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Bootleg update!

Here are all the bootlegs i currently have, alphabetized this time :))

A Chorus Line
A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder
A New Brain (with Jonathan Groff)
A little Night Music (with Angela Lansbury)
American Idiot
American in Paris OBC
Amélie with Philippa Soo
Amélie with Samantha Barks
An American in Paris
Anastasia OBC
Annie (US Tour)
Annie Get Your Gun
Anything Goes
Avenue Q
Bare: The musical (Off-Broadway)
Bare: a Pop Opera
Beautiful: A Carole King Story OBC
Beauty and the Beast OBC
Big Fish (Pre-Broadway)
Blood Brothers
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson OBC
Bombshell (audio only)
Bonnie and Clyde OBC
Book of Mormon Chicago
Book of Mormon OBC
Bring it On
Cabaret Broadway cast
Cabaret With Emma Stone
Candide OBC
Carousel (Chicago 2015)
Carrie the Musical
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (London)
Chess OBC
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang London Tour
Cinderella OBC
City of Angels OBC
Cyclone (audio only)
Dance of the Vampires OBC
Dear Evan Hansen OBC
Dogfight with Lindsey Mendez
Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
Dream Girls Unknown cast
Dream girls OBC
End of the rainbow
Evita (broadway 2012)
Fiddler on the Roof
Fiddler on the Roof (Broadway Revival)
Finding Nemo
Finding Neverland OBC
First Wives Club OBC
First date the Musical OBC
Follies (Revival cast)
Frozen Live!
Fun Home OBC
Funny Girl: The Musical
Ghost: the Musical
Gigi OBC
Grey Gardens (Broadway 2015)
Gypsy the Musical
Half a Sixpence (audio only)
Hamilton (with Javier)
Hamilton OBC
Hamilton OBC (with sheet music and recordings from workshops)
Hamilton OCC
Harry Potter and the The Cursed Child (audio only)
Heathers with Thomas Sanders (audio only)
Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Andrew Rennells)
Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Darren Criss)
Hello Dolly UK Tour
Holy Musical B@man!
Honeymoon in Vegas
Hunchback of Notre Dame
In the Heights OBC
Into the Woods
Jekyll and Hyde
Jesus Christ Superstar
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Kinky Boots
Kiss me, Kate
La Cage au Folles (broadway 2010)
Legally Blonde
Lend me a Tenor (broadway 2010)
Les Mis
Lion King (London)
Little Shop of Horrors
Little Women
Love Never Dies (OBC)
Mamma Mia! OBC
Marilyn An American Fable
Marry Poppins US tour
Matilda with Eliza Madore
Matilda with Mimi Ryder
Matilda with Sophia Gennusa
Memphis (OBC)
Merrily we Roll along
Miss Saigon
My Fair Lady UK Tour
Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 (audio only)
Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 (video recording)
Newsies 2013 cast (Corey Cott, Kara Lindsay, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Ben Fankhauser)
Newsies OBC
Newsies Tour
Next to Normal (Broadway Cast)
Next to Normal (OBC) (last performance of alice ripley, jennifer damiano, Brian d'Arcy James with speeches at the end)
Next to Normal (Off Broadway cast) (includes cut scenes and songs)
On The Twentieth Century
On a Clear Day OBC
On the Town (broadway 2014)
Once OBC
Once on this Island
Passion: The Musical
Peter Pan
Peter and the Starcatcher
Phantom of The Opera
Rent OBC opening night
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Saved! (Aaron Tveit and Original cast)
School of Rock OBC
She loves Me
Shrek the Musical
Side Show (off broadway)
Side Show OBC
Singing in the rain
Sister Act (London)
Something Rotten!
Sound of Music Broadway 1998
South Pacific
Spongebob the Musical
Spring Awakening (OBC)
Spring awakening (Deaf West)
Streetcar Named Desire (with Gillian Anderson)
Sunset Boulevard The Musical
Sweeney Todd
Sweeney Todd (audio only)
Sweeney Todd OBC
Sweet Charity US tour
Taboo the Musical by Boy George
Tangled the Musical (Disney Cruise)
Tarzan OBC
The Addams Family (audio only)
The Addams Family US Tour
The Color Purple
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime OBC
The Drowsy Chaperone
The Great American Trailer Park Musical OBC
The Jungle Book (chicago 2013)
The King and I
The Last Five Years
The Lightning Thief (early off-broadway)
The Lightning Thief (incomplete video)
The Music Man
The Newsboys Variety Show (OBC)
The Nightman Cometh
The Pajama Game OBC
The Producers
The Visit: The Musical
The Wild Party OBC
The Witches of Eastwick
The light in the Piazza
The little Mermaid
Thoroughly Modern Millie OBC
Tick Tick…Boom! (Original Off-Broadway Cast)
Titanic: The Musical
Tuck Everlasting OBC
Twisted: the untold Story of the Royal Vizier
Urinetown OBC
Waitress (Opening Night with Sara Bereilles) (audio only)
Waitress OBC
West Side Story
Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Wicked OBC
Wicked OBC (KC’s last)
Wicked Pre-Broadway
Wicked with Nicole Parker, Alli Mauzey, Aaron Tveit
Xanadu OBC
13 the Musical
25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee
42nd Street

