the indignant

Oh my god. There is an ambient dialogue on the tempest between Jaal, Cora, and Vetra, where Cora is explaining snakes and ladders and?? Both Vetra and Jaal are so outraged??? I’m crying laughing Jaal gets so indignant, says something like, “why would you play a game like that with children?” Please bioware give me so much more stuff where we explain human stuff to aliens it’s the best.

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For DWC: Human Emma explaining gravitation to Solas. Bonus if she provides examples.

For @bearlytolerable and @dadrunkwriting sorry if this little drabble was less sciencey than you were hoping for, but character wise I don’t think Emma would know a lot of the technical and in depth explanations, not about that at least.  So I went with a way she could show him that I figured most people in our world would be aware of ;).  

Emma crossed her arms over her chest as she leaned back on the corner of his desk.  At least he was sitting so she didn’t have to stare up at him as she spoke.  She always managed to hold her ground well enough but that didn’t mean it was particularly easy when he was towering over her.

“Solas, why would I lie about this?  I’m telling you if you drop a ball of steel and a ball of wood that are the same size they will both land at the same time.”

He gave that huff of indignation he did so well, “That is preposterous.  You are… what is the term you use?  Pulling my leg.”

“It’s gravity.”  

“You can make up as many words as you like—”

“Ugh, I am not making up words.  If I were to jump down from where Dorian is—”

“Why would you—”

“I wouldn’t just… I’m giving you an example.  So, shut it.”  She waited to see if he would resist but he simply leaned back in his chair, steepling his hands before giving her a nod.  “If I jumped from where Dorian is I would fall and land here right?  I would not simply float, correct?”

She paused and when he didn’t speak she raised a brow.  He copied her expression before saying, “Oh I apologize, I thought I was to shut it.”

“You. are. Impossible.”  She straightened and started out of the rotunda.  “I’m going to talk to Ivy before this turns into a thing.”

There was no more talk of it until several days later, at which point she had completely forgotten the conversation.  Emma was out working in the herb garden when a shadow fell over her.  She looked up, covering her eyes with her hand, to find the familiar lank of Solas looking proud of himself.

“What’s with the—”

“I have the balls.”

She paused, tilted her head, “I’m sorry, you have the what now?”

“Your balls so that you may show me this theory of yours.”

“My… what?”

The smile fell and his brows furrowed, “You have forgotten already?  One wood and one steel.  This thing you were talking about… gravity, was it?”

“Ooohhhh,”  Understanding dawned on her and she stood, wiping the dirt on her leggings, “You actually had them made?”


She couldn’t help when the corners of her mouth twitched up, “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  Come, let’s find somewhere to drop them where we won’t hit someone in the head.”

They found themselves up on Skyhold’s fortress walls in a corner without any traffic.  They would go unobserved and not risk hitting anyone in the process.  Solas glanced down as he felt the weight of the balls in his hands.

“You want to drop them or shall I?  Either way it is key they are dropped at the same time.”

His eyes came up to meet hers and he smirked,  “What shall we wager?”

She laughed and shifted putting a hand on her hip, “Oh I don’t think you want to do that on this one.”

“I believe I do.”  He played at thinking on it for a moment before he said, “Loser will be bound and winner may do what they wish to them tonight.”

She raised a brow, “You want to tie me up?  Or do you want to be tied up?  Either way, this seems like it is a wager where we both win no matter.”

He continued to smirk, but his attention shifted to look down at the ground below, “It is agreed then?”

“I agree.  Are you dropping them then?”

“Why?  Would you rather my balls be in your hands?”

At least she managed to keep the giggle down that threatened to bubble out, “This is science and should be taken seriously, now get to it.”

“Eager to lose are you?”

“No.  Eager to win actually.  Then I can have my way with your balls as much as I like.”

A chuckle as he held both hands out over the edge, “Impatient, woman.  On the count of three then?”

“Very well, one. Two. Three.”

He opened both hands at the same time and they both watched as the two balls fell to the earth.  At the same speed.  Directly next to each other.  Until they both fell into the dirt giving out little puffs into the air on impact.  At the same time, as she knew they would.

“Well,” a pause, “that was… unexpected.”

He was looking down at the ground still and she reached out.  Her fingers brushing along his jaw and forcing him to look at her, “Tell me Solas.  Should I use leather bindings or silk?”

Secondary to sadness
Is a cross between fury and indignation
Coursing through a crowd of ghosts
Screaming everything I never did
I spoke it like a promise to the world
Broken vows turning inside me
This wedding is over
Let’s fucking drink
Let’s get up in the morning and carve muscles into neglected bodies
Let’s disappoint less
Give our word to fewer
Making paper shapes of old poems
Littered with their names
Let’s forgive old pain by tipping writing into flames


Drum kicking underneath livid blood
Blood boiling they said it does that
If I do not spill a drop again
Who dares measure degrees
Cut me I dare you to cut skin
To reach my arteries
This is nice
Fury so hot it burns white
I will speak now or forever hold it
I run from the burning altar
Secondary to sadness is
Smoking wood and a shrieking dress
I constructed this fantasy myself
Watch me pour gasoline on the rest

—  I Lick My Wounds with Flame.  @meganalyssandra

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People should be free to believe what they want. If it's not hurting anyone and makes you happy, not illegal or immoral, where's the problem? Make this into a law and get Congress to pass a bill. You're a political kind of person so use your smarts to come up with something for Trump to sign. I bet he'd sign that in record time, hahaha! Name it the "MY TRUTH" bill. Maybe, finally, words can be said without attacks and bullying. I'm so over the bullying. My idea is some joking and some not.

