the infamous no kiss

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))Did Toriel get a present from someone? You know...a certain Sans-y someone?((

It’s always Alphys’ fault. Always.

Toriel’s gift to Sans was a little more tame. She just got him a nice tea set so he can make his own tea at home with the recipes she tells him. He adored it and treats it with special care. 

- Poisond and Sol

Bonus under cut:

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New Years Kiss - Part Two

Summary- Day after your kiss with the infamous webslinger, and you tell the one person who you think can help as you panic about what to do later today.

Part One

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You yelled banging on the apartment door, usually you would just walk in, but for some reason beyond you, the door was locked. May probably just went out shopping while Peter was still asleep.

“I know you’re in there! So wake up and let me in.”

Sighing, you walked backwards, and slip down the wall behind you until you were sat not he floor looking back at the door you were hoping Peter would eventually open.

The sounds of the lock and the door opening made you look up at the boy who had what looked like awful hat hair, with a hoodie zipped up right to his neck and some horrible red socks.

“What happened to you, you look like you just got out a wind machine.”

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Stuttgart 2004 - Thomas Schulze, Maike Switzer and Carsten Lepper x

Special mentions:

#1: Thomas runs his hand over Maike’s upper body, she isn’t impressed at all
#3: Thomas actually puts the veil into Maike’s, she looks annoyed but not frightened
#4: Thomas whispers ‘you try… very slowly and creepy and touches Maike’s chin
#5: Look how Maike smiles during the hug and how Thomas wants to touch her hair
#6: Thomas touches Maike’s lips after the kiss
#7: Maike couldn’t care less that Carsten wants to leave
#8: The infamous 3rd kiss
#9: Carsten kisses Maike’s hand on the boat but she looks back at the phantom


Goodnight Kisses (Subaki x F!Corrin)

Corrin had heard many stories about what a date night was supposed to look like – fancy clothes, candlelit dinner, maybe a slow dance if the couple was feeling up to it.

Each and every one of those stories ended the same way: with the inevitable goodnight kiss.

If she had to admit it to herself, she was absolutely dreading this infamous goodnight kiss, as it would be her first kiss.

And the thought of her first kiss wouldn’t have been so nerve-racking if the man whose lips would later press against hers wasn’t so gosh darn perfect.

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I get so tired of people saying Karlie & Taylor don't hang out publicly as much bc of kaylor's . They are not out like 2014, is that a conscious decision I don't know , but their sm posts about each other that frequently are then hanging on each other as well as the words they use : favorite person to dance with, I LOVE YOU KARLIE, etc. Karlie standing on a public sidewalk blowing kisses to Taylor and the infamous sunset skype would suggest they are not bothered or hiding their affection.

I miss the glass closet days as do all kaylors, whether they are shippers, believers or whatever they choose to call themselves. But we are not a large enough group, I don’t think, to affect their behavior just on our own. It was the media picking up and running with kissgate and other events that pushed them to change their behavior, in my opinion. Neither of them seems bothered by encountering kaylors ‘in the wild’ and neither seems inclined to stop interacting with the other just because a few of us see a romantic relationship there.

They definitely still like each other as people, and my personal belief is that they are still together and make an effort to make it work. I would like to think we will see a gradual return to more public interaction but their world is very different from ours. They have professional responsibilities and maintaining a particular public persona is not always presented as a choice. Sometimes in their lines of work it is a necessity.

All we can do is keep doing what we do to ensure they know they have support if they decide to come out, as individuals or as a couple, at any point. And if they don’t, or I’m reading the signals totally wrong, as long as they stay good people who do good things with what they’re given, I will continue to support them as individuals.

Dating Jungkook means...