i’m super overwhelmed right now so i’m so sorry if it takes a few days for me to get back to you, but feel free to message me if you want one!!! i’m always happy to trade! if you don’t have anything to trade i’ll gift anything to my followers!!

Taylor Trensch as Moritz in the 1st national tour of Spring Awakening, knocking over the mic in a fit of passion during And Then There Were None


I don’t know whether to be scared (but supportive) of the fact Ben has another role in mind other than Race or fangirl over the English accent he’s pulling off in this video

For the sake of my sanity, I’m focusing on the second one.

Thomas Hardy recorded an incident in Dorchester, 1883, where a touring band of players put on a production of Othello, and the lead actor playing Othello broke character to fight the audience. Apparently these rough country fellows laughed and clapped when Othello smothered Desdemona, and the dude was so incensed that he just stopped, got up, and reprimanded all of them until they were stunned to silence, demanding “is this the nineteenth century?”

Broke character to shame the audience. I love it.

[NOTICE] BigHit Entertainment notice regarding the BTS Tour in Asia

BigHit Entertainment would like to share our regrets over the recent incidents when some fans showed their affection for BTS in a wrong manner. Such attitude of a small number of people can and do cause harm on a lot of people, including BTS members.

BTS is participating in ‘2016 BTS LIVE [The Most Beautiful Moment in Life on stage: epilogue] tour for countries such as Taiwan, Japan and so on. Some fans… 

-used the same airlines with BTS on purpose and kept trying to talk to BTS or taking pictures of the members, despite restraints by BigHit staff and security guards.
- tried to sit next to BTS members on board,
- attempted to get a hold of BTS members by making physical contacts and etc.

BigHit Entertainment takes safety of BTS and fans as number one priority and does its best to secure the safety of BTS members by allocating as many security guards as possible on site. We also politely ask fans to stay safe and to follow the fan etiquettes. 

If any of the incidents on the above list happens, BTS and fans will be affected directly. It will also damage the image and future activities of BTS very seriously. To prevent such unpleasant incidents and to help BTS successfully finish the tour, Big Hit Entertainment hereby asks all the fans to follow the etiquette and rules mutually agreed among fans around the world.

BTS and BigHit Entertainment are always grateful for your love and support.
Thank you for your kind cooperation and understanding.

From BigHit Entertainment


Genre | angst

Word Count | 1.5k

Summary | saying “I’m okay” doesn’t mean it’s true.


You had promised to yourself and to him in the beginning of the relationship that you would understand the obstacles the two of you would have to face. The obstacles set out were much different than any average relationships. In an average relationship, no one had to practice all day and night. No one had to hide their relationships. No one had to leave for tour for countless days, weeks, even months.

But as time progressed, your promise started becoming harder and harder to keep.

