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Jeno: Wicked Game, 4

One Two Three 

A lot of you wanted to know what happened at that party…well, here you go! Enjoy the chaos please. 🎉


The problem was, the heart-skipping feeling wasn’t going away. You wondered if you should just give him the cold shoulder or enjoy the feeling while you could. 

You got your answer on Friday. 

On Thursday, you cleverly planned to pace out your homework during any free time between classes in order to avoid everyone altogether. It worked, no one bothered you as your earbuds filled your ears with music and you finished your homework. 

On Friday, your decision was made for you that morning. 

There you were, setting your belongings in the locker and pulling out your indoor shoes to change into, when you felt a presence loom over your bent form and a low but mellow voice near your ear say, “Y/N.“ 

You jumped, shooting up straight and turned to fix a glare at none other than Jeno himself. “Don’t do that!” you stated, then quickly shoved the rest of your stuff away before facing him again. 

Jeno laughed but apologized. “Mianhae. I wanted to show you the photos I took last night.“ 

And just like that, all thoughts of “avoiding” flew away and you happily received his offered camera, looking through the well shot candid photos.

“They’re your hyungs, right?“ 


There were pictures of someone digging through a cabinet, another was wiping down a large dining table, and one guy was washing dishes in the sink. More pictures were set in what looked a living room: some were grinning, others laughing, a couple were watching TV, their profiles focused. Finally the last series of photos were shot in the woods: someone was sitting by the stream, another swimming in the lake, and even a few where they were lounging around wolves and just relaxing. At the end, only one thought flashed through your mind. 

The photos were indeed very well taken. 

“Why’s your whole foster family attractive?” you asked, slightly baffled by their good looks, looking up from the camera. 

Jeno smirked, leaning closer, causing your shoulders to brush. “You think I’m attractive?“ 

“Stop,” you warned with a light smile, pushing him back with a finger to his chest. "Go sit down, class is about to start,“ you chided. 

Taking back the camera, he shook his head in great amusement but did as told.

As you sat in your seat directly behind him, staring at the back of his head, you inwardly admit that yes, Jeno was goddamn attractive, and you hated it oh so much. 

“Yo everyone,” Mark greeted as he slid onto the shared bench, his tray of food gliding with him along the lunch table. “Did you hear about Kyungwu’s party on Saturday?“ 

His girlfriend, sitting across from him, looked up from her food curiously, chewing a mouthful of beans. "No. Tomorrow?" 

Mark grinned. "Yeah, a majority of us were invited to celebrate Kyungwu’s birthday at his house tomorrow after school." 

"Who’s Kyungwu?” you asked. 

“Someone on the basketball team, third year,” Renjun explained, and you nodded in thanks. 

Jaemin finished chewing the last of his kimbap and asked, “Majority of us?” he inquired, echoing his hyung’s words. 

Chenle suddenly began to whine cutely, sharing a scowl with the other two maknaes. “Are first years not invited?” he deadpanned and his scowl deepened when Mark nodded sheepishly. “I knew it." 

"Wait hold on,” Donghyuck piped up from beside you, water bottle paused halfway to his mouth. “Tomorrow Jaemin and I have football practice after school, it’s one of the few times we get the field before those large soccer players hog it." 

"Does it finish at six?” Mark asked. 

“Yeah,” Donghyuck and Jaemin chorused.

The third year waved a nonchalant hand. “The party doesn’t really start until eight-ish." 

"But will Taeyong let us go?” your friend asked, eyes locked on Mark. “Remember you’re the only one who went to a party last year." 

"And nothing awful happened." 

"Of course nothing did, you were sober." 

"Are you volunteering to be the designated driver?” Mark held his girlfriend’s gaze, a smug look crossing his face. 

She scoffed, looking slightly offended, then nodded reluctantly. “You’re right, the idea of getting drunk is a little scary to me." 

"Will you be there, Y/N?” Donghyuck demanded. 

