands. “I’m so glad you’re up. We have so much planned for today.”

You went to brunch with them and laughed and talked. They were nicer than you would have ever suspected since most of your interaction with them to this point was at work. They then took you shopping, Natasha helping you pick out some clothes that were more flattering than anything you had ever owned. Her sense of style was flawless. Wanda then had the idea of mani/pedis and you went to the spa with them in a daze of happiness, pushing Bucky out of your mind whenever he happened to pop up.

Bucky Barnes woke up with a slight hangover and an empty bed. It was just before 8AM and he lay there listening to see if the girl from last night was in his bathroom but when he heard nothing he got up and checked. She was gone.

He frowned to himself as he started the water in his shower trying to remember whatever he could about her. He knew she had told him her name but for some reason he couldn’t think of it. She had definitely been hot. He remembered her hair brushing his chest, her hands on his ass, the way her (Y/C/E) eyes looked up at him when she had his cock in her mouth. For some reason her face was fuzzy in his mind but he could still smell her perfume on his bed. He remembered her laugh as he had playfully tickled her with his stubble on her thigh. That sound seemed to ring in his ears even now making him smile.

As he got in the shower he realized something big. Bucky wanted to see her again. Now to figure out who she was.

Tyler Seguin- Find a new hiding place

Request:  A seggy one where you work for him maybe like a maid or something and you’re jamming out to your music in your head phones and he comes home and sees you.  AND Maybe add some sassiness where you tell him that he needs to hide his bras better (cause girls)

Author’s note: I hope you enjoy this!

Warnings: steamy? Cuss words

Up next: William Nylander

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@walaylangWould you mind doing some modern Sebastian Headcanons? Thank you!! :)

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Modern Sebastian headcanons

- He’d be the person to always wear suits, no matter the weather, and wouldn’t ever be caught dead in jeans

- He’d be the person who was quietly-spoken but on those occasions where he did speak, people would stop and listen to what he had to say

- He’d be something of an old soul, always knowing what to say in any given situation

- He’d have the same personality as the Sebastian we already know and love

- He’d always feel like he’s out of his time and yearn for centuries past; feeling a special connection to the Victorian era, though he can never adequately explain why

- Despite its’ challenges, Sebastian enjoys doing the work of a butler, and that remains true now - so he’d have a job in service, maybe as a waiter or as a butler in a high-end household

- He finds people fascinating, so he’d definitely study psychology at some point and would probably have a PhD for the sake of having one

- Having the manners of a Victorian gentleman

- He can canonically play the violin, sing and dance, and this is still true

- I don’t think he’d date, not unless he really loved the person

- He wouldn’t date by today’s standards, it’d be more like courting, and that’s what he’d call it

- Very small circle of friends - like, one or two

- Always seems cold and withdrawn to those he’s not acquainted with

- He’d love to cook and bake - he aspires to run his own restaurant, perhaps, or something involving people

- He’d probably be most curious with Doctor Hannibal Lecter, M.D., and would definitely research the real life influences behind this character

- He’s got very little, if any, patience for fiction

- That’s not to say that he looks down on it, he’s just… not interested

- This seemingly icy man will melt at the mere sight of cats

- You give him a cat or he spots one in the street? You’ve just lost Sebastian for at least an hour… good luck trying to talk to him.

- If you go to his house - a privilege only granted to those in his circle - be prepared for cat fur, he has at least thirteen!

- Speaking of, the number thirteen is his favourite. He finds the superstitions surrounding the number humorous

- I hope you’re not allergic to cats

- He doesn’t curse or swear but finds it funny when others do, especially when they didn’t mean to swear but do

- Knows self defence at such a level he could teach it if he wanted to

- Enjoys philosophical debates

- When he’s bored, he’d perform little experiments on people; wanting to find the things that one can say or do to wind them up 

- the target wouldn’t know they were being experimented on, either

- Always has an ace up his sleeve

- Can talk his way out of any situation

- People are cautious around him, though he doesn’t mind

- I’m not even sure he notices, tbh

- Holding infamous dinner parties

- You never really know what he’s thinking

- Almost always smirking at some thing or other

- Admires the arts

- He knows he’s good at what he does, intelligent and attractive, but he’s never arrogant.

