the independent pumpkin

Days until... June 26th 2017

Independence day 🎆🇺🇸 9
Christmas in July 🎄 29
September 🍃🍂67
Autumn 🍂🍁89
October 🦇 97
Halloween 🎃 127
November 🎄🦌128
Thanksgiving 🦃150
Black Friday🏷️💳151
Winter ❄️🌨️🌧️179
Christmas Eve 🤶🎅🦌🎄181
Christmas 🎁🎄182


Who said you cant be your own king?! (we don’t need no prince consort lol)

I always loved the idea of a strong and independent princess…

@astridapples @pumpkin-cinderella I bet you would prefer a stronger mc too…

I don’t really color often because it simply takes sooooo much timeeeee…..I lost my endurance through the middle of coloring it….hahaha….

(and I had this urge to draw her in male prince clothes….would be fun if I drew the suitors in dresses…)

“Three festivities together”

So i live in Mexico, and here we celebrate the independence day in September 15, so for me this last 4 months are awesome because stores combine all this last festivities at once. Now we have independence day costumes, Halloween and all saints eve stuff all over the house. I think Mexicans have the best 4 last months of the year =w=