You hummed. “I’ll have to ask." 

"If you can, may I head hover to your house,” Mark’s girlfriend beamed your way. “We can get ready together and hang out before the party." 

"Really?” you confirmed. “Great." 


Back home, you brought the question up to your guardians during dinner. "So…can I go?" 

"What’s your plan for getting back home?” Aunt Sohyun asked. 

“Mark’s girlfriend is the designated driver, but we might just crash at her place.”

 Aunt Gayoon leaned against the back of her seat. “I’m suspecting alcohol then." 

You nodded. "I assume so…..does that make the answer a no?" 

She hummed. "Why do you want to go?" 

You thought hard, what would be a smart answer you could reply with? "Because this is possibly the only few times I’ll ever go to a party like real teenagers, with real friends, ever.” You actually meant it. You were afraid you’d have to separate from your friends after graduation anyway. 

A moment of silence hovered over the table until Aunt Sohyun sighed, leaning forwards. “Okay, you can go. But, I don’t condone underage drinking." 

Aunt Gayoon nodded. "I agree. But since you’re often too curious for your own good,” she paused before proceeding, “you drink more than a bottle of beer, you’ll regret it later." 

You rolled your eyes. "How do you know I’m a lightweight?”

Aunt Sohyun finished her glass of water and smacked her lips before saying, “Because we know you.”

The next day at 7:00 o'clock in the evening, you and Mark’s girlfriend faced your closet. It wasn’t small or huge, but that wasn’t the problem.

"I’m kind of glad you’re here,” you told her, laughing bashfully. “I never really kept up with what’s in style because I figured I’d never be invited to a social event from moving city to city.”

She shrugged. “No problem. The trick is how you mix and match your clothes, not whether they’re in style or not.”

You two went silent for a moment until she clapped her hands once and said, “Shall we begin?”

Fifteen minutes later a good handful of your clothes were scattered around your bed. Your friend stopped for a second, looked at every single piece, and to your intrigue, she grabbed a short denim wrap-around skirt and a fitted v-neck tee, which color sort of matched the blue denim of your skirt. “Ta-da! Put them on,” she said, pressing the clothes to your chest.

Surprisingly, the outfit looked pretty good, and you turned back to her, smiling. “Gomawo, it’s not bad.”

She grinned. “No problem. Now I’ll get dressed, do our makeup, and we’re good.”

Her outfit was a matching pastel blue crop top and skirt, and she looked awesome.

“What’s with the blue theme?” you asked her in the bathroom as she tamed the natural pattern of your hair in place, then did the same for herself.

“Because it’s Mark and Jeno’s favorite color,” she said, shooting you a wink through the mirror.

"W-what?” you blanched slightly.

She froze mid action, noticing the color slightly drain from your face. “Is that okay?” she asked gently, suddenly concerned. “Do you want to change?”

But you shook your head, not wanting to ruin all her hard work. “No it’s okay,” and allowed her to continue.

The makeup was light, blending highlighter and light eyeshadow around your eyelids. When she took the eyelash curler out, you cringed, but she laughed, promising it wouldn’t hurt. Then as a finishing touch, she swiped on waterproof mascara. “I don’t want to use eyeliner, even if mine’s waterproof, I’m afraid it might stain.”

You huffed in humor. “We wouldn’t want to look like clowns, huh?”

She nodded. “Exactly.”

As quick goodbyes were said (she also bowed, thanking your guardians for a nice dinner), you both grabbed some complimentary flat shoes and hopped into the car she had driven over.

"Is this your car?” you asked her. It was a minivan, quite large, with six seats. “When did you get your driver’s license?”

She grinned. “Actually it’s Taeyong’s, a guardian of mine. And I got my license last year.”

You would’ve smiled at her in return, but her words reminded you of a question you had thought of awhile ago. “How big is your foster family?” you asked curiously before she could begin to drive. “I mean, you live with Jeno and Donghyuck.”