- No parents or family that he knows of

- He’s a fixer; if he sees something or someone that seems broken, he’ll want to fix whatever he can

- He’s not much of a comforter, he’s too much of a realist

- Finds existence relatively dull

- Reads. A lot

- Enjoys all the classics and can recite Shakespearean monologues on the spot

- Writes his own poetry; tends to be in a similar style to Edgar Allen Poe

- Always certainly had an emo teen phase 

- Denies it, though

- Dry sense of humour

- Often scares people by the things he says - doesn’t understand it; will ask them why and then be amused. Would apologise

- Not easily angered

- Likes walking in graveyards; he finds them oddly comforting, though can’t explain why

- Horror films, even the best ones, only amuse him. He could watch the scariest horror film you can think of, and he’d only laugh at it, wondering why it’s called entertainment

- Doesn’t understand why people deliberately scare themselves

- He’d find films about demons to be pathetic and laughable

- Wears glasses when reading

- Doesn’t seem to have any fears - the only thing to fear is fear itself

- Night owl to the max but is somehow always well-rested

- Doesn’t get any blemishes on his face, but he gets the odd spot on his chest and back - these don’t scar

- He does, however, have the odd scar here or there that you’re sure have fascinating stories - if you ask him, his eyes will take on a strange glint and he’ll smirk, enjoying your reactions

- Excellent story teller

Okay, so you could say I got a bit carried away with this one…

The Mysterious Miranda (Chapter 8)

pairing: lin manuel miranda x reader, daveed diggs x reader

summary: Your cousin Anthony drags you along to one of his neighbor’s infamous parties with his girlfriend, keeping you from a night in. Mr. Miranda, the host, is a mysterious man, but that isn’t the part that gets to you.

warnings: cheating, mild swearing (wow that’s a first), angst. A N G S T. i literally cannot prepare you for how much angst is in this chapter.

words: 3462

a/n: Alright, so this took a painfully long time to get finished, but i really believe you’ll think it was worth the wait. There’s just so much going on in this part, so it was pretty difficult to keep organized. As always, thanks a million to @secretschuylersister for checking it out for me and @digging-daveed for making the story happen.

If you want to be tagged in the next parts, just shoot me an ask!

tags: @isis278 @21phantasticromances @dvddggs @l-nmanuel @bluesnowyangel @hamrevolution

part one part two part three part four part five part six part seven part nine

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Shape of you by Ed sheeran w/ steve?:)

Girl, you know I want your love
Your love was handmade for somebody like me
Come on now, follow my lead
I may be crazy, don’t mind me
Say, boy, let’s not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
Come on now, follow my lead
Come, come on now, follow my lead

A song you were entirely unfamiliar with boomed through the speakers, its rhythmic bass reverberating in the center of your chest as you struggled through the throng of dancing bodies. The tower was overflowing with too many guests for your taste, dancing provocatively and speaking merrily whilst consuming copious amounts of alcohol. The intermingled stench of stale alcohol and sweat paired with the music overwhelmed your senses as you trudged on. Natasha had coaxed you into attending another one of Tony’s infamous parties with her insufferable persistence, reasoning it would be a great time. You had reluctantly agreed, despite wanting nothing more than to be snuggled in bed with your cat, binge watching Criminal Minds after your latest mission. 

Relief washed over you as you finally managed to move past the crowd, catching sight of the bar where you hoped to find some reprieve. You approached and waved down the bartender a little too eagerly, ordering the strongest drink you could muster - a double shot of Patron. You nodded appreciatively as the bartender slid the glass across the wooden bar toward you, gripping it tightly and pressing its cool rim to your lips. You tossed the glass back expertly, gulping down the entirety of the bitter liquid in one swift movement. You hissed as a burning sensation ripped through your throat, half-slamming the empty glass against the bar as you straightened out. 

“I’m not sure whether I should be impressed or concerned.” Steve remarked, his face-splitting grin obvious in the way he spoke. 

“Impressed.” You reassured, turning to meet his blue-green gaze. “Definitely impressed, Cap.” You couldn’t help the suggestive smirk that tugged across your lips as you silently signaled the bartender for another round. 

“At this rate, I’ll be carrying you back to your quarters, Agent.” Steve’s voice fell effortlessly into his Captain’s tone as he crossed his arms knowingly over his ridiculously muscular chest. His biceps bulged deliciously at the action, accentuating his unreal shoulder to waist ratio. You blinked rapidly, turning away from his frame as the bartender slid over two, double shots in your direction.