The “Dating BTS” series are officially finished! Woohoo~

- Vivian

  • Shy Jungkook in the very beginning of your relationship
  • He`s scared to look at you
  • Scared to take a hold of your hand
  • Damn kissing your cheek? Hell no dude that`s scary
  • Though he probably brags to his members that he`s already kissed you and all while doing the infamous “what kissing is like” impression
  • And you`re like, “binch where???”
  • But later on he gets used to you being his gf and becomes a lil shit he is
  • Sometimes getting you wondering if he actually likes you
  • But yup, he does. A lot
  • Feeling his lips tremble during your first kiss
  • Calling you at night to ask how your day was because he missed your voice
  • Singing you lullabies before hanging up
  • Late night movie marathons!
  • Where he probably insist on watching a couple of horrors/thrillers
  • And when the scariest part is up, your heart drops and you cling onto him, he`s like munching on his chips and watching intently
  • “Oh, Y/N, were you scared? Come on, it`s not that scary!”
  • The Jungkook dance everywhere
  • Kicking your ass at every game without regrets until you tell him he`s supposed to let you win at least once
  • And you`re all putty because awww what a cute little kid
  • Using fanmade memes of his face while texting him
  • But regretting it later because a couple of weeks later he`s got a whole damn meme collection of your face and you`re wondering how in the world he managed
  • Teaching you to imitate his accent and later even dialect
  • “Bad guy” type of asking you out as a joke
  • Looking at you with heart eyes while you`re speaking
  • Bringing you a huge ass teddy bear on your birthday
  • Shy hello and goodbye pecks when in front of the members
  • Longer and sweeter kisses in private
  • Saying “oh man holy shit” in front of you and the boys and getting his ass kicked by Namjoon and Seokjin for doing so in front of a lady
  • Wondering what he`s done wrong afterwards
  • Pranking you whenever he has the chance to
  • Though never testing your nerves when you`re in a bad mood
  • Instead, he becomes really sweet and affectionate aww
  • And you probably end up crying bc you`re so happy to have him
  • While he`s rubbing your back and trying to soother you
Special Friends: Chapter 2

Submitted by: Panicattackkisses

Description:  When Stiles’ phone buzzed and lit up with the image of Lydia with two chopsticks in her mouth, he answered immediately.
“I thought I told you you can’t keep calling me up for meaningless, mind blowing sex, Lydia”.

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff, Comedy, Romance

All Chapters

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“Nobody puts Vicky in the corner.”

This is a birthday present for @eiprej, cause she wanted some Chaseprice, so I used an au prompt and came up with Dirty Dancing AU.

Happy Birthday Jer!!

I Want You - Fred Weasley Imagine


Hi! Can you please do an imagine where the reader is a Beater for Hufflepuff and has a huge crush on Fred and he has feelings for her but he has a girlfriend? Love your writing and your blog 💕💕💕

~(Y/n)’s POV~

Fred Weasley. Fred Weasley is the only thing I think about before I go to sleep or right when I wake up. I like him, not just like a friend but more than that. He’s something indescribable to me. The way his red hair just flames up when it hits the sunlight, the way his brown orbs always has a twinkle in it, or that infamous smirk of his. It drives me insane to not kiss him. We constantly flirt with each other, but when he takes things too far like touching my cheek with his hand. I back away as if he were a stranger, it’s my dang Hufflepuff traits that make me back away from him. I’m loyal, nice, and trustworthy, it would just make me sick to my stomach to know that I took another girl’s boyfriend. Yes another girl. Fred’s been dating, Angelina Johnson, one of his Quidditch teammates for about a month now. I don’t really know her that well, I’ve just seen her at a few games and that’s all.

I was brought back from my thoughts when I felt a light tap on my shoulders. I turned around to see Fred leaning with his shoulder pressed against the pavement wall. “Oh, hi Fred” I said softly “Hi, I was just checking up on you” he replied a smirk playing on his lips. He firmly grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him, our faces merely inches away. I felt a lurch in my stomach, I wanted him but I also didn’t want to be horrible person. I abruptly pull back away from him, slipping out of his firm grip. I wanted so badly to go forward and attach our lips together but I just couldn’t do it. “What’s wrong?” He asked reaching his hand out to touch my cheek, but gently push it down “Fred. I can’t” I whispered looking down. “You can’t what?” He asked coming closer to me “I can’t do this! We can’t be acting like this!” I screamed, looking up at him and blinking back a few tears “Why? What’s wrong?” He looked a little sad in the eyes “Y-you have a girlfriend. We can’t keep acting like this.” I whispered “she doesn’t have to know” he whispered his face close to mine yet again. I take a step back “No Fred! It… It feels wrong!” I yelled my hands roughly pulling at my hair.