"That’s correct,” she nodded, but you noticed the slight caution creeping into her voice.

"Is there anyone else I know?”

She paused, heaved a sigh, then faced you, making sure you were paying full attention. “Why do you want to know so badly? This is the second time you’ve asked.”

You recoiled at her blunt words. “Mianhae, if I was prying — ”

But she quickly cut you off, shaking her head. “No, it’s okay. A lot of people are curious about my family.” Her eyes glanced down, eyebrows furrowed slightly, and began to gently gnaw on her lower lip, as if she was contemplating something. Finally she looked up at you, then said in a serious tone, “If I tell you the truth, you have to completely trust me and not say a word to anyone, except our friends.”

You nodded. “I promise.”

She glanced at her hands resting on the wheel. “Our entire friend group lives together, even Mark, which I know sounds weird.”

"Mhm,” you hummed, having no idea what she would say next.

"Our family consists of, well, mostly orphans, and we kept our last names, because even though we’re family now, we aren’t related by blood.”

You tilt your head in confusion. “I thought the family name was ‘Lee’, since you, Mark, Donghyuck, and Jeno share it.”

She shook her head. “It’s the dominate name in our family by coincidence. But some, like Renjun, Chenle, Jaemin, and Jisung, have different surnames.”

“And they are…” you spoke slowly, finding it difficult to comprehend everything she was saying.

"Huang Renjun, Na Jaemin — which is why we sometimes call him Nana, Zhong Chenle, and Park Jisung.”

You were baffled. “Oh wow, I would’ve never thought…” you trailed off, realizing she was looking at you with a fearful expression. “Um, I’ll just stop asking if you don’t want to talk about your family.”

But she waved a hand. “I trust you.”


She nodded. “Yeah. I do………..anymore questions?”

There was one. “So you and Mark are living under the same roof?”

Your friend snorted. “Yeah, yeah I am. I know it sounds really weird because we’re family, but we’re not by blood, and our ‘family’ operates differently than normal ones.”

"And that’s because?” you asked, incredibly intrigued now.

She gave you a disappointed look. “That’s all I can say for now, mianhae, I promise, you’ll understand soon.”

You went silent, dumbfounded.

"Do you trust me?” she asked, lowering her voice, expression close to pleading.

It was weird, it sounded odd, everything was bizarre. But for some reason, you did trust her, because she never gave you a reason not to, and had already kept a few small secrets about yourself already. “Yes,” you whispered. “You aren’t the first person in your family to ask me that.”

Her eyebrow raised, curious. “Was it Jeno?”

You pressed your lips into a line, trying to suppress a smile. “How did you…?”

She snickered. “He must really like you.”

"I guess,” you murmured.

A moment of silence fell upon you both, your minds going over the moment shared.

"We’re ten minutes late,” she cleared her throat, shooting you a reassuring smile, erasing your worries. “Shall we finally leave this driveway?”

You laughed. “Please.”

When you arrived, you noticed how nice the house was. It wasn’t nearly as nice and chic like Jeno’s, but it was better than yours. Music was blasting, and loud voices could be heard from the inside.

Mark’s girlfriend lead you in, holding your hand in order to keep you in sight, and you were once again glad by her actions, knowing there was a high chance of you getting lost among the crowd. The music was booming (you were relieved to recognize most of the songs being played), and there were people dancing around the living room floor. Others were munching by the snack table, while it looked like everyone had a cup in their hand. Some other students were lounging around, like the sofa, floor, or kitchen. You even noticed a pool outside as well.

"Whoa,” you muttered quietly to yourself. “Okay, don’t get overwhelmed.”

Your friend laughed like she had heard you perfectly. “Don’t worry, just don’t drink too much and you should be fine.”

There wasn’t much for you to do but nod.

She continued to pull your through the crowd until you ended up outside on the patio. It was somewhat quieter, still incredibly loud though, but not as stuffy. That’s when you recognized familiar faces sitting on a couple picnic tables facing each other.

