the indestructible

*while waiting for the pages to load, thoughts come to me*

How can The Clearing Eyes Snake, who was able to mutilate the entire gang while in Konoha’s indestructible body, even able to bring Momo to a shady ass abandoned apartment to push her off the building using Hibiya’s body. And she dropped her phone so maybe she realised something is not right with the kid.

Not so n00b? - SWtOR thoughts

I don’t know if anyone else has ever encountered this, but recently I got engaged in a deal with a fellow player (who shall remain unnamed), over the purchase of a fire orange lightsaber crystal. I was asking about 200000 for it, as far as I recall.

Me: /trade “WTS [Fire Orange Indestructible Crystal] 200k”

I get a whisper back from a potential buyer and I head over to meet them and trade.
The trade window opens, I pop the crystal across and they type in 200.

Not 200k (200000), but literally Two Hundred Kredits?! 200.

For any who aren’t familiar with SWTOR, this is like walking into a shop to buy something reasonably expensive, say a 2000 dollar fancy television, and putting a small handful of dimes on the counter while keeping a perfectly straight face.

When I questioned this apparent “typo”, turns out this person was indeed serious.
I thought I should give them the benefit of the doubt and politely asked if they had started playing only recently.

“I’ve played since 3 years and I got one of these for 190 coins with my level 60 character so don’t try and scam me you noob”

Umm… Ok. Right.

*Opens their legacy view tab*

They had literally done nothing except level their current character to 21.

But I see this all the time. People claiming to be very familiar with the game; long term veteran players, who in the same breath make some glaringly obvious mistake synonymous with new players (we were all there once). And when you check the legacies… It’s absolutely hilarious what you find sometimes and you begin to question humanity’s continued existence.

Seriously go check them out discreetly.

The Signs as Deadpool Quotes

Aries: This last shot has to pull out, but it’s the only thing pulling out tonight

Taurus: I’m touching myself tonight

Gemini: Sorry, I use humour to deflect my insecurities. Plus, I’m hilarious, so don’t hate.

Cancer: You’re about to be killed… BY A ZAMBONI

Leo: Whatever the did to me made me totally indestructible… and completely unfuckable

Virgo: Shhh… My common sense is tingling

Libra: Yeah. That is a gun in my pants. But that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to see you

Scorpio: Today was about as much fun as a sandpaper dildo

Sagittarius: I look like a testicle with teeth

Capricorn: Captain Deadpool! No? Just Deadpool.

Aquarius: Fourth wall break inside of a fourth wall break? That’s like… 16 walls!

Pisces: He got Ajax from the dish soap !


Up next on weird instruments I found at NAMM: piccolo French horn, “wave” flute, Bass trumpet, and a trombone with a slide AND keys

there is a very strange idea that exists that we are ill by choice; that we have never tried to get better. i have been told to climb mountains or swing from trees or learn to cope silently. i have been told about yoga, about crash dieting, about using extra pillows or less sugar, about deleting my social media, about being more adventurous, about parties i should attend, about books to read, places to travel, people to kiss, dresses to buy. that all of these individually could be the cure, or maybe if i mix them right i could wake up indestructible. 

the thing that kills me is i’ve always tried it. i’ve done it. i’ve already used and overused physical activity to marginalize anxiety. i’ve eaten nothing but vegan organic solutions and i’ve also treated myself to everything fattening. i’ve done yoga and i’m good at it but i’m bad about keeping sugar-free. i deleted my social media, tried not having toxic friends, read self-help books about being a better person. i went to the parties, i dressed up nicely and smiled broadly, i studied harder in anticipation for when i couldn’t study at all, i wore bright colors or stayed out in the rain a second longer. i grew plants and pet dogs and tried it all.

when you are bad, it isn’t a matter of changing your attitude, of mind over matter. why would i do something when it doesn’t make me feel happy. it’s hard to get up the energy enough as it is, why bother when it fills me with numbness? the fact of the matter is that i go so cold i could hold the sun without burning. that’s what it is. i could be doing everything perfectly. i could be doing only my favorite things. it doesn’t make it go away. healing just takes time and patience. i grit my teeth and survive it. 

stop assuming in my life i’ve never tried. i made it this far. you can be damn sure i’ve sampled every silly magazine cure and more. you’re not witnessing someone who just began the fight. you’re witnessing a seasoned warrior in battle and telling them you suggest using a knife.

You go about your daily routine; Wake up, shower, go to work, etc. not realizing you’re an indestructible giant caught in an illusion, living on a over populated planet of much smaller creatures that’s built their society, buildings, etc around the hope that you’ll never change your routine.