“If that was supposed to deter me from drinking,” you began, motioning for Steve to join you, “I’m sad to say it’s only encouraged me further, Captain.” You teased, as seductively as you could manage. Steve’s lips matched your mischievous smirk as each of you took your respective shots, tossing them back with ease. 

It was no secret that nearly every agent under his command, both male and female, had the hots for Captain Rogers. It was nearly impossible not to - an enviable physique paired with boyish good looks and old-fashioned charm. Steve however, ever the professional, largely ignored all the affections he received. Yet, something was different between the pair of you. Different enough for you to take notice, but not too different as to alert the others - a flirtatious comment here, a playful nudge there. Over your time under his command, you’d discovered the super soldier was particularly skilled at straddling the line of professionalism loosely. 

“My apologies, M’am.” Steve playfully apologized, raising his hands innocently in the air. “It wasn’t my intention to encourage debauchery.” You quirked a brow as you sucked the lime that accompanied the tequila, your cheeks hallowing around the sour slice. Steve’s tongue jutted out to lick his plump lips at the sight, gaze falling to your lips before reconnecting with your eyes. 

“I quite enjoy debauchery.” You shrugged tossing aside the lime and reaching out to take his hand. “But let’s not talk too much about that.” You added, leading him away from the bar and toward the dancing, grinding bodies. 

“And what do you suggest instead?” Steve leaned forward with the inquiry, his lips by your ear. His hot breath fanned over the exposed skin of your neck and shoulders, desire pooling from your chest down to your toes. You continued forward with Steve following close behind until you reached the center of the crowd. 

“Grab my waist,” you instructed carefully, turning to face Steve, “and follow my lead.” You attributed your sudden bout of courage to a combination of the tequila pumping through your veins and the anonymity of being concealed amongst strangers. 

Steve’s gaze darkened noticeably as his hands slid down the curvature of your body and toward your waist. He gripped you gently and tugged you gingerly closer as you wrapped your arms around his neck. His bottom lip caught between his teeth as he looked down at you, your eyes fluttering closed as you let the music take over. Your hips swayed and twirled in a tantalizing dance, entrancing Steve as you matched the sensual rhythm of the bass. You moved closer with each movement until you were practically pressed against Steve’s taut, muscular torso. 

“Dancing sure has changed…” Steve muttered breathlessly, his grip tightening around your waist. You chuckled at the proclamation, looking up at him from beneath your lashes.

“You have no idea.” You tempted, pulling teasingly away from Steve’s grip. “Trust me.”

Your movements were fluid and rhythmic as you twirled around, pressing your backside flush against Steve’s torso. He grunted in response, his hands frantically finding your waist once more. His arms wrapped desperately around your middle as you began moving your hips hypnotically against his, your ass rubbing deliciously against his crotch with each sway. You arched your back against his chest, tossing an arm back and craning your neck to look up at him. 

Steve immediately took advantage of the position, pressing his lips against yours as his hips moved hungrily to match yours. The intimacy of the dance deepened with the embrace, your tongues moving in sync with your hips. You broke the embrace and Steve protested with a small whimper, watching with wide eyes as you begin dragging yourself downward. 

“Christ, Y/N.” Steve cursed as you fold neatly in half before him, intensifying the push of your ass against him. His hands move to the small of your back, simultaneously pushing and pulling you into his already stiffening erection. You flip your hair as you begin to straighten back up, leaning back against his shoulder. “You’re going to be the death of me, doll.” Steve adds as his lips fall to the crook of your neck, kissing and nipping at the delicate skin.

“I’m in love with the shape of you.” You gasp, half-moaning at the sensation of his lips against your scorching skin. 

“Bedroom?” Steve is just as breathless as you, his member fully erect against you now. 


Birthday Surprise (Tony Stark X Reader)

Characters: Tony Stark, you, The Avengers
Warnings: mention of parent’s death that’s it.
Summary: it’s Tony’s birthday and as his girlfriend you want to celebrate but he tells you to ignore it and treat it like a normal day. Hopefully your present makes the day better.
Super short and sweet!

“What kind of party do you want?” You asked once you saw your boyfriend of 10 months walk by.