"Ah, you made it,” Mark stood from his spot. He donned dark jeans and a fit white T-shirt. But what made a real difference was the eyeliner outlining his eyes, making them pop, and his hair, instead of flopping onto his forehead, was parted on the side.

He shot you both a grin. “You girls look great,” but it was obvious by the way his eyes lingered on his girlfriend that the compliment was directed more towards her. You didn’t mind though, it was cute.

"How much have you boys drank already,” she asked as Mark wrapped his arms around her waist, standing behind her and affectionately resting his chin on her shoulder.

"About half a cup of beer,” Jaemin answered. “Not much at all.”

He and Renjun were dressed similarly, with different shades of shorts, paired with plaid or a simple button down shirt, the sleeves rolled up a quarter length. Like Mark’s, their hair was parted at the side.

Suddenly a girl came over and grabbed Jaemin’s arm. “Oppa, you promised to tell us what happened over summer.”

The boy shot his friends — er family, a grin before heading off.

"Tsk tsk,” a voice spoke in your ear and you turned, mouth curving as Jeno announced, "Nana’s gonna get himself in trouble I feel.”

"What’s he gonna do when he actually finds his soulmate?” Donghyuck chimed in, wearing something similar to Mark, but his T-shirt was dark red.

You laughed. “Let’s hope she can tame him.”

Jeno snickered. “It’ll be quite amusing.”

That’s when you managed to take a good look at your…friend…crush…whatever, your mind couldn’t decide — Jeno had on black jeans and a dark blue T-shirt. His hair was parted and up close, you noticed a thin line of eyeliner.

"You look good in blue,” he complimented.

"Gomawo,” you laughed softly. “You don’t look bad either.”

He smiled, reaching up to scratch the back of his head shyly. “Gomawo.”

"Y/N?” Mark’s girlfriend asked you, shouting your name over the music. “Do you want something to eat or drink?”

You nodded. “That’d be nice actually.”

"Okay,” she said and wiggled out of Mark’s grip. “I’ll be back.”

"Wait,” Mark pulled her back in, shooting Jeno a look. “Why don’t you escort her?”

Jeno rolled his eyes but nodded. “Fine.”

As you approached the kitchen, you felt Jeno gently pull on your wrist, the same tactic your girl friend used, and you didn’t mind. You both stopped at the table. There were many choices of food and some punch, also a bunch of beer bottles and cups at the side.

"Hate to say it but I’m sure any of the desserts and punch are spiked,” Jeno muttered, still near you so you could hear him over the music.

You nodded meaningfully. “I figured.”

At the end you ended up with a plate of carrot sticks and the last few pieces of chicken, including a cup filled with beer (that was all you were going to take because of Aunt Sohyun’s warning).

"Should we head back?” Jeno asked, carrying his own plate of food and drink.

But you scrunched the bridge of your nose. “I don’t think I can stand Mark and her being so affectionate,” you joked. “Wanna find a quieter spot somewhere else?”

He laughed at your comment, his eye smile making you want to keep him happy for the entire night. “I know what you mean. Okay let’s go somewhere else.”

As Jeno lead you through the living room, you caught sight of Jaemin sitting on the couch, talking to a couple girls who were sitting next to him. That boy better know his boundaries you thought as you exited the house and went around by the pool in the backyard. You both found a picnic table to share and sat down, watching amusingly as students splashed their friends and pulled in unsuspecting guests.

"It’s weird seeing the lovebirds being all lovey-dovey,” you began the conversation relaxed and calm, taking bites of your food.

Jeno shot you a cocky grin. “You should see them at home, they’re even more touchy and unbearable.”

Home. You wondered if he realized his mistake, as Jeno had never told you about Mark sharing his home too. “Uh, home?” you asked, wondering how he would explain what had already been told.

His eyes went round for a moment before shaking his head in embarrassment. “Did I say home? Mianhae that’s not what I meant to —”

"It’s okay,” you interrupted, giving him a kind smile. “She explained it all right before driving over here,” you said, referencing his “sister”.