“But I - I want you” he whispered his face sad with rejection “I want you too Fred, but I just can’t. I’m sorry” I whispered before running all the way to Hufflepuff common room. Once I made it to my room, I slammed the door closed and put my forehead against the hard cold oak wood. I screamed and began to cry slowly sinking to the floor, I curled up into a ball and covered my face with my hands. It hurt so much to hurt the one I loved. I slowly stopped crying and almost drifted asleep before someone slowly came into the room. “(Y/n)?” My best friend asked opening the door “yeah” I replied sitting up “why are you on the floor?” She asked sitting in front of me “I… I was looking for something” I mumbled “okay, someone’s outside the common room asking for you” she said “who?” I asked “some boy with red hair, he told me his name was Fred” she stated “tell him, I don’t wanna see him right now” I whispered “are you sure?” She asked. I stayed quiet a few seconds thinking, but I made my choice “yes. I’m sure. Thank you” I whispered. She nodded her head before standing and leaving my room.

~The Next Morning~

I awoke sleepily and hopped out of bed. I pulled a clean robe over my head and did my hair in a messy bun, not feeling in the mood for doing my hair. I made my way to the Great Hall but couldn’t even pass through the doors because a hand roughly grabbed my wrist and pulled me back. I bumped into the intruders chest and looked up to see Fred, his expression was still as sad a yesterday. “Fred stop! Let go of me!” I exclaimed “No! (Y/n) please!” He begged “No! Get off of me!” I said angrily pulling out of his grip “Don’t you ever touch me again!” I yelled running into the hall. I sat next to my best friend and put my head on her shoulder. “What’s wrong?” She asked, I shook my head a few times before tears started to fall rapidly down my cheeks. “Let’s go” she whispered helping me up and leading me out of the Great Hall, I felt Fred’s eyes stare at me until I was out of sight. When we were back at our dorms, I cried as I told her everything that happened. She held me in her arms tightly as she stroked my hair telling me it’ll be okay but it won’t. How am I supposed to stop loving him? He keeps coming back and the more he comes back the more I love him.

~A Few Days Later~

I walked downstairs to see the Quidditch schedule attached to the board in the common room. I looked at the list and saw that Hufflepuff was going against Gryffindor tomorrow. I didn’t want to go against Fred, I never wanted to see him again only because I felt horrible but inside I deeply wanted him. I went to my captain, Cedric Diggory, and acted as if I were sick. “(Y/n), are you okay?” Cedric asked looking at me concerned “No. I - I feel horrible, I don’t think I can play tomorrow. I’m sorry” I groaned rubbing my stomach. “No, it’s okay. I’ll find someone to fill in for you.” He replied standing up and giving me a tight hug. “I hope you feel better soon” he whispered rubbing my back “thank you Cedric” I whispered giving him a quick peck on the cheek. Cedric has always been like a big brother to me and I was always like a little sister to him. I made my way back to my room relieved that Cedric actually believed me and that I wouldn’t have to see Fred.

~The Following Morning~

I slowly went into the Great Hall rubbing my stomach still playing the sick act. I sat down and started to eat, I felt eyes staring at me, I turned around to see Fred looking at me. He’s probably wondering why I’m not wearing my Quidditch uniform. After I left the Great Hall I turned separate way, instead of going to the Quidditch pitch, I roamed around the school instead just to busy myself.