“What? Shit did I miss our anniversary?” Tony gave you a panicked look making you laugh.

You shook your head and put down your laptop before walked over to him wrapping your arms around his neck. “Your birthday is next week.”

His face dropped and you dropped your arms from his neck stepping back to look at him. “What’s wrong?”

“Forget about my birthday. No celebration. Just another normal day.”

Who was this person? This did not sound like your boyfriend the infamous party boy Tony Stark. Your birthday was a huge celebration. He hired at least 3 party planners and invited half of New York. He never turned down a party.

“You don’t want a party?”

“No. Nothing. Normal day.”

“So you want me to cancel the party planners and return your gifts?” You had just gotten off the phone with a party planner an hour ago. And you had already bought him a new Rolex watch which you actually couldn’t return because you had it engraved.

“Yes. (Y/N) no party. Nothing. Okay.” He kissed your forehead then walked back to his lab leaving you alone in your bedroom.

You spent the rest of the day calling and canceling all the plans you had made for Tony’s party. You were still confused on why he didn’t want a party. Once you finished calling all the party planners and caterers you went to the kitchen to get lunch. When you walked in you saw Steve standing there.

“Hey (Y/N). Something wrong?” He asked when he saw your confused face.

“Tony said he didn’t want a party. His birthday is next week and I was already planning something. But he told me to cancel everything.”

“Did Natasha not talk to you? She said she was going to tell you.”

You looked up from the sandwich you were making and asked, “Tell me what?”

“We were going to warn you not to plan anything. Tony hates his birthday. He hasn’t celebrated since his parents died. His mom always threw big parties for him. We just treat it like a normal day.”

“Oh. Okay. Thanks for telling me.” You smile and walk out of the kitchen.

You spent the next week thinking about Tony’s birthday. You were going to give him his gift no matter what. You decided that you weren’t going to anything super big. You were going to make him a cake, take him to dinner, and give him his gift.

While Tony worked in the lab you made cupcakes. You decided on red velvet since it was your favorite so even if he didn’t like it you still had cake.

Once you were done you let the other avengers have some and saved two for you and Tony. You hid them in the back of fridge and went to find Tony in the lab.

“Hey hot stuff.” He smirked as you walked over to him.

You stood behind while he worked on his newest gadget and rest your head on his back.

“I want to go to dinner tonight. I made reservations at your favorite place. 8 tonight okay?”

“Sounds great. Will you wear the red dress I like?”

“Already have it set out. I’m going to get ready. Don’t stay down here too long.” You kissed his cheek and went up to your room to get ready.

“You looked so good tonight.” Tony said after you got back to the tower after dinner. He had already changed out of the suit he wore and was laying on your bed watching you change.

“Same to you handsome.” You winked and slipped your robe on over your pajamas which was really just one Tony’s band shirts. “I’ll be right back.” You said before you left the room. You went to the kitchen and got the cupcakes and came back. “I know you said to ignore your birthday but I just couldn’t. So I didn’t make it a big deal. Just a cupcake.” You sat next to him on the bed.

“Thank you. I’m sorry I hate my birthday.” He said and took a bite. “Holy shit this is good. You made this?”

“Yes. It’s not hard.” You laugh.

“Can you make more?”

“Of course I can. I have one more thing for you. Well kind of two but they’re wrapped together.” You pulled out the watch box from your nightstand.

“You didn’t have to do this.” Tony said as he pulled the wrapping paper off and opened the box. He smiled and pulled the watch out. “This is the watch I’ve been wanting.”

“I know that’s why I bought it. It’s engraved too. On the back.” You bit your lip nervous about his reaction. He flipped the watch over and read the engraving, “With Love from (Y/N) and Baby Stark.”

“What? Are… are you…?” He stuttered and broke out in a huge smile a few tears slipping from his eyes. “I’m going to be a dad.”

“Yeah. You are. Here.” You pulled up a picture of an ultrasound on your phone. “That’s our baby.”

“Our baby. I like that.” His smile just kept growing. His hand went to the bottom of the shirt you were wearing and pushed it up.

“There’s nothing there yet. You have to wait until the baby grows.”

“Shh. I’m looking at my baby.” He said and gently touch your stomach. “You know maybe my birthday isn’t so bad after all. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I love you.”

