the indian and the lily
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Indian/Hindu James Potter headcanons

• The Potters gave James his very boring, British name because they were worried he’d be teased if they gave him an Indian name
• James worked hard to be good at quidditch, mostly because he enjoyed it, but partly to defy the stereotypes that Indian people weren’t very good at it (what with the popularity of flying carpets in the Eastern hemisphere and the Indian team’s appalling performance in the World Cup)
• The boys celebrate Diwali every year by decorating their dorm and the common room with hundreds of lanterns and after the first year the house elves help out, Mrs Potter always sends them all sweets and gifts
• One year, James set off fireworks in the great hall at dinner, McGonagall made sure it didn’t happen again
• As Holi always falls on the day of a full moon and Remus is too ill to take part, Sirius suggested bringing the powder paint with them to the shrieking shack and celebrating in their animagus forms
•The powder always clumps in their fur and sticks to the damp walls of the shack, making it actually quite a cheery place in other circumstances
• As James is bilingual in Hindi and English, he will not only swear or insult people in Hindi, but also makes most exclamations of excitement or affection in his mother tongue too
• Lily thinks this is extremely cool, James starts speaking in Hindi more often
•James is also a vegetarian Hindu and greatly missed his dad’s Mughlai cooking when confronted with the somewhat limited and flavourless vegetarian options at Hogwarts
• That is until Peter had a word with the kitchen elves and brilliant Delhi dishes like vegetable biryani and mattar paneer started appearing on the Gryffindor table

C.R.O.W.N. - Continental Reconnaissance Operations to Ward Neutrality
a disney princess modern spy au - written by Brenna, graphics by Drew

Agent 1125-92
Codename: SULTANA
Status: ACTIVE

Name: Jasmine Khan.
Birthplace: New Delhi, India.
Occupation: Interrogation Officer - clearance to engage in field operations.
Division: Intelligence.
Specialism: armed and unarmed combatant; disguise and deception; enhanced interrogation tactics; gatka practitioner; high environmental and situational adaptability; technical skills.
Additional Knowledge: knowledge of South Asian etiquette and socio-cultural customs; multilingual (Arabic, English, Hindi, and Punjabi); university degree in business administration; university degree in criminal psychology.
Medical Records: Agent SULTANA has no significant ailments to report at this time.
●  Khan, Hamed; father.
●  Singh-Khan, Amandeep; mother - DECEASED.

‘Women are seen, not heard.’ Jasmine Khan bristled against her father’s words for years; until she realized that she could use them to her advantage. She learned to listen not to what people said but rather to what they did not say; she observed their actions against their words, finding hidden meaning behind a rightly-timed smile, a brief loss of eye contact, or a sudden clench of a fist. When C.R.O.W.N. brought her on to interrogate hardened criminals, she knew she found her niche.

but like what if harry always wanted to connect with his indian background and after he proposes to draco he decides to have an indian wedding but just imagine. harry and draco wearing sherwani’s and the weasley family are there and hermione is rocking a gorgeous sari 



Plants of the desert

Story and photos by Alec Bryan, BLM Tumblr blogger

Deserts are often depicted as barren, windblown, rolling hills of interminable grains of sand, devoid of all life and bereft of changes in color but for the shadows of its waves. Many of the deserts of the Western United States; however, play host to a variety of vibrant plant life.

Some of the plants exhibit beautiful symmetry and color like the sego lily. Others, like the wholeleaf Indian paintbrush, get color and nutrients by feeding on nearby plants. The desert trumpet changes colors in the fall and often is found mistakenly when it pops under someone’s footfall.

Monsoon season in the Southwest is an opportune time to see the blooming cholla cactus, Galisteo sand verbena and numerous other plants that have remained dormant until the swelling skies begin to burst. Some plants exhibit strange growth patterns, like the desert cabbage, which looks like it has been taken straight from the sea floor. Apache plume catches light as it dances across its pink, silky feathers.

If visited at the right time of year, many of the deserts of the Western United States are a canvas of color abounding with vibrant life.

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im working on a story that retells 3 classic children's stories, and one of them is peter pan. i am wondering if i could have some advice on which of these options would be the best for making the usage of tiger lily not racist: 1 eliminating the native tribe entirely and not using her, 2 making them into aliens or amazons or some other fantasy element, or 3 eliminating the native tribe but making tiger lily a lost boy (other lost boys are female and poc as well, so it wouldn't be strange)

Retelling Tiger Lily

There’s option 4: picking a Tribe to research and represent and not being afraid to do it and do it right.  I’ve never seen a modern-day adaptation of Peter Pan have the cojones to actually pick up Tiger Lily and do her justice and maintain that she is Indigenous. 

