the incredible petrified world

Sci-Fi movie review 1 (of 50!!!)

So the first movie in our bad Sci-Fi movie binge was “The Incredible Petrified World” (1957)

Four people are sent into the ocean to find out if there are species of fish and whatnot which were previously thought to be extinct (at least we’re pretty sure that’s why they went down there. It was kind of vague). As they are sent down in their state of the art vessel the cable connecting the vessel to the ship snaps (not…not quite clear as to why that happened…). They manage to survive the pressure and swim into an underwater cave which has air and, for some reason, a komodo dragon roaming about. Oh and the walls of the cave are glowing because apparently they are made of phosphorous, so says random dude. While the crew from the expedition tries to find their lost explorers (not putting a lot of effort into finding them if you ask me) the four find a survivor from a ship wreck living in the caves.

As the top side people try to figure out a way to save their lost explorers (I’m really not sure what they do to be quite honest) one of the two women, Laurie, continues to have breakdowns about being trapped (understandably so). Meanwhile the other woman, Dale, becomes perturbed over Laurie’s boyfriend, Craig, thinking he’s in charge and proclaims that no one will dominate her. The ship wreck survivor sees this display and decides he’s in love with Dale.

The men have at this point gone out into the sea again. Somehow they managed to get found by a vessel sent out to find them. At this time the ship wreck guy proclaims his love for Dale and says he’s going to kill the others for her so they can be alone. When she says for him to leave her alone he says that’s okay, he’ll kill her too! Fortunately the cave was under a volcano and at that moment there was a tremor causing rocks to fall on the crazy guy and kill him. They’re all saved and that’s the end.

Hightlights of the movie include:

The minute and a half “science montage” where they science and drink sciency coffee and give each other sciency smiles.

Also the five minute lecture in the beginning which Rissa thinks was one of the screenwriters trying to put his unfinished degree in marine biology to good use with stock footage of an octopus and a shark killing one another.

In all seriousness though, we really liked Dale’s rant about not wanting the man to dominate her because she was spunky! Albeit, a total early stereotypical feminist but…whatever. It’s 1957.

Basically, we conclude that we would not have spent a nickle to go see this movie. It’s more boring than bad. We like bad. We prefer bad.

Onto the next movie, “Teenagers From Outer Space”!!!

We would put “spoiler warning” in the tags but…guys this shit has been out since 1957…