“I love you too. I love you so much.” Tony smiled again and kissed you softly. He spent a few more minutes touching your stomach and talking to the baby even though you told him the baby couldn’t hear him. After he was done he held you close and you fell asleep together.


“We attended a miserable event in the British Embassy in Washington. In the early Sixties there was still a huge disparity between people from the North of England and ‘people from Embassies’. They were all, ‘Oh, very nice,’ a bit like Brian Epstein, and we were, 'All right, lads, not so bad.’ But we went, God knows why. Maybe because we’d suddenly become ambassadors and they wanted to see us, and I think Brian liked the idea that it was sort of big time. 

“We were standing around, saying, 'Hi, that’s very nice,’ and having a drink, when someone came up behind me and snipped off a piece of my hair, which got me very angry. Why was he carrying a pair of scissors? I just swung round and said, 'What the hell do you think you are doing?’ He replied, 'Oh, it’s OK, old chap… bullshit, bullshit.’ That was a stupid incident: wanting to cut a Beatle’s hair.”

[Ringo, Anthology]

“People were touching us when we walked past, that kind of thing, and wherever we went we were supposed to be not normal. We were supposed to put up with all sorts of shit from Lord Mayors and their wives, and be touched and pawed like in A Hard Day’s Night, only a million times more. At the American Embassy or the British Embassy in Washington, some bloody animal cut Ringo’s hair. I walked out, swearing at all of them, I just left in the middle of it.”

[John, Lennon Remembers by Jann S Wenner, 1970]

The Beatles getting off the train in Washington on the 11th February, 1964 (top photo) and then later the same day, at the now infamous party at the British Embassy following their Washington Coliseum gig. (Most if not all, some are possibly earlier that day).

Pics: Fred Ward. 

A Mystic Meeting

Title: A Mystic Meeting aka the Mystic Messenger ficlet no one asked for and I still wrote

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None
Categories: F/M
Relationships: MC x Zen
Word count: 6760

Summary: In which Rika actually dies (rotten bitch), V befriends MC and makes her a new member of the RFA, no drama happens, MC has multiple months to plan the event and actually get to know the characters and yet they never meet in that time…until they do. Enjoy.

It had been many months since MC had joined the RFA – almost half a year at this point! - and yet no one but V had met the mysterious girl and new organizer of their infamous parties. Sure enough she was added to the chat room and everyone was allowed to talk to her through texts and call, yet all the boys and Jaehee were more than eager to finally be able to put a face to the tender voice on the other side of the line, to the kind words and encouragement on the screen. Hell, the girl didn’t even have her own emoticons! The RFA members had nothing to go by and V was always cryptic about her, never revealing anything about how MC might look. At first everyone was rather frustrated about it, especially Yoosung.

Since Rika died he’s even more secretive. It’s not fair!!!
Calm down, Yoosung. I’m sure he has a reason.
Maybe MC just doesn’t want us to know what she looks like…
I don’t believe that. Why wouldn’t she want us to know?
Maybe she’s really ugly?

I can’t believe you!
No Lady is ugly!
Yes, Zen’s right!

Hold on a moment…
Didn’t you do a background check on her, Seven?
Yes, so?
Shouldn’t you know what she looks like?

V refused to let me look into those files!

So what you’re saying is, you don’t know what she looks like either?
We’re in the same boat for once?

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7 Minutes in Heaven

Originally posted by moon-leviosa

Fandom: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy x Reader

Warnings: smuuuuut, drunkness

Word count: 1,838

Series: 7 Minutes in Heaven

You sat in the Sytherin common room, it was another infamous, secret Slytherin party you’d been invited to and seen as you hadn’t made an appearance to the million other Slytherin parties, you thought you’d participate. You sat with a green plastic cup in your hand, which contained coke and vodka in. You were not a big party goer, and you certainly were not a big drinker, but you were in the middle of your teen years so you may as well live your life.

The party was midway through when someone entered the room and a different atmosphere was added to the party. It was Draco, Draco Malfoy. Everyone in Slytherin tried to impress him seen as he was the most popular student in Slytherin. Everyone was on the dance floor dancing, including you, with their drinks in their hands. When Draco entered everyone’s dancing began to stop and they were making room for the Prince of Slytherin.