The first incident was after the ending of his world tour, when he returned back home to you. You thought that with the tour out of the way, you’d have plenty of time to make small cute stay-at-home dates like how you two used to have before all the fame. But you were wrong.

After his long departure abroad for 6 months, there was a comeback awaiting the members of the band, including him as well. It didn’t seem fair though, a comeback right after a large world tour? But it could be your tiny selfish excuse for wanting to spend time with your boyfriend.

After sending countless messages asking if he was free, you received a message saying something along the lines of, “I’m busy practicing.” Not that it was wrong, practicing for a comeback, it was part of their world; a world you didn’t know, but promised to try and follow along with.

After not receiving a message back from you, he sent another one. “We have a comeback planned. You understand right? You’re not angry are you?” Staring at the words sent, you didn’t know how to reply.

Biting down on your bottom lip, a habit out of nervousness, you pressed the ‘send’ button. “I’m okay.


The second incident may have been your fault, but who could blame you? How else would you have felt if your boyfriend had a day off and decided to choose to practice like how he did the whole week?

“Hey Jimin,” You remember hesitantly asking. You two were at your shared apartment, you fidgeting and playing with your fingers and him sprawled across the sofa tiredly. Hearing him humming in acknowledgement, you spoke the words that you have been wanting to ask all week. “The boys told me you were free tomorrow. Since you have no schedule, wanna go do something?”

As if almost instantly, Jimin sat up. “Sorry (Y/N),” You felt your heart drop. “But I want to practice a bit more for the comeback. I can’t let down the fans.” He cocked his head to the side, elbowed propped up on his thighs, looking up at you.

You stared down at your fingers in disappointment where you stood. Hearing Jimin call you, you lifted your head up a bit. “(Y/N),” Your name rolled off his tongue easily. “Are you okay with it? Becau-”

Softly sighing, you forced your best smile. “I’m okay with it.”

“Are you sure?”

“No no, you should practice for the comeback. I know how important it is to you and the rest of the boys as well.” You repeated these words in your mind, trying to convince yourself you weren’t feeling the feelings you were feeling, maybe you could trick yourself into thinking that you didn’t miss your boyfriend these past long months,

“You shouldn’t let down your fans, you’re an idol.” You spoke solemnly, the ends of your lips curling up into a small smile. You were lucky enough to be dating an idol, you should remember that. “Don’t tire yourself out too much, alright?”

Staring at him, you hesitantly turned away and went to your room. Back pressed up against the wall, you sat on the cold wooden floor for him to leave. To leave for practice, again.

You couldn’t help but feel lonely and somewhat jealous of the girls that were dating the rest of Bangtan. They always made time for their girlfriends, unlike Jimin. Maybe you were selfish, wanting more in your relationship but you always felt the tingly jealousy thinking about what they could be doing with their girlfriends.

Like today, they took the day off, just like how they’re supposed to, instead of practicing or staying in the studios. Every time you imagine what you could be doing, your heart aches.

You could’ve been cooking together, just like Jin and his girlfriend. Cuddling in bed. Having a dance battle even if you would always lose. Watching movies. Going to the arcade even if it meant being caught in their disguises. Or maybe even just go to the park together.

Hearing the front door click, the whole apartment was silent. The only sound was that of your tears threatening to spill, finally being freed.


The third time it happened, was the last time it happened. And that’s because there wasn’t going to be a fourth time, nor a fifth time. There would be no more times.

You were doing your best keeping calm, but as the minutes ticked by, the clock ticking and tocking had somewhat drove you insane. The longer you sat there on the couch, gripping at your own hands, the more done with the entire situation.

The doorknob jiggling, the front door opens, revealing the person you had been waiting on for hours. He had promised you a home date to make up for all the times he missed with you, promising that he’d be home at 7, sharing the night of candlelit dinner with you.

Well that went nowhere, it was already 10.

Your eyes fell on Jimin’s figure, his eyes darting around the apartment, looking anywhere but your eyes. “Jimin,” You tried keeping a calm facade, pretending as if you weren’t more than just upset at the fact not only was he late, but the fact that he broke his promise and blew away the chance he had at making it up to you. “What time is it?”

