the incredible hulk make up

“During the first week of shooting (…) Keanu was ready to quit the film because he wasn’t feeling good about his performance (it turned out to be one of his all-time best) and River came into Keanu’s little hotel room, drunk from being in the bar with Udo Kier, and jumped on Keanu’s bed and pretended to be the Incredible Hulk, to make Keanu lighten up”

- James Franco (via Gus Van Sant)

MOST IMPORTANT COSPLAY TIP EVER!!!!! - ALRIGHT!! WHO HERE HAS STRUGGLED WITH THE TANGLES?! You know what I mean! Raise your hand! That’s right wig tangles. The worst thing in the history of worst things!!! So much as one tangle can completely ruin an entire wig! RUIN IT!! That’s like $30 bucks in the bin with the rest of your torn out hair!!! - No! NO! No more! I won’t stand for this any longer! Let me introduce you to my favourite gift in the whole world. Meet my little friend Mane N Tail! - Thus shit!!! It’s like time reversing spray!!! Made one of my god awful tangled wigs look brand new!! I’m talking like Princess Mia makeover!! - Now you may think I’m over exaggerating but I’m not!!! - There’s no colouring, it doesn’t burn skin, and it makes your wigs indestructible! Straight up Incredible Hulk shit!!! Not even static can mess with you now!!! - It’s the holy grail of hair care!!! It won’t tangle for nothing!!! Not even Disney tangled!!! - You could throw your wigs in a tornado and they’d come out untangled. (Warning: don’t do that.) - You can still style your wig too! It still holds shape with the spray in it!!! And this stuff last FOREVER!! - And it’s all natural because it’s used for horses! So no nasty smells for those who are sensitive!! - Best part! I bought that industrial sized bottle for $11!!! $11!!!! That’s the cheapest hair product I’ve ever bought!!! And it goes a long way. I did six wigs and haven’t touched it yet!! - I’m telling you invest!!! Buy stock for all I care!!! Just trust me! - It’s available at Amazon too for my out of country cosplayers, or those who simply don’t live near a farming store. Trust me though it’s the best cosplay investment I’ve ever made!!!

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