Jeno narrowed his eyes, suspicious. “Everything? Really?”

"Mhm,” you spoke confidently. “She explained how our entire friend group lives in this huge foster family but the dynamics are different.”

"Did she explain why?”

"No,” you sighed. “I wish she would have though.”

Jeno reached out, his fingers subtly dancing over your wrist. You glanced at him, noting how admirable his expression was. “Can you hold on to her words, and be patient, and wait for an explanation to come later?”

Your eyes cast down to your wrist, his fingers having stopped moving. The pads of his fingertips were warm. “I don’t know why but, sure, I’ll wait.”

His smile deepened. “You won’t regret it. I promise.”

Suddenly his phone vibrated and you both read the text.

Donghyuck: We’re all moving to the living room, don’t miss out.

You and Jeno shared a glance. “Sure,” you said.

Quickly finishing your food and downing your drinks, Jeno lead you back into the house, the sun already slipping behind the the far away hills. The music had turned from dance to more club like. Many other students were gathered in the living room as well. Some lights were giving off a blue and red vibe, the evening making them more prominent.

"I see them,” Jeno pointed in a general direction of the dancing crowd right as your friend excitedly appeared.

"Y/N, come on!” she replaced Jeno’s grip on your wrist to enveloping her hand in yours and pulled you to wherever everyone else was.

They were placed somewhere in the center of the crowd. Mark, Renjun, and Jaemin, were giggling about something, and after a moment you realized their words were slightly slurred, although they weren’t tripping all over the place, yet anyway. Jeno went over to join them, quickly getting swept up in their tipsy discussion.

"Y/N,” your girl friend got your attention as the lights somehow became brighter and the music louder. “Let’s go dance somewhere.”

Before you could protest she had pulled you into the thick of the crowd. “You know how to dance right?”

You nodded. “Yeah a little.”

She shot you a devious look. “Let loose.”

For the first few remixed songs, you two were laughing and somehow talking with each other, letting your bodies swing to the music. A good fifteen minutes in, and you began to feel a slight buzz in the back of your head. But it wasn’t unpleasant, just weird. You felt the need to move closer to your friend and thirty minutes later, everything felt delightfully fun and perfect. The lights were making you giggle, and you weren’t sure if Mark’s girlfriend was drunk also, but if she wasn’t, she played along well.

Somewhere into the night the music’s bass was running deep in everyone’s limbs, and your hips were grinding, sometimes bonking into your friends and she just laughed and danced along with you. Later, you saw Mark come up and begin dancing with her. You decided to leave them alone, and was about to move away if Jeno hadn’t caught your wrist to pull you into the crowd more.

You looked up at him, the lights making him look even more handsome, and you laughed, causing him to chuckle along with you.

As more people joined the the dance floor, you found yourself having to step closer to Jeno until whatever move you made, you brushed against him.

One final shove as you turned around and you almost fell into him again. You burst into laughter, shouting an apology, hoping he could hear you above the roar. He laughed, grabbing your shoulders, somewhat balancing you back on your feet, but instead of letting go, he pulled you closer.

A brief moment of confusion flit through your mind, until Jeno, gently holding your waist from behind whispered in your ear, “Trust me.” His words were slurred, but a lusty thrill ran up your spine and you threw away all doubts and worries, letting the pounding music guide your hips with his in sync.

Perhaps it was the turned off lights, or the shadowy night, or the provocative music, or the people around you, including Jeno’s hands on your hips and the flashing blue and red lights, you couldn’t find a care in the world.

You could hear his heavy breath hitch in your ear, and his grip on your hips squeeze once in awhile. His breath on your neck sent shivers up your spine.

There was no grinding, hips only brushing his, but it was close because of the mosh pit you had been pushed into.

By this point a small voice in the back of your mind realized why Aunt Sohyun warned you about drinking too much.