You were dancing, spilling your drink everywhere and having loads of fun.
“Y/N…” you heard your friend try and shout over the music but you were having too much fun dancing. All of a sudden, you crashed into a dark figure, spilling your drink all over your Y/F/C dress. You were annoyed that you had spilt alcohol on a perfectly new dress.

“Watch it” you exclaimed, slurring your words slightly. You looked up to see who it was you’d crashed into and saw light blue eyes and white blonde hair. You had only crashed into Draco Malfoy. You became a little flustered; you didn’t like Draco because he was cocky so you tried to avoid interactions with him at all costs. This was the first time you’d really peered into his pale blue pools. He had pretty eyes, you couldn’t deny that.

“Sorry, but you danced into me,” he began; he didn’t continue to speak as he was looking down at you. You could imagine the cocky respond he would’ve had, if he hadn’t stopped. You don’t know why he stopped but to save your crippling embarrassment, you didn’t question.

“Uh, sorry…” you hiccupped and quickly moved away from the dance floor and away from Malfoy. Your friend followed you.

Later, the party started to slow down when one of the boys shouted ‘7 minutes in heaven’,  everyone in Slytherin stirred and agreed because there was at least one person everyone fancied in the room. You, on the other hand, didn’t like anyone in the room but hey it could be a laugh and everyone had already made the decision. Everyone at the party other than couples sat down in a circle on the dance floor. You were sat directly opposite Draco and you couldn’t bear to make eye contact with him. He was sat next to Pansy Parkinson, who kept trying to sit on him and flirt with him. You and Pansy did not get along. You didn’t like the type of person she was and that was the end of that.

“Okay, here are the rules, everyone stick their wands in this bag, then you pick a wand out and whoever’s wand it is you have to go into the closet with for 14 minutes, yes we’re changing it up to 14 minutes.” One of the boys stated. Everyone put their wands in and the bag got passed round the circle. It got to you and you put your hand in the bag, your body was slightly rocking because you were still drunk, you pulled out a straight, slightly thick wand and were confused. You didn’t know whose wand this was. You held it up to see the person that was to claim and the person directly opposite you stood up and walked towards you, smirking. You looked at the white haired, blue eyed boy.
“Fuck!” you whispered under your breathe. He held is hand out but you just lay his wand in his straight palm and stood up by yourself.

“Into the closet” someone chanted, you sighed loudly as a response.

“What?! Why does she get Draco?” you heard Pansy try not scream. You felt like turning around and giving her the finger because as much as you didn’t like Malfoy, you didn’t like Pansy more and you would do anything to rub it in her face.

You and Draco put your hands out to open the closet and his hand slightly brushed on yours. You jumped moving your hand and arm completely out the way. Draco turned the handle to the closet.

“After you,” he said, quietly. He, also, didn’t sound happy about being paired with you for 7 minutes in heaven but as if it was any better for you. You stepped in and after you did, he stepped in. You shivered as the door closed, you escape route was now blocked by the door. You heard Draco breathing kind of heavily. You looked up and tried to make out his figure in the dark. You went to walk towards him, curious on why he was breathing so heavily, when you tripped over something. You fell but you felt strong arms catch you. Draco picked you up.

“Are you always this clumsy?” he mused, and you didn’t reply because you filled with embarrassment, yet again. His face was very close to yours, you could feel his heavy breathes hitting your cheeks. You jumped out of his arms and went to the opposite side of the closet and leaned yourself against the wall, silently. “I’m not that bad, am I?”

“Yeah, actually” you began, you don’t know where you stirred up this sudden courage but here it was. You began to rant to Draco Malfoy about Draco Malfoy. “You’re cocky, you are a constant interruption in class, you are consistently rude to the other houses, you’re good looking and you know it, and how many times have you caused Slytherin to get points deducted…” you stopped with the sudden realisation you called Draco hot. You heard him laugh.

“I’m good looking, ay?” he smiled, he stepped close to you and you became flustered.