A wave of nervousness and underlying guilt washed over him. He cleared his throat, looking uncomfortable, mumbling out his answer hesitantly. “10.”

“What were you doing during the time you promised to be home by?” You could tell he was getting more nervous. He looked at you, licking his lips, a nervous habit of his that you’ve learned he had. “I was…practicing.”

You snapped, your seemingly calm facade fading even though Jimin already knew you were steaming. “Again?!” He flinched at your loudness. “Why were you practice when you promised me you’d be home for dinner? The dinner you said you’d make it back in time for?”

“(Y/N), l-let me explain okay? I was just practice and,” His words drifted off as if he didn’t want to tell you. “And?” You huffed, arms around your hips, weight on your right leg. You were impatient. The faster he spits it out the faster it’s over.

“I just lost track of time, o-okay?” He sighed, raking his hand through his locks. “Jimin,” He hesitantly looked up, scared of what you were going to say.

“When was the last time we had a date?” You croaked, tried of his excuses. You knew he didn’t know the answer, that’s because you didn’t either. That’s know long it’s been. Your last date together could’ve been 8 months ago, who knows? “I….I don’t know.”

You bit your lip. You hated what you were going to say but it had to be done. You could handle the loneliness and neglect of your relationship anymore. Rather you, it was your heart that couldn’t handle another crack. “I’m sorry,” Jimin’s head shot up, eyes widened in alarm. “Look, I don’t think this is going to wor-”

“Y-You’re not serious right?” He stuttered, hoping it was some lame prank and that you were doing this just to scare him. “Right?” He repeated, urging, pleading you with his eyes to say it was all a joke, that you weren’t serious, that you weren’t going to give up on your neglected relationship.

“I’m…not.” You looked away, not wanting to see the look on his face. “I think it’s best if we broke things off.” Looking up back at your boyfriend, now technically ex, instantly regretting your decision. His eyes were glossed, bottom lip quivering. “You’re always busy with practice and touring and I’m always waiting here at home for you. I can’t do that anymore, my heart can’t handle anymore pain.”


“It’ll be less stressful if you didn’t have to think about me during practice. You’re an idol Jimin,” You forced out a smile. “You’re always going to be busy, and if not busy then tired. Just forget about me, alright? Focus on your career without me.”

Giving Jimin a small smile, you lowered your head and walked by him, stopping by your room to bring out your already packed suitcase. “I was never okay Jimin.” And with that and the click of the door’s lock, you walked out of his life, fast enough to not show your tears but slow enough to catch a glimpse of his.

  • me: I hate when people talk about fan fictions like they're real ://
  • also me: my favorite band is The Followers, formed in 1969, composed of members Ryan Ross (guitar and vocals), Spencer Smith (drums), Joe Trohman (guitar), and Brent Wilson (bass). In 1971, they released their first, self-titled record, followed by their second 'Her House' a year later. In 1974, they released their third and final album 'Boneless' and went on the 'Jackie, Me and This Lady' tour in summer. The final two shows of the tour were cancelled due to a bus incident, injuring all members of the band. The band broke up shortly after.

kestrelyn  asked:

I couldn't find anything in your previous posts about this, so I was wondering what your take on horse carriage tourism is. It's becoming a big issue in my city, Charleston, SC, where the local animal society (partnered with HSUS, which makes me initially wary) is trying to shut down carriage companies. Recently a horse went down during a tour and there was a big incident about whether he was hurt, or adhering to the training to not struggle to get up in order to avoid harness entanglement.

That was Big John, right? I’ve seen the video and I know the actual context. He did what he was trained to do and laid still. Draft horses can really hurt themselves or other horses if they struggle, so they’re trained to just wait to be released. Anything involved with HSUS is pretty much going to have twisted messaging, so that’s a good thing to have noted. It was the horse’s first work for the day and he’d gone less than 10 blocks, tripped, couldn’t recover, so he went down and then laid still. He was seen by a vet immediately before being cleared for work again. 