When the music began to slowly die down, but kept a steady rhythm, your head wasn’t anywhere near clear, and it took you awhile to realize Jeno had moved to stand in front of you, leaning down so his face was level to yours, a worrying hand placed upon your shoulder. You blinked a couple of times, remembering slightly when he had moved from your back while the music had died down.

"Y/N?” he asked, concern lacing his voice. “Are you okay, do you need to sit down?”

You blinked again, then nodded slowly. Jeno took your hand this time and lead you out back to the patio again. You sat down, staring at the pattern of bricks beneath your feet. In the distance you heard Jeno ask some female student to watch you while he got some water.

He returned quickly with a glass of water in his hand. “Here, drink this.”

You slowly gulped down the water, letting the refreshing liquid cool down your throat, body, and head. Jeno sat beside you, seemingly fine, his words were slightly slurred but he seemed pretty sober to you. “Are you even drunk?” you blurted out, finishing the last bit of water. “You seem fine.”

He chuckled at your question. “Um, uh, I tend to burn off alcohol really quickly, but about thirty minutes ago I was a little out of it.”

At his words you shared a laugh.

It suddenly felt as if you could tell him everything, and you yelled at yourself for wanting to reveal a secret you’ve vowed to never tell. “Jeno?”


“I need to confess something.”


“Don’t laugh.”

"I won’t.”

You sighed, feeling a little better after the water, and rest your elbow on the table, cradling your jaw with one hand. “I’m cursed.”

There was a pause, but then you heard Jeno hum, "Mhm.”

“Some witch cursed my family a long time ago, like back in the 1600 long time ago.” You lazily threw a thumb back, as if the history was just yesterday.

"What’s the curse?”

You raised your head to look at him, the moonlight making his skin look almost ghostly. “I…I can’t…” you were mentally screaming at yourself to stop talking. “I can’t tell you.” You groaned, your head still a little buzzed. “Do you believe me?”

To your surprise, Jeno replied, “Yes,” without hesitation.

Blinking, you leaned in closer to him, curious now. “Why? Doesn’t it sound crazy?”

The boy shook his head. “Not at all.” The expression on his face looked troubled though, and you wondered if he was shocked or surprised.

"You believe me?”

He nodded. “I do.”

You couldn’t help yourself but let your head fall on his shoulder, exhausted. “I like you,” you whispered, willing to admit your feelings, relieved as the words rolled off your tongue. “I like you a lot.”

The tips of Jeno’s lips curved upward. “I like you too.”

A moment of silence passed between you both, and you were just about to doze off when Jeno muttered, “I have a confession too.”

"What?” you asked sleepily.

"My family as well, are cursed. But I’m sure it’s different from yours.”

You let that sink in before whispering, “What did a witch ever do to you?”

Jeno took in a deep breath, before whispering back. “It wasn’t a witch but, we’re not human. I…I’m not human.”

"Oh,” was the only word you could get out, wondering what the hell he was talking about.

But before you could pry, familiar shouts and laughter could be heard coming towards you. Your eyes opened, and raised your head, recognizing your friends as they neared your table.

Renjun and Mark were laughing, giggling at almost anything that they said, and almost tripped on heir own feet. Donghyuck trailed behind them, staring into his cup of alcohol, looking sentimental. Your girl friend was walking with three cups of something in her hands, watching her boyfriend and her brothers with a smirk on her face.

"Sit down,” she ordered them. They sat down at your table, still drunk. “Water, drink it.”

They greedily grabbed the cups of water and quickly gulped it down. The affect was almost immediate, and you watched them sober up in what seemed like just a minute or two.

"Ughh,” Donghyuck groaned, leaning his back on the picnic table. “I’m never drinking again. This is awful.”

"You okay there, Hyuckie?” Mark asked, patting his dongsaeng on the back.

He nodded, but sighed. “I think alcohol makes me depressed.”

"What do you mean?”

"I keep thinking about my past. It’s gross.”