Last year, Pan tried the route of making Tiger Lily & co. straight-up non-Native and a fantasy culture and in fact drew from Mongolian inspiration for elements like her headdress. This choice received boatloads of criticism for stripping away a Tiger Lily that could have been, including from Native American outlets such as Indian Country Today Media Network. Why not write the Tiger Lily that should have been? Neverland is described as a coastal/tropical area, with the pirates and the mermaids and so on,  and there is a wealth of coastal Native cultures to pick from.

- Rodriguez

okay so indian james potter and irish catholic lily evans having a complete cultural mishmash of a wedding?

because lily has catholic muggle traditions, and james has indian wizarding traditions, and of course there are also british wizarding traditions, and they’ve been in that culture enough, and enough of their friends sort of assume that’s how it’s going to go, that a lot of that finds its way in too.

lily wears a sari because “they’re so much more beautiful than plain white, james, and i never ogled wedding dresses like my sister, anyway.”

only she doesn’t know how to put it on, so james has to help her, and lily is freaking out because “you’re not supposed to see me!” 

and james is like “why? i want to see you as much as possible.” but then when they get the sari on she’s so beautiful that he can’t stop staring, and he can’t DO anything, and sirius has to drag him bodily away

and then like so many different things are brought together during the wedding (i should expand on this, but i don’t Know Anything about the traditions i’m talking about so i’m not going to.) but the point is by the end every single guest has been confused about something.

but they’re both so happy and it’s grand

Tiger Lily through the ages…

Disney (1953), Carsen Gray (2003),  Q'orianka Kilcher (2011), Rooney Mara (2015)

Way to white it up, Warner Bros.  And the casting directors specifically said they are not looking for native actors.  

Peter Pan Imagine - Worried About You

- Fandom: Once Upon A Time

- Warnings: blood, injuries

- Length: long

~ gifs not mine ~

Yeah I know this sucks but whatever, it’s something to post haha


Felix’s voice made Peter Pan look up from where he’d been sharpening his knife with a rock. He abruptly stood and hurried up to his second-in-command, his face creasing in concern. “I know that look, what happened?” he demanded.

“It’s the Indians,” Felix explained. “Apparently Tiger Lily has gone missing and they’re blaming us. Tinkerbell told me, said she didn’t have time to come here to let you know herself.”

“Typical Indians,” Pan scoffed. “Blaming us for everything. Soon enough they’ll learn we don’t have her. We may have to prove our innocence though. Make sure all the Lost Boys are prepared for an ambush at anytime. I know they won’t find our camp but they will target the hunting parties.”

Felix nodded, taking his club off it’s seemingly-permanent resting place on his shoulder. “Yes, Pan,” he agreed. “We’ll bring extra weapons.”

“Lost Boys, gather ’round!” Pan yelled.

At once the other boys stopped what they were doing and gathered around him and Felix, looking at their leader expectantly.

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“Felix has told me some exciting news,” Pan announced (gif). “Tiger Lily has gone missing and it’s no surprise the Indians are blaming us. I’ll send some boys out to collect more dreamshade—you can expect to be fighting here very soon.”

The boys murmured to each other excitedly, their eyes gleaming with hunger for a fight. This made Pan smile. He would lead the next hunting party purposely towards the Indian border. If his boys wanted a fight, they would get one. And the Lost Boys would win. They’ll have me, anyways, he thought. He’d taught his Lost Boys that fighting was fun and they always looked forward to it.

As everyone began to disperse, Devin hurried up to him. “Uh, Pan, there’s a hunting party near the Indian border right now, unaware of the threat.” he said.

“They have their arrows and spears and knives, they should be good,” Pan shrugged. “The only problem is the Indians have the element of surprise, but my boys are skilled fighters.”

Pan saw the unease on Devin’s face as plain as day. “Don’t worry,” he slapped him on the back. “It’s not like we haven’t had surprise attacks before. They can hold up their own, and that’s even if the Indians attack today. No guarantee.”

“Okay,” Devin agreed, reassured. Pan watched him walk away, then sat down on a log to finish sharpening his knife. His gaze travelled around the camp, soughting out (y/n). He didn’t see her.

“Felix!” he called, standing up. “Where’s (y/n)?”

“I sent out a hunting party earlier with her in it,” Felix replied.

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Pan stared at Felix in dread, surprised at the worry he suddenly felt (gif). “That’s not good…”

“What?” Felix asked. “Are you worried about the Indians attacking them? Like you told Devin, they’ll be fine.”

“But (y/n) has never fought the Redskins before,” Pan snapped. “And she’s not prepared for a surprise attack.”

“(Y/n) is one of the best fighters we have,” Felix pointed out. “And like you said, Pan, there’s no guarantee those flea-ridden Indians will attack anytime soon.”