In general well-run carriage horses programs aren’t harmful. They’re generally frequently seen by vets and well fed and are honestly more at risk of harm from the activists who try to screw up the business than they are from the work they’re being asked to do. I’ve seen carriage businesses I didn’t like before - one I remember thinking that all the horses really needed their hooves trimmed - but overall they’re not evil. They use draft horses for the purpose they’ve been bred for (which some people might inherently take issue with) and they’re taken pretty good care of by the businesses I’m familiar with. 


Niall Horan’s interview with NTV News Zero (talking about Manchester’s incident,Ariana Grande &More)


Word Count: 1242

Genre: One-Shot

Pairing: Kyungsoo/Reader

Summary: One day, you finally get the chance to see EXO. It doesn’t go as smoothly as planned. The situation that starts out as the worst moment in your life, turns for the better. A lot better.

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I’m back into trading! (11/09/2017)

So after this summer my list is longer (yaaaaaaay) and I’m giving away my bootlegs (not made by me, the ones that I have) and some documentaries made about theatre and musicals productions. I’m giving everything on this list for free, but if you have any bootleg or stuff about theatre, be respectful and tell me, so that maybe we can trade, I’m always happy to find new stuff. ;)  Almost every link is on Google Drive and please no Mega link, in my country Mega has put a limit at the things you can download that is extremely low, so it takes me weeks to download those files and it’s terrible. And be nice. Like really people in here can be very rude and I don’t want to have anything to do with them. Also if you are more professional than me and you’d like to know cast info, dates or whatever ask me and I’ll find out.

-A Bronx Tale

-Amadeus (National Theatre Live)

-American Idiot -(Los Angeles production professionally filmed)

-Amelie (Original Broadway Cast-previews)

-Amelie ( with Samantha Barks)

-Angels in America (National Theatre proshot)

-Be more chill (workshop)

-Book of mormon (Original Broadway Cast)

-Book of Mormon (London)

-Book of Mormon (Ben Platt)

-Book of Mormon (KJ Hippensteel)

-Book of Mormon (Cody Jamison Strand)

-Book of Mormon (Audio from the 2017 London cast-KJ Hippensteel as Elder Price, Cody Strand as Elder Cunningham and Steven Webb as Elder Mckinley)

-Broadway Idiot (documentary about the making of American Idiot, Youtube link)

-Bring it on

-Charlie and the chocolate factory (Original Broadway Cast)

-Chicago (Hollywood bowl with Samantha Barks)

-Come from away (Audio from Toronto opening night)

-Come from away OBC

-Coriolanus (National Theatre at the Donmar Warehouse in London with Tom Hiddleston,HD Proshot)

-Dear Evan Hansen (Original Broadway Cast)

-Fun Home (Original Broadway Cast)

-Falsettos revival (I have 2 bootlegs and the proshot version)

-Frankenstein (National Theatre Live with Benedict Cumberbacth, recorded in a cinema so not very good quality)  

-Groundhog Day OBC

-Groundhog Day 1st preview ( with the set that breaks after 15 minutes and the rest as a concert)

-Hamlet ( National Theatre at the Barbican Theatre in London with Benedict Cumberbatch,HD Proshot)


-Drunk History with Lin Manuel Miranda

-Hamilton’s America PBS documentary

-Hamilton (Original cast from the balcony, Understudy for Charles Lee and Samuel Seasbury, HD)

-Hamilton preview (Original cast from the mezzanine)

-Hamilton edit ( a mixture of the other two and some officially recorded clips)

-Hamilton (OBC+Andrew Rannells as King George III, not complete bootleg)

-Hamilton (Audio from 10/01/2017 with Jon Rua as Hamilton and Carleigh Bettiol as Eliza)

-Hamilton (Original cast+ Javier Munoz as Hamilton, Andrew Chappelle as Laurence/Philip and Alysha Deslorieux as Peggy/Maria)

-Hamilton with some Broadway replacement (Javier Munoz, Lexi Lawson, Alysha Deslorieux and Andrew Chappelle as Lafayette/Jefferson and Burr’s understudy)

