the inanimate objects get all the fun

[HC] Muse x Haunted House Maze
  • Umi: unintentionally punches the jump scare actor in front of her and judo flips the one behind out of reflex.
  • Kotori: the only one genuinely having fun; occasionally hides behind Umi and 'accidentally' touches her butt.
  • Honoka: not impressed at all, is very bored, gives 0/10 does not recommend; may or may not have fallen asleep somewhere.
  • Rin: strays away from conga line to look for trouble, peeks behind curtains to find the workers; almost gets banned.
  • Hanayo: follows Rin to make sure she doesnt get into trouble; apologizes to the inanimate objects she walks into.
  • Maki: too scared to notice she's squeezing the hell outta Nico's hand; lowkey taking advantage of this situation.
  • Nico: can't focus due to pain from loss of blood circulation in her hand; may have to go to the medical tent afterwords.
  • Eli: didnt bother going inside; rolls eyes at all the cat calls while waiting & wondering whats taking nozomi so long.
  • Nozomi: slips into the employee's-only changing room and ends up scaring all the visitors shitless; gets banned.