Renjun nodded, rubbing Donghyuck’s shoulder. “Yeah, alcohol can do that to you man.”

Mark'a girlfriend went behind the sad boy and pressed a kiss to his head. Rubbing his shoulders. “It’s okay Hyuckie. We know you had a rough history.” She gave him a comforting hug before turning to look at you and Jeno.

Coming over, she crouched in front of you. “You okay there, Y/N?”

You nodded. “I’m tired, but, yeah, better.”

"Let me grab you some more water,” she stood and disappeared inside the house.

"Where’s Nana?” Jeno asked, his voice low above your head. “Have any of you seen him?”

Mark nodded. “I think I saw him go upstairs towards the bathroom.” He quickly texted his girlfriend something and muttered, “She’ll find him.”

Soon enough, minutes later, she came back out with Jaemin, the boy drinking water too. He greeted you all enthusiastically and sat down beside Donghyuck. “Whoo! What a night!” 

"Found him splashing water on his face,” she announced to you all. “He seemed confused but happy.” She came over to you and set a cup of water by you. “Drink up sweetie, we need you a little more sobered up before driving back home.”

You drank the water quickly. “Where’s the closest bathroom?”

She gently took your hand and wordlessly lead you back inside. When you found the bathroom, she swung the door open, revealing two students making out against the counter. “Can we use the bathroom please. It’ll be quick?” The couple stumbled out and she nudged you inside, closing the door behind you and standing guard.

There bathroom was surprisingly clean for a party. Except for the puddles of water around the sink, it looked pretty tidy. Looking at the mirror, your reflection caught you a little off guard. Your cheeks were flushed, hairline sweaty, and there was a slight confused look in your eyes. 

Flushing the toilet (because you couldn’t hold all that liquid tipsy), you splashed a few good handfuls of freezing cold water on your face. 

Feeling better, you opened the door and Mark’s girlfriend took your hand, leading you over to the snacks. She handed you a handful of crackers, raw vegetables, and more water. “Let’s go back and we’ll all head to the car. I’m driving tonight.”

You looked at her, bemused. “Aren’t you drunk? I thought you were drunk.”

She chortled. “Nope. Someone’s gotta keep you all alive.”

Nibbling on your food, you all met up with the others and everyone headed to the minivan. You sobered up a little better, feeling the buzz disappear from your head and your words were no longer slurred. Your limbs however, felt a little heavy and weak.

The drive back was longer than you thought, but you didn’t mind, the food helping you clear your foggy brain anyway. Everyone was silent, the only sound coming from the car was the classical music playing from the speakers. Before you knew it, Renjun, Mark, and Jaemin had passed out. Only you, Mark’s girlfriend, Donghyuck, and Jeno stayed awake. You thought the food had given you some energy to last the rest of the night.

Sitting by a window, your head leaned against the glass, watching the city go by. It was a beautiful sight, the different bright colors from the street lights and lit up signs created such a wonderful and relaxing sight. As your friend drove into the forest, you admired the dark night sky, the stars dotting against the black fabric, the moon almost full. 

Recognizing the pathway, you realized how close the house was, and sighed in relief, looking forward to zonk out on a comfortable bed. Slowly, your eyes began to close.

Then a huge wolf popped out of nowhere, his pelt sleek, running alongside the van.

You giggled. “Look Jeno, another one of your friends.”

“He’s no friend.”

You looked over your shoulder, jumping a little as you realized how close Jeno was. His upper body was hovering over your lap, looking outside your window with narrowed eyes. “I don’t know him.”

“Hyung,” Donghyuck suddenly voiced. “I’ve got another wolf by my window too.”

“Do you see this?” Jeno asked your friend. “They smell strange.”

“Smell?” you asked, but he ignored you.

“They aren’t pack,” Mark’s voice sounded behind you. 

He, Renjun, and Jaemin had awoken, looking out the windows and glancing at the side mirrors.