-Hamilton from 16/04/2017 (Current Broadway cast audio and Jon Rua last show as Hamilton)

-Hamilton from 20/10/2016 (Current Broadway cast audio with Elizabeth Judd and Eliza, Syndee Winters as Peggy/Maria)

-Hamilton Chicago(Original Cast with Joseph Morales)

-Hamilton Chicago ( Audio Original Cast with Aubin Wise and Amber Ardolino)

-The Hamilton Mixtape (workshop, Audio Only)

-Hamilton (Audio from the Vassar reading)

-Hamilton tour (Audio from the opening night)


-Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Neil Patrick Harris, Lena Hall)

-Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Andrew Rannells, Lena Hall I have two different recordings with this two)

-Hedwig and the Angry Inch Off-Broadway (John Cameron Mitchell, proshot)

-Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Lena Hall, Shannon Conley)

-Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Audio from Andrew’s Closing night)

-Hedwig and the Angry Inch ( Audio with Lena Hall, Shannon Conley)

-In the Heights (Original Broadway Cast)

-In the Heights (OBc+Javier Munoz)

-In The Heights Workshop 2000 (Audio)

-In The Heights Chasing the Broadway Dream (Link to the youtube playlist)

-In The Heights West End (Closing Night Audio)

-In The Heights (Broadway Production audio with Jon Rua as Usnavi, Gabrielle Ruiz as Vanessa, Jordin Sparks as Nina)

-In The Heights (Broadway production with Jon Rua as Graffiti Pete)

-Jesus Christ Superstar

-Les Miserables (London Cast with Samantha Barks)

-Les miserables (London audio from the 2015-16 cast with Eva Noblezada)

_Les Miserables (London Cast Audio From the 2017/18 cast)

-Legally Blonde (Professionally filmed by MTV)

-Macbeth(National Theatre live, proshot)

-Medea (National Theatre live, proshot)

-Miss Saigon 25th anniversary (West end production Professionally shot)

-Much ado about nothing (David Tennant, Catherine Tate, professionally shot)

-Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 (Original Broadway Cast)

-next to normal (Original Broadway Cast)


-Newsies Proshot

-Notre Dame de Paris 1999 (original french production, professionally filmed with english subtitle)

-Notre Dame de Paris 2001 (original italian production, professionally filmed in the Arena di Verona)

-Romeo et Juliette 2001 (Original french production with italian subtitles, professionally filmed)

-Romeo es Julia (the hungarian version of the musical with english sutitles, professionally filmed)

-Romeo et Juliette-Les enfants de Verone Revival 2010 (professionally filmed and if you want i can give italian subtitlies)

-Romeo e Giulietta-Ama e cambia il mondo(The italian version of the french musical professionally filmed in the Arena di Verona)

-Romeo e Giulietta Presentazione (Documentary about the making of the italian producion of Romeo e Giulietta-Ama e Cambia il Mondo)

-Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead (National Theatre proshot)

-Rent (Hollywood Bowl with Aaron Tveit)

-Rent (filmed live on Broadway, closing night)

-Rent 20th Anniversary

-Shuffle along

-Something Rotten (Original Broadway Cast)

-Spring Awakening Deaf West (Original Cast)

-Spring Awakening OBC

-Spring Awakeng National tour 29/11/2009

-The curious incident of the dog in the night time (filmed live for National Theatre)

-The lightning thief

-Tick Tick…BOOM! OOBC

-Tick Tick…BOOM! (Audio with Lin Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr. and Karen Olivo)

-Waitress (Original Broadway Cast)

-West Side Story Revival

-Wicked (Mandy Gonzalez)

-Wicked (Emmy Raver-Lampman)

-Wicked (Aaron Tveit)

-21 Chump street (Original Cast)

The Wall: Explained for Normal People


The Wall is a rock opera by the British psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd, released on November 30, 1979. It was written and composed primarily by Roger Waters. It was conceived after an incident during Floyd’s In the Flesh tour, where Waters became so angry at a rabid fan that he spat in his face. In the hotel room later that night, the weight of his actions crushed him and he started looking back on his life for the roots of this behavior, eventually drafting a story about a fictionalized version of himself being screwed up by a bad childhood and isolating himself from society. This grew into a double album, receiving positive reviews at time of release and gaining an even better reputation as time went on. It contains three of Floyd’s most famous songs (“Another Brick in the Wall Part 2,” “Comfortably Numb,” and “Run Like Hell”) and is their best-selling album behind Dark Side of the Moon. It was adapted by Alan Parker into the cult classic film Pink Floyd - The Wall.

