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Mark Hamill’s first film after Star Wars was Corvette Summer, a highly underrated coming-of-age comedy/drama about a young man on a quest to recover his customized sports car on the Las Vegas strip.

Hamill has gone on to lend his voice to the animated versions of many comic book characters, most famously the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series and various DCU movies, as well as The Fantastic Four (as Maximums and Triton), The Incredible Hulk (as Gargoyle), Spider-Man (as Hobgoblin), Ultimate Avengers, Justice League and Avatar: The Last Airbender.  He’s also played the Trickster in both live action Flash TV shows.

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Comic Book Shows with Female Protagonists 1

1. Wonder Woman: Diana Prince (1975-1979) (failed new pilot 2011)

2. Spider-Woman animated series: Jessica Drew (1979-1980) (Agent of S.W.O.R.D. motion comic 2009)

3.  The Incredible Hulk and She Hulk: Jennifer Walters (renamed for the second season 1997)

4. Birds of Prey: Helena Kyle, Barbara Gordon, Dinah Lance/Redmond  (2002-2003)

5. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Daisy Johnson/Skye (2013-)

6. Marvel’s Agent Carter: Peggy Carter (January 2015-2016) (Agent Carter One-Shot 2013)

7. iZombie: Olivia ‘Liv’ Moore (March 2015-)

8. Vixen: Mari Jiwe McCabe (August 2015-)

9. Supergirl: Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers (October 2015-)

10. Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Jessica Jones (November 2015-)

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Wow you really hate Ultimate Spidey lol well what are the Top 5 Marvel Cartoons?

Hmm well in My opinion I think these are the Best though in the 90s there were tons of Marvel cartoons like Iron Man, the incredible Hulk and Fantastic Four that were just okay but still better than today’s stuff and also they teamed up with the OTHER 90s cartoons that were out so Spider-man teamed up with the X-men and Avengers and IT WAS SO DOPE!

Top 5 Marvel Cartoons. 

1) Spectacular Spider-man

2) X-men Evolution

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3) Spider-man The Animated series 1994

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4) Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

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5) X-men 

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From the Desk of Jordan —

My name is Jordan, and I am NOT comics. I’m not your “comic book geek” and my knowlege of superheroes, story arcs, issue numbers and pretty much anything that one could be quizzed on is severely lacking. When was “Batman : Year One” and what year did “All Star Superman” first get relased? In what Spider-man issue did we see Venom for the first time?

I don’t have the answers to these questions. I don’t even feel the need to check the answers on Wikipedia even if I were to make an educated guess. I’m a glorifed idiot is what I’m basically saying. I’m not “a true fan” of the material, and I’m just doing it for the attention.

I don’t have to get harassed and “prove myself” to show dedication in something. Which is really upsetting when you know there are tens of thousands of people who do. They didn’t agree to play “Marvel Comics : Trivial Pursuit” with you, why are you suddenly breaking out the questions about The Walking Dead?

I’ve never been to a comic book convention, you hear horror stories. Not just in terms of “it’s hot and sweaty and very stinky”, but in the various things that some attendees say or do to other guests that make them uncomfortable. Why would I even bother showing up to an event and witness this stuff take place? I could save that money and spend it all on comixology and avoid the conflict altogether.

When you grow up, it’s kinda hard making friends who like the same stuff as you. Maybe you liked watching “Batman : The Animated Series”, but everybody around you was focused on Nicktoons. You really love the character of Supergirl, but can’t because “it’s a girl’s comic”. At Halloween, everyone wanted to put on ‘Scream’ masks, but you were more comfortable being The Incredible Hulk.

If only there was a place you could go where you could find like-minded people who REALLY love the same stuff as you. Retail establishments, they are a start, but you know it’s hard to make friends in a store when everybody knows what comics they want. You could try going to a convention, and while you are free to do what you want by yourself. It’s difficult to find friends, when most of the people you see are already with their own group. I guess you’re stuck with the internet, good luck with that.

There’s a reason comic books are for everybody. Every person, regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation or age, has a story on what got them into comics and why they read it. Maybe it’s the action-sequences, maybe it’s the relationships with the characters. A connection they might have with a particular character. Or possibly it’s the messages that these stories deliver.

What I get out of reading them is that it’s okay to be different. It’s perfectly acceptable to stand out of the crowd for what is right, even if those very same people push you around. Each of us have our own gifts and our own unique talents that we bring to the table, you just have to find out what those skills are and work on them. Not everything is as simple as black-and-white and there is always a grey area in between, but using your own moral compass, you will figure out the best decision, in the nick of time.

Sometimes, one voice might not be enough, you will find many that share it and together you can make a huge difference to the world. And best of all, you don’t even need to have superpowers for that.

I may not be “comics”. If anything, I am just a dot. But together, if we get all the dots together and connect them, we can be. We can be “comics”.

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