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Kpop-stole-my-lyfe’s First Follow Forever!!!

Thank you for 700 followers you guys!!!! I’ll do a follow forever to commemorate this so here goes!! (Italics are some inspirations) There’s also some writing at the bottom, so please read it!

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My Inspirations: 

(People who made me want to start/continue my own blog)

@kimjongdaely- Façade and Taken are so good. I crave each new chapter, which makes me realize how my followers must feel. Thank you for writing, and helping me get inspiration to continue! (If it weren’t for Taken I most likely would’ve given up on Eternally Damned.)

@the-porcelain-doll-xo- You were the very first person I followed on tumblr (weird right?). Your writing helped me realize that I could put my own thoughts out there. I honestly love you so much. You were the one that got me writing in the infamous binder. Thank you for making me realize it’s all possible.

@huntingfire2001- MMM GIRL. Our weird ass conversations and random outbursts at each other always make my day! Thank you for sending in requests when I complain about not having any responses. Thank you for listening to my constant rants on how Johnny needs to get it together, and stop attacking me. Thank you for also making Renlyn a thing (:/). Eomma loves you!! Now go to bed.

@theshiphassailed- GIAAAAAA. Thank you for comforting me, and talking to me. It means the world to me that you even want to be my mutual let alone want to talk to me and deal with all my bullshit on a regular basis. I love all your content, and love it every time you update. I love you so much girly!

@k-popcollage- Thank you so much for all the help you’ve given me! Also thank you for coming to me for advice. It means a lot that you think I’m cool enough to be giving out advice. thank you hon!

@mikapeanut- Thank you for all the help with my writer’s block I’ve been experiencing. Also, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to always bring my spirits up. It means a lot that you say these nice things to me! I love you girly!!!

@goomfrugluh- If you hadn’t have got on my ass, this blog never would have happened. You were the first person to read Eternally Damned (back when it was in a binder). So I thank you mi hija, for everything you have done for me. I love you! <3

@nctreacting- Flo, I love you! Your sarcasm and honesty helped me realize that I didn’t need to make everyone happy, just myself. But also you’re super caring nature and all around kindness helped me a lot. Thank you Flo!

@markleetrashh- Cheryl, you are such a sweetheart! Your writing is an absolute blessing, and has really given me courage to even write my own. Overtime I see you pop up in my notifications I kinda bounce a little bit. Also your dancing is on point. I’ve binge watched/read everything you’ve done. (Maybe twice) Thank you girly!!

@kawaii-hedgehog- Ok, Hungry, you are so sweet. You’re such a kind warm hearted person. You really cares about your followers. Because of you I realized I need to treat each and every ask I get with the utmost dignity and respect. I love you darling thanks for always talking to me!

@viparmytrash22- HANNAH. MY CHILD. OMG. Thank you for your encouragement, your help, your edits, your giggles, your bias spams, your 2 hours long video calls with me. Thank you for helping me with the ship blog. Thank you for getting me back into kpop. Thank you for dealing with every minor ounce of shit that goes on in my life. Thank you for honestly just being one of the best daughters a girl could ask for.

@kpopfanfictrash- I apologize Shanna, this may be a little long. Your writing is absolutely stunning! Every time I read something from you, I feel like I’m in the universe you have created (which I don’t know what your secrets are but, tell me XD), and I really only experience that with Michael Crichton and Cornelia Funke novels. You are so sweet, kind, and caring. You appreciate everything that comes your way! Even with 5,000 followers you are still so amazingly humble!! Thank you so much Shanna!

@kpopstarsreact/ @curious-alice-maddest-hatter- KAT!!! I honestly have so much to thank you for! You helped me get over some of my social anxiety. You’ve helped me with so many creative ideas. You’ve given input on so many things and I’m very grateful. I’m grateful that you sit there and listen to my Suho rants, or my rants about all the arguments I see. Even all my fangirling XD. We can sit and talk for hours. You’ve comforted me, dealt with my emotional outbursts, and all my personal drama. Thank you so much Kat, for being my mutual and my friend. I love you so much!! <3

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