The story of The Wall can be confusing and inaccessible to people who aren’t used to albums as a format of storytelling, and even then there’s a lot to dig into. This is a guide to help people who aren’t freaks like me understand and enjoy this album. It contains subjective interpretations, but is by no means an exhaustive analysis, just a plain language summary. Enjoy.

Elevator Pitch

There’s a guy named Pink. His childhood is crap. He gets married and becomes a rock star. Neither of these things go well. The terribleness of his life crashes in on him, so he uses those events (the bricks) to build a metaphorical wall around himself. It turns out complete social and psychological isolation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. He turns to drugs. He gets so high before a concert that he becomes a fascist dictator. After a political rampage, he realizes that it’s not his upbringings fault he’s such a terrible person, it’s his. He puts himself on trial, and concludes that his only suitable punishment is to tear down the wall. Then this happens all over again. Forever. OR DOES IT?!?

Song By Song Breakdown

This is covering the album. The movie is a whole different beast with additional symbolism I don’t have the time or brain power to get into. Even the album is a lot more complex than this, but hopefully this will give you a head start on figuring it out.

In the Flesh?

A revisionist flash forward, if that makes any sense. Pink, as a fascist dictator, bellows at his audience. In this case, the audience is not only his loyal supporters but the listener of the album. He invites you to “the show,” a tour of his life. He doesn’t just tell you, he DROPS it on you.

And yes, that WAS a faint voice at the very start saying “…we came in?” The album ends on the same faint voice saying “Isn’t this where…” Bookending is very common in Floyd’s 70s catalogue, and The Wall’s hidden message of “Isn’t this where…we came in?”, besides making an endless loop of the album feasible, is also what splits pessimistic and optimistic interpretations of this album.

None of that matters right now. Basically, welcome to the show.

The Thin Ice

Pink is born in 1943. An extremely helpful narrator (possibly himself, speaking in hindsight) tells him that he shouldn’t expect much out of the ice of life, just a lot of cracks.

Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1

Pink’s father is killed in World War 2. To cope, Pink puts up a mental defense mechanism: distance and apathy. This initial pain provides the first bricks for his mental wall, a wall that will gather more and more bricks from the pains of life, causing Pink to retreat deeper and deeper into himself.

The Happiest Days of Our Lives

Pink elaborates on his unpleasant childhood by turning from one government institution (the army) to another (school). His teachers were psychologically abusive, putting down and humiliating their students whenever they were given the opportunity. As some measure of compensation, they got smacked around by their wives a lot. More than anything, they suppressed individualism, forcing their students to conform into…

Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2

…uniform, faceless bricks. The “wall” this time is twofold: the wall of society, which tries to squish Pink into a meaningless statistic like his dead father, and Pink’s personal wall, which this process has provided bricks for. If he can’t trust society, who can he trust?

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sweet dreams turned into bitter nightmares

/this video shows the incident quite clearly/

anonymous asked:

Taylor tweeting is unsurprising, it's a horrific incident. (And she's performed there, I attended the 1989 tour there, I feel like I'm in shock right now) The only thing to take from this is how well the emergency services and the citizens of Manchester are handling this and how helpful people are being

when tragedy strikes, communities and people come together and even though it is a heart breaking way to see it, it can really show the compassionate side of the human spirit. I’m sure she remembers being there vividly and i think most people who have been there before - or even to any concert, really - have the immediate thought “it could’ve been me. it could’ve been my friends or family.” and thats scary and humbling and terrifying and can make you drop to your knees.