Pan’s brows furrowed in worry. “But (y/n)….”

“Is fine.” Felix finished. He grinned. “Who would’ve ever have guessed that Peter Pan would ever be the one to worry, of all people?”

“Shut up,” Pan growled, not in the mood for the teasing.

“Sorry, Pan,” Felix backed off with both hands up.

Later that evening

Pan was crouched and tossing sticks into the fire when he heard shouting in the distance. He shot up, yanking his knife from its sheathe, curious as to what all the commotion was about. The other boys turned their heads, alarmed.

He recognized the voices though, and a moment later saw four of his Lost Boys emerge from the undergrowth bloodied and bruised.

“Get Pan!” they yelled. “We were attacked!”

Everyone rushed towards them and Pan pushed his way through the crowd, knowing before it was even said that this was the Indians’ doing. What he saw as the returning boys spread out made his heart drop. William was at the back of the group, carrying (y/n) bridal style. Her head lolled over his arms and her body jolted with every step he took. Pan halted (gif), speechless for a moment and unsure of the flood of emotions that overtook him as he saw his only Lost Girl seemingly-lifeless in this boy’s arms.

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how bout some jily heacanons for jilytober?

This is for the @hpwritersnet event: James and Lily

Jily Headcanons: 

  • Although James flirts with Lily all the time and is constantly paying attention to her he’s last to know that she has a crush on him
  • Lily and Sirius constantly flirt and tease each other much to Remus and Peter’s amusement and James chagrin 
  • They’re that adorable couple that’s happily insulting each other and then passionately making out
  • They scar several first years that walk in on them 
  • Lily loves to dance in the rain and James loves to watch her
  • Lily teams up with the marauders to prank slytherins that are picking on muggleborns
  • She and Remus explain the muggle worlds issues with James and his Indian heritage
  • James loves making Lily smile
  • He gets this sly smirk that Lily loves and hates and he just looks so smug and hot and both turns her on and infuriates her 
  • They kiss each other to get the other to shut up
  • They make the best god cop bad cop team ever, cause Lily’s temper is hella scary but James can charm practically anyone with his smooth words and devil may care attitude 
  • They pass notes in class that say things like ‘fuck you for looking so good.’ And ‘stop looking so fucking hot I can’t focus’
  • Voted Hogwarts Hottest Couple even before they started dating 
  • They pair up for dueling classes and flirt in between each spell
  • They don’t walk together to class but they always stop to exchange kisses in the halls
  • The two of them are so freaking stubborn oh my goodness when they get into an argument it’s hell   
  • Loud, angry screams, Some tears and they say things they regret right afterwards 
  • The hate sex is the best 
  • They’re so in love though, like constant winks across the room and flirting every second.
  • James may have shed a few tears on the day he proposed 
  • He got down on one knee and followed all the other muggle traditions 
  • Lily just looked at him with a raised eyebrow and said 'about damn time’ and kissed him 

Recently I’ve been reading Hermione Granger’s Hogwarts Crammer for Delinquents on the Run by Waspabi an AO3, and it’s absolutely amazing.

The blurb goes: “You’re a wizard, Harry” is easier to hear from a half-giant when you’re eleven, rather than from some kids on a tube platform when you’re seventeen and late for work.

So it takes place during what would have been Harry’s 7th year at Hogwarts, but with the premise that Harry never went to Hogwarts, and instead he’s lived his whole life with the Dursleys and is now on his own in muggle London with a shitty job and a shitty apartment. And then Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Neville, Luna and Death Eater-deserter Draco have left Hogwarts to go search for him.

I love the premise in itself, but I honestly can’t believe how perfectly executed this fic is:

- It has hilarious and well-written dialogue
- Excellent characterization of every single character
- All of it is well-written, it feels so worked through and thoroughly edited.
- Diversity (Harry is bi and says so, Hermione and Harry are POC - Hermione is black, Harry is mixed race (James is Indian, Lily is white) and this is made explicit in the text and is a part of how the characters act and talk and perceive themselves + is a part of the awful relationship between Harry and the Dursleys, and just I never see anyone handling race or handling it well in fic so just A+ on that).
- Wizard swears (“Fucking ballsack of a pregnant hippogriff”)
- Perfect balance of character examination and plot-progression
- Perfect balance of humor and seriousness.
- In-character pining on Draco’s part.
- Well thought through use of the contrast between wizard and muggle society.

Everyone go read it.


genuinely thot liza koshy was part latino because how much agency she demonstrates with her caricature of her characters “juan” and “carlos” but she’s part indian and white like this is worse than lily- how are you going to make fun of accents and tired stereotypes that are outside your race