“W-well, sorta…” you whispered and he was only a couple of inches away from you. He put his finger under your chin and lifted your face up. He placed his soft, plump lips on yours and kissed you passionately. You were confused but enjoying the kiss too much. It felt like this was the kiss you’d been waiting for your entire life. You deepened the kiss and put your arms round Draco’s neck.
He lifted your body up, leaning you up the wall and you rested your legs round his waist, causing your dress to completely go up. He pressed his hands gently into your thighs, keeping you up. Your chests were touching as you passionately made out with Draco. You broke the kiss and started kissing down Draco’s neck, pulling the skin between your teeth causing purple love marks to form around his neck. His breathing became distorted and heavier. He was gently and quietly moaning as you nibbled his neck and jaw line. You started to unbutton his shirt. He felt your fingers fiddle with the buttons on his clean white shirt so, of course, he got to work on the zip on your dress. The top of your dress fell down almost like some part of Draco’s plan and you sucked hard on his neck, almost in shock at how your chest was now unrevealed. You jumped down from Draco, stepping out of your dress and taking his shirt off.

“You have a gorgeous body” he purred in your ear and you felt your heart beat loudly. You bent down and begin to unfasten his trousers as they were intruding yours and Malfoy’s fun. You pulled his trousers down and he stepped out of them and you stroked down his chest, down to his V lines. You fiddled slightly with his boxers, already viewing his large bulge. He grabbed your hand before you had chance to pull on his very tight boxers.

“Do you want this?” he said, sounding not very confident. “I’m not going to be a regret or a onetime thing, am I, Y/N?” he whispered, he sounded very self conscious and tucked your hair behind your ears. You looked up at him from his boxers. You realised while you’d been in here how much you had a crush on Draco thus avoiding him on a regular basis and getting annoyed when he was cocky to other females.

“I want you, Draco” you whispered, you felt his body relax and loosened your hands. You pulled his boxers down. You began to kiss the end of his manhood. He breathed heavily. You licked down his shaft and you could feel his body tensing up at your tongues movements. He knew you were teasing him and enjoyed it but you could tell he wanted you to start so you wrapped your lips round his manhood and began sucking slowly. He moaned, slightly loud. You gained a rhythm sucking Draco up and down his shaft. He moaned loudly, clutching your hair in his fists but not hurting you. You stopped and looked at him.

“I want you, Draco!” you repeated and he pushed you against the wall. He pushed your panties off; they were already wet from the close contact you and Draco had already shared. He lined himself up against your entrance; he put his tip in slightly. You knew he was teasing you like what you’d previously done to him. He held your waist and picked you up for easier access. He pushed into you gently and waited for you to get used to him before thrusting into you slowly. He picked up a rhythm after a few seconds, pushing into you slowly and deeply. You moaned loud but covered your mouth scared of people outside hearing. Draco didn’t care though and moved your hands away from your mouth still thrusting into you. You moaned loudly, shouting a few profanities. You put your hands round his back and slightly dug your nails into his back. He was hitting your g-spot at this point and he knew it. You were both sweaty and both moaning, fairly loud. You were certain everyone could hear you, but now you didn’t care, it felt like you and Draco were the only people in the world as you were sharing this magical moment.

He pushed into you a few more times before you both hit your orgasms. You both let out. He helped you through your high and then you got of him. You were both very sweaty and panting when the door opened and Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle and your best friend stood at the door in a state of shock. You and Draco both covered yourselves but laughed at the shock on their faces. He kissed you on your forehead and you held his hand and the pair of you both strutted out of the closet, fully clothed but both messily dressed.

Taking requests

You know, I’m always going back to this place, you know I’m always going to look for your face

Another oldie, hope you enjoy! It’s about Shawn’s childhood friend Balir from Pickering! Created this character way back last year! xx

„Are you happy to go back home?“ my dad asks, turning his head to switch lanes, as he is pressing the gas pedal of his Mercedes further down.

The raindrops were crashing down on the car and I lean back in the passenger’s seat, stretching my legs out.
„Of course I am!“ I reply with a smile, “I’ve been craving mom’s homemade food for weeks!“

My dad smiles, eyes locked on the road. „We are all so happy to have you back home for the next weeks and we are so proud of you, Blair. You’re doing so well at college“

“Aw, thanks dad“

“How’s med school treating you? I haven’t talked to you lately,“ he says, switching lanes again.
“It’s hard but you must know,“ I glance at my dad who nods.
“Yeah, but it’s worth it“

My dad did not only go to Harvard and graduated from med school with summa cum laude, he also holds a psychology degree and I sometimes feel the pressure to do as excellent as he did in college, even though he doesn’t pressure me at all.

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