I get your thought here but no need to make 45 get off the links to pass something that we already have the freedoms to do/believe etc.

But bullies like 45 are alive and well and they believe they have every right as well as their self righteous indignation to make sure all see things the same as they do and if they don’t they will attack until they get their way.

Unfortunately for them, I’m an independent and self thinking fuck and don’t give a fuck what they want or how much they come after me because of what I believe and know to be true.

They are so bent out of shape that they consistently come to my blog just so they can be offended.

It’s their choice to be offended so as it’s their right I say live and let live and respond to their stupidity when the mood strikes me.

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Thank you for the ask, dear friend! You and @sanerontheinside are groovin’ on the same brainwaves today. Without further ado, here’s a bit from an AU I’ve named Desiderata. It seems that the word ‘light’ features mostly in angst-y bits, so here’s some more angst.

Obi-Wan remembered the Minister’s indignation upon hearing that he would be seated next to the apprentice at the banquet table. (Obi-Wan was not offended). He remembered the Minister’s astonishment upon hearing a 14 year old child analyze the inner workings of the Galactic Senate, hearing a child politely critique his Master’s view of the economic sanctions placed upon Merridian Prime. Obi-Wan remembered the Minister’s confusion upon seeing the Jedi Master’s elbow-high apprentice speak to him as if they were equals.

(The Minister, for his part, will always remember the small, serious face of the Jedi apprentice, the startling blue of his eyes, so unlike the dark gray of his countrymen, turned toward him in what seemed like quiet amusement – an expression too old for the face of a child. “Are all Jedi children like this one?” he would remember thinking, “Old souls and starlight trapped in young bodies?”

“It is not so unusual for us,” the student had told him, during a lull in the conversation, “Independent thinking is one of the most important qualities in a Jedi’s development.”

“I see,” he’d said, for lack of anything better to say.

“After all,” the student had gone on, “someday my Master will be gone. I will be a Knight, and I will be alone.”

The Minister clamps down on the disquiet that has him thinking of his fifteen sons; each of them young, strong, and wholly unaware of the concept of true loneliness. He looks at the serenity of the young Jedi, and wonders if he had any brothers, if he left any family behind. This child, he knows, would never have the luxury of a mother’s embrace, the opportunity to put spiders in his sister’s bed, the chance to chase fireflies after dark.

“Oh,” the Minister had replied belatedly, voice faint.

The child had looked at him then, and smiled gently. “Don’t worry. The universe isn’t kind to Jedi, you see. We’re taught to expect it.”)

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why is the discourse so focused on cultural appropriation when we can be indignant white people about more important shit such as "is my fave problematic?" its time we bring it back.

flamewars about kikyo should be the only form of internet argumentation

full offense, but does it ever hit you in the god damn gut that tony stark, protector, knight in shining armor tony stark –

mister “i saw young americans killed by the very weapons i created to defend them and protect them,” mister “i’m trying to protect the people i put in harm’s way,” mister “i hope i can protect the one thing i can’t live without,” mister “i see a suit of armor around the world,”

the guy who answers for his most paternalistic acts (like wanting to keep pepper and wanda locked in a mansion) with “i can’t protect you out there” and “i did it to protect you,”

tony stark, whose gradually worsening mental conditions show in his progressively more backwards, desperate attempts to protect people, tony stark who’s been trying to protect people to the point of harmful consequences,

that tony stark

is the single character

in the entire mcu

who has been accused

– by friends, enemies, and civilians alike

in every movie he’s been in




tony “i shouldn’t be alive” stark, tony “i’m not the hero type” stark, mister “you deserve better,”you’re right, i don’t deserve her,” “it’s me, you’ll think of something [to complain about],” “you’re in a relationship with me, everything will never be okay,” “i saw them all dead, felt it, because of me,

tony stark, who shoots his reflection and views himself as a “monster” and openly resents himself during his speech about charles spencer, THIS TONY STARK





Indignation (2016) dir. James Schamus
“I wonder if everyone, after they die, remembers all the little details and decisions they made, all the reasons they ended up ending the exact way they did. That’s how I am… I remember, and replay those things, even if I can’t remember how long I’ve been remembering… maybe it’s been forever. And I speak to everyone… Ma, Pa, Olivia, everyone, even if they’ve been dead already a million years, but I keep speaking to them. Forever…
Can you hear me, Olivia? Can you hear me when I tell you that it’s okay, whatever it is, that it’s okay? Because someone did love you. At least I think that’s what it was. And you should know that. You should know, Olivia. You should know.”