~Fred’s POV~

I watched as Oliver went on and on about the same game plan he’s been talking about for the past week. The only thing I can think about is. (Y/n). I loved her not my girlfriend, Angelina, I felt horrible for feeling this way, but I loved (Y/n) there’s no denying it. “Okay, everyone ready?” Oliver asked looking at the team, I nodded like everyone else and mounted our brooms. “WELCOME EVERYBODY TO THE SECOND QUIDDITCH MATCH OF THE SEASON!” Lee Jordan screeched through his microphone as the stadium was filled with screams and cheers. We took our positions on one side of the field while Hufflepuff took the other side. I searched the Hufflepuff team to find (Y/n)’s beautiful face but saw someone else. Heidi Macavoy was in (Y/n)’s position. I looked all around for (Y/n) as everyone else watched Madam Hooch step onto the yard. I couldn’t find her anywhere, fear grew in my chest. What happened if something bad happened to her? What if she’s hurt? I thought. I was scared, I just can’t play this game without knowing she’s okay. “Time out!” I yell at Oliver slowly descending to the ground, I feel someone grab my shoulder. I turned around to see Angelina staring at me confused “Freddie, what’s wrong?” She asked “Us. I can’t be with you anymore. It’s not you, it’s me” I confessed “W-what?” She whispered “No-no. Don’t cry. It’s just that I like someone else and it would be wrong to keep it from you. I’m sorry” I said quickly giving her a kiss on the forehead. I ran all the way up to the castle and started to yell “(Y/n)?! (Y/n) where are you?!” My voice echoed through the empty corridor as I kept running. Then when I turned the corner I saw her.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I watched the birds flying by happily hooting, I kept my eyes on them but a noise caught my attention. “(Y/n)” I heard a faded voice say but after a few seconds my name became louder “(Y/n)!” I hear a familiar voice yell. I looked ahead of me to see Fred panting heavily “(Y/n)” Fred breathed out. He walked quickly to me “Fred what are you doing here?” I asked him “I needed to see you” He whispered “No, I don’t wanna see you” I mumbled “(Y/n)! Please just listen to me! I want you and only you! I broke up with Angelina so I can be with you, because I fucking love you!” He yelled. I felt tears swell in my eyes, he grabbed my waist and pulled me forward attaching our lips together. I wanted to pull back but I didn’t because it felt so good. I pulled back when I was completely out of breath, I took a deep inhale in and started to laugh. “I love you too Fred” I whispered placing my head on his chest and that’s how we became one.


161019 BTS Show Champion Pre-recording - Fanaccount Compilation

(aka kim seokjin did it again)

1. Seokjin came out first then did the heart sign and V-sign for fans. While lying down on the stage to wait, he also did the infamous hand kiss and had a photo shoot ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. We asked Jungkook “Kook-ah, did you do well in the exam~~~?” and he suddenly laughed ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. Namjoon asked “What’s the date today? Is today the 17th?”, but the fans didn’t know too so he asked again “Today’s the recording day for Show Champion so it must be Wednesday right?”. We knew that already……. Anyway, it turned out to be the 19th, so Namjoon continued “So it’s been 1 week already since our comeback…” Yoongi made this ?ㅇ? face with Jimin and said “Because we came back last Thursday~~”

4. Seokjin tripped on the stairs while going up so Namjoon said “My tension melts away just by looking at that hyung….” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Taehyung did that flirting with the camera thingy again today.

6. Hoseok asked fans “Did you guys eat~~?” and we replied “We couldn’t eat  ㅠㅠ”. Seokjin then spoke up “Hobi’s gonna give you guys!” “Heart~~ ♡♡♡♡♡”. And Hope did all kinds of hearts for us  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. In the beginning when they were waiting to perform, Seokjin had a photo shoot. He fumbled with his shirt pocket and suddenly pulled out a finger heart ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


So, after the now infamous kiss scene in episode 13, I saw quite a few people saying it was completely out of the blue, that there was no buildup and such. Well, I disagree: Mika’s attitude to Kudelia has changed very visibly from what it was at first, when he only saw her as a pampered sheltered high class girl he had to humor and who knew nothing of the real world and didn’t consider them equal in the first place.

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You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Shuffle your music player and list the first 10 songs.

1. Wouldn’t You Like To Know Me - Paul Stanley

2.I Want You - KISS

3.On The Brightside - Never Shout Never

4.Hotter Than Hell - KISS

5.Lollipop Luxury - Jeffree Star

6.Feed My Frankenstein - Alice Cooper

7.Sure Know Something - KISS

8.The Love Song - Marilyn Manson

9.Tommorw and Tonight - KISS

10.Infamous - Motionless In White

I tag @dank-dream @fear-queer @laurenisdying @womanthatyoufear @iconicgoth @vforvoid @blackwidowprince 


Last bunch including the infamous kiss, it is hard to see with the quality but he suddenly kisses Funshine on the neck, the cheek and on the side of his eye. IT ISN’T a royalty respect kiss, that is only on the tips of the cheek, on each cheek. He was kissing all over the side of Funshine face which isn’t tame at all without consent. Also with the voices and the maturity level of all the bears in this movie, I CANNOT imagine them at any age but Wonderheart’s age.