Suddenly the car swerved, causing Jaemin and Donghyuck to shout in surprise, and your breath hitched as you saw a wolf jump out into the middle of the road, just brushing the car’s front. How your friend knew they would appear was beyond you, all you could think of was the mini heart attack you were having.

“We’re being ambushed,” Renjun announced from the back, his voice worried.

“Noona drive faster!” Jaemin called to his sister as the car sped up, the engine whirring.

She huffed in aggravation. “I’m going as fast as I can without crashing us!”

“Ambushed?” you asked, bewildered, beginning to panic, the trees flying by you in a blur.

“Y/N,” she grabbed your attention. “When I stop you run inside as fast as possible,” she demanded. “Mark call Taeyong!”

“On it!”

“Wait wait wait, what’s going on?” your voice rose in anger and frustration. But they didn’t reply. “Someone please explain what’s happening!”

“We’ll explain everything when we get to safety,” Mark finally answered.

“They’re speeding up!” Donghyuck shouted.

“I can see that!”

The house appeared up ahead, and you felt the car jerk into a faster gear. 

Your breaths were coming out rapidly, panic rising as the rest of the boys shouted out unhelpful updates about the wolves and their sister shouted back at them, along with Mark’s speedy chatter on the phone.

A large weight slammed into the side of the car and it skid to a halt, just yards away from the house.

“Move! Move!” Renjun rushed everyone out the door. “Jeno take Y/N with you!”

You were pushed out of the car and ran beside Jeno, his hand pulling yours. Your girl friend ran just a foot behind you. 

“Jaemin, Donghyuck! Back me up!” Mark ordered.

You turned to look over you shoulder at the commotion.

“Don’t look!” Jeno shouted.

Too late.

Before your eyes, Mark and Jaemin exploded into wolves, one pelt sandy-gold while the other white-blonde. 

You screamed in shock as Donghyuck phased just in time before he disappeared under another wolf’s weight, his light brunette fur moving too fast for your eyes.

The front door opened as two older looking guys shot out, phasing as they jumped into battle with your friends.

Loud snarls, growls, barks, howls, and roars, shot into the lukewarm night air, the sound erupting around you like a storm, overwhelming your senses.

Shoved inside the house, the door slammed behind you, but the monstrous sounds from outside were hardly muffled.

Your knees gave way and you collapsed to the wooden floor in shock, eyes wide, hyperventilating.


Are y'all mad I clipped it off there? Are ya? Sor — *ducks from objects*

They see me scrollin'....

Blep. I sorta have shrunk away from FFXIV and have been enamored with ESO lately. Like, very…very enamored. (there’s so many lorebooooks)

So I’m looking for more blogs and stuff to follow! If you post stuff vaguely related to ESO, elder scrolls lore, rp stuff , or just like to talk about elves- like or reblog this so I can find you and stalk the bejesus outta your blog. :‘3 tanks.
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ExE’s Starfall Celebration Party

ExE held a large party in celebration of Starfall, a holiday that commemorates Dorian Walker’s discovery of Nexus and often associated with the Exiles’ declaration of freedom from the tyranny of the Dominion.

Congratulations to Kintallo Bladetail and ORA, and Marlo Featherwood for winning the Festive Costume Contest.  And also to Captain Yaedrah and Kazimir Voskin for winning the guestbook prize.

Many thanks to all that attended and we looking forward to hosting more parties and contests in the future!


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                   independent,  selective,  roleplay blog for sakura haruno / uchiha.

                                 from naruto shippuden.   penned by dre.   blog under co.

                                              established  june  3rd,  2017.

Concept: a D&D campaign where every party member has been co-opted or replaced by some sort of hostile intelligence; e.g., the fighter has been possessed by a ghost, the wizard is being mind-controlled by her sapient magic ring, the rogue is actually a shapeshifting blob-monster who devoured the original and stole her form and memories, and so forth. Each of them is totally unaware of the others, and believes itself to be the only monster in a group of unwitting human adventurers.